Friday, September 11, 2009

Dog Eaters

Anyone in politics will tell you, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and if you’re not thick-skinned, you’re liable to become the next dog on the menu.

So it came as a mild surprise last month when Ron Kim, the city’s Public Safety Commissioner and Democratic mayoral candidate, began flapping his gums to the media over some derogatory remarks posted on Saratogian’s Web site over the past six months or so. He alleged the comments –including one referring to him as “Kim Jong Il” –were racist in nature and aimed at belittling the first-generation Korean-American’s heritage.

Kim took the opportunity last month to call for a wholesale restructuring of the newspaper’s online posting policy so that comments –such as one allegedly calling him a “dog-eater” –would be snared by the editors or a filter of some sort. As bizarre as his reaction might have appeared to those unacquainted with the Public Safety commish, they were right in tune with Kim’s overall erratic behavior during his two terms in office.

After all, this was the same guy who angrily stood up during a City Council meeting, packed up his belongings in a fury and stormed out the exit. And this is the same fellow who called a media conference to unveil the so-called “failure-o-meter,” a placard showing the number of day since the council “failure” to bond money for a new public safety castle; to date, no one is quite sure whatever happened to the taxpayer-funded failure-o-meter after it “went on tour” through the city. This is also the guy who brazenly lied to the media when he falsely claimed he was being forced to lay-off at least 17 cops, when he was really asked to trim his budget just like every other city department.

No, the quirky cry of racism from Kim in mid-August didn’t seem too far out of his character. Some might even argue that the overall weirdness fit right in with his modus operandi: Get your name in the paper for good or for bad.

But there were and continue to be some oddities about the whole affair. First of all, there’s a question of whether the comments left on the Saratogian’s Web site were directed as slurs against Kim’s heritage, or whether they were simply off-color remarks about his mannerism, which in fact do conjure images of a power-drunk demented dictator, madly shouting demands into a crowd.

Kim answered these questions by pointing to remarks either alleging he eats dogs or referring to him as a dog-eater. Now, this term is a sort of mid-level slur that took root during the post World War II era, long before the age of information and during a time when it was somewhat fashionable to belittle Asiatic people.

But these days, the term ‘dog eater’ has quite a different meaning. In fact, one of the more widely recognized Asians in popular culture these days is sometimes referred to as a “dog-eater.” Of course, this sort of term self-attributes itself when you’re able to cram 59 hotdogs in your face in under 12 minutes. It should also be noted that the term didn’t really ruffle feathers when the BBC used it in a headline, or a comic book writer of Asian descent used it in a title, and so on and so forth.

Nevertheless, Kim took offense to it and rightfully so, some online posters have argued. But the real question remains: How did Kim find out about the so-called slurs and why did it take him so long to respond to them? And why didn’t he simply report the comments as abusive when to the paper’s Web administration?

Well, the answers to these questions are starting to become clearer as the Kim Campaign continues to fuel the story. All four daily newspapers were more than willing to let the story drop after the first report, seeing as though none of them really seemed to give it much credence to begin with. Kamp Kim, however, kept hammering the Internet with it.

First, there was a clap-trap entry by Kim ally Lew Benton on the Times Union blog, claiming the Saratogian’s condoning of blatantly racist remarks as being parallel to instances where black and Jewish residents were barred from Spa City establishments during the late 19th and early 20th century. Then this week, a Los Angeles-based immigration reform group curiously tossed out a news release to the Saratogian, decrying the paper allowing such remarks to be posted –roughly a month after they had already been removed from the Web site.

Kim claims he never alerted the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium about the issue, but suggested maybe his brother did. After all, he does live in California, the commissioner admitted. He also suggested the issue might have been dredged up by conservative radio talk shows that discussed his plight –even though he never identified any particular one.

But the most telling comments to the Saratogian were the ones where he claimed he never even read the hurtful comments. As the paper paraphrased, Kim “does not typically read comments left on blogs and other online forums, because he prefers not to think about what is being said about him behind his back.” Instead, he was alerted by campaign members and urged to take action so that if his children ever wanted to get into politics, they wouldn’t have to face such outward bias.

“It’s just wrong,” he told the Saratogian in one of his classic disjointed statements. “My kids, if they were to run for office, shouldn’t not run because someone is going to call them up and call them a ‘dog-eater.’"

Say again? Was that a double negative? So, you’re bringing this up for your children’s future run in office? Are you sure you don’t mean your own run for office?

Simply put, this is a ploy to attract any attention to the Kim Campaign. The notion is that a candidate that blankets the airwaves, printing presses, online chat bases and lawns with his or her name will ultimately sway the most fickle of voters. In the process, if you can guile a nationally reputable organization into taking up your cause –maybe even finance your campaign –you’ll be able to outshout any of the negative publicity generated by the conquest for saturation coverage.

The problem is Kim has revealed himself for what he is: A vapid and hyper-reactive media whore whose campaign lacks the sort of momentum it needs to unseat an incumbent. Adding to this sad reality is that the incumbent –Republican Mayor Scott Johnson –isn’t even that popular right now. But at least he hasn’t issued half-crazed news releases calling for greater censorship of the media and free speech. Oddly enough, that’s something one might expect from a well-known dictator on the Korean peninsula


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, come election day, are you telling me that it could be a Three Dog Night?

Kim, Skippy (dog catcher), and Ed "the hot dog-weiner" Miller....

Imagine what would happen with a full moon that night?

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Cheese and dog pizza said...

Now you’ve done it Ho. Kim will invade your website with a massive cyber attack from the united front of the Korean Workers' Party led by Eternal President Kim Phat Dong.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're barking up the wrong tree at the wrong dog. No matter how you try to rationalize it, racism is always wrong. Stop trying to blame it on Kim. He's been unfairly targeted by ugly racist comments and he hasn't overreacted. He has every right to be offended. You're wrong to try to explain it away. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...


I am SPEECHLESS after a typo by YOU, of all people. But a shot of vodka got my ticker restarted.

