Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy trails to you

Don't get used to seeing Kristina Krawchuk on News 9 these days. Looks like the "Taser gun guinea pig" and weekend anchor is off to greener pastures, as she's apparently been penciled out of the "Your News Now" list of broadcasters.

And while you might be seeing her on the tube this weekend, the techies over at Time Warner's news station already axed her online contact credentials. Rumor is, a disagreement with the higher ups lead to her impending departure. Leave it to the Mensa folk in their production department to clip her bio even before her last newscast airs.

For those who haven't channel surfed over to News 9, Krawchuck is --or was --the channel's food cheerleader-turned-weekend anchor, who could often be found milling about downtown Saratoga Springs after the broadcast. There are some circles among web crawlers that fancy her as one of the more attractive news anchors in the region.

No word yet as to where the long-time fixture with the news station plans to park herself. But for News 9, which often seems in a bit of a struggle to fill their 24-hour-a-day broadcast, the vacancy can't be a welcome development. This is especially when there's an apparent dearth of competent news anchors --or ones that can read the teleprompter -- who are willing to submit to their penny-pinching ways.


Blogger Les Clutter said...

Maybe she could fit in on WRGB they need a good noon anchor since they lost Sue Nigra. Nicole Forige can't read, can't interview, can't wing it when there is tech problems she is awful.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Stephen said...

This sucks, I liked her. Working second shift on the weekends, I found myself using CN9 as background noise as I wound down. Now while the content will remain the same, it'll definitely be less pleasant to watch.

I wonder what's going on over there that they've lost 3 anchors in the last year.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristina Krawchuk is an idiot who knows absolutely nothing about government, politics, educational issues, the economy, or public policy.

But she's perky, and at Perky News 9, Perky will get you a nice gig.

7:31 AM  

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