Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Piss and vinegar

Pissing into the wind is a tricky business, but it’s one the Democrats for Change seem to be employing now that they’re in charge. The group that has hijacked the city’s Democratic Party and prone to political sniping is making it their practice to piss and piss often, even if there’s bound to be some splash back.

This week, the piss has come in the form of a spiteful and prattling diatribe about Republican Mayor Scott Johnson’s state of the city address. The group under the auspices of Al Turkheimer issued a ‘rebuttal’ to the mayor’s speech Sunday, basically lambasting him for everything they could fit into the nearly 1,000 word statement.

Of course, they didn’t bother to craft this so-called rebuttal until more than two days after the mayor’s speech, long after any media attention toward the event subsided. And the fact that they did offer a rebuttal is somewhat unprecedented, as the State of the City address is often one of the few times the city’s politicians put their partisan differences aside.

For those unfamiliar with this speech, it’s typically used as a rallying cry by the city’s mayor; a sort of pep talk to get the community buzzing and the commissioners moving. Although the address typically includes a lot of party back slapping, seldom is it marred by partisan rhetoric and party dogma. This is exactly why a rebuttal is sort of pointless, especially after the mayor spent a good deal of his speech urging cooperation on both sides of the aisle.

But these Change-ocrats aren’t the type of folk that allow petty things like precedent, reason or calls for cooperation get in the way of their progressive march to righteousness. Their rebuttal is steeped with much of the rhetoric that has dribbled from Public Safety Commissioner Ron Kim’s lips after he’s had a good whisper from his deputy, the bitingly partisan Eileen Finneran.

“The small crowd and the half empty seats were an apt metaphor for the presentation itself,” the rebuttal states. “What Mayor Johnson gave us was a ‘small and half empty’ presentation unworthy of Saratoga Springs.”

Obviously the author –or authors –didn’t pay much attention to the embarrassingly monotone speeches given by Johnson’s predecessor. But why digress into semantics? Let’s talk content. The Democrats for Change roundly chided Johnson for conducting his politics in the shadows and behind closed doors, citing the recent ratification of a $270,000 settlement with the Department of Environmental Conservation, even though he is only one of five votes on the council.

The statement also blames Johnson for loading the city’s land-use board with his own partisan cronies and for being a wastrel with city spending. How soon they forget the reign of Keehn, where these boards became dumping grounds for her campaign workers and the city’s mostly empty coffers were treated like never-ending source of financing that could be arbitrarily spent.

Sadly, the anti-state of the city address did include a nugget or two of sensible questioning. For instance, a mention of the Johnson Administration’s over-reliance on outside council, while two perfectly capable attorneys in the mayor’s office. However, any sort of reason to be gleaned from the diatribe is lost amid the partisan piss and vinegar.

In all, the statement shows how petty the party has become under its new leadership and how they are hell-bent on bringing back the fruitless city council battles of bygone days. Unfortunately, this sort of sniping is basically neutering the party and will likely scare away the centrists they so desperately need to gain seats on the council.

That doesn’t seem to be a concern for the Changers, as they appear ready to roll out a slate of candidates that is bound to roll some eyes in both parties. Among the forerunners of the slate is Kim himself, who is rumored to be making a run for the mayor’s seat once he realizes there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that he’ll get the nod to run for the 20th Congressional District. Most would say he only stands a marginally better chance at winning the mayor’s office, even though the nut jobs in his party seem to think otherwise.


Anonymous The Committee to Stop Kim & Keehn At All Costs said...

If it's Kim for Mayor, I can guarantee you he will be primary'd.

And no, it won't be by one of the McTygue leftovers.

Because some of us give a shit around here.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a committee made up of people have worked or are working for nonprofits or Skidmore or have retired from one of those taxing position or may have been a teacher. This group of Nobel Prize winners is being led by a guy who hasn't been in town long enough to find his way from Lake Ave to Church St. So this behavior is what we should expect. At least some of the former committee members, with the exception of Screwy Lew Benton and a few others, could be engaged in civil debate. As a Republican it is a beautiful thing to watch these far left wing nuts ruin their party for the foseeable future.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Mayor should at least be able to speak two sentences in a row, without hesitation, stutter and stammer. Our present Mayor speaks eloquently.
If Kim is the frontrunner for any office, I would hate to see who the laggards are.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do you ever read your own stuff?

