Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Revisionist history

No matter how thin the pancake is, there are always two sides. This is a concept that has seemingly eluded Saratoga Springs’ so-called Democrats for Change, as their cult-like membership attempts to drastically rewrite recent history in an attempt to quash any notion of their being any side but their own.

Stalwart operatives from this clique are now trying to manipulate slogans from their own propaganda wing in an ongoing effort to cover up their nearly three years of failure, following their only real claim to success. Over the past two months, the most dubious of this group have waged an aggressive letter-writing campaign to the Saratogian in an effort to bamboozle what they somewhat accurately view as a fickle and easily swayed electorate. And of course, the Saratogian is all the willing to oblige, considering the managing editor’s son is among those listed as a candidate “for change” so to speak.

Take for instance this recent gem authored by Al Ormsby, a card-carrying member of the splinter group that has and continues to wreck havoc on the city Democrats. He alludes to how the Democrats for Change –‘DC’ for short –will end the greedy days of nepotism on the city committee fomented by the so-called Democrats United. He argues that DC’s change-o-crats will reshape the local party, bringing a sweeping sense of political openness and transparency that would make even granny’s five-decade-old undergarments seem opaque.

“A [Democrats United]-controlled committee would consist of a few top-tier members who use their relative's proxies as bargaining chips,” his September letter to the Saratogian states. “This type of committee could only benefit an outdated political machine.”

Obviously, Ormsby didn’t look over the DC slate of candidates, which is littered with life-long politicians and just about anyone who was anyone among the failures who tried to first change the city’s charter and then tried to convince a very skeptical public that Valerie Keehn deserved a second term in office. Take for instance Jennie Kim, the wife of Public Safety Commissioner Ron Kim, who was the only sitting council member who allied himself with the laughable re-election campaign. A seldom-recounted fact among DC operatives is that the Kims –more specifically Ron Kim –were once quite active in the Republican Party. In fact, Kim himself was a member of the city GOP committee before they unceremoniously kicked him to the curb,

And then there’s Kim’s number two, Eileen Finneran, who was also deputy mayor under Keehn and perhaps the second largest political hack operating within the city limits. Finneran pretty much played point for every furtive political powerplay orchestrated during Keehn’s administration. She forced former Keehn deputy Nancy Olsen out of office after the city council refused to create a second deputy’s position for the Public Safety office.

But the list doesn’t end there. Nancy Goldberg was among those who foisted Keehn as a mayor and was among her foot soldiers marching for charter revision. She was handsomely rewarded with a spot chairing the city’s Zoning Board. And who could forget patronage sponge Lew Benton? The diehard Keehniac and former Republican Public Safety commissioner had a change of political allegiance in the new century. Since that time, he’s hopped from one taxpayer-funded job to the next. As some may recall, Keehn leafed through the charter until she could find an unfilled position for Benton, and then fired the city’s visitor’s center director to create the funding for it.

Let’s not forget about the attorneys, or at least their spouses. The wife of Joe Montagnino –the Keehn-loving DC-picked carpetbagger running for city court judge –is among the splinter cell’s candidates “for change.” Also running is Linda Englert, the betrothed of the former city attorney under Keehn, who capriciously met with the county and asked them to install connections that will one day allow the city to easily hook into the $76 million waterline; all without bothering to mention word one to the city’s Department of Public Works. And you can’t mention ‘politically connected’ without making at least one reference to Peter Tulin, the fellow who lead the charge to knock Brian Premo off the ballot when he ran against former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno –a Republican.

Had enough? Not yet. Let’s move onto Keehn-booster Hilary McLellan, who was never rewarded with an appointment. But after devoting a fair amount of time to a local propaganda blog, she was assuredly in the running for one, had the 2007 vote swung in the incumbent mayor’s favor. And where’ there’s McLellan usually the name Roger Wyatt is sure to follow. Known locally as the “shaky film maker,” Wyatt was responsible for producing some of the most laughably bad propaganda films during Keehn’s blitzkrieg against her former Public Works adversary Tom McTygue.

One can’t discuss the Democrats for Change without making a pronounced mention of Shawn Thompson, the ringleader of this carnival on crack and the city’s largest political hack. The former Democratic Committee chairman’s resume reads like an essay on the federal response to Hurricane Katrina: One failure after the next. Many DC-loving letter writers falsely credit Thompson for sweeping an all-democrat slate of candidates into city office during the 2005 election. Of course what these rubes fail to realize is that city voters were so chagrined by Republican bungling they probably would have elected a dead corpse into office over the GOP incumbents; some argue that’s what they did when they gave Keehn the nod.

