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Parting shots

Most municipalities take weeks or even months to announce the appointment of a police chief. Cities often keep their options open. They solicit dozens –even hundreds –of resumes to fill such an important administrative position. That’s because it’s wise to properly scrutinize the guy who will be holding the purse strings of the overtime purse. It’s wise to know if the top cop is going to be a push-over for the police benevolent association, or if he’s going to do his job in accordance with its principles: protecting the taxpayers.

But Saratoga Spring simply isn’t like most municipalities. In fact, it’s nothing like them, as outgoing Public Safety Commissioner Ron Kim proved this week with his well-orchestrated political shenanigans with his two top administrators and his subsequent appointment of Assistant Chief Chris Cole to the position within 72 hours after the outgoing one abruptly announced his retirement.

Much has been said about the abrupt resignation of Fire Chief Robert Cogan and Police Chief Ed Moore this week. Both said they were reluctantly leaving their six-figure jobs to get lucrative retirement packages so that they could save jobs in their respective departments. Those sympathetic with their cause lauded their selfless move and pleaded the city commissioners to reconsider the draconian staff cuts.

The story was leaked to reporters on Monday. And by Tuesday’s city council meeting, the issue had ballooned into a full-blown political bout between Kim and Public Safety commissioner-elect Richard Wirth. And it has proven to be every bit as contentious as the outgoing commissioner’s election-season sparring with Mayor Scott Johnson.

Over the last three days, Kim has been making a variety of claims that may or may not be true. For him, the truth really doesn’t matter because he’s going to be out of office by months’ end. First and foremost among these claims is that the city will save more than $200,000 through these retirements –some reports place this number at $260,000 –and should therefore restore some of the estimated 14 jobs cut from Public Safety.

But the next assertion is a bit brasher. Kim claims he and he alone has the right to appoint successors to the retiring chiefs because the city can’t legally have its two most important departments operating without top administrators. Along these lines, he also claimed there is no existing language in the city charter that says he can appoint an interim chief to either position, so he is legally bound to appoint at least the police chief before Dec. 12, the day Moore officially retires.

Now let’s stop here for a moment. There are some interesting machinations at work in this decision making process. Interestingly enough, Moore didn’t initially know when he’d take his retirement when he stood before reporters gathered at city hall late Tuesday afternoon. And with tears “welling” in his eyes, no one from the media was going to push him for a date. In contrast, Cogan had a definitive date in mind: Christmas Day.

Of course, this all changed quickly between the announcement and the interviews for the police chief’s position, which were conducted on Thursday. Moore quickly comes up with a date, which happens to be exactly one week after Kim makes his decision.

The whirlwind of events rightfully left Wirth incensed. Wirth, who ran on a position of restoring a bit of fiscal order to the badly managed police department, didn’t even get a chance to get his feet wet before Kim pushed him into the pond. Now he has a major dilemma on his hands: Accept the choice of Cole as given and hope for the best or cry foul and battle it out in the court of public opinion; or perhaps county Supreme Court, where any such argument would surely land, costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Either way, he gets screwed.

That is, unless Cole is the best man for the job. After all, he’s next in line anyway and has been running the department during Moore’s well-publicized disappearing acts. But that may be more of a reason to overlook him as the next chief.

On a side note, the city did have somewhat of a precedence in appointing an interim due to the one-week service of the ailing Robert Flanagan back in 2003, ironically the week before Moore became chief. Flanagan, who was nicknamed ‘chief,’ replaced outgoing boss Ken King Jr., until his retirement a week later. Though there may not be a similar circumstance where this could occur these days, the brief appointment sets a legal precedence at the very least.

Now, despite the pomp and circumstance that was humming amid Moore’s announcement, he’s been nothing less than a calamity as police chief. Under each year of his leadership, overtime has increased. This suggests he’s either a very poor manager of his resources or that he’s made a point of bending to the Saratoga Springs PBA. Moore also presided over a number of ugly lawsuits, one of which involved himself. Let’s not forget that he and his number-two sued the city and won a hefty settlement that resulted from the political dickering and sexual exploits of former deputy Commissioner Erin Dreyer.

Moore was also the guy who failed to take action when his growing number of female officers complained about the lack of a woman’s changing area at the aging station. The issue eventually landed the city in court for state labor violations, which in turn lead to taxpayers’ funding a large cash settlement to the officers.

To his defense, Moore may have been told by Kim that he didn’t need to fix the issue, because Kim seemed assured that he’d be able to shove a $20 million public safety castle down the throats of taxpayers under guidance of mayoral disaster Valerie Keehn. And he came pretty damn close to doing it too.

