Tuesday, February 09, 2010

At a medium pace

Nobody likes a parking meter. In fact, the parking meter could very well be one of the most loathed inhabitants of the urban jungle, second only to the overzealous parking cop. Business owners say they scare customers away to the free fields of parking at nearby shopping plazas. And the customers often view them as yet another tithe they are forced to pay on their way to being fleeced by a tourist trap.

Indeed, parking meters stir all kinds of ire among the public. Some see damaging them as a suitable way to strike out against a taxing authority –or authority in general. Others see them as a roadside treasure trove to be smashed, bashed, hacked, sawed or otherwise defiled in a manner to rob the bevy of quarters. These are the types of things many parking authorities deal with in municipalities that have their motorists socialized into paying for their spot on the street.

Of course, Saratoga Springs is not one of those municipalities. The Spa City pulled out its meters decades ago in an attempt to make the downtown area more alluring. Ever since, parking has been a right for residents and visitors alike. Not a privilege that can be taxed, but an inalienable right.

This notion is one the City Council should understand as it moves forward with a plan to implement paid parking. Given the almost-certain-to-grow $1.35 million budget deficit, paid parking is pretty much imminent. Layoffs didn’t seem to save much money and the city’s stalled negotiations with the unions don’t appear to be yielding any forthcoming savings.

But if it’s between raising property taxes and billing the city’s visitors, most residents would choose the latter. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a happy medium between implementing paid parking and keeping other spaces free for the taking.

For example, the easiest plan to start charging for spaces is to put barricades up at all the two municipally-owned parking decks. Generally speaking, motorists almost assume they’re going to pay for a spot in such lots. After all, there needs to be some revenue coming in to care for them in the event their concrete starts crumbling.

Moreover, the parking garages shield vehicles from the elements, which can be a real bonus in bad weather. Certainly, there will be some people pissed off by paid parking no matter how it is implemented; count downtown workers among this group. However, charging for the municipal decks while leaving the rest of the business district alone would be one way of striking a happy medium with ardent paid parking opponents, such as the Downtown Business Association.

Will this bring in enough revenue to balance the city budget? Probably not. And as Albany has demonstrated, paid parking can be a bit of a disaster when the wrong folks are enforcing it. The last think Saratoga Springs needs is a new entitlement program that allows the well-connected to flout the law.

But asking people to pay for the garages is a start, and not one that’s a hard-and-fast screwing like nailing in meters in front of every business downtown. Let’s call it a trial balloon. On the plus side, maybe paid parking will convince a few of the city’s laziest commuters to walk a few blocks to work instead of hopping into the car.


Anonymous Juan Kim said...

I live a block from broadway and still drive my car downtown. I am a lazy motherfucker first and formost. I will pay to park or park for free. Whatever!

9:29 AM  
Blogger Kyle York said...


Alas, we are at loggerheads... but at least you're trying to hear all voices and come back with a profit.

But your "Deck" plan can't do it... by law. When the County partially funded the Woodlawn/Walton deck, the final contract dictates that if metered, "...such money shall be put in a special account and be used only for the maintenance and repair of the deck." True, you did note the benefit of a fix-up fund. But t'aint no profit in that deck.

In all the sturm and drang over money, what has been utterly overlooked is the Meters' Magic to Manage Congestion. Lord knows we could use that on a Broadway jammed with double-parked deliveries and 53-foot diesel demons.

Fool that I am, I spent 2 1/2 years studying the industry and collecting case studies (I strongly recommend the recent program in Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE) and reading the city's SIX previous studies. Humor me here--

* DECK at Woodlawn is FREE to EMPLOYEES ONLY with red-numbered bumper stickers, employment to be verified/updated by shop owners.

* ALL EAST/WEST roads FREE to EMPLOYEES... and RESIDENTS ONLY with green-numbered tags verified by landlord.

* BROADWAY $1.50 an hour, hi-tech modern METERLESS systems with 5 hour max limit from City Center to Holiday Inn, all welcome.

* DECK at SPRING $1.00 an hour unlimited, all welcome.

* ALL OTHER LOTS $.75 an hour, 5 hr. max, all welcome.

* NORTH/SOUTH streets from FRANKLIN to HENRY are $.50 an hour unlimited, all welcome.

* SPECIAL LATEST INNOVATION "I-Park" devices for elderly/handicapped and residents of special needs. It's a "stopwatch" you buy & load with TIME. These residents can park ANYWHERE. They simply place the small device near the vehicle registration sticker, click START and the display shows time ticking away until the owner returns and stops it.

THE CITY PARKING AUTHORITY will set the prices for EMPLOYEE, RESIDENT, and I-PARK privileges.

Of course, my muddled plan can't hold a candle to what 11 mysterious DBA disciples came up with in three weeks of closed and sparsely attended meetings.

-Kyle York
"No Such Thing as Free Parking"
(A Book, the Expert's Bible)

10:25 AM  
Blogger Citizen Nancy said...

If you can pay to shop on Broadway you can also pay to park on Broadway.

People come to Saratoga Springs to spend what is called 'recreational dollars' meaning they come here to spend money not to look for free parking. Even Schenectady has paid parking and there isn't much to do there besides going to Proctor's and buying crack.

Saratoga, hands down has much more to offer than most places in upstate New York.

Yes, the masses have gotten used to free parking but they will get used to paying a few dollars to park.

Only the savviest of Saratogian's like myself know where all the available free spots are and I will certainly continue to utilize them.

Remember when the law against smoking in bars came about and the argument was that NO ONE would drink without being able to smoke and it would make bars go out of business? People still smoke and they still go to bars, you just got used to smoking outside, you coped somehow and bars still made money. Enough said.

Yes on paid parking. Or just walk more.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DBA try and hide behind the association label, but they are a union just like any other. Its very comical how they continue to bash local union groups any chance they can get they. I am a lifetime saratoga springs native working in the private sector and feel the DBA are the biggest hypocrites. If you constantly call for the unions to sacrifice for the greater good of the city, Then you do the same!

3:18 PM  
Blogger Mr. Sunshine said...

