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Even in the go-go times of this cybernetic century, it’s difficult to represent your election district’s interest in a political party when your primary residence is more than 200 miles away. It’s also difficult to form an objective opinion about the inner workings of your party when you can only attend a small number of their meetings that happen to fall in between mid-terms, keg parties and on school breaks.

This reasoning hasn’t stopped the so-called “Democrats for Change” movement in the mule party from offering a pair of out-of-region college students as viable candidates to lead the city committee. The candidates –Ariana Vacs Renwick and David Lombardo –will be vying for the two seats in the city’s 25th election district during September’s democratic primary. While it’s easy to overlook their young age –a sophomore and senior in college –it’s a bit more difficult to fathom how they’ll return to the area for meetings when they’re coming from New Hampshire and Geneseo respectively.

Even more interesting is the fact that Lombardo is none other than the progeny of recalcitrant Saratogian editor Barbara Lombardo. As some may recall, the elder Lombardo was behind the newspaper’s endorsement for Keehn in the run up to the 2007 election. Can you say quid pro quo?

Conspiracy theories aside, the Democrats for Change slate of candidates reads more like a roster for the Valerie Keehn Booster Club than a viable direction to steer the party. It’s no bother for Shawn Thompson, the conductor of this out-of-tune orchestra, who doesn’t necessarily need committee members that will think, vote along the lines of their constituents or even attend meetings. He needs folks that are going to represent Shawn Thompson. And what could be better than a pair of wet-behind-the-ears rubes lackeys who are unlikely attend many party meetings?

As many know, Thompson is the commander in chief of a coup that is threatening to sweep through the city Democratic Committee. Already, Thompson’s splinter has been directly responsible for prompting two mayoral primaries and another for city court judge. This year, he’s waging an all-out primary battle to claim 24 out of 25 election districts in Saratoga Springs. The idea is to stock the committee with a majority of loyalists and shadow committee members so he can dictate a field a full slate of “Democrats for Change” candidates before the 2009 election.

Their mantra is fairly simple: Either you’re one of us, or you’re against us. If you happen to be among the latter of these two categories, you might as well have a bull’s eye painted on your forehead. This is likely why the “opponents” tab on this group’s Web site remains conspicuously empty. They’re going to need to upgrade their storage capacity to simply list all these names.

Of course, he isn’t getting much help in this quest from the one member of his group now in office. Characterizing Public Drama Commissioner Ron Kim’s second term in office as an utter embarrassment is putting things lightly. In just seven short months, he’s isolated himself from everyone else on the City Council, all but ensuring his limited scope of objectives –or is it his objective –will receive little if any attention.

Meanwhile, the Public Safety Department has become a laughing stock of city government, even more so than when it was besmirched by former deputy Erin Dreyer. Kim has accused the city mayor of “running City Hall like the Nixon White House” and has even spent $55 of tax dollars to print the ludicrous “Failure-ometer” he posted outside the city Police Department. Adding to this folly was his assertion that the poster would “go on tour” through the city, so everyone can see how absolutely insane the commissioner has gone.

Then again, Kim’s follies are probably a bit more marketable than the trail of news clips that trailed Keehn’s path through office. Her best accomplishment in office was presiding over a dead-locked council that wasn’t able to accomplish anything outside of steering the city’s Democratic electorate into voting for Republicans. And then there’s patronage sponge Lew Benton, who allegedly engaged in a heated City Hall screaming match with Accounts Deputy Michelle Boxley this month over her lack of support for Kim’s proposed Public Safety castle, even though it remains more than $1.7 million over budget.

So maybe Thompson has the right idea in offering a pair of committee candidates that haven’t yet secured the legal right to purchase booze. After all, he’s running out of names to throw into the fray without drawing a chorus of uproarious laughter from people in the know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Another ridiculous post! One sided drivel that will surely make your 3 loyal blogger friends(Tighe,Diamond and boyd) creme their jeans in unity.
I suppose it wouldn't make a difference that Kuczynski's kids are committee jerkoffs who are robotic in their approach to the party.
The reason for primaries is to get the best candidate. Kuczynski, Boyd and now Jeff Wait are far from the best the party has to offer. That's why people didn't elect them. When Klotz was nominated they backed him.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Actually, I'd love to hear your idea of a 'balanced' post. Or better yet, a defense of the so-called "Democrats For Change" movement you obviously champion. I haven't been able to find one.

If you can word it eloquently, I'll post it as an op-ed piece. And if you're really interested, you can suggest photo motifs for your piece, a suggested title and a moniker for yourself.

