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Everyone's Buddy

When he came to office during the mid-1970s, the city was in the throngs of its darkest days. Many historic buildings were darkened, the streets were gritty and there were few jobs to be had among what had once been a vibrant city.

Somewhere along a political career that spanned the better part of three decades, he helped turn things around. The 66-year-old’s political longevity continues to baffle even the savviest of political pundits, given the sheer number of court cases and investigations that surround him. Born and bred in the city, he wielded a brash attitude and abrasive behavior throughout his tenure in office, which led some to revere him as a savior and many others to characterize him as a dubiously corrupt official. In the end, his service to the city stands testament to how one politician can indeed make a difference.

His name is Buddy Cianci. And love him or hate him, his career as mayor of Providence is often credited with turning Rhode Island’s capital around. What’s this have to do with the Spa City? Simply put: not too much. But the political career of Vincent Cianci Jr. harkens very closely to that of Thomas G. McTygue, a man recently dubbed the “mayor of Saratoga Springs” who could very well be his political doppelganger.

For those unfamiliar with Cianci, he is one of the longest-serving “big city” mayors in the nation and he was just recently released from federal prison after serving four years for a conspiracy conviction. But despite this record –one that includes using a fireplace log and a lit cigarette to brutalize a gent who was screwing his wife –he’s absolutely loved by most Providencians. His time in office was remarkable enough to spur both a major motion picture and Ciani's own line of marinara sauce.

Not even a month removed from a federal penitentiary, the deposed mayor was handed a Friday morning radio talk show. His almost unwavering base of support was never more evident than during his first day on the air.

“Welcome back to the airwaves –my husband and I really missed you,” chimed in one caller. “We think you took a really bum rap.”

Among his many achievements, Cianci is credited with luring a minor league hockey team to the city, building the Providence Mall and being the main force behind the annual Waterfire celebration, an event that draws thousands to Providence. More importantly, he’s largely thought of as the leader who changed the city from a burned-out industrial port into the polished metropolis it is today.

Then there was his other side. Cianci made more than a few enemies along the way.
His oft-heavy handed tactic, dogged determination to crush his opponents and generally shifty manner of conduct made him an easy target for a federal investigation. In June 2002, he was found guilty of masterminding a criminal enterprise that took bribes in exchange for tax breaks, favors and jobs. Twenty-seven years after rising to power, Cianci landed himself in jail.

“I’m struck by the parallels of this case and the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” remarked U.S. District Judge Ernest Torres during his sentencing. “There appear to be two very different Buddy Ciancis that have come across here…my job is to sentence the second Buddy Cianci, because the first wouldn't be here.”

This sort of duplicity seems equally prevalent in the man who seems more of a fixture in the city’s Public Works Department, than elected official. For 16 terms now, the Spa City’s electorate has affirmed McTygue’s job, even though there have long been allegations of corruption, coercion and conduct unbecoming of an elected official. Simply, put, he is the white whale and there hasn’t been an Ahab in more than three decades to take him down.

But to sell McTygue as a bully that has maintained a Stalinesque grip on power is to sell short the transformation the city has undergone during his time in office. When McTygue came to power, there was no city center, the open-air city hockey rink existed over a toxic waste dump, the municipal library looked more like the homes in Geyser Crest and Congress Park was a mere shadow of its former grandeur. Saratoga Springs was quite literally in the process of demolishing itself and its historic character one building at a time.

Pan to the present, Saratoga Springs is quite literally the envy of cities throughout the state. It is a booming city that has an almost ever-changing skyline. The streets are clean, the business is robust and the only local politician that has stayed in office as it transformed from trash to treasure is Tom McTygue. Of course, this isn’t to say the city’s modern renaissance is because of McTygue; such a statement would be vastly incorrect. Rather, McTygue has offered a veritable war chest of accomplishments that have added to the collective city revival.

Today, this legacy is generally overshadowed by McTygue’s detractors, many of whom are propelled by first-term Mayor Valerie Keehn. They often argue these accomplishments occurred not because of the commissioner, but rather in spite of him. They argue McTygue’s bullying tactics have maligned his department so bad that his employees work under constant fear of retribution. And now that he’s facing what is perhaps his toughest re-election campaign, rumors of a federal investigation into his office have conveniently surfaced.

