Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Get bent, Wal-Mart

Tuesday’s decision by the Ballston Town Council must have come as somewhat of a surprise to Wal-Mart –after all, they’re used to small towns opening up like cheap whores.

But in move of well thought out righteousness, the council decided instead to show Wal-Mart the door, voting unanimously Tuesday to send the retail behemoth packing. Thus, Ballston is granted a temporary reprieve from the clutches of the retail sprawl implosion that has ruined so many other communities across the upstate region. Cheers to every last council member for doing their job and protecting their community from this festering menace.

Even looking at Wal-Mart’s plan is enough to make any land conservationist cringe; 203,000-square-foot retail center on 30 acres; three entrances, two on Route 50 and another on Route 67, and 945 parking spaces. Not to mention, from a business standpoint, companies like Wal-Mart often spell doom for any semblance of a downtown region such as the one Ballston Spa is desperately trying to reinvigorate.

Some more libertarian-minded folk will argue that telling landowners what they can and cannot do or build on their properties is a dangerous precedent to set, which is an argument that is more then valid in some cases. But when land use turns into land abuse –and abuse that not only effects but infects entire ways of life –it’s time for municipal government to step in and do the job they were elected to do.

As for the all the smarting Wal-Mart reps and sleazy press whores who infested the region for the past two years and set it ablaze with turmoil, limp away you abhorrent piss-ants. Note to Wal-Mart execs: you can always take your filth 10 miles south on Route 50 in Glenville, where there’s soon to be a gaping hole of a shopping mall available for lease.

And those who really want to shop at this pathetic store –including those who displayed open bias as members of the news media –drive the extra miles to a whorish town called Wilton, who’s leaders lacked even an ounce of foresight when they spread their legs wide open for a good rogering by this company. But that’s too far away right?


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