Still, Moore’s mismanagement is more than documented, so Wirth would have been justified in wanting to clean house. This is especially the case because Moore –blinded by the prospect of rich mahogany and hardwood furniture of his prospective new office –chose to politicize his job. He did so by brazenly standing next to Keehn and then Kim on more than one political occasion.

Interestingly enough, few media sources have bothered to delve into exactly what the outgoing chiefs will actually save the city. Credit the Daily Gazette for taking an honest stab at it in Friday’s paper. Moore will carry away a retirement package of $73,000 annually while Cogan will be given $69,000 per year; not including any health insurance benefits, which were not listed in the article.

It should be noted that this will come from the state retirement fund, rather than from directly out of taxpayers’ pockets. But in essence, that’s another major problem in the city’s budgetary woes: Nondiscretionary funding. Payments into the state retirement fund and health insurance costs are two of the main drivers in any budgetary increase. These are functions that are hashed out with bargaining units and then written into contracts. What will the ultimate savings be from these retirements? Chances are they will be negligible.

In the end, this whole episode can be boiled down to Ron Kim’s formal ‘fuck you’ to the incoming council. And he carries these tidings for the rest of his ‘Democrats for Change’ cronies, each of which were banished to the nether regions of city politics. Only time will tell how bad his last-minute dickering screwed the incoming administration, but it doesn’t take a genius to see the tone has been set.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Kotter.
Your well written Blog has been sorely missed by us meatheads.

Speaking of which, the failings of this beaten elected public official whose only energy seemed to have been focused on scewing the public, will remain with Saratogians for years to come.

The only Holiday sounds that City Hall will enjoy will be those of a fat lady singing from the second floor -- signalling it's over.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back HO, you were missed.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Ben lives on said...

I bow to the master.Well done and welcome back

1:22 PM  
Anonymous General Custer said...

It's a little late Ho. Tighe's blog has taken over the #1 slot. You've been bumped and will certainlt take time to get it back. As for Kim and co. we will be rid of him for a while but who will these nimrods come back with to run again? Scary thoughts! They will be relentless.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous the Good Lord LOVES the truth said...

Better question who is the Cities Insurance agent and what company does he work for and who are the directors of this company and how much is the commission on these policies and are they put out to bid and what are the comparable bids. Are there any ideas from the companies bidding for this item that may reduce costs to the city and tax payers and what party are these people all from. Time to look into the tough questions HO and get the answers. Maybe its not all the employees Ho. Or are you protecting certain companys and people. Now that layoffs are upon the community maybe a few dug up skeletons every month until the next election are in order. Stay tuned. Feeling all warm and tingling now Kenny.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous agphoto said...

welcome back, HO! will comment later...

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets see,

City pulls out of county sales tax costing millions in revenues.

Ivins used surplus to keep taxes at 0% in 2008.

No SPAC surcharge.

Home depot? Wilton gets that sales tax.

$250,000 DEC lawsuit and another$250,000 for heated City Hall steps.

Several hundred housing units waiting to be built by Anderson and Beaver Pond and get on the tax rolls that this City cannot get its act together and apporove in some manner.

Half a dozen downtown lots remain off the tax rolls.

Lowest tax rate among Cities upstate.

Reliance on VLT money.

Not banking the retirement system money that the state has not required the city to pay over the last ten years.

The expanding city center, great Bonacio projects downtown, Four brand new hotels in 5 years, only upstate city expanding in population.

Yep- the cities economic trouble is the fault of Union contracts and Chief Moore and Cogan getting obscene payouts.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Rick Wirth would do the same thing.....

Hipocracy, they name is Saratoga politicians.

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like you don't like how the city is run. Why don't you step up and put your ideas forward you no account hack!

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Same sex marriage said...

It all comes down to two people. The two who screwed this whole city up for years to come. One of these two people not only screwed the city but also Skidmore College. Ken Klotz really messed up the college and the city. The other was McTygue who cost us taxpayers millions. Klotz and McTygue opted out of the county sales tax formula. Klotz involvement now has them laying off 70 workers and McTygue, it was all about the lawsuits.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:44 PM - So why are we still talking about the tax formula when we COULD BE talking about how to creatively address our PRESENT SITUATION?

