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It’s getting difficult to discern whether Mona Golub is a super-sized human bed pan or simply the largest public information dike this side of the Hudson River. Price Chopper’s spokeswoman and daughter of Schenectady County Overlord Neil Golub refuses to say word one regarding rumors of the supermarket’s long-lived Railroad Place location closing, even though sources and common sense indicate the store is all but demolished.

Update: Fear not, A very reliable source asserts; there will be a grocer on Railroad Place well into the foreseeable future.

Word on the street is that morning-shift workers at the affectionately nicknamed “Ghetto Chopper” found Papa Golub and one of the city’s power brokers haggling over a price for the nearly 3-acre property in the center of Saratoga Springs. The negotiations were reportedly short and sweet.

Neil Golub: How much will you give me?

Sonny Bonacio: Here’s a dump truck loaded with $20 million in cash. Take it or leave it.

Neil Golub(doing the happy dance): Sold!

So comes to an end the tenure of the city’s longest-lived supermarket. Though Mona Golub didn’t care to “share” any details with The Saratogian Monday, just about everyone can read the writing on the wall. Ever since the Spa City underwent it’s massive gentrification during the late 90s, Ghetto Chopper has been a thorn in Golub’s side and an unsightly stopper for the towering condominium empire Bonacio has erected on top of the city’s former railroad arteriole.

Update: Enter the reliable source. In a correspondence Thursday, Bonacio didn't admit to or deny being in talks about the property. But in the event he was the running, the developer assured the market would certainly stay put. And for a very good reason, too.

“...My own mother shops there every day...”

Whoa, Sonny. Were it just the public getting riled up, I’d have my doubts. But the madre? I’ll take you for your word. Hell hath no furry like a mother scorned.

Built in 1961, the 23,000-square-foot supermarket and adjoining parking lot covered up the rotting multi-track rail yard that had gone into disuse. At the time, Price Chopper was just about the most attractive addition to an area of Saratoga largely dotted with burned-out industrial buildings.

But after economic revival in the 1980s, the store’s overall shabby appearance came to symbolize the rough-and-tumble nature of the city’s west side, an area of Saratoga known for it’s lower class and minority neighborhoods. Since the building boom of the 1990s, Ghetto Chopper has remained one of only visual legacies of the Spa City’s multi-class past; a reminder that a bustling lower and lower middle class once dwelled among the downtown region.

While it may seem shabby on the exterior, Ghetto Chopper caters to a veritable melting pot of pedestrian customers that remain as loyal to the store as their own predilections; the enviro-friendly green sneaker not wanting burn fossil fuel to buy organic granola; the ten-beer Skidmore happy hour drunk, too hammered to get behind the wheel to fetch more brews; the elderly shut-in renting a cheap Westside apartment and lacking transportation to any of the larger markets; the downtown restaurant worker darting out for several gallons of a milk the chef forgot to order; the proud homeless guy looking to redeem the morning collection of cans for a Budweiser tallboy. And the list goes on.

For Neil Golub, however, the Railroad Place store represents an unnecessary expense in a market where he clearly holds a monopoly. Despite being a four-season gold mine and clearing house for what doesn’t sell at his super-center on Route 50, Golub quite publicly views the smaller Chopper as a tax drain for his empire.

The city lists the property at $1.95 million, which is a full-market value of $2.35 million. Absent any previously arranged certioraris and at this level of assessment, Old Man Golub will need to shell out about $42,000 in taxes in 2008; $10,541 to the city, $4,204 to the county and a whopping $26,579 to the school district.

Despite Saratoga’s bustling market, Golub has bitterly contested the notion his property is valuing much more than a standard dilapidated duplex with a hole-ridden roof and collapsing foundation. In 1992, he argued the property was worth about $462,000, not $1.5 million as the city claimed. Six years later, he came back with a value of $165,000.

“After seven years of non-action, our attorneys used legal tactics to bring the issue to a head,” Golub explained in a letter to the Daily Gazette published in 1999. “Local councilmen took notice and became openly hostile.”