So where does the truth lie? Well, more than likely right in the middle. Investigate any politicians with three-decades of longevity and you’re almost bound to find a graveyard worth of skeletons. This is how the game is played in politics; it’s the rankest game in the nation and those who don’t stink don’t stand much chance of winning at it. McTygue is no exception to this rule. The real question is does the endgame justify the means and does McTygue’s blustering overshadow the accomplishments he’s overseen in office? It’s difficult to answer ‘yes’ without taking a good hard look what Saratoga Springs has become while he’s been in office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i'm not surprised the lawsuit wasn't mentioned here. seems you forgot to mention he might be a bit of a racist as well.
actually he lost to dwyer in the early 80's. strike one
the open air ice rink was at the east side rec and to my recollection there was no dump near by. but the stinky dump you mention was closed by a state agency. srike two
and ellsworth jones got the city center accomplished. i believe they named the street after him. strike three
he started out a good guy now he's just an embarrassment .

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow actually i have to say i forgot about the ice rink on east ave. you're right there. but it wasn't like tmac had any thing to do with the cleanup. but the dec got him for polluting spring run

2:43 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Your dogged determination to make McTygue the prototypical man in black is starting to give you brain-freeze.

“The open air ice rink was at the east side rec and to my recollection there was no dump nearby.”

You obviously don’t ice skate or watch Saratoga's hockey teams. All I have to say is Excelsior Avenue, NiMo, and 85,000 tons of contamination. Enough said. Let me guess your answer: this was somehow McTygue’s fault.

“Ellsworth Jones got the city center accomplished. I believe they named the street after him”

He sure did. And he had a panel of commissioners that was behind him. Needless to say, I didn’t say McTygue had anything to do with the city center, just that he was on the council when the authority was created. By the way, which street do you speak of? Maple Avenue? Grove Street? Broadway? I’m confused.

And might I remind you it is the DEPUTY commissioner who is full-time and has more influence over the department’s day-to-day running than the commissioner himself. That deputy happened to be one Mr. Patrick Design. I will give you this: it was McTygue’s decision to hire Design in the first place. Roast him on that, why don’t you.

Lastly, if you had crazies like David Bronner stalking your every move, you’d probably get a little testy as well.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

appropriate pun, man in black, the day after the guy looses a racial bias lawsuit for the city.
actually that was my post saying i forgot about the east side rink. and giving you credit on it . so your whole rant about the hockey teams was needless gary bettman jr. but sorry to mention that the dec fined the dept of public works for polluting the very river that runs underneath that property. nimo polluted the land is correct also. both way before pat design worked as deputy.
and also you made an argument about all his accomplishments and made a vague reference to how the city center wasn't there before he was in office. to someone who might not know the whole story they could take that to be one of his accomplishments.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least i didn't yell at you about the schenectady article like the other guy

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yes grove street is now ellsworth jones place or something like like. and if you want to blame the deputy for the dec fine then you should know that was brother billy.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king

5:26 PM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

You guy's make me laugh, talking about Tom's honesty. You think Skippy has ever worked a honest day for the city. With the exception of maybe 25% (tops) there isn't a city worker that would ever make it in the private sector. Most of them would be lucky to be delivering pizzas or bartending for a living. It's pretty much a given that city employment is an expensive form of welfare that John Q Public gets stuck for.
And believe me, Skippy is not in the 25%.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suffer from poor grammar, lack of cohesion, crappy spelling and punctuation and they label you an idiot in the blogosphere......

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mayor Daley in Chicago, Buddy Cianci in Providence, whomever in Saratoga... these cities are thriving because somebody had the foresight to clean up the downtown areas and maximize on local attributes. It isn't clear who will receive credit for Saratoga's rise back to glory, but either way you people should be proud of what the city has become. Just don't forget that it was the arts scene, bohemian energy and most likely drug sales that were the main catalysts for change. Once the city was attractive again, then the conservative money started rolling in (and the artists and city service industry workers were booted out). Check Craigslist for recent rental prices in Saratoga to see how much things have changed. A large one bedroom on Broadway used to rent not too long ago for $425/mo with utilities included. It is difficult to find anything under $1000/mo these days.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"you people"

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HO: Some commenters on this blog seem to think McTygue couldn't possibly be a racist bigot, but the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found otherwise.