Has anyone looked at Federal St. lately? NiMo is gone; Barry Pinsley's horrible little office bldg. is demolished. Not one business or even address on the street, either side. Could easily accommodate a couple hundred cars! Any plans for this street? Paid parking is a downtown-killer.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nobody likes a parking meter" except maybe Kyle York. This outspoken downtown condo owner with his 50% discount on his tax bill supporter of paid parking; can't understand why retailers are so concerned that this action will reduce their already fragile economy. Get the Phone Company to pay for its employees utilizing a third of the Putnam Street parking deck and the Trust employees utilizing the Church Street deck and we might have some revenue, but not the amount expected. The DPW & the DPS will have to reduce its staff and become more efficient. The tough reality is that the voting resident taxpayers have spoken. Fat times are over for the time being and the City has to operate on a budget – like it or not.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

Anon 8:22-

If you're going to be a rambling idiot, at least be an INFORMED rambling idiot. My "discount" on my 2010 tax bill is 19%... not 50%... 19% on the 2010 $353,086 Full Market Value of my 1600 square foot condo. If you and all the other cyberliars cannot grasp the true figure, call me at 581-1819 and we'll arrange a meeting with John Franck to prove or disprove the true tax revenue paid by condominium owners.

-Kyle York
Facts. Count.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the King of (I can’t have BBK’s and clothes lines) Rants:

Your discount is $54,340. The assessed value of your (I don’t live in a real home but can legitimately complain as much as 81% of everyone else) 1595 SF home is $286,000 and its full value is $353,100 (reduced from $364,900 by your previous ranting).

Accurate facts count more.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Calling SOMEONE'S bullshit said...

1% is too much.

So Kyle Pork and his fellow condo owners are ripping us off at 19 times the rate.

Wake up city council and planning. Start rejecting condo projects over legitimate FULL tax paying projects.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity for The Saratogian to offer free parking to subscribers.
That would still leave them with enough room for the new public safety building too!

8:20 PM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

Staying "On Topic" is a Good Thing.

Off-topic lies are a bad thing, the last refuge of an idiot. What Anon 8:09 lacks in accuracy he/she makes up for in arrogant cowardice. If anyone believes the cyberlie that my home's full value is "$353,100," I have a Tax Bill from the Commissioner of Finance to prove otherwise. Call 581-1819 and learn a wee bit about "accuracy."

Just one phone call.

In the meantime, what do you think of the City's RFP for Paid Parking?

-Kyle York
The Man Holding and Paying the Tax Bill

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the egotistic Mr. York, who has shown us from his writings, that his NIMBY-ism extends not only from his rear view from Railroad Place towards Franklin Square but also to his myopic view of our small world as he berates yet another letter writer’s mindful opinion who admits to owning a ‘second home’ in our fair city: consider writing a soapbox next time, that is not a rambling rant of sound bites suitable for posting on the side of a bus or on a latrine wall partition.

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, there was a guy nick-named "nickles" who went around to the parking meters, emptied the nickles into bags, and then brought the money to city hall where it was counted, wrapped and brought to the bank.

There were a lot fewer cops back then to enforce the expired meters and write tickets, but they did it without parking enforcement people.

People didn't like the meters, and it was changed. The meters were taken away, and the downtown flourished.

That there's the way it was.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walking healthily downtown wouldn't be the worst thing, but I must question whether balancing the city’s checkbook on the backs of retail merchants could backfire effecting those of us who really do care for the livelihood of home grown home town merchant shopping. Ask most of our specialty shop owners how profitable it really is to wait for the big season? We participate and graduate in Chamber events, hoping that the residents of this City can appreciate our services as we find better ways of business management. It's always a bit of a struggle with a smile because the idea of owning one's own shop and knowing the merchants and those who walk daily past our shops is partly what keeps us enjoying our trades and living in this wonderful city. We grow gray doing this and we don’t belong to unions and pay our employees and yet, we do not blame you the resident.

Mayors have assembled countless committees of well-intentioned individuals, some with agendas and others, just proud to serve. In the end, the talk … where does it go? Go figure?

So maybe meters will in the short term reward those whose heads are on the block to solve the problem or for those who are tired of talking, but if it effects those of us who try to maintain the idea of “your Saratoga” be as quick to reassess this solution … because we may be sadly forced to close our shops and those that might follow will not have the sacred memories of what many of you write about. Be careful for what you dare to suggest. If our municipal costs are too high, the trimming as the butcher says, starts with a sharply honed knife.

And, it's never quite as simple as Mr. Kyle suggests. His life must be without problem.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BE HERE NOW and HEAR THIS.... You are correct with your small differences. My info came from the County and if they got it wrong it's because I used your name. Call them at 885-5381 ask for the Infirmary, they’ve got a bed and a lobotomy specialist waiting for you.

You pay your reduced taxes on your assessed amount not on your full value.

Now don’t jump up and down and write me a poem. Call me at 587-3550 and ask for your 2010 reduced 19% entitlement taxpayer number.

As far as parking problems, dangerous buildings and wackoes, I think the city should tear down your building and build a parking garage in your name or simply turn your home into a public safety office to spy on that house behind you.

Stop drinking that booze at work, you’re anything but, a man holding. Besides, you frighten the guests.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:30PM: Amen to that!

5:03 PM  
Anonymous dirtyharry said...

Two things on parking:
1.If the money budgeted for the extra income paid parking would bring in does not materialize, then where will it come from?
2. If you do not like the idea of paid parking, come up with other solutions such as promoting sponsorships/rental income inside both parking garages with discounts going to DBA businesses for tasteful advertisement.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dirty Hairy: Look, In a perfect world, or for a fistful of dollars or even a for a few dollars more … even as the outlaw Josey Wales, painting the bloody town red be it good bad or ugly or unforgiven, you’ll still be in the line of fire and it isn’t going to make your day Bird. The bottom line whether your floating down some mystic river is that bleeding the residents to pay the piper who happens to be a not very efficient ensemble group perhaps need to be reexamined. Not exactly, what you wanted to hear to make your day.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

AnonyHarry 5:29-

A man's got to know his limitations. And your mouthwash ain't makin' it. We in Spa City NEED a revenue stream that is OURS to control, an ANNUAL line item instead of a ONE-SHOT fix, and a fair COST borne by not the "residents" as you assert... but revenue from the true STAKEHOLDERS who come to visit and SPEND. Fair allowances can and will be made for locals.