The city then took Golub to task with his bull-shit legal dickering. Just a month after the monolithic grocer crabbed over paying more than his fair share of taxes, the city offered him $1.65 million for his property. Golub bristled at the thought and again fired back in the press.

“I have one comment: It is not for sale. It has never been for sale. It is not for sale now. It will not be for sale next week or next month,” Golub blustered. “The people in downtown Saratoga have a great need for a store and we’ve met that need even though we opened a store just down the street.”

How soon he forgets when a dumpster load of greenbacks wheels into the Ghetto Chopper parking lot. Were Golub truly a community-minded fellow manning a community-minded corporation with the community in mind as he purports, he would have never built the Route 50 store and instead pumped much needed cash into what was once his anchor store in the Spa City. Instead, Golub is like any other corporate captain: he’s a greed-happy number-cruncher who could care less about the overall impact of his business decisions as long as it make him a dollar or several million.

Apparently joining him on the greed train is Bonacio, who still hasn’t been directly linked to this rumored sale by anything other than overwhelming circumstance. Bonacio was the developer that erected two wall-sized condominium buildings on Railroad Place. Bonacio is also the guy who commissioned the gargantuan monstrosity on Division Street right behind the aforementioned condos. And Bonacio is the guy who likes to build one property while lining up a second project to start as soon as he’s finished.

Under this thinking, he’ll finish his structure on South Broadway just in time to start demolition of the Lillian’s parking lot in 2009. Once that project is hammered into the ground, he should have all the necessary approvals in place to wreck Ghetto Chopper starting in 2010. It’s just speculation, but the type of speculating that gives poise for thought.

As usual, the people who can least afford for the market’s closure will be the last informed as much, thanks to the aforementioned public information dike. Like her father, Mona Golub is quite vicious when it comes to protecting Price Chopper’s market moves. Any scrap of information leaked from the company is done so in a carefully orchestrated way and at a point where the bartering, decision making, planning and construction processes are virtually etched in stone. The younger Golub will ensure the community has little if any say in whether the grocer remains.

Also not given much of a choice in the mater are the store’s employees, who are likely the source of the rumors printed in The Saratogian. To even the thickest of workers, it’s tough to explain away a pre-dawn meeting between the Golubs and a developer when numbers like $20 million are being batted around in the store’s pock-marked parking lot.

Hopefully, all this smoke is just the rambling nonsense of a couple of burnouts trading kicks out by the back dock during a cigarette break. Despite it’s lack-luster appearance, Ghetto Chopper truly offers an important and needed service to resident of the city. Shutting it down for another gaggle of million-dollar condominiums would be the last stake driven through the heart of the city’s working class.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said it. This city needs a grocery store within easy walking distance of the city center.

What we do not need is more expensive condos.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done... I always thought the produce and meat in this store was rejected from RT 50... I also remember when the City made an offer on the property and cranky Neil got bent out of shape. This is another move to push the old, poor, and practical out of Saratoga... I wonder how the RT 50 store will handle the extra business? They have trouble keeping items stocked, wait times to check out are long, and the place is as dirty as Railroad. Good luck Neil.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was really hoping it would become a Trader Joes!

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, who will every forget the "Price Chopper Radio" jingle? Or the Tide-like mesmerizing placards jutting out from every isle? Or the many stories, like the seafood manager admitting he ran the fish going bad through a lemon juice bath to "freshen it up?" Golub, you messed up corporate whore! We have had to deal with your conniving crap for too long... three locations within a 2 mile radius! WTF! Can an honest grocer please set up shop so we can frequent your establishment?

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have shopped at the Ghetto Chopper since it was the Central Market. Since I do not drive, I rely on daily stops there, walking there on my way home from work.
If this does indeed come to pass, I will pay taxi fare to Hannaford and back before I will patronize the Golubs' establishment."Greed Train" is right! It is just one more thing that diminishes the quality of life in Saratoga Springs.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, let’s say it is true that the ghetto chopper sells for $20 million.

That means Golub has been getting one hellva a deal on his taxes.

It also means that the city is doing a piss poor job of assessing some of these property values.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horatio said:

“As usual, the people who can least afford for the market’s closure will be the last informed as much, thanks to the aforementioned public information dike.”