But my guess is you won't do any of these things. It's a lot easier for you to thumb your nose and make lewd analogies about the segment of the party you clearly detest.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn Thompson teaches his candidates sound bites and there is never a plan carried out to produce anything worthwhile to support these sound bites. It's simply a game of winning at all cost with no solid work to back him up. It is a game for the uneducated and sadly it works for those who never learned how to carry out a plan to fruition. The outcome teaches these candidates to continue on with their sound bites and that they don't need to work to accomplish anything. Good government is all about the art of compromise not the art of one stalemate after another.
Grow up and learn something!

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't hate democrats! I just think that these people like Kuczynski and co. are in it for their own personal gain(a.k.a. parking garage). He and his friends Franck,Morency to name a couple wanted the council to push buttons to get approvals for their venture. They are back door bargain boys along with Tommy Mc.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture looks like a democratic committee member when he was a high school drunk!
None other than John Tighe!

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People in the know?
Give me a break! What's the matter? The let's make a deal network headed by Kuczynski,Boyd,McTygue and the rest starting to crash?

As if this Southworth character is a legit candidate. A legalized drug dealer.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading the list of the candidates being put up by these wackos, I thought it was the attendance sheet from Val's Special Ed class.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How can you write about a "laughing stock" in a posting about the Democratic Committee without making the obvious connection to the McTygue acolytes who currently populate the committee?

First they gave us Hank Kuczynski, a total loser. Then, Gordon Boyd, a complete wacko who was more comfortable running as the Conservative Party candidate who falsely accused opponents of anti-semitism. Now, Jeff Wait, a stoner who would be better cast as a defendant than a judge.

The current chairman, Lou Schneider, has never bothered to read the party's by-laws, Roberts Rules of Order, or any other rules, for that matter. He's a puppet and a clown with no other objective than to make the committee a total joke.

Cliff Ammon, the vice chairman, is an empty-headed windbag who spends each meeting alternately spouting inanities and snoozing.

Marcie Taylor, the gum-snapping committee secretary, can't spell, can't count, and can't write, but she has made herself into a perfect example of shabby chic trollop tramp style.

Sharon Boyd, spouse of wacko Gordon, doesn't have the grace to resign despite the wreckage she and her husband caused last year with their disloyal dalliances with the Conservative and Independence parties.

Joy King hasn't attended a committee meeting in years.

Jane Weihe, a former chairperson, can't wait to drag the committee back to the bad old days when she specialized in leading the party to defeat after defeat every two years at the hands of the Republicans.

Petey McTygue, brother of the disgraced Public Works Commissioner, spews hateful bigotry at every meeting and on this and other blogs.

Billy McTygue, another brother, recommends the Family Values Platform at every meeting, which stands for high-paying jobs for anyone whose last name happens to be McTygue.

Jaye Kuczynski, wife of loser Hank, will never get over the party's failure to support her hubby's quest for the Mayor's Box at the flat track.

Jean Hennigan, the anti-democrat who'll never trust anyone under 30 and is the worst enemy of every female candidate.

Jay Rogoff, the poet who thinks politics should be a game of bean bag.

Kitty Macica, another old timer who never shows up except to vote for the status quo.

Phil Diamond, the sputtering, spitting agitator who's for nothing and against everything.

Mary Carr, an outdated carpetbagger from New York City, whose idea of a progressive is Fiorello LaGuardia.

Chuck Randall, the lawyer who doesn't know any laws.

John Tighe, the alcoholic who doubles as a stalker and a disability fraud, is an embarrassment even to the McTygues.

The rest of the incumbents include various McTygue relatives, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, no-shows and assorted hangers-on who don't seem to mind Bullethead Franck's program of property tax breaks for Roohan, Bonacio, Parillo and other rich Republican real estate developers.

If Shawn Thompson can help elect a few committee members who aren't backward-looking McTygue-ites, the Democrats might actually be able to re-establish a two-party competitive system in Saratoga Springs.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Oops! Forgot to mention airhead Michele Boxley, who knows nothing and doesn't mind letting everybody know it.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love to see how the 'Togian keeps its objectivity in this race (yeah, right).

Also, did you see Sunday's Gazette article on the City Council squabbling? Highly entertaining read.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


You've provided me with a long, prattling and border-line libelous list of insults leveled at your enemies. Regrettably, you haven't really listed an ounce of fact behind any of the charges you've leveled. And understandably so. Are we simply supposed to take your word for it? Most of what you proffer is nothing more than sophomoric name calling. But this seems to be the mantra of the Thompson splinter: Strike below the belt, strike hard and then run away and hide.