Thompson held the reins to the DC and could have tightened up on them when Keehn –his protégé –started feuding with McTygue. Instead, Thompson let Keehn loose to rampage across the party and give birth to the afore-described splinter. His motive? Well let’s just say the Saratoga Lake resident wasn’t too thrilled with the McTygue-propelled idea to tap Saratoga Lake to supply the city’s water. Though his girl took a fall, she brought down the 16-term commissioner with her, effectively ending the city’s interest in the lake proposal. It was his one success in a long list of failures, including the charter revision push, Keehn’s reelection and H. Carl McCall’s push for the governor’s office just to name a few.

So it seems a bit disingenuous to read Ormsby’s tripe about the “Orwellian” Democrats United and the supposedly utopian vision offered by the Democrats for Change. It’s not to say the Democrats United don’t have their list of politically connected; rather they’re not trumping them as the proverbial crusaders for all things good, marching over the horizon on white horses with their shiny armor glinting in the sunlight. Hopefully, voters recognize this. Or hopefully they don’t if you happen to be a Republican.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are good and bad candidates on both sides. People should vote for each candidate alone and not one side vs. another. Chances are, this will happen, but it should be interesting to see which side will hold the majority when it is all said and done. Hopefully Lou schneider will finally be voted out as chair. he has absolutely no business in that position. i can't believe he actually endorsed Mike Russo, the man can't even form a complete sentence:

Also, you have some glaring errors in this article. For example, N. Goldberg is not on the planning board. Please, if you are going to rant at least get your facts straight.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Saratoga Truth Squad said...

The danger, of course, is this:

The DFC lunatics -- though small in numbers -- have shown a willingness to push their bodies to the polls on Primary Day.

With no one else typically having any interest in these contests, their influence at them is far greater than their actual base of support. Proof = Keehn knocking out Boyd.

But, there lies the rub, Come general election time, they don't have any support among any one outside their own small cult of Val worshippers.

Which leads to this likely scenario: DFC succeeds in winning over the Dem Committee, where it nominates its own kind for upcoming elections, and futher spports those people at the primaries if they are so challenged. But these candiates have no (as in ZERO) chance of winnning the general election.

Because when everyone else in town starts paying attention, the consensus becomes "who in their right mind would vote for these dangerous idiots?"

So the future of politics in Saratoga once again becomes what it used to be for a century: single party rule. As in Republicans.

After finally winning the city (after deacades of work), the city Democratics get torpedo'd by a bunch of bored housewives that they mnistakenly invited into the party.

Way to go, DFC morons. Hail Vanguard?

The Saratoga Truth Squad:

"Hitting the Singles Bars with David Keeh this Weekend"

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a lifelong dem but don't really follow politics too closely. I was all set to vote for Shawn Thompson, that is until I found out that Lew "I didn't see the big, yellow school bus" Benton is supporting him. Benton could be against stomping puppies to death and I might have to look at the issue again. What an offensive clown.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about Lew Benton. Shawn Thompson is the best candidate for the committee though. Southworth is a puppet! We don't need a puppet in government!
As for this post, as one sided as it gets. There is plenty of truth to the democrats united and their top 4 or 5 people bringing in proxies on votes. More puppets! Just doing what they are told. There are good people on both sides but democrats united have just as many danderous idiots involved!

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Hot for (Special Ed) Teacher said...

Stop posting that pic of Lew dry-humping Val. It makes me sick. Besides, it gets Gerard and Pat D. all jealous.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


As I recently explained to a colleague, this is what happens when a blog is fashioned over a few early morning Coronas.


You're indeed right about there being people who need to go on both sides of the party(on a side note, I think this is the only party I know that has two official sides). And a lot of them. But here's the big difference, and I urge you to reread the original entry, so you might spot it: The Democrats United slate don't hypocritically boast all their candidates as champions of good. Hell, they didn't even create a name for themselves until this whole Democrats For Change nonsense came up. Most of the people running on this so-called slate simply wanted to be part of the committee, not part of a fucking faction of hypocrites.

In short, all the Democrats United candidates might not elevate the party, but they sure as shit won't steer the thing into the ground like the DFC intends to do. I've said it before and I'll say it again. A DFC-dominated committee will literally cause an exodus from the party. You'll see record numbers of independent voters come 2010, when the party tries to foist Ron Kim as the mayor.

saratoga truth squad,

Like I said, these folks took the 2005 election like a mandate, when it was actually a perfect storm of national and local loathing of the Republicans. The fact that the election was as close as it turned out was a prime indicator of how Keehn's crew really didn't hold a lot of sway with centrist voters. And they hold even less now, after her re-election defeat and the mockery Kim has made of the PS office.