Are you sure she’s a dike?
Too bad, she’s hot……………………and rich.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too shop at the downtown price chopper and walk there from my home. Losing a downtown grocer would suburbify my existence. (By the way,Trader Joe's is not a grocery store.)

In Burlington, VT the last downtown grocer pulled out about 8 years ago. The public then entered into a partnership with the local food co-op to open another one downtown. The citizenry therefelt that such a store is an urban asset to the poor who don't have cars, to those who chose to live in a city so that they don't have to drive everywhere, and because it just makes a city livable! I could never see Saratoga doing this, however. We are at the whims of corporations and developers who choose what buildings and shops they want to put up based on what they think that they can make from the project. Pity the city and the public doesn't realize that it has the power to encourage some kinds of development and discourage others.

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is sad that progress will push another market out to the fringes. I would hope that there is a possibility that the developer and the market owner could imagine providing a smaller integral market within the future development plans. Most thriving mixed-use urban neighborhoods have markets and flower shops and new stands within their plans. That would be new for our city whose rent structures at this stage of the game favor national marketers. But Golub (and the developer) should understand that the good will and success of utilizing an efficient and more general than simply another specialty market could become an advantage. Plenty of room for both the foremost “Central Market” brand items as well as the usual staples.

The people with cars will and can always drive to the fringe, but the downtown employees and those on foot and those living nearby and perhaps up above, would cherish this location. It could become Golub’s fashionable and affordable “Ghetto Chopper” for the ghetto in all of us. If it’s not considered, I guarantee, it will haunt these very planners later. Just consider the potential of all of the new office space and residential uses planned within 3 square blocks! It might even be aptly called, the “Central Market Ghetto Chopper”.

6:17 AM  
Blogger BlueDog said...

The current Price Chopper on Railroad Place is an eyesore. Why not tear it down build a 3 story building that reflects the architecture of Broadway buildings with first floor businesses, (I love the Trader Joes idea) and upper story apartments. Not million $ condos but ordinary apts. Meanwhile tear down the stewarts building across the street and put up a more suitable structure. For example, when they put a McDonalds in Freeport Me. they put it in a historic building that fit in with the surrounding structures.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


So as to not offend(fancy that coming from this keyboard), I make it a general policy to not comment(or speculate) about people's sexuality. By public information "dike" I was implying Golub the Lesser is quite prolific in her ability to hold things back; think in the Holland protective since of the word. Notice the slang word "dyke" wasn't used. But I suppose there could be a bit of a double entendre in this case...

8:39 AM  
Blogger BlueDog said...


You think she's hot!!??!!??

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But I suppose there could be a bit of a double entendre in this case..."

I'll bet I'm not the only that got that one wrong.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BlueDog said...


You think she's hot!!??!!??"

Yes sir I do, she’s gorgeous.

I'm an old hound dog at heart.
I think all women are beautiful.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BlueDog said...

"The current Price Chopper on Railroad Place is an eyesore.'

Why are buildings called eyesores?
I find nothing wrong with the ghetto chopper. In fact, I like it. It's got four walls and a roof, just like every other structure. I feel comfortable whenever I go there.
Do all of our buildings have to win awards as far as architecture goes. Maybe this is why Saratoga is getting too expensive for the average Joe to live in.
Let's stop all of the bullshit of trying to keep up with the Jones's; everyone’s racing to out build the next guy.
It's sickening.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa! We have the "Ghetto Chopper" in Glens Falls on Cooper and Dix, you can't steal our name, we may not be Saratoga but we got flashy trash.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooo, Bonacio bought out the ghetto chopper and only because he doesn't want his liver served up to him, he will move the Putnam Market into the first level on the new condo building.

Golubs claim they owe nothing to Saratoga and all of our shopping needs will be satisfied with their new addition they plan on putting onto their Ballston Ave Store.

So, we not only are down a city grocery store, but we will also have yet another abandoned store front on Broadway. Thanks guys!

