Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Change Express

Buckle up, Democrats, because the Change Express is about to thunder into a neighborhood near you.

For too long, Saratoga Springs has remained under the omnipresent Johnson Administration, which has laid environmental ruin on everything it has touched, has rubber-stamped every large development to come through the city and has embraced a brand of clandestine politics usually reserved for smoky back rooms. Yes, it’s time for change. It’s time for the type of change that puts the ‘d’ in democracy; the type of change that levels the playing field and gives all city democrats a voice. The type of change that puts families first!

Or maybe the type of change that is really a buzz word used to mean a return to the failed progressive movement that held the city hostage for two years under the administration of Valerie Keehn and her merry band of change-o-crats. Yes, the same administration that brought you the failed charter revision push, the overzealous plans for a public safety castle and managed to raise city taxes at an alarming rate is again rearing its ugly head.

Brucie Rosch, who is best described as an avid Keehniac, circulated an e-mail among city Democrats this week, urging them to support change when it comes knocking at the door. The fervent charter revisionist is asking voters to join a new collective called “Democrats for Change” so it can at last take control of the City Democratic Committee.

“The first step in fixing this mess is to take back control of our City Democratic Committee from the small and unrepresentative group of regressive Democrats,” she urged in the bizarre missive mailed out Monday evening.

Fix this mess? Does she mean the mess the mayor and her supporters made of the committee in just two short years? Or maybe she’s thinking about the mess created after the utter squandering of the first consensus of Democrats in City Hall this century lead by the gang of charter revisionists.

Either way, Rosch’s message is unclear. In short, it asks voters not to worry about the details and just sign the dotted line for change; some sort of change. It may not be good change, but it will be change nonetheless.

And if Keehn is an example of the direction Rosch might have in mind for the committee, then this change will certainly be disastrous for the prospect of resurrecting the corpse some still call the city Dems. Since Keehn’s drubbing in November, this sect of so-called progressives has been kept on life support in the city’s Public Safety department under the watchful eye of Eileen Finneran, the former deputy mayor. So their return to the forefront this month comes as no surprise.

The problem is, they really have little to gripe about these days. City Council meetings have gone rather smoothly under Mayor Scott Johnson’s watch and the city doesn’t seem any worse for the wear with the Republicans holding a 3-2 majority. True, he and his party have only been in control for six months, which is hardly enough time to pass judgment on their leadership. But they seem to embrace an overriding concern for the fiscal stability of the city in the face of an uncertain economy. They seem earnest in their desire to put the brakes on any sort of unnecessary spending.

In other words, change is really not what Saratoga Springs needs right now. In fact, the city could use a bit of stability for once under the leadership of a mayor and majority that understand the realities of government.

What the city does not need is a radical splinter faction foisting a bunch of buzz words like ‘green,’ ‘affordable housing’ and ‘open government’ as a governing policy, only to embrace a hyper-political agenda that focuses more on creating problems than solving them. So if the Change Express comes knocking this month, just be sure to have the dead-bolt locked and an overzealous rottweiler tethered outside the door.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

losing by 500 votes is a drubbing? Go republicans> Yeah

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Brucie, Val, Shawn, Eileen, Jennie and Ron....It's time to get out the pointed shovel and bury the Brother McTygues for good. Look out for "Red" from Ballston, I heard he ordered a shipment of fish!

8:11 PM  
Blogger Faulkner said...

Speaking of "change"...

Ex-Providence mayor Buddy Cianci, who went to the pen for 5 years, recently had this to say on his radio show:

"Politicians are like diapers. They both need frequent changing, and for the same reason."

Were truer words were ever spoken?

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dems for a change - sounds familiar doesn't it. Hope the voters in November remember what happens when you put a naive rookie in office.

6:26 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


In terms of Saratoga elections, 500 votes is a fairly substantial margin. Keep in mind, Keehn herself was elected by less than 200 hundred votes.

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We do need the affordable housing plan approved ASAP. Help young adult locals out here. Who wants to move to schylurville or malta, etc. and smell cow manure all day long!

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be misled by this call for change. It's from the same people who chopped your party in half. The same people whose personal agenda and vendetta brought city government to a standstill. When they didn't get their way they turned their backs on their responsibilites to the people who elected them to seats on the Democratic Committee.
Absenteism and negativism does not HEAL, does NOT make progress, does NOT CONSTITUTE CHANGE. Their call for change is the voice of negativeism, disruption and yes, sour grapes. Collaboration and respect is the change that we need.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick "Red" Southworth the Ballston Democrat Chairman has some real problems. He has just cost his wife Patti her re-election campaign next year. How dumb of him to run against Shawn Thompson for a state committee seat. Shawn is by far the best city chair we have ever had. Remember the sweep in November 2005, not to mention what he has done with the Senate Democrats. Stick a fork in the Southworths. What a shame, "Red" you are a dumb Ass!

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a trend in politics today and it seems to be in all forms: local, state and federal. Is anyone really paying attention? Politics has become a campaign sport of sorts and the definition of the word “politics” has taken on a new meaning. We are familiar with Mirriam-Webster’s definition: “The art or science of government b : the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy c : the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government”

However, a new definition seems to be emerging. The art of winning a campaign, any campaign, but the key word here is winning.