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on now, we don't need you to hype the SPAC re doo with a picture at the top of the blog. See enough of that at Compton's and the Triangle.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't the City just get a bunch of dough so that Val dry humper Lew Benton could count trees? That'll be tough for him, what will he use to keep his count accurate after he's taken off both shoes?

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Slow Learner said...

I just figured out what Obama did wrong; something which might cost him the election:

Look at all the love Sarah Palin is getting this morning. Now look at her resume:

- She's female

- She considers herself a reformist

- She's a former mayor of a small city

- She has a child with a little bit of a "personal issue" going on

- She doesn't really seem like a real deep thinker

- She has a habit of getting people fired from their jobs for not obeying her edicts

- She has a rabid following of worshippers

Yes, now I get it:

Obama blew it by not selecting VAL KEEHN as his VP!

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saratoga Democrats find themselves between a rock and a hard place.
Most of us know that the chance of a Democrat winning in the general election from either faction is small.
Politics aside, city residents are fortunate to have some pretty good people running things. The exception, I'm embarrassed to say, is a Democrat Ron Kim. He doesn't seem to know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground.
Johnson, Ivins, and Franck appear to be doing the city’s business in a professional manner
Even Sirrocco has been a pleasant surprise with his intellect and demeanor.

As a Democrat, I for one am not losing any sleep over this situation because….

Time is on my side, yes it is
Time is on my side, yes it is

Now you always say
That you want to be free
But you'll come running back (said you would baby)
You'll come running back (I said so many times before)
You'll come running back to me

Oh, time is on my side, yes it is
Time is on my side, yes it is”

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James Montagnino is a carpetbagger and his website is full of incorrect (the pc way of saying its not true) information and facts.
James Montagnino attempted to get a nomination for Supreme Court Justice in Westchester in 2004/2005. He did this by having a very prominate matrimonial attorney (Joel Bender) manage his campaign committee. To gain support Mr. Bender, along with numerous other matrimonial attorneys, and James Montagnino and his wife Nancy, held private meetings in Mr. Bender's office at night, when there would be no one around to see what was going on. Each and every one of these matrimonial attorneys who attended these after-hours meetings had pending cases before Mr. Montagnino. Despite this, neither Mr. Montagnino nor the attorneys ever notified their adversaries of these meetings. In fact, when confronted in court on numerous occasions, both Mr. Montagnino and the attorneys lied and said that there was not committee or meetings. Eventually, this information was admitted to, but by then Mr. Montagnino was up there in Saratoga.
He is also in close contact with the matrimonial attorneys in Westchester and has asked them to come to his support. It is interesting that after all the favors he did for these attorneys, there were only a couple that actually did.
James Montagnino would like for everybody to believe that there is so much support for his campaign, but a look at the filings with the NYS Board of Elections, shows that him campaign has only one contribution for $250. The other $28,000 comes right from his own bank account.
I want to thank this blog for providing information that has not been in the papers. We have been reading them, and it has been clearly one sided. Now we can understand why. You know the actors up there. We know them down here.
Thanks for the info and keep up the good work.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:09 PM,

We got you covered.
Don't worry about a thing.
He can run but he can't hide.
We're not going to let the asshole through the door.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Let's make a deal network said...

Bullshit! He can't hide! You can hide! Behind that bogus name hide in the dark or is it shot!
Why don't you dem united assholes take up a collection so Jeff Wait can pay his daughter's 1000+ scoflawed parking tickets. His back door dealing trying to get the judge to squash them didn't work.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Mick's Magic Tongue said...

Hey Shot,

Isn't that the stones tune McTygue was singing right before he got the gas chamber for that Sheila Shepard Murder? Word has it that she was a stauch supporter of Brian Dwyer so he cut her up in pieces. He and his henchman Dickie Bendon who on hisa deathbed admitted the crime.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's make a deal network said,

You don't understand a fucking thing, dipshit.

Dorsey has already won the election.
I made up my mind a long time ago.

I know Wait's a decent guy, like his father, a little quirky.
If the Democrats weren't split he might even have a chance to win.

But as they say, timing is everything. Unfortunately, even decent Democrats are going to get hurt until this cancer is cut from the Party.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A new and growing splinter faction:
Democrats for Republicans

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Val's New Boyfriend said...