What say you? To be a lovable rogue, is it OK to be a polluter? How about a bribe taker? Fraudster? Racist? Is anything out of bounds, or is it "anything goes"

1:14 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Look, I’m more than willing to publish comments, regardless of their tact, stance or otherwise, provided they’ve even somewhat related to the topic on which they are posted. But several of recent and moderated comments are just getting bizarre, such as a recent poster that seems to think –for whatever reason –I’ve got a beef with his punctuation (I don’t). So let’s keep these comments somewhat channeled to the subject at hand. If you need to drop an off-topic, there’s always a link to the iSaratoga mailbox, lodged deep in the bowels of Hotmail.

Second, I firmly uphold the anonymity of iSaratoga’s readers and posters and always will. But this anonymity is getting pretty darn confusing in some of these threads. Now, it would be fairly easy for some of you to adopt a handle; you don’t need to register or do anything other than choose a name and use it when you post. The choice is always yours, but it would make the somewhat longer threads a bit more understandable. Addressing posters as “anonymous #1” and what not gets a bit funky sometimes, especially when there’s prolonged dialogue.

Also, don’t bother posting ENTIRE newspaper articles in the comments. There’s no need for it. If you want to link, feel free. That’s a perfectly acceptable way of getting your message across. However, pasting a fucking 800-word article in the comments section is just lazy. I don’t reprint articles verbatim in my entries and I would expect the same of my posters. Pull a few pertinent points, cite them or make links. Otherwise, your points will be lost in the purgatory of moderated comments.

And lastly, thank you all for taking the time to give input. Even though I might sometimes throw out a jab or two in defense of my points –it’s in my nature as “Saratoga’s cranky blogger” –there has been some very good points raised in the comments section. Keep these areas robust, they’re the bread and butter of this blog.


1:03 AM  
Anonymous Just an observer said...

I am curious why nothing came up in any non-bias format about the problems at the McTygue farm this past summer. I understand that a workman fell off the roof of a barn that was being built. The local emergency officials were called to the scene and it was commented that the workman was not wearing a harness - those with expertise in such manner could address if this was a workplace safety issue. I also heard this was in an inquiry if there was any building permits for this barn. Again, I do not know if there was something illegal going on but I would think that some reporter might have made an inquiry rather than sweeping things under the rug or letting rumors start that might tarnish a public figure.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Just an Observer said...

Very interesting McTygue's family involvement in politics and public service.

A quick newspaper search shows in the NYT Nov. 28, 1920

Grand Jury Indicts Saratoga Officers

Proceedings Begun Asking for Removal of Judge McTygue from Apellate Division and Disbarment

later in the story...
There were a lot of people charged including the DA, Commissioner of Public Safety, and "Edward T. Carroll, Superintendent of Police for Conspiracy in permitting the removal of gambling appartus from the Police Headquarters and Judge Michael E. McTygue (most likely Thomas's grandfather) whose was indicted in connection with the same charge.

(Please note that this is the same Police Headquarters that is currently being used.)

I think it is intersting that the family has a long history of public service.


7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McTygue gives the appearance of listening to people, especially around election time, but it's all a hoax. Since he's always trying to give the impression of responding to the last person, no systematic planning is possible. Plus, he tries to help wealthy people over the average Joe --- there's more money to skim that way. Look at his flip flop on the rec center --- it's just a delay tactic. The FBI is looking at corruption in McTygue's relationships with people in the building trades, not whether he bought asphalt from the city for his farm. McTygue is all spin and lies. He's going down, and many will celebrate on election night. He's stayed around too long, and there's no clear candidate waiting in the wings to take over his political machine. But it's sinking fast, to the good of the city.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prediction: post-election; the city Democratic party will be taken over by a moderate goup of individuals that:

a) have no connection or past history with McTygue

b) will blame Keehn and her people for their overall defeat and will work to push them completely out of the way

Any bets on who this will be?

8:35 AM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

Chickenhawks give us alot of chickenshit. We have seen alot of it in the National political scene and now it seems of have filtered down to the local level. A worker falls of a roof, a QUICK search of a newspaper dating back to 1920, and scurrilous inuendo concerning investigations and hoaxs.
My republicans fiends expressed shock and disgust when Clinton got his little girlfriend's dress dirty and lies about it and these same people express outrage when Congressman Sweeny is called to task for allegdedly beating his wife to a pulp.
Some people have no class, and unfornatately for the country and this city many of these same people are republicans that will say and do anything to get elected.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been said by men much wiser then me you can judge a man by the character of their enemies so lets look at McTygue accusers.