By using all the right elements, including the proper verbal communication, strategy and tactics to win. And just as the previous sentence is a fragment, so too is this new trend. Winning for the sake of winning and believing that the words you use such as “change” are not hollow. I seem to see that the pattern for “The Progressives” is fighting for a change, when in reality this really means, “Winning with sound bites.” “Transparent and open government, promoting green initiatives, putting our neighbors and families first, balancing growth and fiscal responsibility, a level and fair playing field for business opportunity, and an equal voice for all citizens, giving true representation to Democratic voters and their concerns. AND identifying and supporting candidates and elected officials who truly believe in, speak up for, AND act on these values.”

If the changes that everyone seems to believe in are so important then why aren’t these same people working on the issues outside of the political office. Has anyone been invited to the library lately for a meaningful discussion on these “changes”? Has anyone formed new local committees to work regularly on bringing these “changes” to the public’s eye? Has anyone formed a lobby group to bring these “changes” to our government’s attention? Is anyone really trying to work on changing anything? No, in fact, the only thing that is being worked on is a new way to convince the public that change is needed without one iota of a plan for this “change.” I’m afraid that the competitive sports that have been organized for children has now turned into a political sport for adults to win without even knowing what they are winning. In fact, if you open up the glove, you will see that it really is empty and someone dropped the ball. So when they yelled, “I got it,” they were just using sound bites. They don’t have it and they will never get it.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that 4000 people voted for Keehn. That's 3500 more than Gordon Boyd got who just happens to be part of the other half of dem party. That's 700 more than McTygue could muster! Let's not be fooled by McTygue and Company. Corruption in this town is on the way out!

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 3:35 There is no God given right to live in Saratoga Springs. When I was bartending or waiting tables here I lived in Ballston Spa some of the time or shared a place in Saratoga with 3 - 4 others. Take CDTA, car pool or get some roommates. I would love to have a place on Cape Cod or Long Boat Key but since I can't afford it I do not have it.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Very eloquently put. I agree wholeheartedly. And really, that is the crux of my post. This faction can talk the talk. But when it comes to actually affecting change, they are basically dead in the water. There is no substance to their blather, just hollow lies and the desire to change.


Your premise fails to take into account the dynamics of the election. There were indeed Democrats that couldn't fathom pulling the lever for a Republican, so they held their noses and cast a vote for Keehn. Likewise, there were plenty of Democrats that were frustrated with Keehn and would vote for anyone, as long as it meant she didn't win office.

The fact of the matter is BOTH Keehn and McTygue were shown the door, so under your thinking, the Democratic supporters of either should be shown the door as well. And in truth, that's probably the only thing that will resurrect the party in time for 2009. If its the same tired battle from 2007, the party will go down again and take with it the few remaining council seats its held onto.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horatio Alger said...

Very eloquently put.

Yes, sometimes my writing can be eloquent and other times I just piss people off. I lost a friend I had a lot of respect for that way and also learned that some people are just the unforgiving type, no matter what. What's ironic is that the last movie this person recommended to me was, "The Unforgiven."

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it we are talking about? CHANGE! The only chance this committee has is to CHANGE! These old timer democrats that believe in back door deals are going to cause more and more damage until they are booted! At least the progressive group is saying the right things! The Phil Diamonds and the Kuczynski's have to go. While their at it take McTygue and his brothers too!

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The majority that is now the Dem party are the one's that are messed up. They are old in their way of thinking thus out of touch. They even recruit deranged people like John Tighe who is a life long loser and drunk! He is a guy who doesn't work, he only collects diability and sells antiques on the sly. Is this the kind of person we are supposed to trust? Sad state of affairs that is, for sure!

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the last two posts....
Once again we are into the politics of personal destruction. Instead of writing potentially libelous swill about people who have personally done nothing to you, why not explain exactly what change we are being told is on the horizon. I personally see no difference between the two factions in their platform. However, some committee people wouldn't know that since they were not at the last meeting,let alone the last eight.
Isn't it time to stop this childish prattle and get on with the business of reelecting Democrats like Kirsten Gillibrand.

4:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who's against affordable housing in saratoga, the good ole boy network will take care of everything. You just watch!!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FUCK the Democratic Party and the same goes for Kirsten Gillibrand. WE NEED TO GET RID OF ALL DEMOCRATS! LONG LIVE THE COMMUNIST PARTY!

JOhn Tighe

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only way to fix Jefferson Terrace is to get rid of the people who only alow their buddies and rich parents to live there and let in some of the real working poor. Talk about a good old boy network next Keehn will move in her parents rent free like some of her cronies do.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater had a wife but couldn't keep her.

Tried at times to be a pleasant sole, but brother Tommy dug his hole.

Now his threats are meaningless, and when were done our city will be Petey(McTygue)less.

That's right Pete, your going down hard. Just like Hank, Gordon and Brother Tommy.

The "Red Shirts" are comming and your not in the same league. Your a thug and a coward!

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:27 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


And this is the type of mentality that should be leading the Democratic committee? I think not.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For your information I am a republican! No one cares about the dumacrats. I am just sick of the pissing and moaning from these two sides. By the way Tighe would be an awful candidate for any party.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure what 9:27 said but this dem party is a joke. Tell me what the hell does John Tighe have to offer for the citizens of Saratoga?


