Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How soon they forget

Republican Public Works candidate Skip Scirocco placed another trio of feathers in his cap, seizing what he seems to consider a resounding endorsement from the 600-some-odd Skidmore students registered to vote in the Spa City’s upcoming election. The hurtling Volkswagen sports compact took a quick pit stop off the campaign superhighway to grab a trio of endorsements from Skidmore’s Young Republican Assembly, Democrats and the Environmental Action Club.

“It’s never happened before,” Scirocco told the Saratogian Monday. “This is a first –we made history today.”

Although his exuberance is a bit over the top for what will probably amount to about 200 votes across the board, Scirocco is right in one regard. He did make history; or at least he paved over a good deal of it by seizing any endorsement from student groups other than the standard thumbs-up from Skidmore’s junior GOP.

See, the city Republicans have been anything but friendly toward the small liberal arts college wedged at the end of North Broadway. In fact, there’s an ample history of the city and county Republicans doing just about everything in their power to quell any voice from the college’s small cadre of voters.

Let’s pan back to November 2001, just six months after Skidmore first received its own on-campus voting district. During the college’s first-ever on-campus general election, students soundly voted for Democratic candidates. In every case, they tallied more than 300 votes for the Democrats and even propelled Public Works fixture Tom McTygue to victory during a contentious election year.

The following winter, the county GOP decided to lash out against the students during a special state Assembly election for Bobby D’Andrea’s seat in the Legislature. Some students arriving at the polls found themselves staring at an affidavit waved by Republican poll watchers.

Three months later, the Republican-led city council then launched a campaign to move Skidmore’s fledgling polling place from the college’s Case Center to the city center off campus. The logic behind the move was simple: Skidmore vastly supports liberal candidates and college students are inherently lazy. So if you move the polls more than a mile away from the bong and ensure there’s no Tuesday night beer specials downtown, you can ensure the Democrats will lose a small but valuable number of votes.

The only reprieve given to the college was by then Democratic elections commissioner William Fruci, who spotted the ploy for what it was and refused to sign off on the city’s resolution. The county Board of Elections later decided the whole affair was bogus because the city had tried to move the polling area six days past the deadline to do so.

By the 2003 election, the Republicans were on a power play to seize the mayor’s office and secure a supermajority on the council. At the time, Scirocco was happily serving on the county Board of Supervisors and didn’t seem too concerned about his challenger; some fringe Green Party candidate named Cheryl Keyrouze.

Again, allegations of Republican poll intimidation crept up. Only this time, they were far more wide-spread and far more publicized. One student reported being thrust an affidavit by GOP poll watchers and being told “the district attorney can prosecute you on a felony charge” if the document was filled out incorrectly. Others claimed Republican head hauncho Jasper Nolan was shouting at students with almost uncontrolled vigor; not exactly ideal voting conditions.

Though Nolan and the Republicans voraciously disputed this claim, the end results suggested otherwise. Skidmore’s own Ken Klotz was shown to the door and the city Democrats fired an angry 43-page letter to the state Attorney General contesting the bare-knuckles politics of their partisan counterparts.

Things quieted down on the campus during both the 2004 and 2005 elections. During the later, students helped power Mayor Valerie Keehn into office with more than 100 votes in her favor. Ironically, they also tossed more than 80 votes toward challenging Democratic supervisors Joanne Yepsen and Keyrouze, who unseated none other than Scirocco, himself.

So the recent endorsement of Scirocco by two left-leaning campus groups seems a bit queer, especially when taken into context of the history the candidate is supposedly making. It’s valid to mention the transient nature of these students, many of whom leaved the area after four years or so. But surely there is someone still vibrant on the campus who can recall these events, with which the Volkswagen was tacitly involved, at the very least.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The answer is that these students are out-of-touch proto-yuppie morons. McTygue's plan to tap Saratoga Lake is the best bet for preserving the land and environment around that lake, and preventing suburban sprawl - which is the main point of the Republicans piping water from Moreau to Malta. And it's outrageous that Keehn and her cronies skipped the latest Democrat forum on the lake issue. That, coupled with their opposition to downtown development, puts her and her supporters with the Republicans and the Skidmore twits in the suburban sprawl camp. What a travesty.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These Skidmore kids, the Times Union, and the Metroland really need to start questioning who and where they are getting their dirt on McTygue from. The dirt may even be true but the sleazy politics behind this lame coalition of schoolmarms and Rebublicans stinks way worse than bullying behavior (in a fight they started) and some spilled oil. Taking Bronners word about McTygue is just mind blowing to me. It's such an obvious vendetta from a man who wouldn't piss on a Democrat if they were on fire. Pax, Philthyrex

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re anonymous:

"Out of touch proto-yuppie morons?"
"Skidmore twits?"