Deep Festering Cancer

Deepends Fashion Club

Depressed Female Cultists

Drooling Foaming Colonels

Dumb Fake Cameramen

Damn Freaky Characters

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having read the recent issue of the Saratogain, and seeing another letter pro Montagnino and this time from Keehn, I thought you all would like to know that they are apparently selecting to just print pro letters. I know for a fact that they have received letters not so glowing.
Let's see if they actuallly print them.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Faulkner said...

The interesting thing is both McCain and I were born in 1897. You can do it old man!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shot! Take a look in the mirror! You are the cancer! You are the let's make a deal groupie! If you weren't such a blowhard you could hear what you are saying. You decided the election is over! Just like all you dem united blowhards! If you can get your own way you go home and cry. You're history as are the rest of the democrats in saratoga.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 6:45 They probably figure that if you can't even spell their newspaper name correctly that you don't deserve to get your letter printed. (See Above) Your heros Ben Arnold and Horatio Alger do nothing but write negative crap for the DFC and positive but false crap about your splinter group. That evens it out doesn't it? Oh, that's right there is only about a dozen people that read this horseshit!

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any glowing letters about Jeff Wait. His daughter is a public nuisance. People are tired of this shit! He doesn't deserve to be elected to dog catcher!

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Trout21 said...

HA, this site can be an important resource but, with respect, I think people will not want to participate in a site that allows the kind of language and tone of "ShotInTheDark."

I would urge you to at least set a standard of not allowing people to speak to each other this way.

No one likes to be "virtually" yelled at and cursed. It should be possible for people to disagree in a spirited way without resorting to this stuff.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today's Saratogain...

"Allan Turkheimer, a member of the Democrats for Change, said the party must become responsible to the electorate. He cited the 2007 city election as a time when the committee should have - but didn't - change to reflect the voter's preferences.

"When Gordon Boyd lost the mayoral primary, he should have bowed out of the race, and Sharon Boyd and Mr. Schneider should have resigned. These people can't see the handwriting on the wall. By not backing Val, we now have a mayor who's a folly," he said."

I don't know why these assholes continue to chastise the voters.
The voters soundly defeated both Keehn and the Charter Revision.
It is insulting to all Saratoga voters to question their motives after the fact.

Boyd didn't cost Keehn the election. Keehn and her followers were totally inept and that fact alone sunk their ship.

To now say that Johnson is a folly after witnessing two years of a Keehn administration which was an embarrassing joke is truly a laugh.

How do the Democrats manage they keep finding all of these marginal people?

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a clue. Try spell check before you submit a letter. Check Saratogian above,for example.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 6:45

My old Dean in College once told me:
"Fat,Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life."

Dean Wormer

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

demroc said: as usual a very onesided piece, devoid of most factual information. bottom line is the party isn't as fractured as some may want you to believe. lets look at how this played out in the last primaries. what happened to gordo? how is it that a small number of mctygue supporters have actually managed to sell that bill of goods. they didn't get their way so now they're trying to overthrow the party. last time i checked, "split" is a general term. it does not imply that there is an equal split. just look at what happened to boyd and tmac in the last election.very poor performances out of both of them. but they would have you believe that it was the doings of val, when in fact it was the democratic voters of the city who said, "this is our candidate for mayor". now my question is how can people who are so out of touch be in charge? i know i voted against that group of people because it seems to be a power play for them. they have no ability to compromise and i'm sure that why they are on the outside looking in, ready to make the assault on the proverbial cookie jar again.
also i find it pathetic to claim she worked to get mctygue the ass kicking that he got. firstly he pushed boyd out for mayor way before any other candidate even expressed interest in running. that proves to me he was the first one to abandon the plan to re-elect the incumbents, not vice versa as his group whines about. secondly, after a year of taking that beauty school rejects abuse, who would support and help him.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

demroc: one more thing, him bowing out of politics and retiring to his farm was a big load of crap(as suggested by kyle york), he still tries to fuck things up down at dpw because he is/was a power hungry individual who can't stand to have been sent backing by a woman, and thats why he has orchestrated this hostile takeover. but it is "greener" that way, when tmac needs to wipe his ass, he can wipe york's and boyds nose at the same time

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Getting ready to hug Val at the DFC post-election defeat party said...

Keehn and Kim:

The Toxic Twins of Saratoga!

Move over Jagger and Richards.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a carpet bagger?

the whole Democrats for Change slate is filled with carpet baggers!

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The joke to me is The Democrats United candidates.