6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say, the unwarranted attack against Pat Southworh and Supervisor Southworth is nothing but childish. Pat has done more for the Saratoga County Democrats in the past years then Larry Bulman as county chair and Shawn Thompson as Larry's puppet have done EVER. It is time for change in Saratoga County. Pat will take this seat in a land slide. Larry’s and Shawn’s backroom politics are over. No more costing the county seats in election cycles and making the democrats look like jack-ass’s boys. It time not only to take Shawn’s seat from him, but Larry has got to go too. I think Jasper may need an assistant “Lar”. You’re seats next. It is time to take these morons down one by one and take back the county Democrats. Your antics have disgraced us as a party.

As far as Pat costing Patti her re-election bid in the future cycle, you are totally wrong. Patti is doing what a Town Supervisor should do…she is uniting the Town of Ballston and she is concerned about the TOWN in an entirety, not just the town’s Democrats. Representatives not only in Saratoga County, but across the state will learn from Patti. You work for the taxpayers Supervisor Southworh…not the “party boss” and that’s why you are targeted.

To be honest, you guys must be a little intimidated by Mr. Southworth to attack him and his wife. Are you worried that you’re harassing and intimidation is not working anymore? You boys have done this to yourselves. You have let go of the reigns of the Democratic party boy’s. It’s time to play like grown ups.

Say what you must, because no one is going to listen to you soon!

5:24 AM  
Blogger DemsForChange said...

I have to say, the unwarranted attack against Pat Southworh and Supervisor Southworth is nothing but childish. Pat has done more for the Saratoga County Democrats in the past years then Larry Bulman as county chair and Shawn Thompson as Larry's puppet have done EVER. It is time for change in Saratoga County. Pat will take this seat in a land slide. Larry’s and Shawn’s backroom politics are over. No more costing the county seats in election cycles and making the democrats look like jack-ass’s boys. It time not only to take Shawn’s seat from him, but Larry has got to go too. I think Jasper may need an assistant “Lar”. You’re seats next. It is time to take these morons down one by one and take back the county Democrats. Your antics have disgraced us as a party.

As far as this costing Patti her re-election bid in the future cycle, you are totally wrong. Patti is doing what a Town Supervisor should do…she is uniting the Town of Ballston and she is concerned about the TOWN in an entirety, not just the town’s Democrats. Representatives not only in Saratoga County, but across the state will learn from Patti. You work for the taxpayers Supervisor Southworh…not the “party boss” and that’s why you are targeted.

To be honest, you guys must be a little intimidated by Mr. Southworth to attack him and his wife. Are you worried that you’re harassing and intimidation is not working anymore? You boys have done this to yourselves. You have let go to the reigns of the Democratic party boy’s. It’s time to play like grown ups.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

For those who would like to read the brilliant insight 9:27 has on this issue, you can go here. It's been posted in all its wonderful glory. Congrats, you're the first poster offensive enough to warrant a kick to the other board. And I really don't care what party you subscribe to. Your foolishness transcends political boundaries.


I would urge you and anyone you know to reread what 10:43 said. The party and the political process will continue to bleed until this is changed, no pun intended.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Supervisor Southworth sent a thank you letter for some nonsnse to a local newspaper to acknowledge businesses that participated. She couldn't even spell Carney's, as in Carney's Restaurant, correctly. One of the oldest and most involved businesses in her town and she couldn't get the name right. That's the kind of leadership the Town of Ballston should be proud of?

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I appreciate the many hours that you spend to give us this site.

That being said, I believe you are making a mistake directing readers to another site to read trash that you have wisely chose to discard on this site.

The bottom line is you are responsible for publishing something that does not meet the gold standard of "All The News That's Fit To Print."

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patti Southworth is the laughing stock here in Ballston Spa. Don't speak for people in our town. She certainly doesn't!

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's add all this up! The progressive side of democrats is pushing for Shawn Thompson and the regressive side the McTyglits for for RED Southworth. So that means Thompson wins in a landslide. (Refer to Hank K./Gordilocks Boyd).

4:10 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


As a longtime sufferer of hopeless indecisiveness, I've wavered back and forth on the dung, which is why I really hadn't bothered to mention it until now. You're actually not the only one that has chimed in about it.

Unfortunately, I think the heat and a nasty hangover got the best of me yesterday. In truth, I have other plans for the site. Probably an area where I'll post some of my writing that's more introspective and less news oriented; the stuff that I find tapped out on my computer on mornings where I happened to be suffering a particularly bad hangover.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn Tompson and Larry Bulman are responsible for the loss of Saratoga Springs Mayor’s seat in addition to Tommy McTygue, Jane Wheihe, Cheryl Keyrouze among many others throughout the county in last years election cycle. They need to go. Obviously you’re a bit concerned that "Red" is taking over...and you know what...it’s TRUE. Pat Southworth is going to take Shawn Thompson’s seat and realign the Saratoga County Democratic Party.

It is idiotic that these two people have disgraced the Democratic Party. Democrats could have won across the board in 07’ if Shawn and Larry were not in charge of things. It is sad that now they attack a true leader and Democrat. What is kind of funny Shawn and Larry; is a large amount of your “supporters” are rooting for “Red”…they just don’t want to be harassed and threatened by your thugs.