David Bronner local nutcase. Made a name for himself by calling women who entered the old Planned Parenthood on Church St “whores and sluts”. When it was pointed out to him that he was supposed to be an anti-abortion protester and that no abortions were performed at this site he would dismiss them as agents of the devil. Retired Lieutenant Colonel, a 20+ year stint as an officer who never saw combat, his final rank of a light-bird Colonel doesn’t attest too much of a career.
He has been know to stalk his enemies both real and imagined and is thought by many to be a walking time bomb waiting to go off.

Albert Madarassy, a recently retired public works head mechanic. A long time enemy of McTygue who during his long career at the city garage was disciplined by McTygue many times. Although a good mechanic Madarassy has a serious drinking problem that has caused him much of the troubles in his life. He has been counseled sent to rehab, suspended and finally retired with a very generous pension. He still blames McTygue and is unable to come to grips with his alcohol addition.
Very sad

Former Planning Board Chairman Lew Benton. Benton is a former Republican Commissioner of Public Safety. After being kicked out of that party Benton found a new religion. Perpetually in debt and unable to find employment in the private sector do to a drinking problem Benton turned to the only ones who would have him the Democrats. Quickly rewarded when his wife Linda found employment in the Kotz administration Benton’s politics took an even more radical form with the defeat of Kotz and his wife’s subsequent unemployment,
He then hitched his wagon to Val Keehn and he has severed his new master well. Working in conjuncture with Keehn’s husband he has filed complaints with both the DEC and FBI against McTygue. For these dubious actions he has been richly rewarded both he and his wife work in the Keehn administration with a combined salary of $120000. Needless to say they would both be unemployed Jan 1 if Val loses.

So there you have it the truth hurts but it must be told.And if its true you can judge a man by the character of their enemies you can also judge a person by the charter of there friends.
Val these are your friends.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last Poster:

Ummm. No, I disagree. Over the past 15 years I have called Mr. McTygue's office on a handful of occasions. The Commissioner HIMSELF responded to my concerns in three out of four of those instances in a professional and courteous manner.

It would have been easy for one of his staff to field my calls, especially since the only thing I can offer him is my vote. Trust me, he had nothing to gain by obliging me. He didn't even know if I voted for or against him.

I do acknowledge that his manner can be tough at times, but those prior instances have always stuck with me. The fact that he treated me with such respect, especially when I was very young (i.e. barely voting age) made an impression that I will keep always.

I can't say whether the commissioner is guilty in any of the charges levied against him by his detractors, but my gut inclination, which is SELDOM wrong, tells me that this is a witch hunt.

I would like to say definitively that he's not guilty, but I don't have proof that he isn't. Prudence dictates that I put my faith in the investigative efforts of those charged with divining the truth of the matters concerning Mr. McTygue. Until then, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Mr. McTygue's enemies would do well to do the same. Rather than toss around asinine statements like: "He's skimming money," "He's dating his deputy," "He's a racist," "He pollutes our watersheds," etc. they should cite proven FACTS to back up their claims-not just hearsay. And until they do, they should SHUT THEIR FUCKING MOUTHS!!!!!

Doesn't anyone else question the timing of the majority of these allegations?

Long story short. Do I think Mr. McTygue is squeaky clean or Mr. Touchy Feely? Nope. I don't think ANYONE who did his job for any length of time could be.

I do, however, think that his efficacy in handling the Dept. of Public Works is unassailable. I look at how much he (as head of Public Works) has done to make this city more comfortable for my family and friends. Saratoga is remarkable-and love him or hate him-the Commisioner's fingerprints are all over many of the things that make it great.

He doesn't just have my vote this November...he has EARNED it.


A small "R" Republican For Fairness

7:16 PM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

To small "R".
I would like to buy you a beer.
I have know of Tom since I was a kid (55 years or so) and I would also be the first to say I could not vouch for his complete honesty. Nor would I assume that he is dishonest. Do any of us truly know what is in another person's heart?
I have also known his wife and three daughters and they are lovely people.
His accomplishments can not be denied.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some more info to think about

The McTygue list of issues far exceeds the accomplishments.
If any other elected official had just one of these issues we would send them packing.