Like I said, I would welcome something from your clique that is well-written and at least explains your gripes in less-than-libelous terms. For instance, let's take my beef Ron Kim. He's been given a simple charge: design a public safety facility that the taxpayers can afford and then explain in detail how he plans to maintain it; and what he plans to do with the old station. What do we get instead? A plan that won't work, a bunch of saber-rattling and a public safety commissioner too addled to figure out why nothing is or will move forward. Worse yet, we have a former public safety commissioner and a former deputy mayor orchestrating a whole slew of politics from their respective positions that only compound the politics. To add insult to injury, these folks spend money on producing a stupid sign to bang their own drum --that's $55 that could have gone to the goddamn police station.

I can and have pointed to a few dozen publicized quotes from each of these people that reaffirm these concepts and show what a laughing stock your splinter is to most normal city Democrats, independent voters and most of all, the city Republicans. Sure, I could run down the list of splinter candidates and level a charge with many, if not most of them. But it does me no good to cast a pall over these people's names without linking them to their disservice to the public, if indeed that's what they've done.

I'd rather let your faction's actions speak for themselves. And last I checked, they have. The city Dems are the laughing stock of politics in the Capital Region. In no other area is there a major political party so embroiled in abject dysfunction. That, friend, is Shawn Thompson's legacy. I suppose my final point to you is this: The party will go nowhere until someone takes the higher road. I frankly don't see too many people on the "Democrats for Change" list who are prone to taking high roads.

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's kind of strange that you call two committee candidates "rubes," and label an elected official a "Drama Commissioner" but then complain that Anon (7:36) is calling your favorites "sophomoric" names.

The truth hurts doesn't it?

It's time to clean out the Democratic Committees's entrenched band of sclerotic DINO's who've done nothing but lose to the Republicans for decades.

McTygue has served his purpose. He spent 20 years and $1 million of taxpayers' money on a diversionary scheme to make it appear he was serious about sticking an intake pipe into Saratoga Lake. All the while he was cooperating with Repubs like Joe Bruno, Jasper Nolan, Bill Dake and John and Tom Roohan, happily accepting their contributions for his pet projects like buying the overpriced carousel from Republican Assemblyman Bobby D'Andrea and plopping it down in Congress Park, while giving them plenty of time to line up the financing for their Hudson River water plan that will enable them to pave over half the county and have us all drinking carcinogens.

Let McTygue go quietly into his Republican wannabe retirement as an out of town horse breeder. He and his followers are obsolete. A new generation of Democratic Committee members certainly can't do any worse than the McTygues have done.

2:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The former mayor and this public safety commissioner both ran on promising sound bites, yet their hidden agendas and ulterior motives sacked them of the potential power they had their first days in office. Now with that mayor gone, this lowly commissioner is either still either too busy to pay attention to his electorate or too obstinate to see that his support of his department rather than those he represented, was exactly the antithesis of his sound bite when he first ran condemning, “Politics in Public Safety”.

It is equally disturbing and politically immature to throw everyone under the bus because they don’t reflect a particular rigid party line or to castigate those ideas and initiatives that had some merit but required the often-needed support of a Table of Politicians – able to see their roles in effecting good (not an unobtainable flawless) government.

For those, that would challenge experience and seniority for a questionable so-called progressive agenda, one that often lacks the comprehension of a City and its issues in order to suggest innovation become their own worst enemies. It is also unfortunate that the divisiveness of political thinking doesn’t allow for sitting across the isles now and again. The best of politicians learn that lesson.

It is to see one’s self in these people we elect to office and for them to see those who elected them that will make for a working City Council. Could the hard held ideologies of those who continue to rant like anon 7:36 along with the relentless complaints by some who are elected to serve or are compensated public servants simply a desire to profess anarchy and dysfunction?

One of the pre-school lessons that our children learn is to share and get along. Seems that some adults could take a lesson from so simple a concept.

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


There you go blowing it out your ass again! If most normal democrats,independents and republicans saw it your way, then why aren't they winning handily in primaries?
Answer: Because they are out of touch with the real concerned voters!
Why is it that the Thompson side of this committee need to take the high road?
Answer: Because again you think you are right and refuse yourselves to take your own advice!

How's John Tighe working out for you?
I'll let you answer that one!

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Libelous? Who Cares! All that stuff about those idiots is true. Especially Tighe that is an embarrassment and Cliff Ammon the wind bag! I never seen two people that love to hear themselves talk like those two.