Let you... or ANYONE else make an on-topic proposal with the details and research... or simply shoot from the hip and offer an alternative to the City RFP. Something far better than my initial 10:25 AM post.

Does ANYBODY have an on-topic proposal? HO deserves better than this current shitzy string. And Lord knows this City deserves better than this current Council thing.

Pause, reflect, and demand more from YOUR intellect.

-Kyle York
You've got to ask yourself one question

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Well, in all the excitement, I forgot if I shot six times...or only five....well,do you feel lucky? Do ya punk?"

You left that one out.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here Here: Seems that (proud, I sign my name) Kyle York both signs his name and then answers himself in the (proudless) second person anonymous.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I speak for all those anonymous bloggers, except for the anonymous screenname that the anonymous Mr. York chooses at times to utilize. Anonymity has little to do with courage, as he would like us to believe. In most cases, it only causes YOU to focus on the responsible message. Unfortunately, many are not, so as a lot we can and must ignore those.

Knowing Mr. York only from his writings, I would imagine him to be a child of the “Me” generation – and those shameless egomania decades that followed. Today’s access through the Internet makes donning a shroud at times responsible to avoid the irresponsible attraction of millions of email flamers and chat-room chatterers. This medium does allow for interaction without social risk or social responsibility – which in some cases is the responsible thing to do.

In a perfect world, “the accused shall … be confronted with the witness against him”, but the tradition of literary deception is one that has long been respected. So, choose to park (this is about parking?) your name to your thoughts, good bad or indifferent but don’t be surprised that in doing so, the messenger will become the focus of the attack – often less so than the message.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

Anon 6:47 AM-

When I quote my friend Mr. Eastwood (or anyone else) I take pains to get the words correct. HAD I written any "Punk" commentary, I'd have gotten it correct. "The Line" is spoken twice in the film, once with a slight difference. And no, I did not need to Google this excerpt--

"Did I fire six shots... or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I've kinda' lost track myself. So bein' this is a 44 Magnum... and would blow your head CLEAN off... you've got to ask yourself one question-- 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya... punk?"

-Kyle York
Aim for Accuracy. Target the Truth.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous dirtyharry said...

Kyle York- love a special discount for seniors and elderly. ("I-Park" devices for elderly/handicapped and residents of special needs.) Or something to acknowledge their needs. If anyone has better solutions- put them on the table. Tasteful advertising in the parking garages. Have frequent trolley routes from the track to downtown (they may already have this- but I did not see it on their map?). Bring back the pedicabs! For some reason- I think the city came down on this- but bring them BACK. Better yet, let the city own them, have advertisements on the pedicabs. Just some ideas. Come up with your own.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle
I've never commented on your comments, but your last comment comes across as just a little bit arrogant.

This is the best (intellectually) blog around, and people who want to have "some fun" with Clint's quotes, just don't need to be chastised.

Lighten up.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

Mr. Light 3:34 pm-

Very insightful. Oh... any thoughts or advice for 6:47A or 6:49A? Probably the same person... unless two insomniacs just happen to post and boast within two minutes of each other. Kinda' "arrogant" maybe?

And isn't it an insult to the "best blog around" that they can't even venture to honor Horatio with a hint of on-topic commentary?

So... your thoughts on the City RFP? How about some constructive "intellectual" thoughts for a city with a looming deficit, severe traffic problems, and a City Center soon to expand without the creation of so much as one single parking space?

Help your community. Shine the light of civic civility... on the topic of Paid Parking.

Or just "have some fun."

-Kyle York
Doin' that John Hancock thing

10:34 AM  
Blogger Faulkner said...

I just farted in a paper bag and then inhaled it. Good stuff.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the perceptive Mr. York: I did post two comments consecutively (6:47AM & 6:49AM) without the intention of deceiving you or anyone. I certainly was not concerned that your keen surveillance would consider this act of sequential posting presumptuous on my part. My reason for this was simply that after 'publishing my comment', I realized that it warranted a further reply, hence another comment – and yes, probably a result of staying up late. You will agree that I did sign them the same.

Perhaps your objection with anonymity has little to do with your belief that some who you call cowards (or rambling idiots) exist amongst us by day beneath a veneer of civility, while at night under the protective cloak of anonymity, they are able to do their screen name thing and write character assassinations? Or could it be perhaps that you might have avoided a great deal of peripheral attention by not having boldly posted your name while writing at times, vicious commentary - where few dare. Is that the reason you sometimes mask yourself anonymous?

From your multi-media postings, I will presume that you do enjoy a certain degree of attention and obvious self-loathing. From the man informs the world that he can quote from memory his "friend” Clint Eastwood’s (or anyone else) character’s lines (without the need to Google the excerpt), I wonder if that larger than life imagined “friend” of yours just isn’t another as famous actor?

"Deep down, in places you don't talk about at parties, you want Kyle York to write responses. You need Kyle York. You use words like intellectual, civic civility, accuracy, truth, looming deficits, severe traffic problems, parking spaces ... I use these words as the backbone to a 200 year family history spent living and holding in Saratoga Springs and paying my percentage of taxes. Some use 'em as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a public who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom and oversight Kyle York provides, then questions the manner in which Kyle York provides it! I'd rather you just said thank you and went on your way."

Proud & Anonymous.

5:22 AM  
Blogger Uncle Sam said...

Hey what about that Joanne Yepsen? Does she really want to run? No one knows her outside Saratoga Springs.. Who is backing her with money?

11:48 AM  
Blogger Uncle Sam said...

Yepsen for Assembly in 110th? Let’s get real. She has no money!!! She has no support outside Saratoga Springs. She is a political insider and a puppet of Larry Bulman.

She is famous for grandstanding at the Saratoga Board of Supervisor. She is a great advocate for herself but no one else. PLEASE Democrats is this the best you can do? Mr. Bulman show some leadership. Dem are out numbered in the 110th and Tedisco is still popular. Are the Dems looking for another loser? They did SOOO WELL in Saratoga Springs with Ron (Commando) KIM.

Get some fresh blood to run, not some old political HACK. The DEMS can do better than this and the people in the 110th need better. Or is Bulman just giving this seat away like he has most of Saratoga County to the Repblican?