1. Irrational behavior at city council meetings
2. Environemnt Spill(s)
3. nepotisim
4. Racism
5. Illegal dumping
6. Employee Mismanagement
7. Alleged corruption
8. "special personal relationships" with employees
9. residence questions
10. Star Tax scandal
11. Dump Truck blocking
12. Excessive Campaign contributions
13 Abbrasive behavior to the public
14. Exiting the County Tax Plan (he seconded the motion by Mayor Klotz)

The list goes on and on!
And he can not blame everything on Val keehn,Mike Lenz, Ken Klotz, Mike O'Connell. 4 Mayors in 8 years...huh

In 12 years our Taxes have risen by 125% and what is in place to show for it? VERY LITTLE
There is no one else to blame for the lack of production.
No Rec Center
No Police Station
No East Side EMS
No Solution to Truck traffic
No Parking Solution

And no water source
well lets look at some facts....

Lets look at Tom McTygue's pet project. Water

He has lead us all to believe that Loghberry Lake (1 of our 4 water sources} is going away and we need to jump on the McTygue bandwagon and rush to Saratoga Lake "or else".

On 9/19/05 The Chazen Report provide a report to the City regarding the vitality and quality of the water in Loughberry Lake. They studied 15 years of Loughberry Lake data.
And I quote
"These data do not show any decline in the water quality of the lake's water"
They further state
"The data consistently demonstrated stable water quality as well as compliance with regualtory standards"
They go on to say
"the fact that the lake (Loughberry) meets all drinking water standards is confirmation that it is not a problem for this water supply"

So Loughberry gets a clean bill of health.

Now lets look at consumption (usage) of our water since 2000.

Planning Board Information May 2007. Report data was provided by DPW

These are the numbers from the May 2, 2007 Water Consumption Monitoring Plan Update.

This is the annual average daily usage rate measured in millions of gallons per day MGD. As you can see, although it has fluctuated, it hasn’t changed by much over the years.

We have 5.840 MGD today of available water annually (safe yield). There’s actually more, but this is what experts say is the safe yield.

Annual MGD Usage

3.655 in 2000
3.475 in 2001
3.504 in 2002
3.665 in 2003
3.686 in 2004
3.793 in 2005
3.633 in 2006

These numbers include the water we SELL...yes I said SELL to Wilton and Milton.

Most people would agree that the City has seen significant growth since 2000.
Even more growth has occurred in Wilton and Milton, yet we see by our comsumption data that there has been hardly any growth in usage. So what is the big rush to spend 15 MILION dollars for something we very well may not need.

The City draws from 4 different sources and have spent little effort to improve them and increase their capacity.

Additionally NYRA is aggressively moving towards using more of their own resources ie on-sight wells and better use of their irrigation pond systems that will save us a great deal of water in our most demanding month.

I think most people know that we need a change in the leadership of DPW in November and it can not come fast enough.

I am tired of all of the bullshitting ,fingerpointing, and the grandstanding by Tommy.

Happy Trails Tom

9:18 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Ok. Perfect opportunity to explain what I mean about linking instead of reprinting whole articles and using "handles" instead of just the "anonymous" nomenclature in the comments section. This was left yesterday in the comments section by "Just an Observer":

This is an interesting article from 16 years ago.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

I’ll refer this comment to the “Some more info to think about” poster. You’re right –to some extent –about the need for more water. But keep in mind, there are at least four MAJOR projects underway or completing (Lake Avenue, Division Street, Excelsior, and Broadway) this year, there’s another that are expected to start next year(Lillian’s parking lot, the Downtowner), and I’ve heard a rumor that Wilton cannot build hotels under their water agreement with the city. I can’t vouch for the validity of the rumor, but the rest is fact. And that’s a lot of water that will be added to the bill. The only area that was using any discernable water was the former YMCA building, which reminds me: add one the YMCA building.

Truth is the city without further development won’t need more water. With more development, it will. McTygue’s idea for tapping the lake seems to revolve more about a need for a revenue source than an actual need for water. More water means more water to sell, which means larger buildings, which means more tax base. If the city can offer cheaper water to surrounding municipalities, then the city will make the money.

I’m also “tired of all of the bullshitting, finger pointing, and the grandstanding.” And it seems to come largely from one source minions and their unwavering support for a certain incumbent mayor.

