Thursday, November 30, 2006


Don’t expect The Saratogian to get any Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce or Downtown Business Association awards for promoting the Capita Region this winter. While the advertising departments of every other local paper in the area generally promote local business with their online ads, the corporate sellouts on Lake Avenue have taken a new, more out-of-state approach: send tourists to Arizona.

What’s that loud yelling coming from Clinton Street? Is that Joe Dalton’s voice?

Click around The Saratogian’s Web site for a couple seconds and the teal-colored pull-down movie ad is bound to pop up at the header of the page boasting about the Grand Canyon State as an attractive travel destination this winter.

Among other things, the ad even boasts the present temperature in Arizona –today around 81 degrees –which is bound to become a tempting lure as the Capital Region dips into the dawning months of 2007. And if that doesn’t hook you into a trip, then perhaps a subscription to the online Arizona guide newsletter will.

Fill out a quick questionnaire and you’ll receive a bevy of information about tailor-made special offers and package deals that will make spending cash in Arizona seem much more attractive once the polished sheen the Chamber and DBA apply each the holiday season dulls with the permafrost of January.

Perhaps it’s the Journal Register Company that’s putting the paper up to posting this ad. But one would think that a quick call to the corporate offices would point out this obvious blunder and maybe replace it with something that would at least direct prospective tourists to an area in the region, say the state-run ski mountains in North Creek and Lake Placid.

Then again this is The Saratogian. And given their tendencies, it’s almost surprising they don’t have an ad boasting the finer points of the Saratoga TU leading their Web page.


Anonymous Milhouse said...

Please find something better than this to write about. So some chamber in Arizona gave The Saratogian a bundle of money to run these ads on The Saratogian's website. Do you honestly think it makes any business sense to tell Arizona that The Saratogian has enough money, thank you, we don't want to run your ads? I admit it's a touch ironic, but you hurt your credibility by suggesting The Saratogian is out of line here.

How about something on our city's version of the Porco trial -- The Erin Dreyer saga? I can't believe that The Saratogian mentioned that there was a sign outside a recent City Council meeting touting Dreyer as Public Safety Commissioner in 2007, and they couldn't even call her for a comment! Hello!?!?!?!? If she has the balls to do something like that, doesn't someone think it's a story? Call Curley and get his reaction. Call her father (Curley's campaign manager) who surely has some input here. Call an insurance agent and ask him/her how much they think the city's insurance premiums will increase if she wins!!! It's certainly a better story than just about anything written by Kevin Goodwin or Jim Kinney.

If you want something kind of humorous to write about, note that the top four most read stories on The Saratogian's website are obituaries. I think that makes a statement about how much the community thinks of the paper's content.

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Saratogian actually has very little control over their Web site -- it's set up on a corporate template, and nearly all of it is set up and updated by corporate. I'm sure JRC was responsible for those Arizona ads, not local people -- JRC will never, ever turn down a chance to make money, even if it makes their product(s) look bad/worse.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also have many issues with The Saratogian, but the ads aren’t one of them. Maybe they can take some of this Arizona money and use it to increase their professionalism and limit the numerous typos and inaccuracies in each issue. Oh my God it goes from laughable to disgusting – I often wonder just how many inaccuracies I am missing and just how misinformed they are making me. While I agree with the previous commenter that there are better things to write about, I disagree with that person that it hurts your credibility. It’s your blog, it’s about what you think, and you can write about what you want. If I don’t like what I read, or you bore me, I’ll stop reading it.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog write whatever.
Saratogain Sucks
Great Blog

I love to read stuff written by someone who hates the Local RAG as much as me.

I would also say to Millhouse that to compare the Porco trial to this fucked up Erin Dreyer episode is a far stretch. Two very different cases. One criminal(porco) one stupid and frivilous (dreyer)

Erin Dreyer gives a bad name to woman in general. She should just give it up and move on with her life.

She is more like a soap opera than anything. GO AWAY ERIN DREYER GO AWAY AND DO NOT COME BACK

Why do we all have to suffer reading still about Erin Dreyer. Old news in my book really.

7:37 PM  

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