Today the Fire Commander is suggesting to folks that their homeowner’s insurance rates and premiums will increase because the loss of seven firemen COULD put the city in grave danger, claiming that the city’s ISO rating COULD BE degraded to a class V of VI — a rating that COULD AFFECT insurance premiums IN THE CITY. Do we know if this threat is within the inner or outer district or both or whether it has to do with proximities to existing fire hydrants and fire stations, which at last count have not changed with the exception of water line and hydrant extensions out 9P and greater water pressure along Nelson Avenue, both of which COULD positively effect insurance ratings?

If we are claiming what COULD BE, then it seems fair to assume that the city under new management COULD BECOME a better functioning department, starting first with that list, of required public safety inspections of the commercial and residential buildings three families or more, that has been two years in the “research stage” by the lame duck Commissioner. The ISO rating COULD BE improved if these required state inspections were actually carried out for all these properties every three years as required with their reports filed with the State.

Citing our older building stock (primarily within the inner district), we CAN ALSO ASSUME that the number of old buildings haven’t increased from the days when the fire department had fewer assets. Today’s number of parcels reflects an increase of newer code compliant, sprinklered and better fire resistant construction, the bulk of it being in buildings three or more stories above grade that our newest fire apparatus was purchased to address. And those larger newer single family homes in the frontier are not about to create the problems for fire companies (and insurance companies) that close structures create in the denser older parts of the city.

To his credit, the Commander did report that “a detailed analysis WOULD have to be conducted before any change to the city’s grade would be known.” So we can then assume that after all is said and done, that those in authority can prepare the department to provide efficient service no less and perhaps better than what is presently being provided.

The Union mentality has not helped those large departments and those seven firemen in particular. Whether their jobs were initially created to fill facilities imagined and not realized by zealots who COULD HAVE seen this economy coming is another question, but the Union stewards had an opportunity to save those jobs by reducing the mandatory entitlements of their membership instead of demanding that the residents simply pay more. One has to wonder during these times of great concern, what the ISO ratings are out in Wilton where so many in our PSD live with their families? Are they in great danger from escalating insurance premiums?

The thread tying of all this is of course, the reluctance of our parting Councilman to have addressed some of the issues that perhaps COULD HAVE avoided the current imagined conundrum.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When was the last mugging in Saratoga Springs? The last robbery, theft or serious crime? Aside from baby sitting drunk Skidmore kids on Caroline Street at 2 a.m. a Saratoga Springs police job is a pretty good gig. Yea, summer gets busy passing out the parking tickets, and directing traffic, but does this town need all these cops anyway? And while we're at it, the fire department. Yup, we've got a lot of old buildings that need looking over, but I've personally seen two trucks and about 7 EMTs respond to a simple "man feinted" call.
Get real Saratoga Springs, the cops and fireman are too many and too overpaid for what they do.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Ben lives on said...

They still blame McTygue. As long has these DFC types keep polluting the local Democratic party and rely on the same old political hacks like Goldberg and Wyatt to make policy decisions they will remain an isolated fringe party with a small hard core following of a 1000 or more members and will be incapable of launching a successful election campaign for any of their chosen candidates

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Same sex marriage said...

After a little more research I am reporting that Klotz had nothing to do with the College layoffs. He Did indeed screw up the sales tax thing though.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Sons of Anarchy said...

Well folks! You have have only 25 more days to wait. Samcro is coming to Saratoga downtown to bring in the new year. With the law being cut back we will begin our crusade to systematically take control of Togatown! Our law will be enforced and for the better!

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Cheech said...


Where might I be able to score some of that herb you're smoking?

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective one correction - Erin Dreyer was dropped from the lawsuit with the Police Chief and Assistant Chief. She refused to settle, begging for her day in court to expose the truth or at least her side of the story and the city and PD were so desperate to keep her quiet they dropped her from the lawsuit. Look into it - truth is stranger than fiction. BTW if/when you meet her, talk to her and ask her anything you want you'll be stupified by the "other side" which is so much more plausible than what we read in the Saratogian and you'll know why Moore is really retiring.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...

Let me get this right--

Our city's FIRE INSURANCE PREMIUM may go UP because of the LAY-OFFS that MAY happen? Okay, got it!

last FEBRUARY was when the debate over 66 FRANKLIN hit the FRONT PAGE of the Saratogian, then the issue ERUPTED in City Hall and the Blogosphere. Part of the debate focused on the SAFETY hazard of the boarded-up building in close proximity to irreplaceable wooden Victorian Franklin Square gems, the very BIRTHPLACE of the Victorian Streetwalk (It was the "invention" of Bob Israel, not the City. Yes, he wanted to promote his properties. But look what the idea has done for Broadway.)