10:55 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

To "men much wiser then me"

Memories of David Bronner: It’s drizzling outside and the last of the peacenicks are clearing out from the Post Office steps following their usual Saturday afternoon vigil. War has just broken out in Iraq and the mood in the Spa City is clear: support it or get the fuck out. And the number one cheerleader of this mantra is the old Colonel, a rabid fellow with spit cascading from his lips with each venomous word he bellows.

“You’re fucking un-American, you stinking liberal,” he shouts at a timid long-haired man, who made the mistake of trying to discuss the war with him. “It's shitheads like you that piss on the legacy of this great nation.”

He yells loud enough that his voice carries over the bustling Broadway traffic and across the street, where a few pedestrians have stopped in wonderment. Just an arm’s length away from Bronner and the bewildered demonstrator he’s berating is a mother with her two small children, who just happened to leave the post office at precisely the wrong time.

Bronner’s voice raises another decibel, as the peacenick turns to walk away.

“Why don’t you pig-fucking communists just leave then,” he yells down the street. “Go hang out with your fuck-buddy Saddam, you fucking faggot.”

The kids look scared. The mother looks shocked. Bronner looks rabid. He doesn’t notice the startled trio or that he's yelling into the thin air or anything else going on around him; just that there is someone with whom he disagrees and that he’ll do whatever it takes to get the last word.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Toga Booster said...

Bronner. Wyatt. Keehn. That fucktard Hawthorne who keeps writing those asinine Letters to the Editor. The lkist could go on and on.

But the topper was that idiotic woman (I dont even want to look up her name, she's such a f'ing waste)that wrote in claiming Val waspre-disposed to having a better perspective on municipal finance (as opposed to someone who owns their own business) because she drew a paycheck each week.

That one instance did it for me --it made me clearly realize just what we're dealing with here.

I hope these Keehn assholes crawl back into their basemants after the election. Maybe they'll stay down there for another 20 years.

9:47 AM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

The sickening aspect of your last comment is; David Bronner is typical of mainstream republican thinking.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My responses to Anonymous are these:

1) While I support Mr. McTygue; I disagree with him on tapping the Lake. This is the nature of a HEALTHY supportive relationship of any candidate-that you can disagree with different elements of someone's platform, but see the overall good in having them in office. If you can ever find a politician who agrees with your every position....well, good luck.

2) I hope the anonymous poster above (Pat Kane-was that you? It sure sounded like you. For the love of God man, just build the fucking rec center yourself. You've got the skills. I've seen it) will apply the same litmus to our fair mayor at election time.

In my mind, she has violated #'s 1, 3 (a la Adam Israel), 7, 8, 12, & 13. It will be interesting to see if the public sees it the same way in November.

3) Undoubtedly, Bronner is certifiably crazy. If he ever accosted me, my wife, or my child in that manner, I would kick his ass from one end of Broadway to the other-age notwithstanding.

Horatio's earlier post makes me wonder if it was he or his ilk that had the giant graphics of abortions in Congress Park some time ago-graphics that my young child (who just wanted to ride the carousel with her Daddy) happened to see.

I'm still pissed off about that one. Had she not been with me, I would have made the arrest blotter the next day in the paper. You know folks; you can have your postions, but there is such a thing as going over the top.

Bronner is legendary for this. And for the record, I remember passing by he and his entourage when the 2nd Iraqi war broke out. While I definitely don't agree 100% with the peaceniks (trust me, they have their "loony" element as well) I was appalled by the actions of the other side of the argument.

Why is it in this country that we can be so selective about honoring freedom of speech?

A Small "r" Republican for Fairness

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The current "civil rights" suit against DPW (actually the City) needs some deeper investigation:

a) The person who has filed the suit was in prison, DPW gave him a job when he got out. He was absent most of the time and a bad worker. Firing a person like that is not about racism is about smarts. He deserved to be fired. If we excuse it, that is racism.

b) Valerie was quite engaged in this suit, including the involvement of her busband and the city attorney. Let's ask them why they drove this person to Utica to file this suit.

Saratoga deserves better than the manipulations of the Valerie camp. She and her supporters are liberal versions of the worst of Bush... not very smart, not very honest and not good for the citizens.