About the eloquent Commissioner's penchant for "flapping his GUMBS," his verbosity seems highly selective. I, for one, have found his GUMS stuck in a sealed position.

Of course there are LEGIONS in this City who think not-speaking to me is #1 among the Rights of Man. But... THEY are not elected officials.

My sin was to publicly question the true price tags of the two Public Safety proposals by LaBella in June of 2008... questions I raised at a public meeting of the Council.

Weeks later, a regular Council meeting was punctuated by a brief break. As The Man Who Would Be Mayor re-entered the Council chamber, I respectfully offered to clarify one of my misquoted criticisms. "Commissioner, I just wanted to..."

His curt response was "I don't need to talk to you."

Agreed. Most certainly, he does not. But if civil dialogue cannot be enjoined by an elected official in the course of a formal meeting in the formal home of the Council...

...has the Commissioner lost his patience with the lowly peons, pundits, and payers-of-taxes? Has this sensitive public servant been too scarred by the Dog-Eat-Dog world of politics?

-Kyle York
The Unspeakable One

7:33 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Alright, let me explain it this way: Somebody spray paints the term 'dago' on the city street in front of the Sons of Italy. Everyday for six months, members walk by the word without saying anything. Then one day, someone says 'that's not right, it's a racist term.' But instead of telling Public Works about it, the person decides to get on a megaphone and drive through the city decrying DPW as a bunch of racists for allowing someone to spraypaint the racial slur and not cleaning up the mess when it happened. Naturally in horror, DPW sends a crew to scrub the word off the street. One month later, national organization hires a flatbed trailer, mounts a dozen high-powered speakers on the back and drives throughout the Capital Region saying the city's DPW is a pit of racism.

Does that sound rational?

I will admit, the term 'dog eater' or someone saying 'Ron Kim eats dogs'(which I think was the exact phrase that was used...and removed almost immediately by the Saratogian for liable reasons) is very off-color and even over the top.

But you lose me on the Kim Jong Il comments, because frankly, it's not a bad caricature of Ron Kim, as he's demonstrated through his bullheaded and erratic behavior in public. Think: Team America. And to be honest, I cracked up over the 'Pyongyangtoga' statement. I can understand, however, how someone(namely Kim) could get offended. So the proper thing to do is report the post to the administrator and then if nothing is done, take the case to the public.

Kim did not do that. Instead, he waited. And he collected numerous instances of this poster(s) leaving these messages. And then he sat on them for MONTHS. Then conveniently when the election is nearing, he makes a big deal about them. Then Lew Benton makes a big deal about them. Now some organization is making a big deal about them MORE THAN A MONTH AFTER THE ORIGINAL POSTS WERE REMOVED.

No offense, but if you think that's right, you're off your fucking rocker.

On a side note, do you want to bet who the Saratogian is going to endorse for mayor? Note to Ron: Don't shit where you eat. Lombardo's paper might be a rag, but it's the rag that could have helped you into the mayor's office. But not after you kicked it around like a political football. Good work, moron. You're strategy is pure genius.


Touche, old friend. I think I was suffering a case of the Fridays...

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Kim Jong Il is smarter, and less crazy than Herr Commissioner.

Oh jeez, I hope he doesn't call the Nazi American Defamation league after that statement....

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Mayor Of Munchkin City said...

Who is the fellow in uniform the commissioner is pictured with in the last photo?
I'll tell you what pisses me off is the dwarfs or circus folk who picket outside my house. I find that kind of racist because I am short. Stop it now! I'm the Mayor god dam it! Do what I say! I built the Rec Center. I donate my salary to the retards of Jefferson Terrace. I demand to be taken seriously!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Who cares -- I wouldn't piss on Ron Kim if his hair was on fire said...

be careful now

isn't he supposed to have nuclear weapons?

ah, it just hit me.

THAT'S why he wants such a humongous PS building -- to hide the rockets!

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HO: You called it. This guy is now trying to attract sympathy from voters at the same time promoting an illusion of being able to provide strong leadership with responsible priorities.

What ever happened to enforcement of truck traffic through the city Ronald? What ever happened to managing your department? You spent two years talking about a bench and what turns out to be the department’s self-created problems instead of fixing them. Ya fooled us once, and Ya fooled us twice. “(Humongous) Building for whose future” instead of efficient planning at a time when cities are strapped with municipal overhead and benefits. Ya listen to too many voices and we’ve had a good look at how you work with people.

It’s about the taxes and bleeding the residents Bud! (OMG, did I just offend hemophiliacs and Anheiser-Busch?)

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HO, love your blog! However by now everyone in town old enough to vote knows that Kim is a whining jerk and the best thing to do is throw his ass out of office.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous agphoto said...

Oh man! Why am I always in a position where I have to speak up for the most disagreeable?

But speak up I must. And I think that the focus should be anonymous blogging and it’s implications; with Mr. Kim as an application:

Take note of the following:

1- Let me point out that there is, to my knowledge, no statute of limitations on complaints about blog comments, nor apparently good taste. It is but one of many wide-open aspects of the wild west of the ‘net.

2- The right to anonymously comment should not or need not be abridged. I believe that is the obligation of the blogger to monitor all comments, and if they let something offensive fly, they take ownership of these comments as part and parcel of the whole. The ‘cost of doing business’ if you will. It is YOUR credibility mr. or ms. Blogger, that is at stake. And if you allow a free-for-all to occur, the consequences are yours. You don’t have to adopt these opinions as your own, but by giving a voice to cowards and generally mean people, you earn and rightly deserve the “credit.”

3- In that connection, please allow me to cite and indict the righteously indignant and incredibly lazy-ass blog policing policy of The Saratogian. Disgraceful. Whether you agree with a politician’s policies (and in the case of mr. Kim I generally do not) there is absolutely no excuse for not filtering the most objectionable comments that do nothing to add to the discussion; that are designed to inflame and hurt.

Recall well that The Saratogian’s disgraceful record is not limited to ‘public figures’ such as politicians, who some may say are somewhat shielded from the rules of good behavior. Remember the “I hope she dies” comment about Erin, that lovely bartender who worked at Brindisi’s when it was (wrongly) opined prematurely that she had driven while intoxicated.