Scheider and Diamond - Both older than Social Security and one's a stalker

Nate Voight - Son of McTygue's girlfriend

Stephanie Voight- McTygue's Girly

Boyd- Purse swinging communist

Tighe- A stalker/Drunk

Kuczinski - Losers

Petey and Billy- More McTygues/More Crooks

Cliff Ammon- Blowhard 1

Kyle York - Blowhard 2

Diane Lander - Another friggin' McTygue

And on and on

4:32 AM  
Anonymous True Saratoga Democrat said...

I just received an invitation from Joanne Yepsen for a 'Meet Brian Premo' affair tonight at the Hampton Hotel.

Looks like a widening gulf between her and the Democrats for Change bunch.

Who can blame the woman, after what Thompson and Kim did to her in her Senate bid?

Glad to see someone standing up to them--and to that blank face named Mike Russo.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Well, longtime no-post. But I see our gaping difference of opinion hasn't changed very much. Pretty much, I would disagree with everything you wrote.

First off, how can you say my post is "devoid of most factual information" without citing a single example? As always, there's a good deal of opinion in my entries, but opinions based on solid facts, which I link to in the post.

I ardently disagree with your assessment over the split. There is a worsening divide that grows every time the politically dickering Keehniacs dump off their propaganda fliers. Sure, there's certainly a push by McTygue to maintain an identity in the party. But to paint all the so-called United Democrats with this brush is very misleading. Likewise with the Change-o-crats. The ones who are at loggerheads with each other are fairly identifiable. And it's unfortunate that the DFC has forced committee candidates to literally choose sides.

Next onto your hilarious musing about 'tmac': he was kicked from office thanks to his inability to thwart the savage politics of Shawn Thompson and his band of political rogues operating under the guise of Valerie Keehn. The run up to the 2007 election was one of the worst hatchet jobs I've observed in politics(the bullshit stories about FBI and DEC investigations, etc.) The whole thing smacked of the same 'swift boat' nonsense from the national election in 2004.

As for democrats saying "this is our mayor," how in God's green earth can you justify that? Keehn was always the choice of a very limited number of a very vocal democrats(see: the nonsense letters that are turning up in the Saratogian EVERYDAY), who were doggedly determined to get their people to the polls in September, during an off-year election(see:comments about Keehn supporters plucking geriatrics from the beds of the city's retirement communities). As mentioned in my post, her dismal showing in last years' election(an incumbent loss by more than 500 votes) and her marginal victory in the 2005 election(a victory by less than 200 votes) shows how little support there actually was for her among all voters. She was a bad mayor and a bad candidate, which is exactly why she's no longer in office. Perhaps you view this as some sort of voter mandate, I call it a failed political career that only took flight thanks to the deeply connected windbag blowing behind it(see: Shawn Thompson, Bill Murray, David Keehn).

And what you're saying about people being "on the outside looking in" ready "to raid the cookie jar again" is thorough malarkey, unless you're attributing that notion to the DFC folks. Their candidate got beat and their other candidate(Ron Kim) has become a sore reminder of the divisive politics that once enveloped the council. They are the ones trying to wage a coup right now. Last I checked, most of the United Democrats are already on the committee. You don't run a "powerplay" when your opposition is waging a full-court press, pardon the mixing of my sports metaphors.

In closing, welcome back. I see the time away hasn't changed your very skewed concept of Saratoga politics. In fact, your musing seems oddly reminiscent of a letter a certain shaky film maker wrote to the local fish wrap this week.

4:32(or any other United Democrats opponent),

I challenge you to re-write that post offering SALIENT CRITICISM about those people, not that they're simply old, or related to someone who allegedly is the deposed DPW commissioner's concubine. I'd gladly publish something that went as in depth about these characters as I did with the DFC shills.

But I have a feeling you won't. It's a lot easier to yell 'asshole' in a crowd and scurry away back to your mudslinging hovel.


It's hard to nail down a newspaper for being biased in their letter publishing, when we really don't know how many of each letter they're receiving. I'd be the first to lobby criticism of the Saratogian were I presented with some empirical evidence of their bias. I was actually curious to see that a letter Ms. Rosch had published in early August has disappeared in the JRC archives, while a new one --penned just a few weeks after the first --is now listed. I also know Roger Wyatt has had a number of letters published, but can't tell for certain if the paper has violated its own editorial policy in printing them. But it does look suspiciously like they've taken a slant for the DFC candidates, one being the editor's oldest son.