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horatio you can’t have a discussion with people like this. They spend half their time trying to find out who you are so they can shut you down and destroy your life. Debate is the last thing they want. They don’t want to answer their critics they want to destroy them. They are more then dangerous to the well being of the city they are evil incarnate.

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Lombardo is looking more and acting more like his father Dick Brooks everyday. Dick must surely be proud of his spawn.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see the pressure is getting to you Shawn. Nothing better to due at your 100000+year fake job at the state today. I hope your not using a state owned computer to spout you vile lies today.

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anon 7:36 PM {aka Shawn Thompson}

This from the people who gave us David Keehn and the NIXIVM zombies. Before you slander other people take a look around you and the other people in the room. The bored insane senile and delusional. I would suggest that if you must worship someone and cannot function with out a demigod in your life try going to church.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horatio you give these people too much credit to even suggest they would ever engage in any kind of meaningful dialogue. Just look at Kim, he wants his palace and will hold his breath till he turns blue to get it. Disagree with them and you not a critic you’re a slut drunk molester or whatever they feel like saying that day. People like this are simply like rabid animals there is no cure but they don’t last long. The cities electorate will take care of them. A footnote in Saratoga politics is all they will be remembered for.

4:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Horatio gave you some great advice;
take the high road.

However, thankfully Saratoga voters do not have to worry about your gang assuming power anytime soon because in order for you to take the high road you would have to have some class, which you don't.

For somebody trying to obtain as many votes as possible you scurrilously attacked a good number of people, their friends, and relatives.

Not very bright.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Libelous? Who Cares!"

Nothing sums up what the Keehnacs stand for than this statement.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

"If most normal democrats,independents and republicans saw it your way, then why aren't they winning handily in primaries?"

Good point. But here's a better one: If your Keehniac/Thompsonian Democrats are doing so well, how come the only one to hold onto an elected position for more than one term is Ron Kim? And trust me, he ain't going to be there much longer, even if your group does hijack the committee.

Here's a quick FYI: Many life-long Democrats joined the party because of its diversity and long before the scourge of Democracy for America afflicted it. At times, you could have both conservative and liberal principles at work in the same room. It was a party that appealed vastly to the center, where most of the electorate sits. Your group seems to embrace the "my way or the highway" attitude towards everything. It's precisely why you're destined to be a dubious footnote in party history, just like the Neocons you supposedly detest.

By the by, primaries aren't the general election you know. It might behoove you to figure that out before 2009.

"It's kind of strange that you call two committee candidates 'rubes,' and label an elected official a 'Drama Commissioner'..."

OK, in 500 words or less, defend how a pair of college kids living more than 200 miles away will be working, functioning and thinking members of the Democratic Committee(in three words, 'toe the line'). I agree with you that 'rube' is a bit too strong of a word to use in this case, as both students are attending very respectable colleges. Perhaps the term I was looking for was 'stooge.' I'll make a note of it.

But while we're at it, tell me another member of city government that produced a 'failure-ometer' to post at city hall, referred to the sitting mayor as a Nixonian manifestation and has broken down into a long diatribe about the public safety facility during a public hearing about a development no where near city hall or downtown Saratoga for that matter. Using the word 'drama' with his name is being nice. I can think of other, less endearing terms to label someone of this ilk. Think: another term for donkey, or that part of your anatomy you occasionally park on the can.

Not to mention, Kim's dramatic proclamations aren't exactly things brought up as hearsay or something that happened at a closed door-committee meeting. These are documented public events aired before the whole city and then some.

Lastly, you'd have to be a delusional fool to believe what you wrote about McTygue and tapping the lake. But in your case, I don't doubt that.


Well stated. I couldn't agree more. I've often pegged the DFA movement as the answer to the Neocon scourge. They use the same politics of slander and fear to get elected. Then, they do nothing other than consolidate their own power base.

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To: All anon who would rather defame and insult without leaving your name....(I would leave mine however I don't feel like being verbally attacked in the street)

All of us have family and friends who are equally appalled, dismayed and angered by the material contained in your threads. Can any of your family or friends react any different if this were done to you? I think not.

Before you print invective and libelous comments it might be wise to check the law. Hiding behind 'anon' can only protect you so far. Remember - you can run, but you can't hide.

We are all open to some form of criticism, however name calling and insults don't make it. Class is something only you can only aspire to. Your threads do not rise to meet the test.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the summer of love?

i already sent the flood on saturday. the frogs are next if you all don't change your evil ways, baybee!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 6:52:

Ever heard of the First Amendment?