In addition, if Patti was thought to be such a horrible leader…she would not have cremated Harold in the election!

He was another one they said was “unbeatable; look what happened.

Let’s turn around and support a good candidate for a change. Don’t let them bully you into letting them stay in charge.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Bulman should go! But Thompson was the reason for a democratic sweep in '05. Then McTygue and his merry group of slugs voted Thompson out of city party. Then Sharon Boyd and after that Lou Schiender screwed things up from there. Their choices for positions were very weak to say the least. That's why they need to purge the party in the city!

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about time there was a Saratoga County Democrat Party, not the Larry Bullman-centric mess we have now. Larry sat by and did zip to force Saratoga Dems to stop shooting each other in the mouth. So we picked up a few towns, but lost the big city. Larry isn't for the party, he's for Larry and the rest of us are getting fed up with his bullying tactics.
Let some new blood get in for a change. I'm tired of having my party governed by the needs of the union.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me say this about the comment Shawn & Larry lost the election for the Democrats. The Commissioner and the Mayor lost the election for themselves, 2 years of nothing but trying to over power each other and not accomplishing nothing. And now once again the Monarchy and the Self-serving carpetbaggers are at war where are the real democrats?? Ya know the reason for people being on the committee, to represent whats best for the whole community not just a selected few.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say, does any of you really know what a committee person does? Let me refresh you memories, a committee person first of all "SERVES the public " not self serves; follows issues that will better there community, not better them selves; fundraises to help their endorsed candidate win without expecting commensation to better themselves; circulates there petitions to help them get on the ballot; campaigns door to door to help get their candidates support; calls and reminds people to get out and vote; carries people to the polls that can't drive themselves; helps shut in vote by absentee ballot; a real committeemen is not just a proxy vote, its full participation. For those of you circulating for the first time is this your true interest because if its not that you are not doing the Democratic process justice or the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee and you should bow out gracefully to someone whom whats to service the public.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your right about Patti. Ballston Council members Kim Ireland and James Briaddy told me last week that our new Supervisor, Patti Southworth is dumber than a box of rocks. Apparently Deputy Supervisor Seymour has to lead her by the hand every step of the way. Also they say that Ethics Board member Lee-Ann Mertzluft is looking into some ethical matters involving Mr.& Mrs. Southworth. This should be very interesting.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy does that picture of the two crash dummies look like John Tighe and his wife. How's Tommy doing?

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:53,

LOL - are you kidding me? I have been a SC Democrat and Committee member going on my 23rd year, and never witnessed as much success as we have over the last 8 years.

Chairman Bulman has been praised for his dedication and vision by many of our candidates over this time. Mayor Klotz, Jean Bordewich, Robert Reilly, Mike McNulty, Super's; Keyrouze, Yepsen, Connors
Jenkins, Hunter, Sgambatti, Southworth
and Richardson. Not to mention his leadership in supporting Gillibrand early and strong.

I must also add to this, as someone who has watched the mess in Saratoga Springs the last few years,that I'm not suprised by the out come. Tom Mctygue never got along with anyone, period. He has a my-way-or-the-highway attitude.

It is very unfortunate but certainly not Sean Thompsons fault. I don't know him well but Dan Taglento told me a couple years ago Sean laid out the entire campaign in 2005 where the Democrats sweept in the city.

I have enormous respect for our Chairman Larry Bulman and know that he supports Sean as well. Larry told me that Sean has been very helpful and is a great political stratagist. Former PEF President Roger Benson told me Larry showed tenacity and courage fighting for Gillibrands afl-cio endorsement.

Anon, he is far from a bully. if anything he is to open, to transparent, and to much of a good guy. He also runs a very good meeting, always following an agenda.

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can you say Ballston Supervisor elect-Hynes?

I think so!

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's nice to know Supervisor Hynes will at least help us get NYS grants like Arbor Day monies, Clean water, brownfield, open space, et al.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is microscopic of the war in the Middle East. It’s obviously not as extreme or sad, but it is amazing that the entrants cannot take a step back and look at what is going on.

The author takes the time to add a well thought out topic (with picture no less). And somehow, one way or another, whether or not the subject is about the price of beans or the price of gas (no pun intended), it always comes down to blaming someone and crucifying them for who they are or what they did or didn’t do. Get over it. What a waste of fucking time. YouTube - Eagles - Get Over It: From Hell Freezes Over  I love this song.

If the people reading this blog could pick a topic for some positive CHANGE, take their negative energy and turn it into positive energy (point out the good in others instead of the bad and they would find out how much happier they would be themselves because people who constantly bash others are generally unhappy people), take the adrenaline rush energy that you get when you read something and just HAVE TO write a reply and use that adrenaline to light a fire under your asses to get together on this blog and make something good happen. There are enough local people here on this blog to start a FUCKING MOVEMENT. It’s time to stop the whining and get something good going.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous SACK said...

Announcing: SACK

Stop All the Crazy Keehniacs

This will be a group of TRUE city Democrats that has adopted the following as its organizational statement:

"It is obvious that a small splinter group of indivdals within our party -- who now are rallying around the name of Democrats for Change -- are the ones directly responsible for ceding local power back to the city Republican party.