Oh, BTW, Putnam is not an affordable grocery market. I can't imagine our senior citizens buying $7.00 tuna fish sandwiches, can you?

I suggest our city boycott the Golubs and head over to Hannaford. Who is up for it????

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

scoop said...

"Whoa! We have the "Ghetto Chopper" in Glens Falls on Cooper and Dix, you can't steal our name, we may not be Saratoga but we got flashy trash."

Shit, we’re kinda surprised you yokels up north have computers let alone know how to use them.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha! and uh, Troy has a ghetto chopper as well... (I am certain every town does), the matter of which came first is probably up to the chicken or the egg (whichever comes up with the answer first)

As for Golub, I actually find Neil to be quite "real," corporate yes, he runs his company like any good businessperson should. When it comes to dickering property values, there is a reason why market value has a disparity from that of property tax value. Any man would be a fool not to fight for every dime. On the back end, I do know that the Golubs give a lot back to the community in the realm of Arts, Fireworks, College Scholarships (all going to this local area, and not to Maine where Hannaford is based.... mind you Hannaford just started implementing it's own 5-year-in-the-making corporate change that would make any economic strategist cringe)... and yes, I do realize that the millions of dollars the Golubs have given to Proctors Theatre, the Saratoga Arts Council, Dance Museum, SaratogaArtsFest, etc are all tax deductible... but still, they put it here where it will support our local economic infrastructure...

I like shotinthedark's 2 comments up, there is something to be said about taxing ourselves out of our own neighborhoods... Saratoga might very well be losing some of the nostalgia that made it so special... I like Sonny's skyline, but I did originally fall in love with just how "quaint" Saratoga was. (in case you cannot tell I am a transplant... not a townie for life)

Make fun of me, if you will, about finding the Golubs to be real but I have "hob knobbed" a time or two and they treat one another like real family... Neal and Jane have fun like real people (and let's not forget that they do live in Schenectady in a house smaller than any on North Broadway, I might add... think about that before blindly calling them 'greedy.' I am certain that if given the opportunity I would make money too! FREE ENTERPRISE!)

As for Mona, I like her... if she is a d(y)ke, so be it.... At least one lesbian in the Capital District is going to get really lucky! and I wish her only the best

PS: I like Trader Joe's, but are we really ready to be that yuppy?
how about Julie finishes selling all of the condos first.....

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger websites are the bathhouses of many, many, many gay men.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I suggest our city boycott the Golubs and head over to Hannaford. Who is up for it????"

Well, I have been reading about the Golubs pretty much most of my life. I can remember the excitement in town when the "Central Market" opened. I can remember when they replaced that big sign with the lady who had the axe in her head. I guess the women's groups and the domestic abuse people were giving them some flack.
I got to tell you, the Golubs seem like pretty good business people to me. I am glad that they are doing well. If they can get $20 million for it; good for them.

I'm gone miss it and for some people it is going to be more than inconvenient and cost them a few extra bucks. But let’s face it; if they close that store no one will be going hungry.

But, on the other hand this new expanded bus service that we have seems to be doing pretty good. Ridership has tripled, pleasantly surprising everyone.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would anyone know who purchased the Nemec's building and lot on Henry Street ? Hate to lose that great barn.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Mamie said...

12:00 You could be right on with that assumption. Many of the bloggers seem to discredit any woman that has a tendency to speak out. You can be sure they won't be supporting Hillary Clinton.

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mamie said... 5:10 AM

"12:00 You could be right on with that assumption. Many of the bloggers seem to discredit any woman that has a tendency to speak out. You can be sure they won't be supporting Hillary Clinton."

Sounds like you're hiding behind your own skirt.

But, on the other hand, I guess we all use whatever is available to us.

Although, I have met several women who are voting for Hillary based solely on gender.

My mother is one of them.
God bless her.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Blogger websites are the bathhouses of many, many, many gay men."

Sounds to me like you seem to be an expert on this. How many of these sites do you visit?

8:14 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Oh Please. Utter rubbish was ne'r typed in these annals. While I can only speak for my own blog and posts, I can't see how anyone could say there are any more disparaging comments made about women than their doppelgangers of the opposite sex.