12:11 PM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

P & A 5:22 AM-

I have never and will never post as "anonymous" or any other name. The owners of these myriad blogs might step forward to back me up or nail me... they always see my computer's IP.

I write and post using my name because that's how we Americans communicated for over "200 years" in them dark days before the internet. In our SO-YESTERDAY Letters to the Editors, we used our names to ensure some degree of accountability and to encourage sidewalk talk with neighbors. To THINK the nation's antiquated soon-to-be-dead NEWSPAPERS still insist on real names!!! Dinosaurs and dopes.

Yes, I know that Thomas Paine used pseudonyms during a time when the King and his Army might kill him for his words of Treason.

Can't say I see any topic in our local blogosphere where one might use their real name end up dead. Well, some paranoids around here claim a cult called "NXIVM" have assassins walking our streets. Fool that I am, I've written that they are a cult of IDIOTS... and I signed my name. Not dead yet.

As for Mr. Eastwood, yes he IS my friend. I was a reporter in the small town of Pacific Grove adjacent to Carmel when Clint was Mayor. Of course, I'd met him on the streets and at his "Hog's Breath Saloon" before it became just another franchise. I have autographed movie posters he's sent me if you'd like to see them.

Names DO matter in this world. Just have a look-see at that "Decalaration of Independence" thing. Or ANY banal civic debate in the years before you pounded at your keyboard in the half-dark hours before dawn.

Hey- Any thoughts on that Paid Parking thing? Call me crazy, but I can't understand why the names of the "11-member committee" remain secret. Must be the new rage of that "Anonymous" thing.

-Kyle York
On my way

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

me thinks you've been inhaling more than just farts in a bag

1:40 PM  
Blogger Faulkner said...

RE: Anonymous 1:40,

Nah... I was heavily "influenced" by the DARE program.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Sunshine said...

I commented under my own name for a couple of years. But when I read the incoherent rage expressed by some I feared for the well-being of myself and my family members. I didn't want phone calls or nasty snail mail. So I "retreated" to an online monicker. Mind you, I never received anything, but I decided I was stupid, since I was so opinionated, to make myself so vulnerable. Sure, anyone can find out who Mr. Sunshine "really" is, but at least it takes a little sleuthing, not just 411.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous I think Uncle Sam is a Keehniac / NXIVM member said...

To Uncle Sam:

Do you get a kick out of answering your own question? Or were you just too stupid to sign-in the second time with a different screen name?

As for the lady in question: I don't think she does a bad job as Supervisor. Nothing spectacular, bit nothing stupid either. Remember, though, that it basically a big Nothing Job with no real authority. Especially for a far out-numbered Democrat like her.

As far as her running for Assembly? I don't see it happening for the reason you say too: money. She personally doesn't have any. I doubt there's any big money behind her. Her backers are guys like Ken Klotz and Bob Millis and Jenifer Lidig (spelling?) and others--none of whom have any deep pockets either. Maybe Eliot Masie is involved also? I don't know.

But, if push came to shove, I'd like to see her as opposed to some of the other names being dropped, such as Val Keehn. I know Yepsin is not part of the Keehn mob, and I would sure love to see that cat fight happen. Especially when she parades around with Billy. That will really get your blood flowing now, won't it?

5:08 PM  
Blogger Uncle Sam said...

To respond to the child:

Val, Ron, Peter (Tip Toe) Tulin and the rest of the fake Democrats in Saratoga Springs are your hang-ups or obsessions not mine. All they did was piss away Democratic victories. Get over VAL and her cult minions. Try to run a political party with honest people for a change. Or maybe just keep doing what your doing letting the Republicans walk all over you.. You only have one real Democrat in office in Saratoga Springs and his name is John Franck. Take a lesion from him and maybe the DEMS will win again in Saratoga Springs. GO JOHNNIE !!

Yepsen is a puppet of Larry Bulman. Bulman is setting the stage for another republican win! This tub of lard is almost as big of a self promoter as Yepsen. Come on DEMS how about real candidates for a change. You did so well in Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Wilton, Milton, and Waterford. Every place Larry helped out Dems lost locally. Only two places had gains in the DEM column Mechanicville and Ballston and they did it without Larry Bulman.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Citizen Nancy said...

uncle sam:

take a lesion from john franck?

i think you mean lesson.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that there will be a demand for space at the exit 15 strip malls. Maybe downtown can survive on antique shops and trinket stores, but it might need a couple of game arcades and a wax museum (Val would be a hit). Lk George's downtown would be a good model to copy.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Face it, the city is broke, if it were human it would be homeless. The folks in town have to WAKE UP and realize that all of the nice stuff that they get from the city comes from their pockets. All the crap that people want to better; the, kids, environment, air quality, the plight of the poor, the ducks, the pretty flowers, the ok roads, all costs money, and it's time to pay. Val suckered the folks into believing that the state would pay our bills and we could continue to live happily in the "city in the country", but we got screwed.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

Anon 3:24, Visionary-

You make the SAME mistake that I make EVERY day. FOOL that you are, you live in the PRESENT! Matching "Income" to "Expenses" is such a misguided relic of modern times.

You need to WAKE UP, splash your face with some FRESH mineral spring water and realize that your financial fuzzy-headedness is all taken care of by the Venerated Elders, the very Founding Fathers of our small "City in the Country--

Our beloved hometown of "Dalton Springs, NY 12866"

-Kyle York
In the Hands of a Greater Power

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot the souvenir stores (like Lk George). But at least they have a lake, and some tour boats, a BEACH (polluted), so there are reasons for the souvenirs.

Saratoga has the Health, History, Hotels, but the fourth "H" ....the horses, might be missing.

Will the masses still come to our town, to visit the trinket stores, and boutiques?

When was the last time you purchased something downtown. Name three shops....and then tell me what they sell.

No, I didn't think so, neither could I.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5 parking bids all judged fatally flawed and slammed down! way to lead a committee, Ivins!

Perhaps now some people will wake up to the fact that you are a blowhard buffoon who's next good idea will be your first.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous I used to be Mayor, dont'cha know (Saratoga's Sarah Palin) said...

I've got a good idea!

We put thingamajigs on the front doof of every store on Broadwey. Then everyone has to pay a quarter to walk in to the stores!