Okay. So THERE it sat, ready-to-burn...with a vengeance. You see, there is a standing order that FIREFIGHTERS are NOT TO ENTER the building. After an earlier inspection, the floors were rated as too UNSAFE to support a Firefighter in full gear.

SO, in the last TEN MONTHS, what has Ron Kim's Department done to make 66 FRANKLIN less of a hazard?

Nothing. Take a walk and have a look.

Oh, there was a much-ballyhooed inspection done for the Design Review Commission. And the report was quietly pulled from the public eye so Preservationists could get it to recommend WHATEVER it is they want it to recommend.

But surely a FIRE CODE INSPECTION was performed in the name of due diligence and, dare I say it-- "PUBLIC SAFETY?"
Nope. Nothin'.

We get the Insurance Premiums we DESERVE. And using the much-publicized Big Blue Tinderbox known as 66 Franklin as a case study, WHATEVER we're payin', in salaries or insurance, it ain't nearly enough.

Maybe, just maybe, a change at the top can get us some Public Safety.

-For What it's Wirth,
Kyle York
Neighbor to Nothing to be Alarmed About

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ghost of past commissioners says:

Erin saw it, because she looked for it.
Starting with Lewie Benton, the "commissioner" wanted to be a legislator, and handed over the running of the departments (SSFD and PD) to both Chiefs. How did that work out for the city?
Not only that, but he had a Deputy named JMike who was a champ at putting out press releases, but came up a bit short on reality.
Then, Benton quits the job (after being subjected to much humiliation by party biggie JTRoohan) which was a first. The exception being Mr. Burke who blew his brains out, just before a council mtg. How many saratogians remember that?
After Lewie quits the gig, they appointed MR. Curley, who then appointed Erin Dreyer as his Dep. It didn't take long for them both to see the "real deal" and they pursued it with a passion. Maybe too much passion (pun intended) but it was right there for all to see, but you had to look FOR IT, not look AWAY from it.

We taxpayers have a big mess to clean up. Let's hope Mr. Wirth digs into the reasons for all the overtime, and stops all the excuses for spending our tax dollars.

All he needs to do is LOOK.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Interview Boner said...

OK, when can I 'meet" Ms Dreyer?

I'll get a room.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Faulkner said...

When are you going to do a post on Bruno?

4:45 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


No serious crime? Seriously?
Do you read this blog, much less the local papers?
Attempted rape, kidnapping, dead bodies out in the woods, major fraud cases in and around our fair city and that's just in this calendar year.

Maybe you wouldn't count assault, domestic violence, drunk driving, drug dealing, "car shopping," or breaking and entering as serious or worthy of police attention.

Unless they happen to you.

And I would imagine a "man fainting" wouldn't be a big deal either. After all, someone dropping over unexpectedly is no big deal...

Unless it happens to you, of course.

But I suppose you are yet another one of these people who think that nobody does anything worth paying for with tax dollars. Heck, layoff everyone, buy a big gun and a gas can, and we'll all roll Mad Max-style.

See ya at the Thunderdome!

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kyle York:

Please stop SHOUTING!!!

Dickworth is woefully unprepared to lead the Public Safety Department. He's in way over his head.

1:32 AM  
Anonymous The First Noel said...

Harrison? Funny! Ron Kim has a son named Harrison. Is that you or is it daddy using your name?

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

11.11 AM - Kyle, Kyle Krocodile:

66 Franklin Street was deemed NOT UNSAFE by the certified NYS licensed architect and both NYS registered & licensed engineers tied to this project. The owner’s rep did say “it would cost a lot of money”, but relatively speaking, a lot of money for you may not be a lot of money for Mr. Victorian walk or who ever – because only this guy’s opinion as engineer is germane, not his opinion as an economist. Read the owner's applications before the Zoning Board and the DRC – 66 Franklin Street is a project - A BUILDING NOT IN PERIL.

The thing is meathead; it is a project that is not unsafe – it’s just not completed. Firemen who often work in “unsafe” buildings would have trouble walking through any one of the unfinished condos when the floors were not poured or any historic building during their renovation. Have you been to a reconstruction site recently? And wouldn't ya think that someone who lives in the “Franklin Square” condos should have some respect for this settlement that’s been around since 1856?

BTW, the astronomical construction costs suggested for its renovations were just that – nothing like what it cost several developers to successfully completely redo their projects ‘soup to nuts’ throughout the city during the height of construction mania during the last several years – it was all a little bit of creative exaggeration on the part of those who would rather see an empty lot from their window. Be a good neighbor Dude, and help SAVE OUR HISTORIC BUILDINGS by watching out for arsonists.