True, a certain former mayor took a good ribbing here and elsewhere for her propensity to make all female leaders look bad. But this reasons for this ribbing shouldn't be perceived as based solely -or even partly -on her gender. Rather, her grade-school teacher method of running office gave adept women leaders a very poor name.

There are plenty of powerful and articulate women out there. And having conversed with Mrs. Clinton on numerous occasions, I can say she's one of them. Now, this doesn't mean I support her, just that I can realize and respect a good conversationalist wielding wry wit like a sharp-tipped rapier.

As for Mona, I've got no problem with her sexual predilections or her gender. I just think she's a generally unfriendly person who's largely uprooted from reality, thanks to her family's power and fortune. Talk to a few Price Chopper workers and see how much they love dear Mona. I've met a few who kind of wish she slipped into the garbage compactor.


It's witless comments such as yours that make blogs appear like the bathhouses you mention. It's a shame an otherwise good conversation was interrupted with this drivel.

Shot and 11:54,

The Golubs do run a decent company and have given back to the community. I'd put them on par with the Dakes, maybe a step above. And as a family, they seem to have worked very hard for the empire they now have. On a side note, I think Neil cares a bit more about Schenectady than he does anywhere north of the Glenville town line. But the point about Ghetto Chopper is this: it serves a very important function in the city. Sure it's difficult to pass up $20 million(if that is the price) on such a property. But it's also difficult to envision a happy Spa City without a centrally-located grocer. It's a unique asset and something that many other cities and towns do not have.

So I guess I'm saying Golub should think beyond the dollar signs and realize he's serving a very important role in this city. Not to mention, I wager a pretty steep bet that he makes a KILLING at that store. He probably puts about $50,000 into the property in taxes and upkeep and takes 10 times that amount out in sheer profit; if it was 24 hours, he'd make even more.

Hopefully, any agreement to develop the property includes a clause to keep a full-service grocer at the location. That would likely mean Golub would stay, but rent a spot instead of owning it. In New York City, there are plenty of mixed-use buildings with supermarkets on the ground floor or even in the basement. Perhaps this is what is slated for Railroad Place.

I know the Golubs would never give up the spot just to let another grocery store(like Hannaford) come in. Trader Joe's might be different, I don't know.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Nemec's is moving to Wilton off Route 50. The prospective buyer is a partnership of Teakwood Builders and Plum and Crimson Fine Interiors of Clifton Park. Plans are in the works for a home design center. The partners are planning to restore the former carriage house to its "original look and appeal."

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horatio Alger 8:24 AM,

I enjoyed your last comment, although I found parts of it to be a little shallow.

In 1960 the city was rezoned pretty much eliminating all of the mom and pop grocery stores. At the same time the ghetto chopper, Stewarts, and other national chain convenience
stores started opening around town.

The public gave up their many (probably 50 or more) walk to mom and pop stores to the new zoning ordinances without so much as a whimper.
During this same time frame, this same group of people that are now bitching now about losing the ghetto chopper walked right past all of these little stores to save a few pennies.

What goes around comes around.

Today many people are now walking right past the ghetto chopper to go to Walmart’s to save a few pennies. Now the same thing that happened to all the mom and pop stores is happening to the ghetto chopper. Go figure.

And let’s face it; you have really no idea about the Golub’s financial situation.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


"And let’s face it; you have really no idea about the Golub’s financial situation."

Golub is in the process of moving their corporate HQ to a brand new structure they're constructing on a brownfield in Schenectady. They're also moving forward on a multi-million dollar expansion project at their main plant in Rotterdam just two years after they built a multi-million dollar freezer facility in the same cluster. I think it's safe to say Golub is doing quite alright. In fact, I think 'quite alright' is a massive understatement.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horatio Alger said...10:42 AM

Yes, and all of that building and expansion that you talk about that they have to do in order to compete with Walmarts cost mega bucks.

I am sure that they will put "their" $20 million to good use.