Or are you relying on Ho's interpretation of the law of defamation?

Where do you think Ho got his law degree?

Do you think Ho is an expert on all the court decisions holding a blogger liable for libel? Guess what? There are none!

The internet is a free marketplace of ideas. You can post any opinion you like, and you're immune from prosecution.

Fire at will!

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Libelous! Again! Who cares! You crying complainers don't! You attack Shawn and Val and Ron and Scott and Skip. Now people are fighting back. Don't forget Roger and David Bronner and Gerard and Lew and Barb Lombardo and her kids. What's the matter, Puss!

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Tighe has a new word to cry about. Libel! His wife is an attorney so now he thinks he knows the law. Go cry you piss ant!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:27 am - Your comments are representative of the failure of the Democrats for Change. You see this as a fight for the Democratic Party. Fine, fight it out all you want. You'll still lose every other November. When you figure out that what you should be fighting for is the interests of Saratogians, I suspect you'll find more success, both within the party and in the general election.

I, along with a lot of others around here, mistakenly thought Keehn and her disciples had our best interests at heart three years ago. Obviously we were wrong. At least we've learned our lesson. You should try doing the same.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it unfair to characterize all the people running on the "Change" slate as "stooges" in the sense that they can be depended upon, if elected, to do what ever Shawn et al tell them to do. It appears that some of these people were encouraged to run and were unfamiliar with much of the unpleasantness that has been going on. While being naive and ill informed is nothing to be prooud of the distinction is still important.

This is not unusual in these kinds of contests. I recognize at least one name as someone who is really a good person who has no history in all of this madness. I expect that they approached him encouraging him to be involved by telling him it would help bring positive change to the party.

While some of the people involved in this fight (as reflected in the threads in this blog) are driven by some bizarre sense of vendetta there are others that have a sincere interest in this city.

I think it is a mistake to paint all the people on the Change ticket with the same brush.

It is not unreasonable to think that a thoughtful discussion on substantive issues might educate these folks.

As noted by H.A. it is very possible to be both for a new facility for the police department and at the same time to have serious reservations about Ron Kim's solution.

There is every reason to believe that if these concerns were raised at a meeting of the Democratic Committee that Ron Kim and people like Roger Wyatt, Hillary McClellan, Brucie Rosche, Nancy Goldberg, etc. would become ugly and act out. This would be quite an education as long as the critics of the plan showed decorum and restraint. It would expose the poverty of this group's ideas and motivations.

It is very possible that the Keehniacs would find themselves losing support from the very people they enlisted in their fight.

As for Ron Kim in particular, his behavior is kind of self-fullfilling. He is on a sort of crusade. Because he feels his cause is just he views anyone who raises any concerns about his plan as an obstructionist with moral over tones. I am not sure whether this is because he simply is unable to intellectually address these issues and falls back on this as a defense or whether there are psychological issues. As one who has tried to talk to him, I can tell you that his angry response brooks no discussion. The result is that he is increasingly isolated and operates in an echo chamber that only feeds his megalomania. I believe that the man truly believes that the people in this city support him and that his campaign attacking the other members of the council will bear fruit. He has absolutely no idea how bad he looks in all of this and how good he makes Mayor Johnson look. This is very similar to what happened with the charter revision campaign. The people around Valerie Keehn truly believed that they were going to win the charter fight. Any one who pointed out the many problems with their proposed charter was seen as the enemy and simply an extension of the McTygue cabal. These people were completley astounded when the charter was so soundly defeated. Since they fed off of each others zealotry they lost touch with reality and paid the price.

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To sum up what Trout21 said: BULLSHIT!

3:58 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

I always find it incredible how one reader (Trout21) can invest a great deal of time into a thoughtful and introspective post, and another(3:58) can arbitrarily cut it down with seven words that dribbled off their finger tips like a stream of diarrhea into the shitter: Without thought and with a certain degree of desperation.


I hope your right. If rational minds don't prevail soon, we will find ourselves in a one-party town.

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that what Trout21 has said is correct.

I mistakenly supported Keehn until I realized the scope of her inept and vindictive nature.
I am sure that there are many people who have made and are still making this same mistake.

It may take another election or two before this fringe group is completely isolated and rendered powerless but the hand writing is clearly on the wall.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Very well written and appreciated. I would add that this sect of the SSDC has a VERY PERSONAL angry thread running through all of them aside from the local issues. For whatever reason they get relief from this anger through funneling it into a FIGHT to win. Whether it be an election, a committee seat or a change in a local law that the majority of the local public does not agree with. In other words, they are mad and you cannot reason with mad people.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rock on, Trout21...