This was a result of their ineffective leadership, incoherent policy stances and vicious power-play campaign tactics.

For some unexplained reason, this group denies that reality and actually believes they have the numbers and support that would enable them to somehow now claim political power without the support of the other (majority) fellow members of their own party.

In that we believe such an effort on the part of Democrats for Change will accomplish nothing more that to further stengthen the Republican's control, SACK is dedicated to mounting an all-out effort to oppose these misguided individuals in their new power grab.

Our effort will include a wide variety of tactics, including public education, marketing, public relations, fundraising and any other strategy that is necessary to acheive our objective."


We call on the various "coherent" factions of the city Democratic party to unite with us. We realize that there are diferences between some of us; but we also believe that we can unite in fighting this poisonous threat posed by the Keehn-related forces.

Voice your support here---and stay tuned for further details.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad to say it just ain't gonna happen.
The need for change is a reflection of a need to control, not change for the good.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn Thopmson is a fake...a back room Republican...its time for him to go. I am with you Mr. Southworth. You are a team player! You have proven this by showing that you care about our County...not just your town.

Shawn and Larry have destroyed enough!

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Firstly, I think you might have lowered your IQ by entertaining a conversation with Kim Ireland and Jim Briaddy. I have to say, these people are not team players, and that is obvious. I am surprised that anyone would even admit conversing with these two. Councilman Briaddy will do anything Mary Beth Hynes will tell him to do…she has a very short leash on Mr. Briaddy; he sits by her side drooling like crotchety old bulldog.

Kim Ireland takes complete advantage of taxpayers…she and her cronies with the “political appointments” can not survive unless someone appoints them to a job! That is ridiculous. These people are con artist.

In response to Lee-Ann Mertzluft, she is nothing but a political hack. So I ask her, what are you and the Ethics Board “looking into” on Mr. and Mrs. Southworth? Um…the answer is nothing…all talk maybe? I would guess; yes. Lee-Ann had a hang up with Patti in letter’s to the editor in last years election cycle…can we say jealous much?

If someone should be investigating a political figure on ethics by the way…they should be investigating Shawn Thompson. This is another “appointed” figure in his State job that runs the show how he wants it run. His back door politics and masterminding has proven to us REAL democrats that he is nothing but a Republican political machine. Shawn is one of those “register as a Democrat, but live as a Republican” cowards. Shawn’s attacking of Patti Southworth; an elected official and Democrat violates all codes of Ethics…I should offer to my fellow Democrats that he should resign as should Larry, however Pat will be taking over his seat soon anyway. Enjoy you’re last couple months on the State Committee!

If the Republicans thought Mary Beth could have beat Patti they would have put her up! I heard they laughed at her when she asked. They did what they had to do and they picked the best from the two...and still were put to shame. They learned from the mistake they made for helping her get elected to council.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get Over It


3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patti Southworth dumb as a box of rocks? I don't think so and I do not think Kim Ireland or Jim Briaddy said that nor do they believe it. How did Patti get elected supervisor in a town that had a 2-1 republican majority if she is so dumb. As for Deputy supervisor George Seymour leading her by the nose - that is a riot. I know for a fact that Patti is incredibly smart and hard working. This is a lady who gave up a $100,000+ career as a pharmacist to take a $75,000 pay cut to be a FULL time supervisor for the Town of Ballston.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of people are you? Do you sleep at night and eat with that mouth... Just listening to your comments about Mr Tighe, and others, name calling is that all you have to offer, what about some intelligent ideas and how we can build a new police garage with less money, or how about more senior housing, no, Saratoga has actual needs
my understanding is that Mr Tighe used to work for DPW as a truck driver, he picked up your garbage, leaves etc of the streets daily, became disabled and now you refer to him as a drunk,looser, not working, can't be trusted.. and you can, these expression are so negative, you have to revert to name calling, I don't hear Mr Tighe using the words flaming fag, dike, pervert etc. to describe certain people...Hows it feel kiddo...That is so not professional, didn't your mother teach you any manners and if thats all you have to bring to the Democratic Party than you should
get off the ship before it sinks.
You people are the best thing that ever happen to the Republican party, they don't even have to spend money for a campaign, the public is so tired of your bull they rather vote Republican cause they figure anything is better than what you have to offer, over educated derlicks!!!

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patti Southworth dumber than a box of rocks - I don't think so!! Remember, she was elected supervisor in the Town of Ballston which has a big republican enrollment edge. Deputy supervisor Seymour laughed out loud when I told him he was supposed to lead Patti around by the nose. These attacks are clearly arranged by Sean Thompson who is upset that Pat Southworth will win his spot on the state dem. committee.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for Lee-Ann Merzluft "investigating" the Southworths for ethics violations - that is a joke. When she was nominated for the Ballston Town ethics board (by the republican committee members naturally) - Patti objected because she felt memebers of the Republican or Democratic committees should be members since they would be partisan. The Republican committee claimed "how could you even think that?" We will see if she is fair and non-partisan.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Welcome to my quandry. I love unabated free speech, but it just gets cumbersome sometimes thanks to the rabble. I've always though criticism is best delivered above the belt, eloquently and with a grain of salt. The flat-out bitter mudslinging is what kills me. Personally, I think there are a small handful of really pathetic people trying to get a grip on their own failing lives.