And like the present blog topic, fear mongering has no place, where cool heads reside.

Don’t play with matches.

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. York:

1. You should know that buildings that are close to one another do not pose a threat, otherwise we would have to start tearing down a lot of buildings all over town especially along Broadway and Church Street.

2. Secured and mothballed uninhabited buildings without utilities, pose less a threat than those buildings with occupants, cigarettes, candles and careless campers.

3. If No. 66 poses a problem for you, then I would suggest that when our Mr. Wirth takes office in January, you demand to have his inspectors righteously walk through the multifamily building for its required inspection and also demand that the City enforce that part of the Code which prohibits buildings like 66 Franklin Street from posing a threat to its neighbors, if in fact it hasn’t already been properly secured from the elements and from those meandering gentiles looking for some shelter from the storm.

4. And you might try partnering or even volunteering with the Preservation Foundation to help with their restoration efforts in keeping Franklin Square the historic neighborhood you so enjoy. They not only saved the whole neighborhood from demolition, but they saved your plot from being an arterial and then where would you be? Hey, maybe you could become part of the Neighborhood watch program to alert the authorities when you see danger or buildings in harms way!

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on 4:20!

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Amateur Architect said...

I just looked at the site plan for the proposed DPS facility, and:

There's a KOREAN DELI in there!

Now WHO do you think is behind that?

One way to buy a future career, I guess. Just in case the economy recovers and the bankruptcy applications dry up.

I am happy to report, however, that thr rumor of a NXIVM training lab also being in it is untrue. That function will now be served at the Adelphi Hotel after it is purchased by the cult's front group.

That's it from City Hall. I'll report back with anything else I find...

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...

Greetings neighbor 11.11 AM-

I'm very happy that you love the results of the inspection that was paid for by The Foundation. Mr. Friedman's "report" from January or February was good enough to earn him not only his paycheck from The Foundation... but it also earned him front-page coverage in the Saratogian--

That may be good enough for you but it didn't pass muster with the City Council. The Council handed the matter to the Design Review Commission, and that was back in MARCH... stay with me neighbor... it was early spring when the DRC requested an impartial inspection and review--

The inspections were conducted and the Report was presented to the DRC... only to be quickly taken off the table when Preservationists made known their concerns.

And that's where we are today-- The unbiased report of experts is sitting in a folder at City Hall. Meanwhile at 66 Franklin, a few more "GO AWAY" signs were posted. There has not been any "reconstruction" activity this year. Sero. Nada. Well, I guess you could call the removal of the blue tarp protecting the eastern roof an "activity." Still leaking... but now a wee bit faster.

Be a good neighbor dude-- Advocate for responsible action. And remember--

"Only your Public Safety officials can prevent Franklin fires."

-Kyle York
Action Matters

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Ronny boy should get a royal "fuck you" from all Saratogians. He surely has mine

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Kyle:

Then let's go over this again.
To paraphrase a famous butcher, "I do give a company fuck about your muddled conundrum you meat headed shit sack. And here'the thing":

1. The building is a project.

2. The new owner bought the building and secured the approvals for the project.

3. Because the present owner stopped his project, the building required action from PS to secure it.

4. The owner chose then to request tearing down the building by claiming that it would cost a zillion dollars to turn it into a respectable building, and that it was unsafe.

5. The owner brought in his supporting engineer.

6. The Preservation Foundation brought in their supporting engineer.

7. Both Certified and NYS Licensed Structural Engineers wrote and signed their signatures on official stationary stating that the building was not unsafe.

8. The Architect who had worked with both owners on a project that went before city land boards for approvals that he received was not working on an unsafe building.

9. The Council dodged the political decision by asking the DRC for an opinion.

10. The DRC in part because its chair had been promoting the owner’s blight and the extravagant costs associated with this routine renovation for months in the newspaper had set himself up for either recusal, removal or public ridicule.

11. So, the DRC requested an opinion from the assistant building inspector for his opinion to determine just what the two letters meant. Recognize, that the letters from the two engineers were written and addressed to the DRC, who were perfectly capable to read them and decipher what these two professionals wrote but yet, they required another person in this case, not a registered or licensed peer professional, but an unlicensed unregistered assistant inspector to interpret them for the Commission.

