Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mail bag

All bloggers need a day to send back some responses to loyal readers who take the time to write in. Well, for i-Saratoga, that hackneyed day is today. Here's a few responses to some letters recieved this month.

From an anonymous reader:

“[The] blog is good but badly needs proofreading or at least spell check”

Many write with critical comments about typos and misspellings that slink into posts. This criticism is always accepted and well appreciated as a way to keep the writing clean here for more discriminating readers. I will, however, point out that this is a mobile production that is often produced under some harsh and unforgiving circumstances, ranging from brutal time constraints to brutal climate; there’s nothing like scanning for errors while the drifting lull of traffic ripping over a highway overpass purrs through your head.

As much as I’d like to claim the infallibility of some immortal being, alas I am but a mere mortal and one particularly prone to spelling errors, as my first grade teacher once took pride in pointing out with her red pen ink in letters that never seemed to involve the first three of the alphabet. I’m proud to report to Mrs. Gruber --if she is among my audience --that very little has changed since those days way back when.

From an another Anonymous reader:

“Horatio, you suck and never update your crappy blog. Cheers.”

Cheers to you!

Yes it’s true, i-Saratoga has fallen to the periphery in recent days, thanks to some personal responsibilities. Regrettably, producing daily posts I deem worthy of reading is a long process, which often consumes hours of my day. Not that I’m complaining about this, but sometimes those hours just aren’t there. Posts on this blog should get back to normal once that red-suited human chimney sweep makes his rounds and we can all sink into a glass of post-New Year scotch.

In summation, keep reading and keep commenting. Interaction is the soul of good socio-political discourse.


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