One would think that after that sort of thing, someone high up in the J-R hierarchy would demand that their be some oversight… but no. They have money to launch pennysavers that no one wants, but not for someone to monitor comments. And then they have the gall to wonder why Mr. Kim didn’t come to them first!

4- So now, bringing it home to Mr. Kim it is obvious that his approach is at best heavy-handed and inept. If it makes his case so difficult to defend because of personal-likability issues, so be it. He does contribute to and deserves the ‘credit’ for the feeling that he is an opportunist, and his strategy and tactics (or lack of same) is fair game for analysis.

As far as "his children running for office" someday, the more important issue is his children hearing about, or for goodness sakes reading in real-time these comments… after all, anyone can access The Saratogian – to date I doubt it has been classified a ‘porn site’ subject to child filters, but apparently that is one of their corporate goals. Congrats, they are well on their way...

I continue to wonder why anyone would want to run for public office and subject themselves to this sort of thing.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only is Saratoga now know as a place that puts up with racist, it is now known as the most stupid community on the face of the planet because of morons like you!

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Upcoming Mayoral Debate:The Lisp'er vs The Stutter'er said...

Memo to Chad Beatty
(publisher of Saratoga Today)


I have both good news and bad news to report.

First, the bad news:

- You publish the second worst newspaper in New York State.

Now, the good news:

- Your competitor is the #1 worst newspaper in New York State.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The commissioner should have realized that the collateral damage however unnecessary was bound to send shrapnel flying. We all know that the children (and spouses or family) of politicians should not become the targets of the disagreeing public but we also know how they have become unfortunate victims in the past. So why did the commissioner choose to use them as human shields for his orchestrated and untimely (or timely) response to inappropriate remarks?

I agree with the poster who feels that the blog manager should intercept or redact offensive and inappropriate characterizations, but then where would we be? As it is, the print news often finds itself choosing to withdraw or not publish material that might offend advertisers – and so, isn’t that is why we read this stuff?

So maybe a little more self-control people. This commissioner's children should not be prevented from one day successfully running for office or from doing anything just because their father has chosen the path of believing that there is always another gullible fool born every minute (who fortunately can not vote for quite some time).

5:28 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


You so right. Saratoga SOOO racist. So stoopid, too. So stoopid it not know proper grammar, because of moron like me! I SOOO stoopid.

Note to 9:42: Live a little or at least learn the spoken language before you broadly castigate(should I spell that out and/or define it for you?)others or the community they live in. I hear ACC delivers a very respectable education and they have night classes too. Invest in life a little. Broaden your horizons, lest you sound like someone from the "most stupid community on the face of the planet."

If not, at least pick up some colorful language involving four-letter words of varying meaning. Like try this one out for size:

"You're a stupid fuck."

Or, perhaps one I'd use if I wanted to draw notice:

"Listen up, you hillbilly racist fuck, you and your shithole city give new meaning to the term asshole whitebread community."

Or better yet, and even less succinct:

"Not only is Saratoga now known as a goddamn constipated shithole filled with racist bastards, it now has a fuck-face like yourself to spray liquid shit out it's collective asshole."

Remember: Be creative! Let 'em zing! Love the language! It's your friend!

6:38 PM  
Anonymous agphoto said...

nObama Visit for Saratoga

(needed somewhere to put that headline- sorry)

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Norm Peterson said...

It's a dog-eat-dog world, HO, and the taxpayers of Saratoga are wearing milk-bone underwear.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now here's a candidate for office that has really done something for his constituency.

But in our case, forever "Fighting for (the Val) Queehn's" agenda.

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Cliff Claven said...

The taxpayer is getting nibbled to death but you really can't blame Scott Johnson for his Rec Center or Ron Kim for his new Police station. It's this shitting form of government. Change the government form and we will have more flexibility to accomplish more. Qualified people is what we need to run this ever growing community. Let's face it, Kim, Johnson, Scirocco,Franck are all good people who mean well but just aren't capable. Ivins is an idiot so I can't even mention him in the same sentence.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Cheese and dog pizza said...

Just in case anyone wondered what Saratoga's finest made last year,In fairness I only listed the cops and fireman who made over 80 grand and remember this is last years salary. This year 2009 they will make much more and this doesn’t include any benefits.

Barney Jr, John N Saratoga Springs $87,209
Barrett, Glenn A Saratoga Springs $93,109
Bell, James A Saratoga Springs $87,822
Bengtson, Todd E Saratoga Springs $77,950
Betor, John G Saratoga Springs $88,091
Biss, Michael R Saratoga Springs $88,613
Briscoe, Sean D Saratoga Springs $83,221
Carey, Joseph P Saratoga Springs $97,803
Catone, John T Saratoga Springs $91,067
Chowske, Michael J Saratoga Springs $92,553
Cogan, Robert E Saratoga Springs $95,268
Cole, Christopher J Saratoga Springs $95,716
Cotter, Eileen T Saratoga Springs $99,215
Crooks, Shane L Saratoga Springs $82,414
Dejnozka, Jack A Saratoga Springs $97,906
Hammond, Mark E Saratoga Springs $88,080
Jillson, Robert H Saratoga Springs $90,610
Kelly, John J Saratoga Springs $90,873
King, John J Saratoga Springs $84,415
Kirkpatrick, John J Saratoga Springs $80,733
Leffler, Mark E Saratoga Springs $106,779
Lanzara, John C Saratoga Springs $90,622
Kuznia, Christopher L Saratoga Springs $89,238
Lewis Jr, Edward M Saratoga Springs $83,495
Mitchell Jr, Thomas W Saratoga Springs $88,134
Mitchell, Jason M Saratoga Springs $85,515
Moore, Edward F Saratoga Springs $101,707
O'Leary, Patrick L Saratoga Springs $85,308
Prestigiacomo Jr, Andrew Saratoga Springs $81,214
Quattrini, Linda J Saratoga Springs $102,198
Santos, Gregory Saratoga Springs $86,271
Sartin, Thomas J Saratoga Springs $95,389
Sesselman, John J Saratoga Springs $94,872
Shaw, Peter F Saratoga Springs $95,383
Sicko, Timothy R Saratoga Springs $82,126
Tetu, Jason H Saratoga Springs $81,929
Veitch, Gregory J Saratoga Springs $105,675
Veitch, Paul M Saratoga Springs $107,567
Vidnansky, Glen E Saratoga Springs $84,285
Welch, Michael J Saratoga Springs $97,919
Williams, Robert L Saratoga Springs $101,013

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Eddie with the Footlong Weiner said...

Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear. But when I do it is usually something exotic! They are all over me! I can win this election if the chicks get out and vote! Skippy peanut Butter won't stand a chance! He said he would put the "public" back in Public Works, well, I am putting the "Works" back in Public Works! Ken Klotz has given me his full endorsement. How can I lose? Even though his wife is a windbag, Ken is still respected by some. Eddie Miller for Public Works! Has a nice ring to it!

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Singapore (W)hore said...

AHHHH! WRON KIMMM! I no charge him! Not too much! Please vote for WRON! He will make us all happy!

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Sons of Anarchy said...

These salaries are accurate? IF so then there are 29 people on this list that make more than the Chief of police! One very young guy(Mark Leffler) makes $106,000. That 23000 more than his boss. Something is wrong with this picture. Greg Veitch is another making 105,000. Time to cut the overtime. Time for deputy Arlene Finnegan to pull and Erin Dreyer and cut the OT!

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Eddie with the Footlong Weiner said...

I figure we could save the city half a mil just by cutting the OT that is in excess of $10g per worker here. You can't tell me these firemen need all that OT. The police get double and triple time on holidays or on their vacation. CUT THEM OFF! THEN DPW IS NEXT!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous James Marshall Hendrix said...

If a third party surfaced right now they could actually win this election. People are sick and tired of all the whining. While these guys whine and fight like baby's, us taxpaying fools are getting hammered. Kick them all out. Bring back Keehn and McTygue.

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Cheese and dog pizza said...

i can tell you these numbers are right.You can check every city worker pay at

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Sons of Anarchy said...

opps! I made a mistake! Ed Moore has a higher salary. I mistaken his for another. They still need to shut down the excessive OT! Save people's jobs by stopping the OT. Mayor Johnson is right about that. Will Kim do this as Mayor? I doubt it.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those sky high salaries listed a few posts back illustrate elected department head Kim’s lack of management skills.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to (anonymously) address this audience by stating that we all know a few good men (and women) in public safety, only because they live near us or our kids play together – otherwise we’d never know ya.

The problem is, is that we may have too many of ya doin a job that frankly, could be done with less and we know that is not your fault.

We’re just running out of money to pay your salaries that frankly out paces our own.

It’s about community.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Sons of Anarchy said...

It's all about community! Many on that list don't even live in our community. They live in other communities and commute here. Sad part too is they bitch about their taxes just like us. They think the sheriff's or troopers are sucking the system dry. They could care less about sucking us dry. This bloated OT for the ones close to retirement directly reflects on their pension pay for later years. To "Protect and Serve" is just a way to protect their wallet and to serve their thoughtless pleasures.

3:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone believe that the “responsible priorities” of this commissioner isn’t to again promote changing the Charter in order to have unilateral power in order to build his new building? One has to ask; “Whose priorities are we considering here?” Besides his own questionable self-interests and the interests of his well-paid department employees, who by the way could have been in a new annex by now if it wasn’t for those unfettered citadel plans, what has he actually accomplished in four years as commissioner? It was suggested that for the price of two cups of café latte every week for every resident (man, woman and child), the cost of bonding a new facility would have been met. The reason that Gillette gives you a $4.00 razor is so that you have to buy $40.00 worth of blades every year. If the proposition of funding the building at this time isn’t ludicrous enough, consider what the operating and equipment and manpower costs would be once it’s built. Looks again at those salaries with OT pay and ask if this city can afford to subsidize that department’s (or any department’s) unchecked expenses any more?

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those salaries don't include the benifits. Add about 33% for these costs.

Then how about their training costs. Plus the fuel and wear an tear on fire trucks for the firemen to grocery shop. Maybe someone else knows those costs.

The taxpayers in Saratoga Springs pay for a very very expensive police and fire department.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's up Ho? Let's change the form of government and put an end to all this bickering. If Ron Kim is for Charter Change then he gets my vote. It is not the people in charge. Its the system they have to work with. Change the government form and freeze salaries until we as a community can catch up.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voting again for pig won’t is voting for ineffective government. Two terms and all he did was huff and puff, walk out of meetings and gave us his failometer.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo,..... Kim, s'happnin

Signs all over da place, will that convince us all? Or annoy us all.

How about that OT? Now is the time to make a statement about those bloated salaries....

Here is some advice, inspired by the Gillette poster.

"I held the blade in trembling hands.......

Prepared to make it but just then the phone rang........

I never had the nerve to make.....the final cut."

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Mayor of Munchkin City said...

Whoever thinks that Skip S. has a shoe in for dpw better think twice. Easy Ed Miller is on a roll. He will pull the biggest upset on election day and make a name for the independent party movement. Gordon Boyd will emerge a hero. Bring home the brass ring Eddie. Make us proud.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gordon Boyd's a tool, and Ed Miller's a puppet. They're both fronting for McTygue.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:48 "Change the government form and freeze salaries until we as a community can catch up."

Unfortunately, the later can't be a result of the former. The proponents of Change are large process and government people who require five levels of bureaucracy to get things done. Just look what Keehn did to the workings of City Hall. More people to do less work and most of the time it sounds like … " I'm away from my desk please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.” That inefficiency and those salaries with benefits are crippling the budget process and nothing can change that except the will to stop exploiting the taxpayers – something that our omnipotent-thinking commissioner doesn’t understand.

3:21 AM  
Anonymous The Common Sense Leader said...