Re: Southworth conversation; Larry Bullman,

To be honest, I know little of the Ballstonian politicking. But I will say this: Larry Bullman had nothing to do with the Democratic implosion in the Spa City as much as he had everything to do with it. Either way, he's certainly not a whip cracker like Jasper Nolan. Had he been such a force, there would have never been a fissure in the city committee.

The time to crack the whip was in 2005, when the party was poised to take the mayor's office no matter what. The Republicans were so frayed at that point, that the Dems could have ran Erin Dreyer and still pulled off the election. There should have never been a primary between Keehn and Kuczynski. The later was a stronger candidate and the former had a better-organized campaign; had they teamed their efforts, there would have been no problems. That was where Bullman should have stepped in and cracked the whip.

By the election, so much bad blood had been built in the party that the "sweeping" victory was as good as a loss. Still, Bullman could have played peacemaker between these two factions to pull something out in two years instead of the bitter vitriol the McTygue and Keehn factions publicly traded.

His last chance to affect change came on the morning before Boyd announced his candidacy for the mayor's office. He could have again played peacemaker and consulted with the ever-irrational Kamp Keehn and seen if there was a way to make political ends meet for the greater good of the party. He didn't and we got the election of 2007.

So if you must knock Larry, knock him for the things he hasn't done, if you're going to knock him at all.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They hate Tighe because he publicly stood up to them. He was an early supporter of Keehn until she showed her true colors after the election. He owes nothing to anyone does what he thinks is best for the city and bows to no one. He is also not afraid to call some Republicans his friends and is more than happy to credit them when they do something right. This to the Keehics is dangerous and they will do anything to discredit him or stop him. I know him personally and believe me he could care less what Keehn or her shameful cronies write or say about anyone. When your enemies are the lowest of the low and a disgrace to the city it is a badge of honor to be hated by them. So write on boys and girls your vitriolic writings only expose your true character.

You know the Keehn motto

“Better to be mayor in Hell then a citizen in heaven”

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Studley Doright said...


Sign me up.

Where, when, how?

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anon 7:23 Southworth gave up a 100,000 a year job for a 25,000 a year job? That's sounds pretty stupid to me. Shawn Thompson is better for the dems than both her and her husband!

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can blow that last thought out your ass. Hank Kuczynski was the biggest horse's ass in Saratoga. Boyd was a close second. McTygue was a thug and needed to go. Keehn was no prize either but was a damn site better than the other lot.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I think there are a small handful of really pathetic people trying to get a grip on their own failing lives.

The key word here is "trying."

7:59 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


The city didn't seem so bad when Hank K. was deputy mayor. Maybe I was missing something back then or drinking to much rum. Needless to say, you utterly missed the point of my comment. Dare I elaborate further?

I'll just let you reread the previous post.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hank K. Didn't seem so bad? Closed door policies! Back door deals! Any of this ring a bell? Or do you just turn a deaf ear?

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tighe ,Tighe Tighe, McTygue! Here he is again answering his own blog entries. S-L-U-G!

4:24 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Name one. Please provide detail. Nothing vague either.


First of all, this is the comment section on iSaratoga, not your own fucking blog. There's a big difference and one you DON'T understand. Keeping such a blog is something you seem too inept to do on your own. So I'll give this off-topic no-thought comment to you. This is your last one here. I grow ill of your garbage. In fact, your incessant, near-infatuation with this guy on a blog that has never once mentioned him in an entry is bordering on the insane. It's even driven me to the insanity of creating a new blog simply for your first-grade sophomoric drivel. So if you want to rank on Tighe for whatever your deluded reasons are, please do it somewhere else -hopefully in a carbon monoxide -filled garage -because I'm done with it here.




And just to give people an idea of how frequently you post, I will leave a "comment deleted by administrator" message each time you do.

Enjoy the gas! Cheers!

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who makes $104k per year?

Who takes advantage of taxpayers?

Who ruined politics in Saratoga Springs?

Who is going to lose his New York State Dem Committee seat to Pat Southworth?

Who is Larry Bulman's unethical thug and bully?


Shawn "Republican hack" Thompson

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is that there isn't a County Democrat Party...there is Larry and then there are all those poor lost sould out there trying to get something going in their town, too. And where is Larry? Oh I forgot, he's now billing himself as the Honorable Larry. Blowhard.
The people who run the local town committees have done more to get the party going than anything the current Elephants in Donkey's clothing have done.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some idiots have never heard of public service. That's when someone gives up a good job to serve the residents. Patti is to be respected for caring, unlike her predecessor who had a full-time State job on top of his town job.
Of course, Shawn gets paid well over $100,000 for his public service job. He'll never give that up. Oh Uncle Joe, where are you?