See, this is why I was the People's Mayor, 'cus i am so smart.

We'll make millions. Then I can appoint many more screwballs to my new administration!

Oops, I spilled the beans there, i guess!

Oh well, tooddle-doo!

12:33 PM  
Anonymous I used to be a Stalker Dont'cha know said...

John! 12:33pm We see you! Learn how to spell. Keep blaming all of saratoga's problems on Val. That's going to get us somewhere. Time to move on and harass Skidmore Students with Phil.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not blame Val? After all, she killed the Democratic party, thereby giving a blank check to the Republican thieves.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Kyle York said...


I was hoping for a timely post on the Council meeting...and that "Paid Parking" thing. Looked like there was trouble with the live broadcast. So please forgive me for stealing your scoop--

'Twas one Remarkable evening.
And ALL irresponsible leadership.

Note that there was no input from any certified "Expert"... yes Mr. Alger, there ARE such folks. And there was no input from the people who actually PAY to come to Saratoga to $upport our Merchant/Residents.

And finally, note there was no "input" from politicians/journalists in other cities similar to Saratoga Springs... cities with a "Tourist" economy and recently-installed state-of-the-art MODERN parking devices, not a meter to be seen.

After 2 1/2 years of tireless thankless unpaid blowhard work, I've contacted the "Experts" and found spokes-folk from SEVEN Saratoga-like communities. And in anticipation of the NEXT genuine Public Hearing, I had arranged to pay for them to come and speak. From some politicians, I got certified Depositions. And from Journalists...

...I got copies of their "BEFORE" and "AFTER" stories. In EVERY case, the merchants predicted Doom-and-Gloom and the End-of-the-World. And in EVERY case, the start of "Paid Parking" resulted in MORE commerce, BETTER traffic flow, and a Municipal Surplus spent on everything from flowers to street improvements to modern lighting.

Thanks to Joe Dalton et al, the people with genuine "been-there" experience never even got a chance to speak.

Last time I checked, Saratoga Springs does not have the authority to print US currency. Last time I checked, our Unions had suffered enough and were not ready to accept more layoffs.

Let the Unions talk to the Chamber to find the solution.
Because the City Council is a place of powerless cowardice.

I do not use those words lightly.
We elected the Council to make difficult decisions. I would not mind if they had ended the "Public Parking" debate with a firm and unanimous vote of "NO."

But Democracy demands a thorough and transparent Public process.
The Council PROMISED us that much.

But the Council's promise means little in the face of an 11-member "Committee" of the Dalton/DBA attack dogs. In a nation where all voices have the right to be heard, Spa City speaks only in the the lingo of Broadway's TRUE Blowhards.

-Kyle York
So tell me Joe- Where the money will come from?
And Union members- Talk to Joe about your mortgage.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Democrats for Change election campaign said...

Paid parking will pay for more city workers which will need to work in a bigger building.

That's our plan! Who's with us? Everyone is with us! Becasue w are SOOOOOOO smart!

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. York
Please tell us the names of the 5 cities with paid parking that you researched so we all might be better informed when the issue comes up again.
Thank you

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr. York, 7 communities

7:35 AM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

ANON 5:22 AM-

You speak as if you suspect there might be a SEVENTH "Blue Ribbon" panel to investigate "Paid Parking" only to conclude "NO-WAY NO-HOW POISON-PILL, SO SAITH WE ALL! Signed 'JOE and the DBA.'"

No, you and I and our community are going to learn a HARD lesson this year. And when we're in DIRE need of SERIOUS long-range income alternatives, I will be back with my "Experts." But ONLY when there is an honorable and open-minded City Council to hear them.

But BECAUSE you care, you might want to visit the City of Manchester, NH. ASK the politicians about their modern Paid Parking system. ASK the journalists for an overview of the recent process. Then go to the Library and READ the dire warnings of the mighty Lions of Manchester Commerce as they RAILED against the proposal.

Then finally, stop in to visit the stores of those Merchants. And ask them how business has been since the POISON of Paid Parking.

That's Manchester, New Hampshire... NOT Vermont.

-Kyle York
Researching for the Fun of it

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say Mr. York:

Did you ever read your stuff in the morning after the ranting wears off?

Opinions and rants are completely different. That diatribe in the Saratogian this morning once again confounds the truth that you just don’t like seeing Mr. Boff’s poorly maintained and unsecured building outside your window any more than many of us once lamented the loss of our morning sky. But regardless of whether your ‘facts’ ARE all wrong about ‘everyone’ agreeing with you on the safeness of this building or not, your method of selling your ideas falls on deaf ears.

Say could N0. 2 Franklin Square actually be a threat to N0. 66 Franklin Street! Remember Smokey the Bear: “Only you can prevent city fires in uninhabited buildings without services.”

Parking solutions are not dead in the water, but castigating the Council for not agreeing with you won’t solve this problem. Bring those solutions to the public. There is much to be gained from reading several well-written letters on this subject that address the concern for the fragility of the situation.

I prefer some merchants not park in front of their stores or that much of our deck parking is too often consumed by adjacent large employers. I don’t think that you understand the threat to our livelihood as merchants.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous A Mayor of a different color said...

Yea right! Val killed the democratic party. Why? Because she was the first to have the nerve to stand up to McTygue who screwed the taxpayers as the rest of the jerkoff committee stood by. She rid us of this sack of crap and the city is better because of it.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. York. I'll start with Manchester, NH. Any other suggestions?

10:41 AM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

Anon 3:54 AM-

You think and write with a clearer head than I've done in recent postings. But let me ask how you might respond in the following scenario, my real-world situation Friday night--

I am awakened at about 1:30 am by cackling radios, brilliant white light shining through blinds, approaching sirens...

I go to the window and see the wooden Victorian home next door surrounded by three SSFD trucks, many firemen, lit up like the sun, plumes of white smoke pouring from the "far" western end (see the Saratogian's video)...

As I watch the "action" on the west end, I am the lone eyewitness as flames literally BELCH from the building's EAST end. Fast-growing ORANGE flames, the kind you see in movies... maybe 100 feet from my balcony at 1:45 am...