Nice job summing up the student population with a broad brush stroke, asshole. If you are so informed and the college students are so clueless, why don't you go up to campus yourself and talk to one of them. Oh, right... you're an idiot and probably couldn't hold up your end of a conversation. Better to stay at home and listen to Rush.

4:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If McTygue and his minions had wanted the support of the Skidmore Dems, they should have reached out to them in a friendly manner, instead of using heavy-handed tactics as they did last Wednesday when the campus Dems were trying to register student voters. The thuggery of McTygue's minions was a vivid indication of his approach to his constituents. The students wisely saw through his tactics. McTygue is losing one constituency after another --- due to his behavior and that of his supporters, not anyone else. Ironically, Tommy sent turncoat Sharon Boyd to scold the Skidmore students for not supporting a party candidate. Doh! She's shifted her allegiance to the Independence Party; she should be ashamed of her hypocracy.

If McTygue is so hot to trot on the Saratoga Lake issue, why did he have so much trouble coming up with a budget for it to include in the mayor's capital budget? And why is he such a big supporter of Joe Bruno who's the biggest supporter of the alternate county plan? Maybe their FBI investigations are linked together?

I still want to know: Why did Pat Design resign as Deputy Commissioner? What did he know and when did he know it?

Skip's going to win, and then lots of interesting stories are going to come out. McTygue may try to destroy evidence in his office as he heads back to his horse farm outside of town and stops pretending to be a city resident, but the stories are going to pour out. They already are, and they don't paint a pretty picture.

6:09 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

People, let’s try a modicum of decorum here. There’s no need to revisit the flame wars from several weeks back. The first commenter, in a somewhat venomous way, does bring up a very valid point: Scirocco has always been a proponent of the county water plan, which many people envision as a tool to proliferate the urban sprawl of Clifton Park up the Northway. Have pipes, will develop, the theory goes. If he’s the only Republican elected to the council this year, he’ll be largely denuded. But voting for him under this principle is akin to playing Russian roulette using a six-shooter with five bullets.

In this sense, the Skidmore Dems and Environmentalists are very much shortsighted in their assumptions. While McTygue has helped develop the inner city, he really hasn’t been a proponent of blazing through the so-called green belt. Evidence of this is as simple as the fact that the city still has this area, even after several very pronounced building booms. In fact, much of Madame Mayor Preservationist dogma is barrowed –or should I say plagerized –directly from Ken Klotz, who is part of McTygue democrats, or vice versa. So the premise of voting McTygue out of office to “stop big development” is frankly ludicrous.

But to characterize the students as clueless is going a bit far. To some extent, I think their political allegiances are a bit more rooted in heart instead of mind, which is a trademark of young adults as they become acclimated to partisan politics. But to say they don’t contemplate politics is a bit short sighted. Frankly, I’m amazed the number of students that actually take part in local elections, when it’s a lot easier for them to be apathetic and live in a somewhat secluded world at the end of the Spa City’s richest neighborhood. It shows good character and good citizenship, even if it’s a bit misguided at times.

As for the “thuggery of McTygue's minions,” you obviously didn’t read the post too carefully. If that is in fact the tact Lady Boyd took with the students, then at least she’s doing it now instead of at the polls. No matter what kind of candidate Scirocco is, he’s still a cog in the Nolan machine, the same machine that was adamant in its push to disenfranchise the students. It’s an undisputed fact and one the Keehniacs clearly ignore in their rhetoric, which combined with Nolan’s, is an almost omnipresent force.

Now onto your questions: “why is he such a big supporter of Joe Bruno,” you ask? Well he’s not. Like many politicians, he’s an opportunistic supporter. Keep in mind, the entire fucking Democratic Party last endorsed Bruno, rather than put up their own candidate or endorse the GOP turncoat from Rensselaer. Why? Well, I’d say they were a bunch of chicken shits; all of them.

The more logical answer is that they realized Bruno was delivering large sacks of cash to Saratoga, including the city. He’s got his fingerprints all over this city. There isn’t a politician or party in his district that would go head-to-head with him because they know what it would mean –and that includes patron goddess of goodness Valerie Keehn.

Pat Design, from what I understand, is a pawn that’s being moved around in this political game of chess. And from what I’ve heard about his savvy in politics or lack thereof, he won’t amount to much more than a pawn. Frankly, I love how he’s constantly lifted as some sort of martyr for the cause and how he’ll tell all once the evil king is deposed. Maybe a better question is why former deputy Mayor Nancy Ohlin’s ankle surgery forced her to resign. My guess is the initials “E” and “F” have something to do with it.