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"they are mad and you cannot reason with mad people."

Rabid is more like it.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reason with? In your feable mind you never think you are wrong! All this is one-sided poppycock! Just read that assinine letter John Tighe wrote today! As a little girl growing up here I have many great memories. He is the same age as I and I will say congress park was a great place to go. We used to have picnics and easter egg hunts! The city streets were fine and we spent plenty of time running thru all neighborhoods.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trout 21 and Your School-

Thomas Jefferson dreamed and wrote passionately about people such as yourself. Call me CRAZY... but "We can disagree Without Being Disagreeable."

Indeed, most of the recent posts amaze me after my time with the citizens of Stillwater. We spoke of nothing except PCBs and WATER... silly us!

Of ALL this verbiage, I am compelled to address only ONE- The ever-courageous ANON 7:43 PM!

About Michele Boxley-
FOR THE RECORD I am on her "side" and I like her as a "person." FLAME ME NOW or forever Hold Thy Peace.

More importantly, I worked with her at PALIO, our town's premiere World-Class Ad Agency. MY job was to write WORDS, Michele's job was to manage EVERYTHING.

To be brutally honest-
I had it easy.

Hear me now, oh friends and foes--
You can NOT be a World-Class Ad Agency Account Exec if you cannot juggle SEVEN hand grenades with SEVEN PINS pulled. You have to cater to "VAIN CREATIVE ARTISTS" while trying to please "CLIENTS" obsessed with The Bottom Line. You have to stay on top of prices for magazines and TV and radio and internet banners... and advise clients how they might best "MAXIMIZE" the impact of their marketing dollars.

Is Michele KARL ROVE material? I cannot say.

Is Michele an AIRHEAD? No way, no how. Please write or call 376-2107.

It's your direct line to Blowhard "Kyle York." And my friend, I look forward to speaking with you.


9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Mamie, we all had great childhoods back then. Everyone knew everyone else; nobody locked their doors.
Those were great days running through everyone's back yards stealing and eating grapes, pears and anything else that was being grown in those delicious gardens
Sure there were quite a few run down dilapidated buildings but nobody really cared because we were all in the same boat; nobody had any money.
Even the bums and hobos (stitch, dirty ray, black mamie, flugie) lived good in those vacant buildings.

But who really cared?
We didn't know the difference.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mamie 2:51 "He is the same age as I and I will say congress park was a great place to go."

It was neglected and fast becoming a dump, but probably a “great place to go” for little kids to play. The perimeter fence was being taken down -- some of it ending up in private yards, the Holiday Inn was going to attach itself to the Casino, the statuary was damaged and in disarray, its history was undiscovered, there were no flowers or gardens to speak of, and the Casino itself was, for a long time -- simply abandoned.

After its rediscovery, it was put on a National Registry and it started to get some much-needed attention. The Casino, the Park and the statuary are today, city jewels that benefit everyone who lives and visits here. Tighe is right on this one. Like endless summers, our childhood memories deceive us.

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mamie maybe with your over developed sex drive you were the reason Congress Park wasn’t save.

Seriously Mamie do you in all seriousness remember the decrepit dirty smelly public cesspools they called public toilets, You telling me that’s you would go in them. Or I get it that’s were you had your first two dollar date with McTygue.

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kyle York said ... and said ....

You would be an easier read if you weren’t so damn conceited. A little information goes a long way. Even, a lot of information can be a meal, but your stuff is so full of yourself that it loses something in translation. It always leaves a feeling of indigestion.

Don’t expect any phone calls soon – not because it would be a one way conversation, but because we do get the impression that you already “know it all”. It’s an occupational hazard for copywriters in publishing and advertising.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palio=world class?

You must be kidding. They are a local hack-shop.

But then again: are there ANY world class businesses in this town?

No: just tourist traps.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the real deal-

You've make it clear that your expertise in "pharmaceuticals" is limited to the daily dose of Haldol you take for your advanced psychosis. So I will let the leading Medical Marketing journal tell you... and tell you... and tell you... what distinguishes "World Class" from "the real dolt."

11:58 AM  
Blogger A small "r" republican for fairness said...

Mr. York:

That took serious testicular fortitude to not only sign your own name, but leave your phone number as well. Impressive.


In the midst of all your heated vitriol toward the ex-commissioner of Public Works, do you not concede that Congress Park looked pretty darn amazing during his tenure?