Like I said, let’s face it; you have really no idea about what the big picture is with the Golub’s financial situation.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nicely done, Horatio. Golub gives a lot of money away and gets it all deducted from taxes. Its the fiscally smart thing to do, save on taxes while increasing customer good will.

You know what true good will is? It's when you do the right thing and maybe not be compensated for it. It would have been nice is Golub went to city hall and figured something ou t that was mutually beneficial, but they didn't even try. There has been zero good will and/or acknowledgement about the loss this sale will have for the residents of Saratoga Springs.

And Shot, I refuse to accept blame for what the citizens in SS did in 1960. We have a different make-up of folks now and it would be inappropriate to hold us to the same archaic and might I add idiotic reasoning that you are writing about.

Golubs are going to make sure that no other grocery store goes into that space because they don't want the competition. From what i understand that is why we don't have a Wegmans. They will move Putnams because they fill a different niche and claim that will be good enough. It is most definitely no good enough. And, it should in no way shape or form be identified as a replacement.

1:28 PM  
Blogger A small "r" republican for fairness said...

Well, this has certainly shaped up to be an interesting thread.

I have worked with Mona Golub in the past with her old company, Second Wind Productions, which brought free concerts of different musical styles to Schenectady and Albany's central parks.

Back then, she was Mona Golub-Gans and was married, with a child. I do know that she is now divorced. Whether that has any bearing on her sexual orientation today, I do not know, but I thought that it was worthy of mention.

I also do not know what the Price Chopper employees think of her, but she was always nice, considerate, and friendly in her dealings with me. Given the vast disparity in our social status and income, she was certainly under no obligation to be as nice as she was.

I don't know what she is like "full time" but I consider myself a pretty good judge of character, and she is ok in my book. Ditto for Neil Golub. I have met him on a few occasions, and he has been a humble gentleman.

If people are bent on demonizing people like this, then who should we look up to and accept? Just because certain people have done well financially doesn't automatically make them assholes.

I would rather see us go after the idiots in Hollywood, or the drips in the upper echelons of the fashion industry, or the ambulance chasing scum, sorry, I mean lawyers like Martin, Harding, and Mazzotti.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

small "r,"

Like I said, I'd prefer to leave issues of sexual orientation up to a pair of people; in this case, Mona and her significant other. It's none of my business. And frankly, neither is her demeanor, though I suppose some of my castigation of this alleged Golub move has thrust me into the position of casting a certain degree of judgment.

Still, my point is this: That market serves a vital community need. If any of the Golubs can't identify this, I'll pass judgment on them all...and not in a very positive light either.

This is an issue that extends beyond a simple market in the middle of town; this is an issue of a dwindling community identity that once included people who are far removed from six-figure salaries and the Whitney parties. Perhaps I've cheapened this message with innuendo; that's an unfortunate factor pitched into the mix by the left side of my cranium, which sometimes -often times -doesn't heed the logic offered by the right.

I don't want people burning effigies of the Golubs in the street. But I do want the Golubs to understand they've got a bit more vested in this than just a simple business move. Closing down that market would be symbolically closing down the working class of Saratoga Springs.

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horatio Alger said..9:07 PM

"Still, my point is this: That market serves a vital community need. If any of the Golubs can't identify this, I'll pass judgment on them all...and not in a very positive light either."

Horatio, I think you are being a little disingenuous with the term “vital”. Is the ghetto chopper let’s say as vital as the hospital or a fire station? Is anyone going to starve when it closes? Is there going to be a substantial net loss of jobs?
What kind of studies can support any evidence that this store closing is going to be anything more than an inconvenience to people who live within walking distance?
What do studies show as far as pedestrian traffic as compared to vehicle traffic?

I have been going there all my life and while I will certainly miss going there, I don’t think my life will be vitally disrupted.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did CDTA ever remedy the new pick-up spots for Wesley and other senior communities? (I honestly haven't been keeping up)This could certainly impact the usage....

9:10 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


I'm not talking about 'vital' as in life and death, I'm talking about vital as in maintaining the tenuous hold this community has on its working class. No, there won't be starvation if Ghetto Chopper closes. But its yet another symbol of the class upheaval that has truly turned this city into a homogeneous bedroom community of the rich.