"Pissing into the wind" and a "spiteful and prattling diatribe" seems like pretty good descriptions of the urinations you dribble out on this blog all the time.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous John Frunke said...

One question is who is the republicans going to run for mayor? Johnson is not going for re-election. Also with Ken Klotz being lined up for mayor what makes you think they are a better choice? The rebuttal is useless unless they are gearing up to expose Johnson's inability to work with people. He never could. He has been a back door man from day one. So blame DFC if you must but is Ken Klotz(McTygue yesman) a better choice? McTygue all but certain to drag mud to the arena because of his ties to Bruno and the mess he left DPW with will be a disaster to the city.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Must be some nice piss I'm putting out. After all, it has your dumb-ass coming back to drink it. But I digress...

Why don't you try posting something that challenges my opinions -and the opinions of many others -with something that is a bit more intelligent than the 'you suck' equivalent? Oh yeah. That's right. Because you're a fucking moron.


Seriously now. I believe Johnson will willingly abdicate his seat as mayor about as much as I believe the Dems in the 20th Congressional District will nominate Ron Kim as their guy. And Klotz? What gives you the impression he wants to get back in the fray, especially after the screwball change-o-crats more or less threw him(and many others) out of the party?

By the by, I'll give you a gold star if you can show me the definitive link between McTygue and Bruno. Simply put, there is none. McTygue supported Bruno; there's no doubt about that. But so did many other local politicians. When the guy rolls into town riding the gravy train, are you really going to ask him what party he identifies with?


I agree these freaks are doing some serious damage to the party. Enough that it wouldn't surprise me if there's at least a Republican supermajority come next January. The sad part about it is the upstate GOP is in serious trouble these days. Their well is more or less dry. Yet in Saratoga Springs, they're about to have their run. With the dems controlling basically all other forms of government(save for the county), the changers won't have the Bush/Pataki card to play anymore. In fact, if things go poorly in either the state or federal governments, they're going to have their work cut out for this next election. Right now, those bastards need all the help they can get. And the fact that they're continuing the politics of destruction is all the more indicative of their long line of failures.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Ho,

Open your eyes. It's amazing what you might see. The pepubs already have a supermajority. John Franck is a DINO. He changed to democrat to get elected. How's his work with the fair assessments going? Johnson will not run. He is a disaster. People want to know what's going on and he doesn't allow it.

3:59 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


If we're going to get that technical, the board is all Republican. Despite his demeanor these day, Ron Kim was a card-carrying committeeman of the GOP. Mind you, being on the city committee doesn't mean you just registered 'R' at the DMV. It's yet another reason why the mere thought of Kim getting the nod for the 20th District over a life-long Democrat -a life long independent even -is just beyond laughable.

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If elected, I'd guess that Kim will go for a charter change that would institute a "strong mayor" government. Although in his case it would be "dumb mayor". Then either he or Val would be well suited for the job.

5:56 AM  
Anonymous demroc said...

demroc said:
please enough whining on this issue. tommy got beat because he's a crook. stop blaming everyone else. And i guess from your logic, every election won by someone you don't like will be considerd hijacked.

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

our mayor speaks eloquently, yeah so does barbs walter

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Kim has no experience to run for Mayor or higher office. He has shown us that he cannot work with others nor can he administer his tasks as required. Putting on a suit and sitting at the Table is not good enough. His showcased legal specialty should have had him warning this City of overreaching its debt limits instead, his hubris as Commissioner found him often on the steps of City Hall arguing the very conservative tones he now impotently embraces for political reasons. Core values? It appears, it's all personal.

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's supprting the return of McTygue here? Answer: no one.

Instead, we're pointing out what a joke Ron Kim is.