Skip Scirroco really hasn't done anything to help our city financial dilemma. As a matter of fact he has spent a great deal of our money on projects he neglected earlier. Commissioner McTygue did a much better job managing that department. Skip got in way over his head and he knows it. His dept. heads are all over the place doing whatever they please.

4:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48, no matter what the form of government, Ron Kim would still be a boob

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Planning for Val's Revenge --- and it won't be pretty! said...

..and Kim is fronting for:



where do you think he came up with al the "ummmmmmm's" and uhhhhhh's when he speaks?

Think about it.

Just when you thought we were gone for good; we're back!

(We'll sack this city yet)

Bored Houswives Unite!

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do our Police cruisers have signs on them that say "DIAL 911" when nobody has dial phones anymore?

Some people don't even know how to "dial" a phone.

As Andy Rooney would say, "what's that all about?"

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Willie McT said...

Gordon Boyd is a hero. Just ask him. There's people that blow. There's people that blow hard! And then there's Gordon Boyd! The biggest blowhard in Saratoga this side of Hank Kuczynski. The Independence Party should be ashamed for even giving this idiot the time of day. How about him and the hot dog Ed Miller getting the frig out of Dodge?

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Tommy loves Remeeegia said...

Here comes the hypocrits again! Blaming Kim or Keehn for ineffective government is as bad or worse than thinking McTygue made the form we have now efficient. Guys like McTygue abused the half assed system of present and ended up costing the city millions over his tenure.
The bottom line is Keehn is gone and there are no real ill effects left. McTygue on the other hand has cost us millions in fines and lawsuits. He has let this cities infrastructure go to shit because he was abusing our money by spending it on his friends and campaign contibutors installing roadways and sidewalks. Instead of doing the work where it was needed he did his own thing.
That's why we need a new government for checks and balances. No more cowboy Tommy screwing us.
How's this sound to anybody: Commissioner Ed Miller and his new Deputy commissioner Tom McTygue?

3:52 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Here is where you are wrong. And by wrong, I mean you couldn't get any further from the truth. Keehn and her administration are NOT gone. In fact, it has a stranglehold over the most costly department in the city. The deputy Public Safety commissioner is thoroughly unqualified for her position, which is to keep the PS budgets and department heads in check. Oddly enough, this doesn't make much of a difference, because she(and by she I mean Eileen Finneran) uses the office for her own political posturing. This is the SAME EXACT THING she did under Keehn. So when bumbling Ron Kim managed not to burn the department to the ground in his first two years, Finneran came along with some gasoline and matches for his second term.

Now I'm glad you were astute enough to use the PAST tense when referring to McTygue, even though you haven't a clue what you're talking about. He cost us millions? Why don't you do the tally for us? Please site reliable news sources. Surely, there's no doubt McTygue threw his weight and his ego around, and sometimes did it for his own personal vendettas. But to say we're bereft of sidewalks and roads because of it? Puhlease. Crawl back into the crevasse from which you came.

As for Miller choosing him as a deputy, allow me to explain to readers where this nasty little rumor comes from. See, the aforementioned bloody stump of the former Keehn administration, which now festers in the PS department, sold its soul to Skip Scirocco for a chance to bump off McTygue. In as much, if they even murmured a rumor in the dark about a Democratic candidate to challenge him, Scirocco's people could readily dredge up a whole cemetery worth of skeletons that would not only ensure the Dems a loss in the Public Safety race, but also Finneran's coveted mayor's race.

Along comes Eddie Miller, who is in fact, backed by the old-school Saratoga Dems. This sets up two scenarios: either Scirocco realizes he could pose a challenge and is cashing in a political favor or Finneran realizes Miller would make a Ron Kim administration as useless as tits on a bull. So they roll out the rumor that McTygue would be his deputy, which is a tractor-trailer-sized load of horseshit. McTygue is retired from politics. Even before his whole spat with Keehn, he always said 2007 was going to be his last run. He sold his property in Saratoga Springs and his now proudly on the sidelines.

So go ahead and propagate your lies, 3:52. Continue sabotaging our political process. Truth is, Miller is one of the few candidates(dare I say the only?)that is worth voting for. I'll toss John Franck's name in there too. As for the others, the only reason to vote for Scott Johnson and Richard Wirth is to finally dispatch with Keehn's nasty little cult once and for all.

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Or should I say Gordon Boyd.

You have slipped and injured you head.

Your latest rant is comical and based squarely in the "Independance Party" or should I say rejected Democrates.

Go Gordo!!!...I mean Horatio

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ho, You sound like a woman possessed. You are a woman ,am I right? Here's one for you. Denise Polite,Democrat. McTygue contributor. Mctygue used community development money to install her sidewalk. His claim was she was a direct route to walking to broadway. Her house or should i say mansion is on Clinton St. The value of this house is anywhere from 700,000 -1,000,000 dollars. She is some sort of royalty or diplomat surely could pay for her own sidewalk while McTygue was sending the neighbor of this house threatening letters about potential fines for not fixing their sidewalk. Check it out. Big red brick house on the corner of Cinton and Van Dam st. It also covers part of Walton St. Roohan was building a new mansion over on Elbern and Warren St. The day they finished McTygue had the boys over there paving a new road way. Roohan another contributor. What else do you need listed? Lawsuits by Madarassi or Henry Smith? Oil leaks in city garage? Money! Money! Money!
What 3:52 failed to mention is Keehn is no prize. But I doubt very much Keehn is pulling any strings and has any say of Kim or Finnegan. McTygue on the otherhand is very likely to be pulling strings for Ed Miller. Let's not forget he illegally let him operate in the park with out a vendors license.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we really want Val back as the "Deputy" Mayor?

Why not push ALL of the candidates to disclose their choice for Deputy in their department. And, in the case Kim, ask him to clearly state that he WOULD NOT be choosing Val.

In our current form of government, knowing the intended Deputy is a pretty important piece of transparency.

Let's keep asking Kim if Val is going to be his Deputy. And, while on the topic, is Peter Tulin on his list for City Attorney?