If Scirocco does win, the only thing that will come out about McTygue is that he’ll retire from city politics. If you think there will be some crazy probe into his supposed wrong doings, then you really are drinking your own Kool-Aid.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow where to begin. with such speculation one wonders where you come up with this crap. scirocco voted for the water to support the tech park and to bring high paying high tech jobs to the area and state, much like c. schumer, k. gillibrand and so on. so while you scare us with you urban sprawl comment, it would be worth noting again, who sells water to the areas outside the greenbelt (wilton/milton)? the guy who you claim will protect us from sprawl.
it is a fact that Sharon boyd went up to chastise the skidmore dems for not supporting the democrat. instead thet decided to endorse the candidate they felt would do the best job. boo-hoo it's america get over it and stop telling people who they should be voting for. and while your at it maybe sharon could explain to us why she isn't supporting the democrat for mayor.
and pat design will be the deputy like he was before, because he has the respect of everyone in the garage.
so dream on and continue to make predictions that will never come true. such as pat design and pretend these endorsements don't mean anything and by all means keep telling people who to vote for.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pete McTygue and Phil Diamond were at Skidmore intimidating the students. Typical McTygue strongarm tactics. They were registering voters when they forced themselves on these students. This is one of the main reasons for the Scirocco endorsement. But I know somehow in your mind this is Keehn's fault. Don't worry Mayor Johnson is going to save the city. You know the fiscally responsible one. Mr. billboard! Out south broadway! How much does that cost? And his upcoming TV ads? Spend thousands to get elected and we will pay you back ten fold. Bring on the developments.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

“Scirocco voted for the water to support the tech park and to bring high paying high tech jobs to the area and state.”

Swing and a miss. He voted for the plan because it’s the county plan and that’s what the county bosses told him to do. Luther Forest could have gotten their water from plenty of other places for much cheaper. The only reason they didn’t was because the state is giving them something to the tune of $1 million PER JOB they’re bringing here. Hey, I’m all for “high paying jobs” as long as it’s not paying for the so-called high paying jobs.

“Boo-hoo it's america get over it and stop telling people who they should be voting for.”

Strike two. My blog, my opinions. Your vote, your choice. If you choose to read my blog, you may –and I stress may –find your vote influenced by my opinion. But far be it from me to hold your hand to the booth and whisper sweet nothings into your ear about who you should and should not vote for. As has been mentioned here before, I don’t endorse candidates, nor am I candid about my own voting predilections.

“Pat design will be the deputy like he was before, because he has the respect of everyone in the garage. So dream on and continue to make predictions that will never come true.”

Ouch, caught looking with a high slider. Did I say the Volkswagen wouldn’t hire Design? I think not. Perhaps I should have been more explicit: all I said was that he’s a pawn, which is exactly what he’s being used as.

12:16 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Let’s move onto the next poster here. I’m not sure how anyone can “force” themselves on students without facing assault or rape charges. I’m also unsure of how one forces another to register. And regardless of how –or if –these two were somehow forcing themselves on students, the GOP tactics clearly documented in the press were at ELECTIONS, not campaign events, not debates, not candidate forums, but ELECTIONS. There’s a big difference between the bibulous McTygue blustering about registering and Jasper Nolan threatening students with felony arrest.

You are right in one sense: it is Keehn’s fault. She could have formed consensus with an all-Democratic city council and actually gotten things done. But instead, she decided to stir the shit pot. Now regardless of who wins office, there’s been so much bad blood and ill will it would take a miracle to flush it all down the crapper to get something done. But hey, at least I’ll have another two years of political misdoings and bullshit to write about.

12:29 AM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

After 8 years of republican rule which has pretty much decimated the economy for the working stiff, I doubt you will ever see that chip plant come on line. What then? That water pipe is too big to smoke out of. Remember these are the same people that gave us the Landfill to Nowhere.
And your correct about Skippy's reason for voting for it. Jobs, thats a joke. Skippy couldn't come up with an idea of his own even if his life depended on it.
If this was a just a heads up battle between Tom and Skip, Tommy would chew him up and spit him out.
Unfortuately for Tom, he has gotten caught in the crossfires of normal democratic stupidity and republican skullduggery.

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wil be talking bullshit no matter what!