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy who is always berating Tighe reminds me of a scorned woman.
You know how fanatically obsessive they get.
He’s probably home right now pulling his pecker, thinking about John.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shot I think it more like a picture of Keehn. Now’s that’s scary.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Shawn Thompson has never lifted a finger to help Dems unless there was something in it for him. Shawn has a politically appointed job that racks in $104,000 a year of our taxpayers hard earned money. Shawn Thompson is the POSTER CHILD for what is wrong with NYS Government. Also Shawn Thompson has openly admitted to working against Democratic Candidates at a Saratoga Democratic Committee meeting Jan 2008. So for those people that think Shawn is the best thing since sliced bread should watch your backs. Shawn will try to walk all over if there is personal gain in it for him.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know that Larry Bulman called Patrick Southworth into a private meeting and demanded that the chair of the Ballston Democratic Committee suppress the 1st amendment rights of his town committee members because Larry did not like their letters to the editor. Mr Patrick Southworth told Bulman that no one has the right to suppress another persons 1st amendment rights! Just what kind of county Democratic Chair do we have in Saratoga?

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Bulman down we need a new crew...I am switching parties because of this crap...CALL ME A REPUBLICAN!

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Dem, I am soooo sick of the Keehn crowd vs the McTygue crowd thing.

Are there not any other faction within the party that we can think about getting behind?

If, not, I guss we're forced to choose sides--and this is an easy one:

F-Val; F-Kim, F-Brucie. F-Wyatt, etc, etc

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 4:30 AM wrote while drunk somewhere

“Do you know that Southworth,Patrick has a very interesting past? Can you say Rap sheet?”

Well Shawn I see you’re up to your old tactics. Too bad Patterson hasn’t had a chance to clean out all the left over Spitzer scum, yet.

Good luck chief you’re a goner. The days that the bastard spawn of a corrupt political system can pull down 104000 are over chum. Your slash and burn tactics left nothing but a wasteland and a bitter taste in peoples mouths. We all know you’re got a short fuse junior, so get pissed off show us how you play.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Getoff the McTygue issued, which is dead in the water, the name calling. the bashing of the County Chair, and guess what the Public Safety Commissioner wants to spend millions of our tax dollars for a new public safety jail, a real taj maha in downtown Saratoga that won't even have space for the City Courts, I guess each officer will have there own office????Special locker rooms for the female officers etc. My spelling is as wrong as this is.....What about alternatives, for just a second, stop the reruns of the McTygue administration ,thats done and over, let the man rest, and use your efforts for ideas on where and how we can save money for the taxpayers and convey those ideas to Mayor Johnson....

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Folish: We all have a past, thats how we get to the future. So your not even creative, using the same tatic on P Southworth that was used on McTygue in the past election, investigation!!!!Rap Sheet!!!!Funny nothing became of them. Hynes seems to be jumping on the blogs band wagon inorder to knock Patti Southworth...she can't even face her face to face on issues she feels Patti needs to correct...a team player would certainly try to help the new kid on the block, but face it thats not what Hynes is, thats why shes on her way out I'am told...Pat Southworth is grooming a new kid on the block just waiting to take her place next election whom has a lot more on the ball than she ever dreamed of....So Hynes, silence would be golden for you, don't dig your own hole. Stay out of Saratoga Battle.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey 9:58 You forgot one.


3:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 5:12 The only bad taste left in your mouth is McTighe.

4:01 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

anon 4:30 AM wrote while drunk somewhere...

(segment redacted)

Well Shawn I see you’re up to your old tactics. Too bad Patterson hasn’t had a chance to clean out all the left over Spitzer scum, yet.

Good luck chief you’re a goner. The days that the bastard spawn of a corrupt political system can pull down 104000 are over chum. Your slash and burn tactics left nothing but a wasteland and a bitter taste in peoples mouths. We all know you’re got a short fuse junior, so get pissed off show us how you play.

7:39 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

To all,

As you may have noticed, I've removed a libelous post that was obviously placed here to arise false suspicion and doubt toward a certain political figure. This individual has contacted me and assured me with little doubt that the claim is utterly false. So if you happen to be the owner of this post(4:30) and believe I've erred in my judgment, feel free to drop me a line.

This blog was intended to advance free speech, not political hatchet jobs. If you plan to throw wild allegations out at someone -even if it's in a manner where only a few people might understand the true meaning of your post -please be prepared to back it up with even a grain of fact(or at least a compelling argument suggesting why you might write such a post without having any facts).

I'm still amazed at the occasional dearth in reason used by some of the posters here.I'm even more amazed at where some of these posts originate.

And for all the other insightful readers, keep up the good work.



7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am amazed that this is an old post that people just keep coming back to, including myself. How pathetic is that? Or I should say how pathetic am I? Time to get some work done . . .

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 7:27 Get off the blog if you don't like poor Tommy being criticized. You write like a retard. Is your name Johnny Wine by any chance?

5:39 PM  
Anonymous mamie said...

anon 5:12 and Shot in the Dark in bed together? Who would have thought! I have no respect for a couple of guys who don't have the rocks to speak for themselves. What's McTygue promising you on the side?

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Could be that 4:30 post is bogus or that anytime someone like McTygue is promoting someone hard it will raise eyebrows. I guess what people need to do is figure why a Ballstonian is involved with McTygue who has been a controversial figure under investigation as is his Republican buddy Joe Bruno.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Willis, Be careful,using the words investigate associated with Mr Bruno, the last person who did ended up exposed and unemployed.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“A lie told often enough becomes truth”
Vladimir Lenin.

The other night I heard Shawn Thompson say this at a private meeting.
I really thought Shawn Thompson was the original writer of this phase. The man doesn’t have an original bone is his body.