An alert Fireman on the ground notices the flames and heroic action picks up. Inside the upper floor, I see flashlight beams through white smoke as firefighters work their way east to the new flames. The Chief has said unseen fire moves unpredictably through the walls...

The still-untouched flames grow rapidly as a SECOND ladder truck, under Captain Shaw, maneuvers into the narrow alley separating the orange flames from my home...

Firemen converge on the flames, attacking the wood from Captain Shaw's high ladder and men on the inside finally reach the eastern window...

As firemen literally TEAR into the old wood, I see the orange flames and embers of the building's guts. The responders work quickly and with deliberate coordination, radios squawking all around...

By 2:00 the orange flames are gone. I walk down my own fire stairs. There is a dull white haze and the strong smell of burning wood. I step out, only feet from Captain Shaw's truck. I take the shot published in the Times-Union- http://blog.timesunion.com/saratogaseen/saving-a-landmark/3902/

I watch the deadly-serious work for another 2 hours. The Chief reported departing the scene at 4:00 am.

That is my REALITY of a FIRE, a wooden house BURNING next to MY HOME. The reality of a very bad situation had not the second ladder of Captain Shaw arrived.

Now, go to the City web site and read the Minutes of the DRC meeting of July 6, 2009. Read about the neglected tinderbox that is "66 Franklin."

Of course, you are sick of reading my posts of anger, frustration and warnings since February 28, 2009. That's when the Preservationists got front-page coverage of their fight to "PRESERVE" 66 Franklin.

One year later, they have done nothing. One year later I am still raging and writing myself raw about the risk of a fire in the buildings of Franklin Square.

Only TODAY, I am no longer writing about "hypothetical" orange flames.

Call it a "rant" or a "diatribe" if you wish. Wax poetic about "morning sky." But somebody in this community needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

Better yet, come smell the "Preserved" odor of burnt wood at 2 Franklin Square. Then go home to wherever it is that you were sleeping at 1:30 am Saturday morning.

-Kyle York
I hope to see you at the Casino.
Your ideas make a difference.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now hear this or that:

Oh, Auntie Em, if I could only have a brain and get my own blog.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous I used to be Mayor, dont'cha know (Saratoga's Sarah Palin) said...

Well, thank you 8:38AM!

You are doing good work as my new Propaganda Minister.

Toodle doo! (wink)

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. York:
You are whey too excitable boy. I suggest you find some time to relax and realize that all of your 'concerns' will kill you. With the old building, have the City make the owner secure it. They have that ability. As far old buildings in general, you’re not in Clifton Park. All older cities have old buildings next to condominiums. You bought a condo with a view of Historic Franklin Square in case you ever wonder what the FS stands for on your front door.
You make some good points (I’m afraid not any when it comes to 66 other than someone sounding like a traditional NIMBY) but you usually pride yourself on making seven, eight or a dozen suggestions (in rapid succession) all with the “I know what’s best attitude” and it turns most people away.
Why not organize a Franklin Square neighborhood springtime event to help Mr. Boff clean up his property. You might even help him sell it.

10:30 AM  
Anonymous I used to hook on Warren Dont'cha know said...

Hey 2:46 So what's on the agenda now that you Philly and Kyle are licking each other? Your own blog starting to fade?

2:09 PM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

Anon 10:30-

Well there fella', you might be a bit less mellow had you been anywhere near "FS" while the fires burned.

Excitable? Ask Commissioner Wirth what he meant when he opened the March 8 Public Hearing saying "We came very close to a real disaster in that neighborhood."

Excitable? Ask the firefighters who had to make their way through thick smoke as they followed orders to move from the heavily-lit west end of the building to the east end in total darkness.

Excitable? Ask Chief Williams about the way fire moves unseen through the walls of old wooden structures.

As far as a house-painting party at 66 Franklin, I would rather heed the advice of the Fire Chief who would rather see it gone than send his men into the firetrap.

I would rather heed the advice of the City Inspector who has condemned the structure as uninhabitable.

I would father heed the advice of the engineer who says it is not financially feasible to save the building.

HEY... "SAVING THE PROPERTY?"... a "SPRINGTIME CLEANUP EVENT?"... aren't they the things that a "Preservation Society" might engage in, now one full year since they posed for pictures in front of the building they love so dearly?

Your soothing-tea sermon DOES have one good point- "Have the City make the owner secure."

That is what I asked the City Council to do back on March 3, 2009. They handed it off to the DRC, so I asked them to do it at their July 6, 2009 meeting. And now, after a full year, "the City" has done nothing.

All I can do is to continue to try. Nothing excitable. Simply "responsible."

-Kyle York
Old Time Activist
Old Firetraps Burn

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kyle's English teacher says:

Always remember: keep it brief, and to the point.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excitable Boy:

Firemen go into firetraps – it’s their job – not always pleasant but that’s what they are trained to do - and what they are paid for.

The assistant Building Inspector did not say the building was unsafe – read his initial public record.

Both engineers stated the building was not unsafe. Economic feasibility (very expensive) for you or for some fat cat or for some ordinary soul is not relative to either licensed engineer’s expertise – merely inadmissible opinion – not germane to their testimony.

66 Franklin is less a risk than most all structures with people in them. Go sit in your shower.

Stop making the Franklin Square fire into Chicago. That's why we have a fire department.

Be a good Franklin Square neighbor.

And, what does this have to do with PARKING?

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


As Jay Leno would say....."exactly, exactly!!"

What does the topic "parking" have to do with Kyle's Inferno?

12:26 PM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

ANON 5:59 pm-

Your lack of material knowledge speaks volumes. As I was told by a wise Village Elder- "Ignorance is cheap is this town... else why would there be such an abundance of it?"

Try to be humble, if only for 10 infuriating minutes, and take your misunderstandings to Chief Williams. He's remarkably patient with "Fire Experts" with credentials like yours.

-Kyle York
Cut Salaries,
Not Jobs.

p.s.- And, what does this have to do with...

3:49 PM  
Anonymous BS Tracker (Kyle Dork is at the top of the list) said...

Hey Kyle,

We're still wating to hear how you defend your "I only get 19% reduction on my condo assessment" outright lie.

What gives? Or do you figure that it will just go away if you ignore those who called your BS?

Do you work on a daily basis? Or are you a male version of a Dems for Change bored houswife?