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...


Now THERE you go AGAIN! It's a sad day for civilization when a scribe such as you cites "sites" when you meant "cites." Sigh.

Anyway, a most interesting take on the major players of the past who linger like Lindberger cheese.

I prefer to look to the future... although look what that got me with Obama. Closer to home, I hope you and your readers will be at the High School October 15 at 7pm for the Public Safety debate.

In a city of blowhards (insert nasty bit of wit here), Rick Wirth is soft-spoken and incredibly qualified for a challenging game-changing position. Ask him about grants available NOW, here, today... and all untouched. Ask him about his experience in Nassau County. Ask him about his approach to negotiations with people he oversees.

Brace yourself-- He won't yell, stammer, or storm away from you. Even if his beliefs are not consistent with yours, you come away fully aware of his presence, a thoughtful individual with a desire to serve. And for all the relaxed confidence, you sense the steely resolve of a law enforcement professional, one fully aware of what our City's men and women must do when the going gets tough.

His number one priority is to close the chasm that has formed between our officers on the street and the salary statisticians flaming in these blogs.

That's a far cry from self-serving hubris. And that's a cite for soar highs.

-Kyle York
Nobody's cult

12:32 PM  
Anonymous 3:52 said...

I am sabotaging the political process with my lies? Are you kidding? My point was and is that a better form of government would not allow people like Finnegan And Kim to do their political posturing as you put it. I agree she is not qualified for her position, I feel that way about all in city politics. The mayors and commissioners are not qualified. The supervisors are certainly not qualified. Yepsen isn't qualified to do manicures let alone run city government. Mot until the form of government gets changed will a qualified person step up and fill a role such as a full time mayor or city manager. Then,and only then will the city move in the right direction.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You forgot to mention the Commissioner of Finance. Should we wote for incumbent numbskull Ivins? Or should it be Peter Martin, who was chosen by "Keehn's nasty little cult," otherwise known as the members of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee who were duly elected by enrolled Democratic voters in a citywide election?

By the way, who are "the old school Saratoga Dems" you mentioned?

Jane Weihe, who perfected the art of losing every single election to the Republicans?

Gordon Boyd, who defected first to the Conservative Party and now to the Independence Party?

Hank Kuczynski, who, as Deputy Mayor, torpedoed Ken Klotz's mayoral administration and then proceeded to lose the only election campaign he ever ran?

Ray Watkin, who says he's a Dem but actually was elected only in a nonpartisan election?

Or are you really just talking about Tommy and Billy and Petey and Mikey and all the rest of the gang that's always been a lot more loyal to the McTygues than to the Democratic Party?

And if Tommy is "retired from politics" and "his now proudly on the sidelines," why was he escorting a voter to the polls for the Working Families Party primary election last week?

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Uncle Ethnics said...


What on earth has gotten into you? Taking sides? Ed Miller is the only one worth voting for? Give us some details on why we should vote for Miller. He came out of nowhere and seems to hate democrats. Is he against Obama? Is he a classic Black or other ethnic background hater?

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Plush Carpet said...

Where is everybody? There has not been one person campaigning in my neighborhood yet. I guess they figure grassroots is out. Johnson won by sitting back. Miller is interesting but if he's not willing to get out and talk to the people I can't vote for him. Miller is part of the snob brigade consisting of Klotz,Boyd,McTygue,fat Clifford,Stalker Phil Diamond, and the numbnut Indy party. Doesn't look good for him since none of these people do any leg work. They are too snobby and think they are above do hard work. Good riddance. The last of the MCTygue group is gone for good. The good ole boy back door deal network will be crushed for good!

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realy have to laugh when I see Johnson signs with Miller signs. What. Sciroco isn't good enough for the republicans? People here on this blog talk as if Keehn and Sciroco were attached at the hip. They fail to acknowledge the only reason Johnson won was he sold his soul to the devil to get McTygue and his 1000 votes to vote for him because they had a problem with Keehn. Well here we are 2 years later and they still are threatened by Keehn so what they do is bring in a slug like Miller with no background whatsoever to steal votes from Sciroco and by also getting that backing to go against Kim. they are not backing Johnson , they just are there to screw Kim. And Horatio talks as if the other side is poisoning the politcal process. Way to go Ho! Or should I say Gordo! Who put the jar of fish on your porch?

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding. McTygue is putting up Millers signs. He was at Johnsons fund raiser, he is every where. Do you listen to the City Council meetings, one quarter dollar worth of fines from the DEC. There are piles of stuff that has to be taken away at the compost site. The garage has to be all updated, there is a school there and with kids in it. That stuff was not made up. You can check with the DEC if you dare. Tommy let Eddie sell hot Dog in the park when it was illegal, Took away his trash gave him ice.

12:42 PM  
Blogger save the victoria pool society said...

Singapore's comment is racist, Horatio, and you should remove it.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Keehn ate my cheese said...

I guess you missed the part were McTygue brought home the half million in grants from the energy to ice program.Sciroco can't count his nuts and come up with the same answer twice.

6:50 AM  
Anonymous General Cornwallis said...

Kyle York is king. Richard Wirth is the answer to public safety. Hey Kyle blow it out your ass. Wirth is a two bit private dick that dwells in the sewers looking for dead beat dads and missing persons. He's not qualified for a council position with that background. You are just another goofball Indy Party hack trying to justify these incompetents existence. You,Boyd,McTygue and the other followers should crawl back in your hole.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Scotty's campaign manager said...

The people has a very short memory most of the time. Which means because yells once in a while and spouts in the media doesn't come into play. What does come into play is Johnson spending money the city doesn't have on a REC Center. The 400,000 or so dollars it will take to run it every year. Spending 250 dollars an hour to settle union contracts that can be done in house at no cost. Pissing off 2000 or so people over that beaver pond project will hurt your chances. Pissing off all the cops,firemen,Dpw workers and city hall workers that once voted for you will absolutely kill your chances! Not to mention an entire neighborhood that fought you on the REC Center building. Also selling your soul to McTygue last election you now have to side with Ed Miller. GOOD LUCK!