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may be a stretch Horatio, or at best an elongated segue to tie the Skidmore comments with those of Supervisor Yepsen’s closing comments last night at the League’s Candidate’s Night as she hurried off to an ‘environmental’ meeting on the campus. Does this gal ever sit down at a table long enough to actually study any one particular issue? She collects photo ops, themes and platforms like pokemon cards but couldn’t explain a Pikachu from a sneeze. She needs a license plate like Chad’s.

And what’s with Matt Veitch threatening the City taxpayers to build a new PS facility for his brothers because the “lawsuit” would be more expensive than the tax hike required to pay for it would? Don’t we have enough Public Safety Lawsuits? Oddly, Mr. Veitch took a stand on the popular position of affordability last year when voting against a zoning relief request that had nothing to do with the issue. Today, he tells us (unaffordably), take a tax increase or else – Lawyers, Guns and Money!

What does this guy think (as a County Supervisor) would be his role in our Public Safety Department (or for that matter, his other platforms like ‘Preservation’ and ‘Teamwork’)? We hear so much from this candidate about ‘teamwork’, his apparent code word for ‘Republican’ regardless of, “we’re all residents … before party affiliation”. Ahhh yes, didn’t we have two fraternity brothers representing this City’s interest so well, that they were voted out of office? Another stalking horse.

And finally, there’s steady eddy, Cheryl Keyrouze. Always out a little out of breath – because she’s always involved full time in the work of being Supervisor. Compared with the others, she’s our comfort food. Warm soup on a cold day. And, she’s honest and she answers her phone. She takes on the popular and not so popular issues because she believes in them. No hidden agenda – no backroom deals.

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's actually not an all Democratic city council: McCabe is an independent endorsed by the Dems. And McTygue isn't really a Democrat either: he leads the McTygue Party, which is about to fade from the scene, except perhaps for Commissioner Franck, Mini-McTygue to some. McTygue is the source of the bad blood. And now finally, many of his old constituencies --- workers, students, police officers, fire fighters, senior citizens, etc., see through his political pretenses and recognize the corruption in his office.

Pat Design is a gracious man, and a good manager; his departure from DPW upset the workers because they had finally had a taste of working with a competent leader rather than a bully. Mr. Design knows a lot about things McTygue does not want people to know. But then, so do a lot of other people. It's all going to come out. McTygue's legacy will be one of corruption and shame --- the flowers are nice, but the dump truck stunt to prevent a developer McTygue didn't like from moving forward on a project and all the flipflopping on the rec center, and the laser pointer stunt and the yelling in city council will stay in people's memories the longest. Good riddance to McTygue.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Broadway Billy said...

Democrats for Johnson: next meeting is scheduled for 8PM October 24th at Bailey's.

Please, my fellow Dem's: we need to end this nightmare named Val Keehn NOW!

After Election Day, all of you Val nuts shall consider your involvement with the local Dem party as being done.

Get out of the way while the rest of us go about repairing the damage you assholes have wrought.

You people are an embarrasment and a disgrace, not to mention foolish, naive, unenlightened and impractical. Simply put, none of you have a clue as to public policy or politics.

Come the first Wednesday in November, it will your time to go back to your Oprah book clubs, prescription medications, empty nests and decaying spouses.

Your little "let's play politics" game is offiially ended. Now go to your room. Don't come out until you can at least speak intelligently.


10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone aware of the ASSAULT at Wednesday October 17th Budget workshop? Yes our very own Tom McTygue physically and verbally assaulted John Kraus (city volunteer)in the hall at city hall. He placed his hands on him and poked him in the chest a number of times.I bet if the role were reversed John would be jail.
When will this commissioner's obvious emotional issues be addressed. I guess we will have to wait for him to really physically hurt someone. He is painfully aware that he is losing this November, so he is losing his mind in the process. He should be made to publically apologize to John Kraus and then made to get professional help for his obvious anger. John Kraus was actually appointed by Tom Mctygue to serve on the very city panel that he ( McTygue)was screaming about.
Earlier this week he described the Skidmore republicans, Skidmore democrates, and the Skidmore Environmental Committee endorsements as a "joke". Last week McTygue completly dismissed that his workforce Union at DPW endorsed his opponent. He has no major endorsements outside of "his" side of the Democratic Party. McTygue is an emotional train wreck waiting to happen. He has screamed and shouted for so long that we believe that is OK.
In baseball the Red Sox say "that is Manny being Manny" or The basketbal Pistons say "That is Dennis Rodman being Dennis Rodman"
The taxpayers of this city should not have to say "that is Tommy being Tommy". "Tommy being Tommy" has cost this city far more that the idiotic behavior is worth. I would hope that someone would be able to tone him down before his combative behavior pyhsically hurts someone. I know of no one who has the balls to do so, but I bet the LAW pertains to him too.
Someone should step up to the plate and investigate this incident and address this very SERIOUS SITUATION before someone else is assaulted.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love how yepsen takes credit for the logjam on the creek eventhough she fought the very plans that got the work done. that work was done because of the water plan