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOW HEAR THIS: When there is a car accident, we have emergency vehicles, ambulances and tow trucks at the scene. When there is a broken water pipe in the street, we have the Public Works Water Department on the scene. When we have a broken signal light, we have a Public Safety team of policemen directing traffic and signal repair technicians at the scene. And when we have a fire, we have a fire department that responds.

Accidents, older infrastructure, faulty light fixtures and occasional fires are the reason this City has trained personnel to deal with these occurrences. If we were to scrape every building, clean from the ground because it is constructed with wood or because it is old then 95% of our buildings would be removed and reconstructed with steel and concrete and sprinklers but even tall metal building burn and collapse.

And your perfect world of noncombustible structures all with fire suppressant systems, the need for fire fighters would be reduced to 5% - whose services would be to simply to cordon off the street and watch the fire put itself out - an absurd hypothetical impossibility.

People and faulty frayed wiring and an occasional Act of God cause most fires. 66 Franklin Street (if properly secured by its owner as required) is less a firetrap than most buildings on that street (and the rest of the city) that are filled with combustibles, accelerants, people and electric and gas service.

From your panic is may be time to move to a one story concrete retirement community in the southwest and worry about the heat and locusts plaguing your garden. So, unless you are trying for the dubious achievement of Saratoga’s Chicken Little Award, stop engaging in your deliberately false, scare campaign that the “City is on Fire” just so that your personal window view is more to your liking. BTW, today’s fluorescent fixture fire is news but not extraordinary.

So, keep your car parked in the garage and walk around and enjoy this magnificent city.

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEAR THIS NOW 3:49 - From one village elder to another, ignorance may only be a result of not enough information to understand your problem.

Today's Fire expert Round Lake Fire Chief Frank Mazza stated that the old buildings and high wind contributed to the difficulty in controlling the fire in Malta's commercial district. The key words Kyle are HIGH WINDS. Chief Mazza's entire 19th century historic village community is fundamentally comprised of wood structures located very close to each other and he and those fire company personnel from Malta Ridge, Jonesville and Round Lake are well familiar with wood structures and how to fire fight them. Like Saratoga Springs, where the building stock is largely comprised of century old wood structures, training and experience is essential.

Our Chief Williams is well trained and has participated in countless fire training exercises. He is also aware that in many structures where there are multi-occupancies and commercial spaces, the required inspections have in many cases not been carried out every three years or when commercial tenants change. When there is an apartment house fire, most often the city condemns the building quickly before the insurance investigators can fully determine if the municipality had routinely inspected the building for fire safety and/or for illegal building occupancy modifications. Realize, that the owner has the responsibility to prevent access to the property and the city has an equal liability in securing the premises – much like the dangers associated with a gaping hole in the ground and a partly constructed new building.

All buildings burn. New buildings sometimes burn faster. Many single story vinyl clad, light roof truss roof structures are considered a total loss by the fire department because of collapse potential. Most often, what burns first are the finishes and the flammable accelerants inside caused by a myriad of reasons but most often it's the people, heating devices and negligent and careless electric wiring.

So rest assured, 66 Franklin Street should not have people in it and should not be at risk - unless of course God doesn't like you and throws a thunderbolt from the heavens and it ricochets off the roof and through your picture window. Your Public Safety Department can assure you that the owner secures the building or the City will do this work properly and tax the property accordingly. It's in the law.

They could even legally enforce its detracting distressed appearance, but not likely. Protecting the neighborhood public from vandals and vagrants is another matter - very doable.

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are clearly the primo blog.
We miss your posts.
Talk to us.................

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where the fuck is Horatio? If he's not going to blog, shut the thing down!

8:18 AM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

Dear long-winded deluded Dolts-

Please see official report of the SSFD's Fire Inspector. Read S-L-O-W-L-Y and repeat his expert conclusion that the occupied & maintained & inspected 2 FRANKLIN SQUARE was "5-10 minutes" from being "totally engulfed." So, S-L-O-W-L-Y now, how many minutes could the adjacent tinderbox & firetrap & unoccupied & not-to-be entered 66 FRANKLIN STEET have survived?

Dear HO-

Please write new post. Dolts are arriving in droves to deliver dissertations on "Fire Safety for Dummies."

-Kyle York
Chicken Little
Canary in the Coal Mine
Witness to the Fire
Reader of Reports

10:06 AM  
Blogger Faulkner said...

The king is dead. Long live the king.

Come on. Get your head in the game!!!

4:32 AM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

Anon 5:37-

First, read the report of the Fire Inspector. What part of "5-10 minutes from being fully engulfed" don't you understand?

Second, wind cut us a remarkable break. We usually have winds but the night of the fire was a dead calm. Check the history, marvel at our good luck.

Finally, your faith in "the law" needs a reality check. Have a look at the building's east facade. Then seek "enforcement" from City Hall.

I've tried for a year, by-the-book... only to see another star performance by The-City-That-Does-Nothing. But WHATEVER you do, please see Chief Williams first.

-Kyle York
Burning Mad

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone has an opinion of how the City can fix their budget issues. But is there really a problem or is it something the City Council has created to fight the employee unions? The Mayor and his attorney's have entered into an agreement with the PBA, through mediation at NYSPERB. Now the Mayor must present the agreement to the City council for a vote. The Mayor and the Commissioner of Public Safety (Wirth), were parties to the mediated agreement, which they signed a couple of months ago! The Mayor had it on his agenda for a vote, for the last City Council Meeting, but he pulled it at the lat minute, why? Now the Mayor's office sends each union (Including the PBA) a letter, requestig additional concessions! The same day Commissioner Ken Ivins releases information that the budget shortfall will cause the following layoffs, 18 from the Police Dept, 18 from the Fire Dept. and 26 from DPW!
This is a power play by the City Council, against the employees of the City. What will be the end result. The quality of life in the City will change! The citizens must stand up and tell the City Council what they want. If the City has no service to run, then why have a Cit Council, or a City Government at all? Let the surrounding Towns each take a piece of the City, disolve the City of Saratoga Springs. But is that what we want? What really caused this mess? The poor decisions of the City Council and a 2010 Budget that never made any sense! But the Council members let it go, with a plan for paid parking. Then with the pressure of the downtown business owners, some of whom are residents of other Towns, the paid parking plan is canned!
This is why we need to change this form of government in Saratoga Springs! This must be done before the City Council runs the City further into the ground!
The Mayor and the members of the City Council can't be trusted! Their word means nothing! There should be a full audit of the City finances! Where do we really stand financially? What do you think?