When will we stop hearing from women in Saratoga saying they support Valerie because she is a woman. Supporting based on gender, in light of her incompetence, is the ultimate form of sexism.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry fellas she kicks scott johnsons ass for fun this time around. if you got any problems with that then thank Mctygue. she would've been a one termer if that clown hadn't made her out to be such a victim. most of saratoga feels sorry for her now and because she stood up to his blustering people like her even more. see you chumps in two years.
ps haven't you monkeys realized that both parties have been real fuck ups lately.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
i like the bronner stories. you tell stories of a man who goes out and yells at people for disagreeing with him and then pat tommy on the back for doing the same. "its not assault grabbing and poking someone", but calling them names on a street corner is condemable
hey shot in the mouth and small r for republicans.
facts and proof!! how tightly do you have your eyes shut.
federal equal opprotunity commission. he was fined for pollution in spring run (with brother billy, as the deputy not pat design), and i think there was some problems with lake lonley where the dec had stepped in. both in the watershed. by the way, how is tommy's watershed management plan coming. 44% of the county is in saratoga lakes watershed area. that should up the price tag on toms financial boondogle at the lake.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toga Booster better known as John Tighe must have rolled out of the Bar again. He attacks the same thing. You need to check into rehab for help! "You ratted on your friends,Johnny! Your enemies don't respect you no more. You ain't got no friends Johnny. You got NO ONE."

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Toga Booster said...

Who the fuck is John Tighe?

7:25 AM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

Call me Shot for short.
This is my handle.
I am still anonymous, however, because I have common sense and have put a FAKE name to my post it is EASY to refer to me. I am trying to explain this concept like I was talking to a 5 year old because alot of you anonymous posters seem to have that intelligence level.
Now, on lighter note, refering to anonyomous who posted at 4:30 am. Hey, we are glad to have the likes of John Tighe compared to your guys: Gerald Hawthorne and David Bronner.
Pretty much everyone who has an IQ of over 50 agrees that Bronner is a borderline nut case who most people would be afraid to leave their kids alone with.( I actually think his IQ improved by at least 10 points after Tony head butted him a while back.)
And what does the Hawthorne family do for fun on Friday nights? Sit around the kitchen table eating popcorn and trying to write another monotonous boring Letter to Editor.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do smell Gerard the rat again. The terror of widows and children of the Terrace. The man who has clout at the Saratogaiian. Hell even his dog gets his letters published in the paper. We’ve all had enough of your shit Gerard .a day of reckoning is coming and you are first on the list. You have managed to piss off 95% of the people of Saratoga. Your friends are drunk’s psychopaths and anti Semitic buffoons enjoy you last ten days in dreamland.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the way that when somebody pisses you off you blame John Tighe. Trust me there is enough hatred of Keehn and her thugs to go around.

11:29 AM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

To anonymous who posted at 3:49 pm, you got it ass backwards; our sweet Valerie only gets to serve ONE term BECAUSE of Tommy. He had her pegged alot quicker than the rest of us. I don't think as many people feel sorry for poor Valerie as you think. I think what did it for me was when she tried to used that poor kids funeral for a political gain. Reminded me of Bush and Patrick Tillman.
PS give yourself handle.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets hear a big bo ho for Johnny. Maybe he sobered up long enough to get a good look at Bronner. Trust me Johnny losing friends like these is the best thing that could happen to you

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shot in the nuts. Being on a first name basis with Tony puts you in that 50 IQ level. Fisher, Fichette. What is his last name these days. I am so scared that I think I shall go into hiding! Help me they're coming after me!
Bring it on! you and your 95%. These negative comments are all the same guy! How's the Boyd campaign going?

6:40 PM  
Blogger John said...

To Bronner Gerard and my good pal Wyatt. This is John Tighe. You idiots never fail to amuse me. So now anybody who misspelled a word forgets a period or skips a comma must be me. WELL I GOT NEWS FOR YOU BOYS WE DON’T ALL HAVE THE STAFF OF THE MAYOR’S OFFICE TO PROOF READ OUR LETTERS. Really these blogs are getting hundreds of hit’s from city hall computers’. Thought you would be busy driving this city into the ground you do it so well but no your just blog away on city time.
I guess I should be flattered to receive so much of your attention like having Bronner run through my yard. Really next time corporal knock on my door and introduce yourself we can have a nice chat. But not you Bronner you just want to scare my wife.
To anybody who refers to me as a former friend don’t flatter yourselves we were only friends in your little minds. You have a little more then a week left and stay out of my yard fuckers.

7:53 PM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

Hey Anonymous who posted at 6:40 PM, put your glasses on. I never mentioned Tony. Reread the post. It's Tommy not Tony. And Boyd's campaign is going very well, thanks for asking.