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Kim has certainly not earned the right to be at the helm of our City Council as one of his minions writes in the Saratogian today. He was hardly a "champion of the people and workers throughout the community". He cared little in realizing that his outrageous priorities were misplaced and out of touch with the reality of the impending fiscal crisis that we have all become too well aware of today. He wasted any potential experience on the Council as a worthy legislator through his adversarial positions first with members of his own party and then with everyone else. He completely abrogated his responsibility to the residents of this community who will pay the tax burden that he inexcusably encouraged.

The only priority that this “growing city” required of Commissioner Kim during the last four years was to manage and effect efficiency throughout his department. He failed miserably even when there were political opportunities to be had by achieving modest proposals. Sidetracked and surrounded by too many of the wrong self-serving voices, he abandoned any responsibility to fiscal concerns of those people that he now needs to support him. His dismal track record will not reward him.

And a question that must be asked is, what direction and priorities do you think those new initiates in his partisan trifecta will follow?

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

scirocco is on his own,that's the price you pay for getting in bed with keehan and kim,kim has one vision for saratoga springs DEBT,DEBT AND MORE DEBT,scirocco isn't to far behind him,he paid one of his loud mouth stooges $38.00 an hour to water flowers in the rain,don't believe it check city payroll if you dare.Scirocco says he's on the job everyday in city hall, gee thanks! all his time in city hall has got us a 40% tax increase,time to get rid of TAX AND SPEND SKIPPY with sciroccos'management skills we're in trouble.I think it's miller time.Throw the bum out.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Little Ceasar of Saratoga said...

McTygue is no threat personally. It's the 6-800 idiots that still think he is god. Here's how it will finish. And that's if the democrats start hustling. They should be the agressors in this election.

Mayor - Kim over Johnson by a very slim margin because Kim is not out there enough!

Martin over Ivins in finance by a slim margin because no one knows Martin but know that Ivins is an idiot.

Wirth over Connelly in Public Safety because, like I said the Dems are not out there enough. Wirth is worthless but has more name recognition gets him in.

Dpw - Scirrocco will win but not by the margin they should win by. Miller is interesting and is gaining support. He seems to be popular with Johnson supporters and the republicans are not backing Scirrocco like they should. It won't be that close but watch out for next time.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Sons of Anarchy said...

Save the victoria pool is an idiot. What a waste of money for that pool. Take a look who swims in it. LOL

8:57 PM  
Anonymous I drop to my knees for Tommy said...

I miss my hero! Tommy McT is the greatest! He saved my life so I owe him everything. When I was a down and out loser working for DPW he told me not to worry about my job as long as I did anything he asked. I still remember him putting his arm around me and saying," son, I own you now! "

3:55 AM  
Anonymous I spit milk out my nose while reading that lady's endorsement of Ron Kim in the paper this morning said...

Was that Kommisar Kim I saw waiting on me at the chop suey joint on Broadway Saturday nite, asking me what kind of sauce I wanted?

Or was that the acid talking?

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Eddie with The Footlong Weiner said...

This nonsense has got to stop! Skippy is spending too much money! He is pushing to raise taxes! Scott has done us all a service for building the REC Center. Finally a man who can manage money. He has assured everyone that he will generate more money in a few years than it will cost to run the place. What a Leader! We will call him the "Little Big Man" among independents.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...

General Cornwallis

No. There is a time when the sane among us must say "ENOUGH." You won't draw me down into your cesspool. I'll not join you in your feces fight in cyberspace.

HO can and will tolerate it... but I won't. You can take your infantile insults and incivilities and save them for a post where they might apply, one more timeless 'Toga gem, yet another savagely insulting assault on "Insert-Saratoga-Springs-Politician-Here." That's all we get in these repetitive debates between nameless cowardly pundits.

General, we DO have some World-Class characters in our fabled stabled community. And some ARE downright disgraceful. Many candidates past and present seem to actually WORK to earn insults, slurs, and vile put-downs.

But Cornpone, you're not getting away with it in this run for Public Safety. Maybe you learned to despise Private Investigators when you discovered "The Maltese Falcon" wasn't a National Geographic special. Or maybe you exited the theater in a rage of fury when "Chinatown" was not a cartoon of racist stereotypes.

Friend, it's time for you to earn YOUR stripes as a "two-bit private dick." Before spewing a second serving of traditional good 'ol Saratoga Slime, why don't you put your lips together and Goggle--

What did your preferred candidate do after 9/11? Rick Wirth became part of Long Island's "World Trade Center Crisis Services." You could look it up.

In a City Council in need of caring compassionate substance, what did your preferred candidate do while Rick spent years as Assistant Executive Director of Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (ACLD). Go for it, General Gumshoe.

With difficult financial decisions facing us point blank, what experience does your preferred candidate have that approximates Rick Wirth's deep involvement with a fierce political battle over "Living Wage Proposals" on Long Island, culminating with his extensive testimony given before the Suffolk County Legislature on June 11, 2002.

Remember our Great County Phone System Debacle? Recall the urgent need to update our Public Safety communications? Be brave-- Ask Rick Wirth what grants he can get for our officers...NOW. Then ask your preferred candidate about grants. Heck, ask the CURRENT Commissioner. Go ahead. You sound like a Bright Boy. You can do it.

No. No, you can't. I'm an "INDY hack"... and you choose to live in a soul so old and long-dead that foul stench is all you know.

HO, just maybe there are some of your readers who can think and post and share meaningful ideas. Not EVERY candidate is a cartoon. I believe in our Better Angels...

...but I always try to keep my feet planted firmly on this hallowed ground called reality.

-Vote as if your Life Depended on it,
Kyle York

5:24 PM  
Anonymous No Hope Ron said...