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya you're right shot in the dark. nursing program, recycling programs, safety net programs all happened by themselves at the county. how many parking spaces has mctygue created. thanks skip for getting $1.2 million from the county for the woodlawn lot.
truth of the matteris mctygue is very arrogant and thinks the city will explode if we don't elect him. it's killing him to be losing to the dog catcher. like there is something wrong with being an animal control officer.
and here's something else, it's not like skip was sitting around thinking about beating mctygue. it was all the people who wanted to get rid of the guy who came to skip. and for the most part it was a very strong bipartisan show of support which convinced him to run. thats why he has gotten no support from the city republicans. they wanted to leave frank and mctygue unoppossed for the elections and go after the mayor.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

horatio dont quit your dayjob to join the ranks of the mlb umpires. i never said that you were telling people who to vote for, i said sharon boyd was.
so upon review i still have at least one strike left.
also the county plan is going forward and like it or not the amd chip plant is going in. our current supervisors promised to stop it but have failed to do so.
and i'm pretty sure he said at the debate he voted for the jobs. now you are entitled to your opinion, if you want to call him a lyer go ahead, thats also your right. but don't make your opinion a fact about someone else. how can one swing and miss here, does the phrase from the horses mouth mean anything. of course not.
and lastly, you speak with no inner knowledge of any of this. though you write as if you have some knowledge. a lot of guesswork. you don't know any of these individuals personally, you must have gone back and checked the joe o'niell thing. how can we take you seriously when you make a claim like joe oniell former director and current union pres. so since you base your opinions on conjecture often your predictions are incorrect.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Well, it was a bit unclear from your “while your[sic] at it” comment, who you were directing the missive to; whether it was myself, Lady Boyd, or both of us. So step back up to the plate.

On the idea of speculation and opinion, this seems suspiciously like a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Anyone who says Scirocco voted for a county water plan “to support the tech park and to bring high paying high tech jobs” shouldn’t be saying word one about insight or speculation. That is just flat out bunk, given the history there is behind the water project, the supervisors and the city. Luther Forest wasn’t even a rumor when the county first started talking about tapping the Hudson decades ago.

In fact, when the county and city were talking about this issue in the early nineties –years before names like Scirocco and Yepsen were even thrown into the mix –the notion was that the county would take control of and upgrade the city’s water plant to move water north. Much of the discussion at the city level then revolved around sprawl moving up the Northway. This is not speculation, this is not opinion; this is fact. Skipper bought into this plan when he agreed to tow the Republican line, just like ALL the supervisors did; those that didn’t were admonished by the party.

Next, I’m more than willing to make errors, admit them and then correct them. This blog, like the world, is an imperfect place that can sometimes be hindered by outside pressures. Fortunately, it has plenty of editors who are more than willing to point out –speculate even –on things that might be said in error.

“You don't know any of these individuals personally.” Strike Three. You’re outta here.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

“It was all the people who wanted to get rid of the [McTygue] who came to skip.” So true. And at the top of that list are Jasper Nolan and Valerie Keehn. Or should I call them by their true names, tapping the Hudson and changing the City Charter.

“Mr. Design knows a lot about things McTygue does not want people to know. But then, so do a lot of other people.”

So why aren’t they saying them? Why not sink this ship once and for all? Why leave it up to the fickle voters? Why not lock this bastard up and throw away the key? And why –do tell –has it taken people 32 years to paint him as such a bully and a misanthrope?

No doubt, where there is smoke, there is fire. And there seems to be a lot of smoke around McTygue. But a lot of it is blown there by a pair of factions waging a hostile takeover of the city government they’ve each been planning for several years now. Is McTygue a perfect refined fellow? Hell no. He makes sandpaper seem like a fuzzy kitten. Is he some out-of-control megalomaniac? Hell no.

Like I said, if McTygue loses, the only thing that will happen in January is that he’ll bow out of politics. There will be no special commissions to beat this guy in the ground because the powers looking to unseat him have a very busy agenda to attend.

And just touching on one other thought here: if thumping someone’s chest with a finger is an assault, then we better start building more prisons.

3:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on... Stand back...Mount McTygue is about to BLOW!!! He has been spewing for years, now he will finally blow his top.
This is a new LOW for even him.

A public official physically assaulting a citizen!

We have all watched Mount McTygue verbally assaulting people for years but this is way too far for even McTygue standards!