12. It took three months for the opinion to arrive and to his credit, the inspector’s opinion that was publicly presented was exactly parroting the two engineers -- that the buildings were not unsafe! He added the owner’s structural engineer’s concern for costs but that of course we know is relative.

13. Here’s the conundrum York: The letter didn’t make the case for the Owner or for the DRC chair, so the unsigned letter was whisked away (except for those distributed copied) and a new unsigned letter was produced a week later that mysteriously had a different second page saying that the building was in grave danger to all those who entered its unlocked doorways and windows – an unsafe building!

14. We had PS reports adding concern for sending firemen into this dangerous unoccupied construction site. We also had many people add that the proposed costs for reconstruction were over the top. We didn’t have any letter from the adjacent owner fearing the closeness of this structure to his own property throughout the several years of development by its two owners.

15. It would seem that the building is required by NYS law enforceable by our PSD to address those concerns regarding property maintenance, securing dangerous structures and to routinely inspect multifamily residential buildings and commercial buildings for life safety concerns – all of your concerns.

16. So then there now, when you go to the second floor of City Hall to take Action, ask that No. 66 be properly secured – taxing the owner through the Office of Finance if need be, if the City has to do it.

17. Before this is over, we’ll have the two registered and NYS Licensed Engineers, the NYS Licensed Architect each with their glossy black and white photos each with a paragraph on the back of each one attached to their signed professional opinions stating that the building needs protection from the elements (and from intruders) but that a modest investment can result in a completed building that would compliment its historic neighborhood for generations to come. Count on a large contingent of qualified preservation professionals to make their case for preservation.


4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like 4:32 just saved a building. Reading it twice, not too many people are going want to get stuck to that.

Maybe the owner should batten the hatches, and sell this building to a consortium of neighboring condominium owners who can rent it out for the summer and also time share it off-season to enjoy its real historic amenities and full city tax benefits like backyard parties and barbecues and living with neighbors on truly one of the oldest streets in Saratoga Springs.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HO must have a lot of patience.
If I were him/her, I wouldn't post your comments unless they were "on subject."
Go back and look at the original posting, please.

If you want to discuss Franklin Sq then get a blog started.
Good luck.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...

Okay 667-word 17-point 4:32 AM-

I.1.a(i)- If a "Project" is not touched in 12 months, is it still undergoing "reconstruction?"

II.1.a(i)- If a "Project" burns, is it still a fire?

III.1.a(i)- If a "Project" is aflame at 4:32 AM and the cloistered Condo owner next door is too busy writing/researching/filing to actually DO anything... the flames shed any light of common sense on an obsessive-compulsive archivist of our most magnificent Matchstick Monument?

-Kyle York
Never One to Fiddle while Rome Burns

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a blog (life)

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. York:

1. Every project is a work in progress. It took years for the Philistines to appreciate Rome (and I know that’s not correct but, metaphorically speaking..) even in its deplorable state, I would think someone with your deep appreciation of local history and roots, actually helping with this building as opposed to looking at it like an insensitive carpetbagger could be beneficial to all.

2. You realize, with your preoccupation with fire, that you’ll be the first person that will be visited by the investigators (both public and private). The owner has a responsibility to maintain his property or have the City enforce its Code. Look, he should sell it (his plan N0. 2 didn’t work) because his investment requires a faster return than the present market will provide and he’s a cash man – and the return on this one left him months ago.

3. Again, although fire has been the source of our earliest inspiration, it’s gotten a lot of people in trouble. Work with me on this project and I’ll invite you to a neighborhood barbecue where you could cook your wieners and your political effigies.

4. Visit the house history of N0. 66 and then add yourself to the list for having nobly saved it.



4:41 PM  
Anonymous Here I am DFC; now excuse me while I hurl! said...

speaking of "torced", I'm getting torched Saturday AM before I head to the Dems meeting.

who's joining me for some shots and brews, to get fighting drunk?

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matchstick Man, if an "obsessive-compulsive archivist" is required to put the info straight, then so be it.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...


It'll be my pleasure to join you, wouldn't miss it for the world!


It'll be my pleasure to "Work with (you)" if you'll say who you are, and who are the "we" you represent?


The subject is "Parting Shots." HO's reference to the Irish poem "The Parting Glass" leads us directly to "The Parting Glass (Pub)" where 8:42 and other readers will meet. We will enjoy "shots" which, like 66 Franklin, burn as they go down... all within spittin' distance of the ever-vigilant Public Safety Commissioner-in-charge.

-Kyle York
Lovin' that Torch of Liberty!

3:20 PM  

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