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Post Script

It’s hard to get a grasp on how remarkably out-of-touch the nationally syndicated AM talk shows are until they suddenly decide to cast their shouting opinion onto local politics. Such was the case Wednesday, when mental midget Sean Hannity decided to weigh in on the campaign for the 20th Congressional District.

Despite being unable to find the 20th or any of its constituent communities on a map, Hannity figured himself to be the perfect pundit to weigh in on the too-close-to-call race during his afternoon yawn on the radio. Naturally, the GOP cheerleader tossed his pom-poms in the air for the failed campaign of state Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco, who inexplicably blew a more than 12-point lead in the polls over the course of six short weeks.

To nearly anyone with a brain, Tedisco’s fall from the top was nothing short of epic. While his party wasn’t exactly phrasing their candidate’s campaign this way, they certainly weren’t celebrating like he had won on Tuesday. Even if Tedisco does emerge victorious, his failure to capitalize on his name recognition and public service will certainly make party leaders think twice about his name in the hat for any other political office.

Yet for a blathering dunce like Hannity, Tuesday’s election was all about the Republicans emerging victorious. In his opinion, Tedisco warded off a peppering attack by the Obama-led Democrats. He portrayed Tedisco as an underdog, stalwart in the face of a wealthy financier who threw buckets of gold into the free-for-all for the seat.

Hannity’s best logic came when he boldly proclaimed Tedisco had eclipsed the numbers the Democrats generated in the district during the presidential campaign. He suggested Tedisco garnering 50 percent of the vote showed the Democrats losing ground in the district. After all, he posited, Barack Obama nailed 68 percent of the vote just five months earlier.

“And this was a guy who was down four points in the polls the week before,” Hannity mused.

Simply put, this logic is laughable even from a Republican standpoint. And it shows just how fallacious these talk show hosts can be in their message to an oft-unsuspecting public. Remarkably, they tune in everyday to listen to a flatulent jackass like Hannity, who is nothing more than two-bit college drop-out.

Of course, Hannity isn’t the only national radio host to intersect with Camp Tedisco. The candidate inexplicably made national headlines when he uttered the words “Rush Limbaugh is meaningless to me,” during an editorial board meeting with the Oneonta Daily Star. The quote was featured prominently in the article, promptly republished by the liberal-bent Huffington Post and then blown onto Murphy mailers that were disseminated throughout the district.

True, most district residents would agree with Tedisco. There’s nothing more meaningless than an oxycotin-laced fat-headed pork-chop like Limbaugh prattling on about his own accolades in between diatribes about ‘the libs.’ But the quote, which Tedisco claimed was taken out of context, prompted him to issue a hasty apology. Certainly, Michael Steele knows how he feels.

Amazingly, guys like Hannity and Limbaugh, who once carped from the sidelines, are now supposedly the ones blindly leading the Republicans forward. They gained an immense amount of political power during the eight years of the Bush Administration and don’t seem too eager to give any of it up. All this is good news for their detractors on the left, seeing as though they seem to be blindly leading their followers off a cliff.


Anonymous I'm one of the drunks who broke the horse on Broadway said...


Two favors to ask:

1) Do you have John Sweeney's phone number? The Tedisco camp is looking for some 'kickass' types to harass the election board when they open the absentee ballots, and they recall Johnny Boy's good work down in Florida for Georgie B.

2)I notice you've been quiet on the NXIVM front as of late (they are suing Metroland, etc). That tells me they must have gotten to you too. So, I was wondering if you could hook me up with one of the Bronfman girls? I think you know what I'm talking about here...

Any help on these two matters is appreciated, good buddy.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A blog a day is difficult to keep up with. OK, man, we get it. You don't like Jump-shot Jimmy, or Hannity, or Limbaugh. Neither do we like them, nor should any self-respecting voter.

As I tune into those goofy talk-shows, I often wonder who else is really listening. The only reason I listen, now and again, is to keep an ear to the ground, trying to understand their logic, if there is any.