Grabbing and jambing your finger in someone's chest is assault. While it does not draw blood, it certainly is assault. If you or I grabbed Mount McTygue that way and poked him like he did to John Kraus we would be sitting in jail right now.
Do public officials have the same set of LAWS that we do?

John Kraus is a gentleman and a dedicated volunteer in this community and does not deserve to be assaulted for his efforts.

Mount McTygue needs professional help. A more constructive way to handle his anger would be the first step. If he can not control himself in public he should just stay home.
It will be a sad day when someone else is physically assaulted by Mount McTygue and we never spoke up.

In this case "Tommy being Tommy" is illegal.

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no doubt mytygue is a meglomaniac. and no doubt you're a mctygue apologist.
firstly you couldn't strike out a blind man with those puff balls that you're calling strikes. like i said earlier you have no factual evidence on your side about skip being under jaspers control. like i said earlier, with no rebuttal from anyone, that those upper republicans are siding with mctygue. look at the contributions. those big money developers, giving money to Mctygue. jasper wanted skip to run for public safety or supervisor. once again the higher ups wanted to leave frank and mctygue unopposed for this election, because tmac makes those guys so much money they're supporting him, not skip. so sorry to say, him being a puppet, is a puffball statement meant to persuade peoples vote. if he was the puppet you say, he wouldn't even be in this race. you've conveniently forgotten about the fact that mctygue has done more to contribute to sprawl in wilton and milton then anyone. it seems disingenuous to point the finger at someone else as contributing to sprawl.
again unless you have somefactual evidence about why skip did this or said that then please present it. hearsay, conjecture and inuendo do not count. your opinion should not be construed as fact. now if you approached this in a fair manner, hitting both sides equally, then it might hold a little weight, but simply underminig someones good name to promote the worst politician politics has to offer the people is very Mctygue like. in fact one wonders if you might be him but your gaffe about not knowing anything about how the department really runs and obvioulsy not knowing these individuals at least tells me you're not.
also not to pile on but keehn and jasper were not on the list of people who called skip. now unless you can produce somekind of phone record i suggest that you are totally wrong and like your master you are not above making distortions and lies.
also just because the water plan was around before skip doesn't really mean anything. its not speculation because i know the guy personally. he's publically stated that he voted for it because of the jobs, he's on record as saying the same thing. so speculation, i don't think so. you may choose to not beleive him and paint all republicans with a broad stroke of the brush. but when people look at this race they see an honest individual going against someone that will physically assault someone. yes it is assault, again it may not in your opinion fall under assault but according to the police it is. so sorry i guess downplaying that assualt works well for you and your master. and this is not an aberration. tony fisher headbutted someone at a city council meeting.
lets try to be, not so willing to makes errors please.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and about him being a bully. you almost say it like you're waiting for the proof to come before your eyes. it's been there you just choose to ignore it. well let me try my speculative hand at that answer.
as time has gone on he has become more entrenched in the power structure of saratoga springs. there used to be a time when his yelling at other members of the council seemed as though he was sticking up for people. after the hank k primary things started to unravel for him. keehn has asked the tough questions and he doesn't like it. he wants to be in control all the time and he is not in control now and we are seeing some anger management issues unfold before our eyes. he lost his mind at gaffney's, screaming he's, "not going to loose to that f-ing b_tch", the night the mayor beat out his hand picked choice boyd, in a primary. sometimes when control freaks loss control they often lash out at people. it was all fine and dandy when he was making money by having city employees work on his farm at no expense to him, now if thats not reason to show this guy the door then i don't know what is. and here's another thing that doesn't make sense. on one hand you've dismissed any claims of any investigations then turn around and say, how come no handcuffs. duh, there is an fbi, dec and ag investigations. here's how it works. they go around and ask people questions about allegations of wrong doing. that in itself is an investigation. the dec went in and closed the garage and confiscated files.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

There are some who would consider John Kraus more of a gadfly than a volunteer. Frankly, I don’t know the fellow well enough to make that call. But I will tender your argument on assault. The lightest charge of assault under the New York State Penal Code is a Class ‘A’ misdemeanor third-degree charged, which goes word for word as follows:

A person is guilty of assault in the third degree when:
1. With intent to cause physical injury to another person, he causes such injury to such person or to a third person; or
2. He recklessly causes physical injury to another person; or
3. With criminal negligence, he causes physical injury to another person by means of a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument.

We could get into the meanings of “physical injury” and “criminal negligence” and what not, but unless McTygue’s finger almost pushed Kraus’ sternum through his chest, chances are pretty good the cops would only tell both parties to mind their own business and part ways. If they didn’t, then McTygue would have a good cause to file a grievance with the force for wrongful arrest.