I agree. Allan's comments were nothing short of ridiculous. But for some reason, the must have earned some kudos from the DFC strategists. I was recently handed a flier republishing the Gazette article, complete with this rube's skewed notion of politics.


I apologize for the sometimes abrasive language used here, but have really come to passively accept it. My post filter has enough trouble keeping the blatant libel at bay, much less the colorful four-letter words that often get tossed around here, sometimes even by yours truly. Frankly, I'd like to keep all conversation civil.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous The Saratoga Truth Squad said...

Wyatt (demroc) is back?

Hey Roger: I hear the reason you've been out of commission for awhile is because you and your buddy Bronner caught Lyme disease.

Apparently, you got bit my ticks from crawling around bushes at night, spying on those members of your Enemies List?

And don't belive all those stories that the Corporal was telling you during those long cold evenings. He was never really in a foxhole during wartime.

Just like you never really made a film.

Saratoga Truth Squad

"Feeling seasick after watching a certain somebody's YouTube video"

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ditto, to welcoming you back.

Did they let you out for good behavior?
Or was it a just case of being able to weasel out from under that rock?


Sorry about my fucking language.
If you’re concerned about your moral wellbeing I would suggest getting all of your reading material from the children's section of the library or reading blogs like the City Desk.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Dem Roc said...

I agree with Truth Squad(John Tighe) on that one. Bronner was not in a foxhole it was his hooking wife's hole!

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...

Yes, I was wrong about commissioner McTygue. I apologize for all the turning of this entire election on my error. I've seen Pete and Bill in their VERY high profile presence on the "United" ticket. My first sight of Tom was the gathering of the full slate.

If you insist that he is The Grand Master Puller of Strings, nothing I say will raise you above that sucking sound of the storm grate’s whirlpool at the end of the curb.

Blowhard? Please tell me where I'm wrong about AMD's grand adios. Tell me where I'm wrong about the SEDC being stuck with a bill for 2 million gallons of water day. Tell me where I’m wrong about the mismanagement of the Great Sacandaga. Tell me where I was wrong to insist that Halfmoon and Waterford fight and win their EPA water during the GE dredging. Tell me where I was wrong to currently push Stillwater to get an alternate water supply to their PCB-tainted wells.

And when the National Grid/DEC dredging starts up near the County intake and the citizens of Queensbury erupt exactly as they did when the original dredge plan was stopped cold in 1995… tell me who else “blew” even lightly. This time, whatever input those people offer will be marginalized by forces that can have people blown away.

Friend, please tell me what YOU’VE done to protect the health of people you'll never know, people too unschooled in toxicity, biology, hydrology, and government hypocrisy.

Please, good citizen, show me your courage. Please show me you care enough to blow hard, even against the most foul and fetid winds, even when you're warned in no uncertain terms that your next hard blow may be your last.

My friend, if it’s not too much to ask, please vote today. It’s how democracies work. Some people have died for your right. Don’t blow it.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kyle -

You said "the National Grid/DEC dredging starts up near the County intake and the citizens of Queensbury erupt exactly as they did when the original dredge plan was stopped cold in 1995… tell me who else “blew” even lightly."

I must have been snoring when this was brought up - Kyle can you give us the 411 on the National Grid/DEC dredging near the county water take in.

I assumed when the issue of dredging came up with the pipeline that the issue was the EPA/GE dredging that was somehow mysterious migating upstream... and that this was just one of the myths that was being promoted by those "city democrats" to stop a county economic project. (let me count the myths - lets just say fair share of sales tax as myth #1 - not that the county does not have myths - lets just say the need for the Northumberland Landfill as myth #1 - 10)

Now it sounds like I may have made a bad assumption and if HA would allow it - could Kyle share the Reader's Digest version of the DEC?NG issue - granted this is for historical perspective since the pipeline is the county version of the Cannon Ball Run and the entire project is running faster than General Gates in defeat.


Just an observer

11:17 AM  
Anonymous The Serial Groper said...

Where are the DFC meeting tonight?

So I can grope at Val too, just like Lew and Patrick!

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

News flash! You are wrong about everything! Blow it out your ass!

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...

Observer 11:17 and Friend 1:58-

Please visit Horatio's latest post, "Coup d’état," for my respectful response. Given today's headlines about the public outrage with the PCB risks inherent in the EPA/GE dredging plan, the topic seems more newsworthy and will find more readers like you in a more recent post.

This "Revisionist" essay seems to have reached the end of its string. I thank Horatio for the "relocation" of my message. And I look forward to your replies.

Kyle York

10:41 AM  

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