There are different degrees of vitality. This is one of them. Perhaps this sounds a bit melodramatic, but that's my opinion. As for studies, you don't need a study to see how closing this market will affect Saratoga.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't want to rain on your parade,
but I think you are a day late and dollar short as far as saving the working class in this city.

It’s unfortunately laughable that some people expect the Golubs to not only hang onto a valuable piece of property but also continue to run a business out of that same location that may not be profitable. I guess some customers that freely spend their money and receive goods in a fair exchange feel that they are entitled to more at the end of a transaction.
But the truth of the matter is, as far as good business goes, the Golubs must decide to do what is best for their business and only they are in a position to know what that is.

Some ghetto chopper customers will without hesitation ask for and expect the Golubs to keep this store open for the benefit of themselves.

And what do many of them offer the Golubs in return; boycotts, contempt, and ridicule.
Doesn’t sound like a good customer to me.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Ghetto Chopper and fuck Sonny Bonacio who will be building more condos there!

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shotinthedark: My life WILL be vitally disrupted if we are without a supermarket within walking distance downtown. I have owned a business downtown for seventeen years, and do not drive. I also work seven days a week, and don't have time to spend the afternoon or evening taking the bus out to Exit 15 to do my grocery shopping. And I'm sure that there are others that will be "vitally disrupted" as well.

6:34 PM  
Blogger A small "r" republican for fairness said...

Hey 6:08

"Vulgarity is the last refuge of the small minded"

Why not try an original thought for a change?

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... 6:34 PM
Shotinthedark: My life WILL be vitally disrupted if we are without a supermarket within walking distance downtown. I have owned a business downtown for seventeen years, and do not drive. I also work seven days a week, and don't have time to spend the afternoon or evening taking the bus out to Exit 15 to do my grocery shopping. And I'm sure that there are others that will be "vitally disrupted" as well.

As the crow flies the ghetto chopper on RR Place is probably a mile or less from the one on Ballston Ave. I did say, in an earlier post that it was going to be more than an inconvenience for some. I don’t want to split hairs on the issue of vital versus inconvenience. The fact that you have been in business for yourself for 17 years tells me that you are a person that is able to solve problems. Life is dealing you another problem and I feel sure that you will be able to overcome this one. Good Luck.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Small"r" I'm sorry! I meant to say fuck you too!

Golub is as greedy as the next guy. He is selling out to a developer and condos will be there. Too bad if it pisses people off.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:28 PM said,

“And Shot, I refuse to accept blame for what the citizens in SS did in 1960. We have a different make-up of folks now and it would be inappropriate to hold us to the same archaic and might I add idiotic reasoning that you are writing about.
Golubs are going to make sure that no other grocery store goes into that space because they don't want the competition. From what i understand that is why we don't have a Wegmans”

Let me spell out for you what my post means.
History is repeating itself.
The same mentality that led to the closing of all of the mom and pop stores is now happening to the ghetto chopper. People are going to Walmarts and elsewhere to save a few pennies.
The Golubs are looking at the numbers and numbers don’t lie.
The same type of stupid zoning ordinances enacted will prohibit any developer from building anything other than high end condos on that lot once the ghetto chopper is gone.

The only idiotic reasoning is your thinking that Golubs have the power to keep a Wegmans or any other chain from coming into the area. If Wegmans wanted to be here, they would be here just like Wal-Mart’s is.

And as far as your "We have a different make-up of folks now" is concerned; human nature changes very little and although you might think you are better than our ancestors, believe you are not.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... 6:08 PM

"Fuck Ghetto Chopper and fuck Sonny Bonacio"

Let me ask you, is there anybody you won't fuck?

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you ignorant twit; of business and the golub family
you should seek first to understand and then be understood; both of business and the golub family
i have spent many hours with neil, jane and mona and know them very well
they are all nice people
are you just jealous of hard working people, or what?

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Last Laugh said...

Wow. Look at how very wrong y'all were to feed off of a fabricated rumor and let yourselves be whipped up into a frenzy over nothing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

12:58 PM  

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