Now, this argument might dove-tail into the recent arrest and charge of David Bronner on harassment charges after his little spat with Pete McTygue. Even in this case, the police rolled their eyes about citing Bronner –who is probably deserving of far worse charges –because it meant another BS arrest to huck on top of the pile of the day’s BS arrests. And we wonder why there’s so much police overtime.

So to sum up, there’s no pending arrest of McTygue. That is, unless it’s in an article written by a certain Metroland writer that simply enjoys printing half-truths and conjecture.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey broadway billy! Just coming back from another one of your drunken' binge's. We know that broadway billy is really John the drunk from the American Legion! He is the only DEM for Johnson. I talked to Larry Bulman about you and he says you are a joke!

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You do not get it do you?
A PUBLIC FIGURE jabs his fingers into someone's chest and screams at him and you split hairs over wether it is assault or harrassment.......well then lets call it harrassment....and that too is against the law??
And it is embarrassing for an elected and PAID official to behave like he is.
But I may be more embarrassed reading these childish responses of yours to an obvious act of senseless behavior.

I guess I will check in after November 6th and see what the outcome is
If there is a pool
Put me down for:

Val Keehn
Ken Ivins
Ron Kim
Skip Scirocco
John Franck
Matt Veitch
Joanne Yepson

Seems pretty balanced

18 Days and counting!!!

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, it's Friday and I've had it too, with Mr. (Citizen) Kraus, a self appointed "Mr. self-indulgent turd". He built his $550,000 home in a $200,000 neighborhood and wants his neighbors to pay $400,000 in taxes to match his own. Been here maybe 4 years (3 years walking the four corners of Broadway with his attaché case), bringing to this City all his free busy body time and numbers that didn't play well in his previous town … so now he's gonna tell us all … how it's done … Yeah. A carpetbagger by any other name, this mosquito needs a life or an adult education self-improvement program at BOCES.

Remember, McTygue knows how to win and to lose. Never in it for the two-year job, he made the job his own and the City has been better for it. Picking ticks on the dog is fun till you're the dog instead of a tick picker. The unfortunate poison directed at TM has always been to mask the insidious objectives of these late lifers whose only euphoric prospect is to "change things" and their blinded minions can't see it. It's pathetic how our own version of Al-Qaeda politicians with their suicide bombers have little else to live for but to pray for the explosion. They must live, impoverished (and maybe sexless) lives ... and this is their version of Nirvana … these pathetic little boring unaccomplished dweebs.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tommy McTygue's behavior toward Mr. Kraus at the bodget meeting was appalling --- inexcusable for a public official. He needs counseling. He'll have time for it after he loses the election. In the meantime, the McTygues, particularly Billy, should stop acting like the police are their private security force, calling them when no problem has occurred. The police will be cheering along with many others when McTygue leaves office. Now a racial discrimination suit against Tommy is going forward. The DPW workers will be so glad to see the last of this bully. Not just Metroland, but the Times Union, has reported about the FBI investigation of Tommy.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

“…He is the only DEM for Johnson…”

You’d have to be a fool to believe that. For one thing, there are a good number of Boyd supporters that will vote for Johnson, simply in the interest of sinking Keehn's ship. Boyd’s campaign hasn’t taken hold like he envisioned and it’s fairly clear he won’t be the next mayor, meaning his supporters will have an easier choice in the booth next month. After all, anger crosses party lines. But the proof is in the pudding, so I offer a recent quote from a lifetime Democrat bemoaning her choice:

“For the first time in my life, I’m voting for a Republican.”

7:24 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

"You do not get it do you?"

I don’t get it? Don’t you mean New York STATE doesn’t get it? I’m not one to discuss my personal life, but I will tell you this: I had nothing to do with the writing of the Empire State’s penal code. Simply put, poking someone’s chest doesn’t rise to the level of assault. Ask any cop, ask any lawyer, ask anyone who isn’t for tarring and feathering McTygue and they’ll tell you the same. Harassment, maybe; bad decorum, definitely. But assault, never. My cattish fiend, you’re scratching the wrong post.

7:30 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

First, I must confess: you’ve outdone me with the baseball allusions.

“And no doubt you're a McTygue apologist.”

Apologist? No. I’m not even a defender. It’s against my creed, which is namely that every politician –regardless of their affiliation –is a scoundrel at heart. Those who are not usually get out of the game before the darkness takes over. What I do like to add to the mix is a voice of reason when it comes to an obvious campaign to unseat a guy who’s been re-elected 16 successive times. Come up with whatever excuse you want, but it hasn’t been chance or intimidation that has kept him in office this long; it’s been the voters.