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burning Mad: You have written time and time again, that your special needs Franklin Square landmark was unsafe at all times – by any measure – whether contradicting the expertise of two engineers, the implied professional opinion of a certified licensed NYS architect – and like it or not, the official, publicly distributed June 25, 2009 Memorandum by Bob Hickey, the Assistant Building Inspector who wrote:


Now, the 5-10 minute scientific reference could be said for many old wood structures (some only with a layer of weathered paint differentiating their exteriors from your special project), whose attics and basements and floors are filled with very flammable collections and detritus, accelerants compounded with careless people, faulty wiring and unmaintained and uninspected heating equipment and devices.

Have you taken a walk around Caroline Street, Lafayette Street, Phila Street, Division Street, viewed the backs of the cottages on Excelsior Avenue, peaked into the several old barns that dot some residential neighborhoods, with your template for impending conflagration? You may also come to discover in your walkabout, that there are many more buildings closer than the so-called critical “2 feet” impending disaster dimension that has been referenced, not by the owner of the adjacent property, but by others.

Our Chief is calling this wood structure potentially dangerous – nothing more. Is it more dangerous than others on the blocks that are not multifamily properties and have battery operated smoke detectors and people in them? Are you suggesting that his comment be taken to condemn all buildings in the city that might burn in minutes, because they are made of wood and are potentially more hazardous because of their contents and occupants?

This owner started his approved historic renovation by typically deconstructing interior finishes before abandoning his project. The City has taken notice. The building has been sealed off and inspected weekly by the inspectors, and no one has been up on the second floor. If water is entering the envelope, the city may demand that the owner seal it up from the weather – like the roof required on the Phila Street houses.

Wash down 1-2 tabs of hydrocodone every few hours with Old Red Spring water for the pain and watch the sunrise. Celebrate Prince Kuhio Day.

4:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:33:

Wake up and realize that the problems of Saratoga Springs like those of our school district and NYS is largely a result of unrestrained employment hiring and union mandated benefits. If you buy a gallon of paint for $35, would you be willing to pay someone $200 to apply it, with incremental increases in the hourly rate before the job is completed?

If this is a powerplay, then let it play out. I say retire or fire those who work for the bloated departments first and who live outside the city-taxing district. Downsize and become more efficient. Bring pride back to the workplace. An emperor, magistrate or an administrator is not going to solve the problems till the unions understand the resolve of the bill-paying community and begin to make concessions.

Change the way our held hostage government has been "not working" because of the unions. The quality of life has changed for many of us who have to pay the bills and watch the union members demand increases.

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now. Here. This.: Grant’s cottage is a wood tinderbox & firetrap & this unoccupied relic is waiting to burn – setting the dry woods on fire, and driven by a northwest wind would burn down the City of Saratoga Springs! Vacant and unmaintained, this 1850’s weather-beaten cottage has seen better days – some even believe that vagrants are now selling drugs in Grant’s bedroom! Peeling paint, weathered wood, and a chimney is listing to one side – a recipe for Kyle “McYork’s Firetrap Alert” to call in the caterpillars and plow this old firewood into the soil. Oh, what would your ancestors say bunky?

3:05 AM  
Anonymous COP THIS! said...

I agree the cops should be residents here in Saratoga to work here. Their salaries at the very least should reflect on our taxes. If they don't live here their pay should be deducted for the pay they make. Freeze the bitches!

4:03 AM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

To You Fine Funny Firebugs-

Glad to see you trust your neighborhoods to year-old info and searing sarcasm. But I couldn't find any humor in the cinders and ash of any of this winter's many fires.

Oh...about that "66 Franklin" thing. I can report that the system does work. Of course, my concerns are the utter nonsense of a NIMBY numbskull. But watch for news coming from City Hall.

Okay lads, get your witty selves ready to flame Chief Williams and Commissioner Wirth. Hey, what do THEY know?

-Kyle York
Yup. I'm toast.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous mamie said...

Come on! Get in the fuckin' game! This posting of yours is unexceptable! Don't be a pussy!

7:06 PM  
Anonymous The NIXIVM Political Action Committee (Democrats for Change) said...

So, have you noticed how this blog has ceased?

Now, do you think this is a mere coincidence? Think again.

The lesson learned: if you attempt to stop our plans and our vision, you will feel our wrath.

For we are the righteous ones.

PS: you may pick up his carcass at the Skip Scirocco Dog Killing Grounds, behind the PBA range.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Kyle York said...

HO is dealing with some health issues. If you can't be patient, be compassionate. The silence after St. Pat's should tell you all you need to know. I'm as frustrated as anybody out there, with OTB DOA and NYRA going nowhere as our City Hall fills in a skaters' hole. Still, our host's mind reminds i-sharp. Cut her some slack as another timely topic and life-long louse gets hauled into the City lock-up.

-Kyle York
Health Happens

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i say let the public safty people do the real Police work and ticket the bad drivers...not the ones that park correctly. Ever get cut off as you drive by the racino? No stopp sign there or is our enforement lacking or just not directed properly? watch for the sports cars, like corvettes without liscence plate drive by. how do they get away with it? Are they all lawyers or judges driving those? it is easy to see that it is a NYstate registration, so where is the local enforcement? City County State? Active enforcement is what we pay for, and as proven in many criminal cases it actullly catches criminals. Alas our enforcement is just a wish...If our police sat and watched corners for the stop sign blow bys, we could increase safty and possibly get our so called enforcers paid for what they are supposed to do rather than "just patroling around"...and you don't have any business complaining about parking for a fee to bolster the city's coffers...do the right thing and work at being an active rather than a passive enforcement agency. make police work and hand out the tickets that they need to, increase safty and at the same time be proactive. Remember that is how the oaklahoma Timothy McVeigh and the "son of sam" got caught....yeah active enforcement.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:36 am
Very cool, yeah baby, very cool.
Lots of truth in that.

4:57 PM  

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