Well at least we know what tactics he plans on using.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:48 PM
“McTygue who has been a controversial figure under investigation”

Here we go again any excuse to bring up the same bogus charges that were instigated by David Keehn lawyer for the DEC to discredit McTygue for the furthering of his wife’s failing political career,

And we thought the tactic went out of favor with the resignation of Governor Spitzer.

Shawn’s pawns strike again.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
Joseph Goebbels.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A GOOD party leader, and his/her loyal deputy should be concerned with building the party membership and growing local committees. So what do we get with Bat(Bul)man and Robin? We get one leader who is more concerned with his role as head of the union, and his )dis-)ability to negotiate new laws for his membership. While I'll bet he takes his orders from both sides. And let's not forget who butters Shawn's bread.
So why would we expect either of these to to jump in and make the Democrtic Party bigger and better? What we need are people who put the concerns of the party above their day jobs, who hold annual picnics, not just forward local fund-raiser announcements.
Try this on any street corner anywhere in Saratoga County. Stop and yell out "I want to join the Republican Party" and watch as 10 strangers approach with information and probably a free lunch. Try the same thing except ask instead " I want to join the Democratic Party".
Pack a lunch.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous mamie said...

There lies the problem of the democrats. The progressive party people are looking to change the way to do business. The others are crying over lunch! Newsflash! There is no free lunch!

Proud To Be Republican

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of lunch, I spent the day at Congress Park eating lunch and playing with my kids. The park looks great! The flowers are beautiful and the carousel is a prize. Kudos to Skip Scirocco and Pat Design for continuing to get the job done!

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just pathetic. Grow up! Shawn Larry and Patrick...Are they much differant?

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 4:22 AM The park looks great!

Well thank you Mrs. Sirocco

Try reading the truth
City simplifying its annual floral display
Thursday, June 19, 2008
By Tatiana Zarnowski (Contact)
Gazette Reporter

It would appear that that the new city flower is the dandelion. In fact Ivins has proposed making the 4th of July celebration the first “Dept of Public Works Dandelion festival”
Sirocco has been an unmitigated disaster from South Broadway to the litter covered Congress Park the city has taken on the air of South Troy. Now our once award winning flower beds are litter collecting waste lands. But hey he kicked the hot dog man out of the park and found work for all his relatives. Maybe someday someone will show him how to turn on his shiny new lap top.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:28 Maybe what was said was they are not going to budget 10's of thousands on flowers and take half that money and pocket it like the last jackass did. Maybe Tommy used the over budgeted money to buy you knee pads! I seen Bill McTygue standing by the hot dog man's cart yesterday on broadway. Must be payoff time 5pm. Are we going back to the old neighborhood days with the bullying of the vendors? Did that flower money go to the big bosses?

4:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 4:03
“Did that flower money go to the big bosses?”

“A lie told often enough becomes truth”
Vladimir Lenin.

The days of your baseless lies are over. The truth is in the filthy streets and parks for all to see.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about McTygue! These are not lies! Truth is Truth! Fuck the Russian Dude! McTygue pocketed many a taxpayer dollar.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only street that's filthy is the street you live on. WARREN ST!
Stop playing with your scmeckle and get a job! Communist quotes should not be allowed on this site.

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear those people on Warren St. and surrounding areas won't sign scmecklehead's petition. Serve's you right! You were illegally placed on that democrat committee in the first place. No one likes a blowhard and you are King Blow!

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:29 PM 4:49 AM 8:07 AM

Its time to double up on the Prozac.

Your foaming at the mouth again.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is scmecklehead on warren st. actually trying to get on the committee for democrats? If you see this slime with a beard and crap all over his shirt it is probably him. Lock your doors. Protect your children. He really does look like a scmeckle!

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, your wrong about the park, as always the City Employees have done a super job, the whole team has put there all into making the season colorful. The late frost held up planting but the flower crew is in full force and doing a great job, the Casino crew always keeps the ground in order I don't know what park your walking in but its not the Canfield Casino Park. Just because we have a new commissioner doesn't mean the services are depleated, the same crew with the same intent, to do the very best job they can possibily do. "Hats off to the Saratoga Springs Department of Public Works Employees," hey know what needs to be done and do it with or without TM. The new addition to the welcome board is a great idea. Keep up the good work DPW employees.

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Pat Design who is Anon 6:45 Don't hurt your hand patting yourself on your back again

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:02 sounds awfully jealous! What's Tommy boy's legacy fading into the sunset? He will be remembered for bullying and harassing people that didn't support him. That's it! The big bully in a street fight, I would beat him and his brothers asses. Intimate handicapped men and all women. THE BIG PUSSY!

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You "Smecklehead" Tighe for your ridiculous insite on city affairs. You are the reason for birth control. You and your group of misfits(Kuczynski,Boyd McTgyue)are about to be pissed on in this democratic battle.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 1:51 PM Spoken like a real thug.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 1:02, sorry but my opinion of the Canfield Casino Park was my thought and not Pat Designs, you know taxpayers do walk thru the park, not just political figures, although I'am sure Pat & Skip are very proud of the way the Park is shaping up and the new foreman and his 2 men are doing great job and how the DPW workers are pulling together to accomplish the everyday business of taking care of this wonderful City. The City doesn't close down because TM isn't in office.

6:39 PM  

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