I expect Jasper to tender his resignation any day now. The advertising was despicable, to say the least.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the image of the pide piper is
quite amusing but I think Shelly
Silver is the Pide Piper not Jim Tedisco as much as I can't stand him.

thanks for the last three posts. well done.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Kyle York said...

When News is slow, the Numb Nuts blaze
as Old Blogs cool like turds.
But when 3 posts span 3 SMOKIN' days--
FedUp Fools have no words.

-Kyle York
Thought. It's All Good.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Admittedly, I have a bit of curiosity in NXVIM. And one of these slow days, I might write about them if the stars are aligned. But they pose a hassle I simply don't need right now. As you probably know, they typically meet negative publicity with multi-million dollar lawsuits. So once I have a multi-million dollar point to make about them, you'll likely see me taking on this shadowy group of fascists.

As to your first point, Disco Jim doesn't need Kickass. He has his own 'kickass' by the name of John Ciampoli. And as far as I know, Ciampoli doesn't tipple enough to topple utility poles with his SUV. He's a much safer bet than the caustic ex-congressman.


Actually, my qualms against Tedisco have nothing to do with his personality or political ability. He's a very amicable politician who is a colorful speaker(albeit bitingly partisan), looks people in the eye and has a very quick wit. I have no doubt he would have been a good candidate for the district had the election been held in 2003 or 2004. But today, he wouldn't get anything done in this congressional climate. He'd essentially be a loud voice that would get ignored by the majority.

My issues with Jim are that he routinely uses political deception to slowly turn things in his favor. There's something genuinely undemocratic about his operation during state elections. I'd shutter to think he'd bring that kind of tact to the national level.

As for the clap-traps on AM, there are three brands of people who listen to them: the disenchanted, the unintelligent and the dynamically opposed. What is really interesting is when someone exhibiting all those qualities calls into one of their shows.


Actually, the pied piper(s) in this context are Mr. Hannity and Mr. Limbaugh(although if we're talking state Assembly, you're certainly correct).

Honestly, I believe a lot of what these radio hosts say is or was an act. But when the neocon movement gained full steam, these guys went from being radio cheerleaders to the voice piece for a presidential administration. Now that this nasty era in politics is ending, I figured they'd both go back to being the fringe cheerleaders they were during the Clinton-era. Not so. Ask Tedisco or Steele or any Republican that's tangoed with them; they are four-star generals leading the populous of a major political party. The scary part is that neither of them have a brain cell to boot. And that my friend is the proverbial pied piper tweeting away as the children follow.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Rom Kim is bankrupting the whole city so he gets more legal clients said...

It looks like Sweeney was celbrating the recount resluts a bit early?

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is the subject of an upcoming post, but I felt like weighing in, as my political memory is short here.

The arrest of John Sweeney early Sunday is a fine tribute to the failure of the local GOP, the national conservative movement of the last twenty-odd years and bloated assholes everywhere.

But I ask myself still, could this really be the downfall of the last vestiges of the white, formerly Anglo Saxon and Protestant, male dominated world?

Billionaires on Wall St and high finance everywhere have been exposed for frauds and cheats. Their lifestyles mocked and fetishized on TV. But if I know them like I think I do, they are still the true uber power elite in this neighborhood.

But if they are not. Who will be the next ruling class? The Jewish establishment of media, finance and politics has been dealt a few blows as of late.

Who really runs things? Who should be running things?

Sweeney was just riding the cascading wave of power ushered in by the so-called Reagan era and before (way before) that the founders of our country.

I believe we have reached a crossroads in time and space. Will this economic disaster usher in a new world order? Or will it be business as usual?

I think we can safely say that populism is back. But how far will it go? How many billions will the wealthy devour before the common man takes notice? They have been safely distracted for a long time, but if they can't pay their bills, there goes the "cheap" bread and circus.

Speaking of which, where was Sweeney before he was pulled over? I would venture a guess that it was a certain gentleman's club on route 9...

5:20 PM  

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