And another thing; when you people finally have me convinced that McTygue is on the ropes, it’s odd to step back and see such desperation. Assaults, FBI investigations, one distortion after the next; if you’re going to take out the white whale, at least have some tact in doing it. Take him down for the truth, not bullshit or this blisteringly evident smear campaign. If he’s nearly as corrupt as his detractors make him out to be, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find such a harpoon.

“…in your opinion fall under assault but according to the police it is…”

You’re wrong here as well. Like I said before, unless Mr. Kraus can show bruising or that the alleged poking from a slightly overweight dude in his mid-60s created some sort of abnormal pain for him, there is no assault. It’s not a matter of opinion; it’s a matter of law. I’m glad you refer to the case of Tony Fisher, seeing as though he actually head-butted David Bronner and was found guilty of harassment in the second degree. Not assault, but harassment.

On a side note, here’s an idea for a good Valerie Keehn fundraiser: head butt David Bronner for $250 and 20 hours of community service per shot. Her campaign would make a fortune and we wouldn’t need the DPW anymore.

As for the Skipper’s independence, I’ll give you this one chance: name one county vote where he went against the Republican majority. Just one. Then we can talk more. Until then, you just happen to be the blind man swinging his lumber at the wind.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

vlt vote keep talking

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so vlt vote, thats an easy one

there was also more then one vote concerning the county water system and despite your unimformed opinion, he voted agaisnt the party on some of those as well. and getting the money for the mechanicville senior center, he was in the minority until he was able to convince his fellow repubs that screwing mechanicville seniors wasn't the right thing to do.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and sorry, when you want to hash the differences with this assault or harrasment thing, you're trying to mitigate and lessen his responsibility you come across as an apologist.i guess my point was that the police can be involved.

now honestly you don't seem to dislike the white whale much. if it's true that you hate all politicians for the reason's you have stated before, then Mctygue would be at the top of the list. you imply that you distrust all politicians to the point where they are all lyers, but wait, here comes a comment about mctygue. the selfprofessed distruster of all politicians can't seem to believe that Mctygue would lie.
you're struggling with the mendoza line here

6:19 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

If your point is that the police could be involved, just state it that simply. Sure the police could be involved –if somebody called them. But they didn’t. Charges weren’t pressed for whatever reason and the incident –as described here –is over. Frankly, I wasn’t at the meeting, didn’t see the poking and couldn’t tell you anything other than the fact that poking someone, unless it’s with a spear or sharp object, is no sort of assault. Period.

The whole reason I say anything about this guy is that there is a quite clear power play to bring him down. In the process, there’s a lot of bullshit getting slung around. Case in point: this so-called “assault.” Give me a fucking break. While he is indeed deserving of some criticism, he’s nowhere near the villain, bully or otherwise the Keehniacs paint him out to be.

Now onto this little gem from the Daily Gazette, circa 2002: “Scirocco voted with the four other committee members to approve the VLTs, but said he may still vote against it when it comes before the full Board of Supervisors.”

So he voted for them in committee and then voted against them when it was clear there were 20 other supervisors that would approve it. Why not just vote against it straight through if he really didn't want them in the city? Frankly, I don't think he did, but was pressured in committee to advance the whole deal. If that's the case, then it just afirms my case.

This whole back-and-forth is getting rather tiresome in that you will never be convinced I’m not on McTygue’s campaign or something and I’ll never agree with you that the guy is the second coming of Satan. So it seems we’re at a stand-still here...

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow the only bullshit here is you dude. so now we went from just, "give me one example." so i gave you a few. not good enough. you claim skip to be so entrenched with party loyalty that he always toes the line. execpt in this case were he planned to piss off the very bosses you claim that he is so loyal to, by planning to vote against his own party because he new it would pass. and therefore what? be able to say he voted against it an an attempt to fool everyone in blog town several years later. a bit of a stretch one would say. look he voted against it because it provided nothing for the host towns, something we, as a city, are very concerned about now. so again in the face of facts, simply he voted against it because from the committee to the floor there wasn't a change even though he fought for it.
now assault is defined by the webster dictionary, attack by physical means, assail with argument,abuse, assault w/ offensive or violent touching of another. it's what i said and what i meant. in the normal way, normal people use the word it fit just fine. now if you want to take it to a legal level then by all means go ahead. it sounds very lawyer like and most people don't trust lawyers anyway, and that's pretty much why.

3:54 PM  

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