Get yourself out of that "if you're not part of the Kim/Keehn cult then you must be one of Tommy's crew" mode of thinking.

That might work for your DFC comrades-in-stupidity, but not for the rest of us.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that "I am the lawyer here" teamed with "I am the People's Mayor" and traveled the fruitless charter change road, hoping to abolish the very positions they campaigned for and were subsequently elected to serve. When that didn't work, their mission became one that would disrupt and make dysfunctional the Council’s proceedings in order to create disorder.

“I am a lawyer here” has very little to claim success on. A few meaningless initiatives, which provided little fruit or solutions for the City, are all that can be remembered. Perhaps, the most enduring and memorable moments will be protesting over a toilet and a bench and posting his fail-o-meter. Displaying tirades and tantrums and this circus side show approach to working with his colleagues on the Council is not certainly the stuff that Mayors and Congressmen are made of.

And in three years, did this “bankruptcy attorney” expertise ever find its way into his discussion of building a larger than affordable capital building project? Was he representing his taxpayer constituency or his “client’s”? Somehow gratuitously suggesting today that this expertise “on the ground level” would be beneficial in helping find solutions in Washington, when it was all but abandoned locally borders on delusion. I must agree with another writer, that this all appears to have been for personal gain.

5:12 AM  
Anonymous agphoto said...

Let the games begin - delicious!

1- let's start by noting the political environment recently, then try to bring it back 'home'...

We here in the capital region recently experienced a news day that has to rank in the top 5, if not THE top story wherein local/regional political happenings had national impact.

The twin hydra of the Senator Kirsten's appt. and Uncle Joe's indictments meant that this region was getting singular visibility, for good AND ill. Just noting...

2- Now here on the local 12866 front, we are amused by the posturing of recycled 'pro pol hacks'; a talent pool characterized by mediocrity coming from donkey and elephant alike. honestly, where is the creativity? Let alone the competence?

3- it says here that my state of the city mid-term MVP (most vacuous performance) award has to go to Comm. Skip - has anyone noticed the absolutely abysmal record of cleaning and plowing our streets this winter? yes, there is a lot of snow this winter, so what? I'm not a native, but i certainly go back far enough to remember several bad or worse snowfall years. Not to be a crab, but it used to be that if you could wait an hour after a snowfall, the streets of SS would be clean enough to have a shot at driving - at least on the main streets. Now it takes days... that's the state of our city; how bout a hand for all concerned?... put that middle finger down, folks, this is a family blog. Grade- F; only because that's as low as we could go. Like his music though...

4- Another state of the city 'ground level' issue is our wonderful sidewalks...many successful businesses downtown are outstanding about keeping up with things in front of their shops - impressions, gaffney's and saratoga saddlery are good examples, and there are certainly more... but there are some, well, 'pills' who own businesses that will cry and moan at a DBA meeting about the business 'climate' yet do nothing to clear a path to their door. God help you if you need to get around on crutches or something... where is Mayor Scott exhorting from the bully pulpit on this to business owners? is this not a classic Public Safety issue Comm Ron?

I personally note the businesses that do and do not make attempts at clearing snow; those that don't do not get one red dime from me. Adios- its only a matter of time for your going out of business sale, losers... i really urge my fellow bloggites, families, friends, and animals (sloppy kisses does a fab job with the snow too) to evaluate and spend accordingly.

But i digress... you would think that in this day and age these sort of things would at least be co-equals to previous fail-o-meter topics; yet a plague on all houses is in effect as we struggle to overcome our tundra-like existence.

The first pol who co-ops these ideas into a photo op will get my respect for being aware of actual issues that affect all people, regardless of class, wallet size, blah-blah-blah. The may even get me to vote for them- but as of now, finish this sentence:

" a new broom _______s c______!"

Try not to fall on your ass this winter, kids. And put a coat on!

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Kim is elected does that mean that he'll leave Saratoga for good? Well a gal could hope.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 9:34 Thanks for the comment Shauna! You Slut!

7:20 PM  

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