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was young the park was just as nice! Charley McTygue had people that just worked the park! They did a fine job. Remember Tom McTygue never planted anything. It was and still is the fine employees that make it look great! It was no different then under Charley Mc.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top 60: as ranked by a "with an agenda" media propery. Don't make me laugh.

The agenda? Reward those who feed them the ad revenues!

Come on, now -- you should know better than to buy that scam.

You see; this is why I am known as THE READ DEAL!

Not to mention the fact that I worked in the advertising business-for over twenty years -- as an executive and owner.

Been there and have seen it all, rookie.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Palio is definitely NOT world class. Never was. Never will be. Neither is Michele Boxley. Never was. Never will be. Put Palio or Michele on Madison Avenue and they'd be totally lost.

She's known as Michele Box-o-Rocks-ly in City Hall for good reason.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small "dick" for fairness! Quit the McTygue crap! He's in a big heap of trouble now! Hopefully they sue the pants off him!

On a lighter note: The picture of John Belushi looks like John Tighe. Mr. Blutarski! Your grade point average is 0.0!
Sounds like Tighe.
Fat,Drunk and Stupid is no way to go thru life! That really sounds like Tighe!

6:10 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Well, for efficacy's sake, I figured it would be good for iSaratoga's readers to peruse the Wyatt-Tighe letters. Here they are in their entirety, starting with Tighe's first bombshell over splinter leader Thompson's bow:

"The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee had its monthly meeting July 12 and had invited both Patrick Southworth and Shawn Thompson. They are both candidates for the New York State Democratic Committee 110th District.

Sorry to say only one candidate thought it was important enough to attend. That candidate's name is Patrick Southworth. Mr. Thompson sent a brief statement stating that he had a "previous commitment." The invite to each candidate was made weeks ago.

Now wait a minute, Mr. Thompson. You want to be elected to this seat yet you are too busy to meet Democrats? These are some of the very same Democrats you hope to represent. What kind of commitment is that? Is your lack of commitment why you personally only obtained six signatures for your own petition?

Mr. No-Show Thompson has done it again. He has failed to connect to the Democrats he is supposed to represent. This is shameful. According to Mr. Thompson's own petitions, he never even stepped out of Saratoga Springs to obtain signatures.

How can you represent Democrats if you never meet them? This is just the type of behavior we don't need. Yet it is typical of how Thompson has treated his Democratic Committee seat. He has disconnected himself from the rank and file members.

If he stops pretending to hob-knob with the "powerful" Dems in Albany, maybe he would have time for the Democrats in the 110th. We don't need a representative that lives in an Ivory Tower making $104,288 a year from a politically appointed job.

Please remember on Sept. 9 to vote for real representation on the New York State Democratic Committee and cast your vote for Patrick Southworth."

John Tighe
Saratoga Spring
July 16

"John Tighe's letter published July 16 was disgraceful. He employed every cheap trick in the book to smear former Saratoga Springs Democratic Party Chairman Shawn Thompson.

Tighe accuses Shawn of "pretending to hob-knob with powerful Dems in Albany." He then falsely implies that Shawn ignores the Democrats in the 110th. However, Tighe is most shameless when he portrays Shawn as being in an "Ivory Tower" and accompanies this lie with the dollar amount of Shawn's salary.

Unlike Tighe's candidate, Patrick Southworth, Shawn Thompson has worked for and directly with Carl McCall, David Paterson and Malcolm Smith. Does Tighe even recognize these names? Or worse yet, does he think these esteemed public servants live in "Ivory Towers"? Maybe their "high state incomes" confirm his distorted logic.

Or does he think these outstanding Democrats placed Shawn in well-paying positions, because Shawn only "pretends" to perform valuable services? Are the Democratic successes in Saratoga Springs during Shawn's chairmanship only make believe as well? Do they show that Shawn is disconnected from the grassroots?

If Tighe has credibility, what does that say about our former state comptroller, current governor, or our next senate majority leader? After all, every one of them chose to place their trust in Shawn. No need for worry, Tighe's arguments are so ridiculous that they disqualify him from being taken seriously by legitimate Democrats.

Tighe may sound like a Republican plant, but in reality he is just a mouthpiece for the "McTygue machine." As his letter demonstrates, this gang is only concerned with preserving its prerogatives. It knows little and could care less about the real Democratic Party. They will smear any Democrat if it serves the machine's lust for power. The fact that Southworth is "in bed" with this unsavory crew speaks volumes about who he is."

Roger Wyatt
Saratoga Springs
July 29

"I am writing this letter in response to Roger Wyatt's letter to the Saratogian published July 29.

