Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Did ya' see that?

Good news amateur photographers. You too can end up somewhere in the mass media provided you're lucky enough -or perhaps unlucky enough -to be in a bone-splintering, blood-splattering accident.

In today's public online edition of the Post Star, "New Media" Director Patrick Dowd has offered an appeal to any digital camera wielding person who happens upon "the" accident. Of course, sending them to the newspaper implies that the shooter is willing to share such said photos with the rest of the world, including the print newspaper and the online-paid edition.

What amateur photogs should recognize, however, is that sharing doesn't necessarily mean paying. In other words, submission implies permission, which means you're taking pictures for the paper to make money while you sit back and watch.

Decent enough pictures could mean a job freelancing for the paper and making at least a pittance. But then again, what editor in their right mind would pay a freelancer when they can always depend on anyone with a $100 digi to catch the big wreck, which isn't good news for any staff photographer.


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