Little Caesar, I agree with you on most of it. There are still idiots that feel Tommy Mac can do no wrong. The election may go the way you said but I'm not so sue about Kim. He just isn't pushing hard enough. There are no signs of his out there. No one I know has seen him on the campaign trail. There is no urgency in his quest to knock out Johnson. More and more neighborhoods are bearing Mayor Johnson signs. It is not looking good for Mr. Kim. It could be a landslide.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look we have two heaping bowls of sh!t running for the mayors seat. all we have to do is find the lesser of two evils. Could Kim possibly make things any worse from the cluster we already have? Why not give him a try its got to be better than the moron we currently have. he may be erratic but he doesn't go around bailing out felons that cost the Saratoga community millions.If anything Kim will entertain us for his term until someone better steps up. Seriously Scotty J has got to go. The real problem we have is the morons on the city council. Somebody has to break up that gaggle or retards before they destroy the city.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Will Ron Kim walk out of the first coulcil meeting after he loses the election? said...


That is becasue the great Democrat insurgecy has splintered.

Yes, it is true. Many of the city Dem. committee members have come to the conclusion that these "Keehn and Kim people" are just plain _____

(fill in the blank with such words as 'nuts', idiots', 'losers' stupid', 'clueless', 'dangerous'.)

Ole Ronny boy isn'g getting any help when the calls have gone out for campaign assistance. All he hasis the last remnants of the core Keehn Kult--all six of them.

Poor loney

11:55 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Ron Kim is a known evil, and the worse of the two. Here are several things you can look forward to with Kim as your mayor:

-The bonding of a new Public Safety castle, regardless of how much it may cost the taxpayers.

-The capitulation to the city's various employment unions' demands and a wholesale increase of salaries(remember, contract negotiation is a power of the mayor).

-The further entrenchment of the DFC flunkies into various unfilled positions in government and on the city's land-use boards.

-A mayor who will become more of a laughing stock than his ally and predecessor, Valerie Keehn.

-A city government ran by Eileen Finneran.

-A potentially dead-locked council. Kim has no friend in John Franck, and that could become painfully clear if he wins and his stooge(Connolly) loses. Blurring the matter even more will be if Miller takes public works(albeit an unlikely victory). That sets up a situation where there will be a trio of different cliques in city government. Lord knows what happens then.


I won't print that comment for obvious reasons pertaining to libel. You can re-edit and re-submit if you'd like, but I doubt a fellow of your character will be amenable to that condition.

Little Ceaser,

The reason they're not out there is because it's an off-year election and nobody but the diehards really care about what happens in Saratoga Springs. But the lack of campaign workers ain't what's keeping Ron Kim off the street. It's a lack of a platform. The guy has NOTHING to bring to the table, aside from a resume that shows how inept HE was at bringing consensus on the council when the Democrats had four of five seats, and the fifth was occupied by a sympathizer to the cause. How does he explain the out-of-control budgets? The unrealistic PS castle proposals? His inability to change ANYTHING for the better in his department?

The fact that he's running is comical. The fact that some morons will vote for him simply because the want change(bad in this case) or because he's a democrat is down right scary.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh those Republicans of which I am one!
What a real success story!
Listening now to the Republican Committee members who are all fractured and disraught. " How could we be joined at the hip with Boyd and McTygue".
Politcal leaders???
Gordo Void got 500 votes last time he ran. He spent 30 K to get 500 votes.. The people had spoken then.
Tom Mctygue got beated so badly that he receieved the lowest vote total and was beat by 22% by Scorocco. Leaving the city with huge fines and employee graft.

And the Mighty Republicans are cozing up to these clown!!!

The top of there ticket
For Mayor
Tom Mctygue-Gordon Boyd- and Scott Johnson.
For Finance
Tom Mctygue-Gordon Boyd- Ken Ivins
For Public Safety
Tom Mctygue-Gordon Boyd- Rick "the Island" Worth
For Public Works
Tom Mctygue- Gordon Boyd- Ed "the dog" Miller
For Accounts ( as always)
Tom Mctygue and John Franck

Yes we the mighty RepublicanS
1. brought you a Rec Center when we can not afford it and do not need it.

2. We want to develop a Beach on Saratoga Lake

3.Complete a 1 Million Dollar "Trail to No Where

Now there is a strong Republican Team!!! BS
This is not a political process.. This is Vendetta Ville.

The Republican party Chair John Herrick has as much leadership skills as a fart in a windstorm.

As A Republican the only Republicans I will vote for is Skip Scirocco and Matt Veitch.

Oh and YES I will be voting for the Democratic candidated for the first time in my life!

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...

The Saratoga SludgeSlingers are perhaps the Number One Numbheaded Phools of our National Phenomena--

By Thomas L. Friedman
September 29, 2009 (NYT)

"The American political system was, as the saying goes, 'designed by geniuses so it could be run by idiots.' But a cocktail of political and technological trends have converged in the last decade that are making it possible for the idiots of all political stripes to overwhelm and paralyze the genius of our system. Those factors include a blogosphere that at its best enriches our debates, adding new checks on the establishment, and at its worst coarsens our debates to a whole new level, giving a new power to anonymous slanderers to send lies around the world."

-Kyle York
Facebook Friend of John Hancock

12:13 AM  
Blogger A Saratoga Springs Native.......... said...

Over 70 posts on this topic, way to go.
IT's amazing how the blog gets "off-topic", but this time of year, I have a feeling that is going to be the trend until election day.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous nick tortelli said...

the $38 dollar employee is rob wheellock. tommy's ex son in law. I see peter pan mctygue is still working hard on the blogs, but those mctygues are gone right? yeah sure.
you forgot to mention the millions he wasted out at the lake for his water plant, he used $2 million out of the water fund budget, how would that 20 plus million dollar bond be looking these days.
the republicans should've learned the lesson when the executive committee in the democratic party tried to jam candidates down the throats of the rank and file. the same thing is happening here, tommy is showing up to scooter's fundraisers and it's pissing off members of the party. for christs sake, the republicans had given the independence party $1,500.

to say that mctygue is out of the picture is either ignorance or just a blatant attempt at trying to sway voters. but take heart herrick, i'm sure boyd will save you a seat next to him when they kick your ass to the curb, like what happened to the disgruntled democrats.

7:23 AM  

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