First, to understand Wyatt's motives one must understand that I am running against his wife, Hilary McLellan, for a seat on the Democratic Committee in District 4. So let me clear up some questions that Wyatt asked of me.

First, I am not a mouthpiece for McTygue. I am a fourth-generation Saratogian who has personally witnessed both the decline and renaissance of Saratoga Springs. As a young child in Saratoga, Congress Park was unsafe for any child, or any person for that matter, to walk in. Maple Avenue was little more than a swamp on any given day and vacant garbage-strewn lots downtown were the order of the day.

I still remember how McTygue and other enlightened members of the City Council came together to set a new course for Saratoga, the rewards of which we are able to enjoy today.
So, although I do respect all that McTygue has done, I am a "mouthpiece" for no one. I lust for no "power" and simply want to support who is best for the well-being of this, my home.

I have worked with the Save the Carousel, Save the Ballet and Save the Victoria Pool societies. I am a lifelong Democrat who is not ashamed to call fellow Saratogians, who happen to be Republicans, my friends. If this makes me "ridiculous" to Wyatt and his cronies, who wish to stack the Democratic Committee with Thompson's cronies who will do whatever he wishes, by all means, vote for Wyatt's wife, Hilary McLellan.

If you wish a real independent voice that supports the best Democratic candidate for office, please consider me."

John Tighe
Saratoga Springs
July 31

There you have it folks. Three years of party politics wrapped up in less than 1,000 words...

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Honor Roll:

Yes, the so-called 'Democrats for Change' nazis were kind enough to list the names of those decent individuals actively opposing their power grab and their insanity.

Thanks so much, you idiots!

To all good city Democrats: support the people listed hereas 'opponents' to Keehn, Kim, Wyatt and their fellow NXIVM zombies.

Say "NO" to fascism, corruption, cults, ignorance, prejudice, libel, division, government waste and neighbor vs neighbor warfare.

Say "NO!" to Democrats for Change."

It's time to purge this poison from our party, once and for all.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real Deal & 5:31

The topic here is Candidates-- Their Credentials and their Qualifications. Michele Boxley is extremely qualified. And she certainly has more cylinders firing than you two methane-fueled relics.

Her skills would make it just fine on Madison Avenue, you know, the Manhattan Big Time ad agencies. I was there with JWT in 1977...when you kids were mastering four-letter words and composing graffiti in the comforting cowardice called anonymity.

Some things never change...

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Who in their right mind would listen to either one of these horse's asses? Wyatt is a Captain Kangaroo kiddie man while Tighe spends his time stalking Keehn's Kids. I don't trust either of them!

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Give up defending Michele Box-o-Rocks-ly. She knows nothing and it shows. When you ask her a question about the Accounts Dept, where she's supposed to be a full-time administrator, she either doesn't know the answer or makes up some b.s. that's obviously wrong. She acts like a pure political hack who reflexively supports the status quo Republican country club chamber of commerce establishment even though she's supposed to be a Democrat.

She's obviously got you fooled. Apparently you've forgotten everything you ever learned at JWT in the '70s. What about BBD&O in the '60s? Where were you when real Democrats learned to tell the difference between conformist drones like Michele and real activists who believe government is supposed to actually get things done instead of just repeating the same tired old lies?

Do you remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard Milhous Nixon? If they were still around, sad sack Michele would have a hard time telling the difference!

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would a saratoga democratic committee pick a no nothing from Ballston Spa instead of a saratogian for their candidate? Because they think they can control Southworth! That's why! They want a guy who is a puppet much like others McTygue tried to get elected. This way they can use the guy for whatever reason.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's Tighe and wyatt's letters wrapped up in one word: ASSHOLES!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's Tighe and wyatt's letters wrapped up in one word: ASSHOLES!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's Tighe and wyatt's letters wrapped up in one word: ASSHOLES!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Forgive me, but are you the small-town AdMan ran out of New York to open a nowhere shop with a businesss card from Kinkos? Or are you the guy who ran a camera at the JFK-Nixon debates?

Please, good-friend-busy-bad-mouthing-Michele, enlighten us with something inane and inconsequential... something like, oh, a SPECIFIC.

Really. You've driven your bus over Ms. Boxley. I'VE told you why she is intelligent. Now please, use a wee bit of space to tell us why YOU are still living in a time of black and white TV, before Michele Boxley was born.

I knew Jack Kennedy, 5:05. And YOU are no Jack Kennedy.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Find another subject. Michele's a waste of space.

11:04 PM  

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