7:34 AM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

You have to admire Boyd; he is playing Keehn like a fine violin. He knows he can not win but he is also going to make goddamn sure she doesn’t win either. Of course, I am sure that for an intelligent person like Boyd it’s not very difficult to make a small-minded vindictive fool look like a small-minded vindictive fool

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

Please...Admire and Boyd never will meet again.
We should have listened to our friends up in the Town of Hague. He was Regent Technologies back then. Old Gordo is a legend in his own mind!! can you say shell game?

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DEM ROC said:
read the above "shot in the mouth". not that it means anything because we are all still anonymous anyway, but you can call me demroc.
its funny the language thatyou use, are you really convincing us that val is the vindictive one! i'm sensing some real anger issues and you're the one who is coming off as the small minded fool. i guess it was easier then you thought. the arguments that you've brought up have been scurrilous, lame and weak. why not just say that val wants to steal your kids.
also i'm confused as to why she only gets to serve one term because of tommy. she already kicked boyd's ass in the primary, tommy's guy. that just had to kill him. i guess he just doesn't have anymore pull in the dem party .
boyd being in this race makes little sense as well and makes no difference. but all the tears coming out of camp Mcboyd has been fun to watch. you guys cry about everything, "you don't have a handle" i might cry

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are such a pussy. Way to trash your own party in support of the Mayor. It's not enough to hate Republicans now, you have to hate the elements within your party that disagree with your boss, and those that went before, like Mayor Klotz? You make me sick.

Oh yes. The 500 vote difference in the primary- that is a serious ass kicking. Like losing a baseball game 2-1.

Personally, I don't think Madame Mayor wants to steal our kids-just the charter, power, Mr. McTygue's soul, what few dollars are left in our pockets for her Capital Expense proposals, and what's left of our fucking dignity after electing her the first time, thinking she would be a different type of leader.

She is not the breath of fresh air that we had all hoped for-she's more like sewer gas.

I do congratulate her though for managing to pull the wool so solidly over the eyes of people like you; her core supporters.

Hopefully the city will wake up and end this nightmare next week. Oh, and 1100 votes just ain't gonna cut it at general election time. Don't delude yourself in thinking that she has a large "crossover" appeal. Aside from her three vocal Republican supporters, my prediction is that the city is going to come out in droves to stop this calculating, power grabbing woman.

Signed, The Wretched

9:58 AM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...


In reply to your post of 6:31 pm; Yes, I am angry with Keehn.

I am angry with Keehn because she has foolishly divided the Democratic Party of which I have been a member for the past 37 years. She alone, not Boyd nor McTygue, has been responsible for this split.

I am angry at Keehn because she has divided this city between the Old Timers (that’s me) and Saratogains (our newer friends and neighbors) that have recently moved here.

I am angry at Keehn for alienating business leaders from the community by professing underhanded development is common and routinely occurs.

I am angry at Keehn for wasting two years of valuable time by accomplishing little and causing lots of acrimony.

I am angry that Keehn sold voters a fraudulent bill of goods when she ran for mayor two years ago.
That bill of goods was her capabilities. We expected and assumed her to be capable. Instead we found our assumptions wrong and we find her to be very incapable.

I am angry that Keehn ran for mayor two years ago promising action on affordable housing and getting our water from Saratoga Lake and has lied to us about both.

I am angry that Keehn hastily supported a grandiose new police station with little thought or concern for the taxpayers who must pay for it.

I am angry at Keehn for being shortsighted and vindictive by replacing very knowledgeable and experienced board members such as Ed Lenz and Bill McTygue. Most city voters know that the loss of this type of expertise is going to be very detrimental to the city.

I am angry that Keehn has replaced decorum and common decency with sleazy politics. I might not have agreed with Mike Lenz and I probably won’t always agree with Mayor Johnson but at least I know that they have not or will not embarrass me or this city.

I am angry at myself for having voted for Keehn in the first place.

Yes, you can bet your ass I am angry. .

And you can also bet that I am not the only one who is angry

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
well what can i say. i guess i'm a pussy. it's true what they say, you are what you eat. obviously you're a dick.
losing a baseball game 2-1 implies just barely getting beat. losing an election 2-1 is a very solid loss. the score would have to be at least 7-2. no closer needed on a night like that.
and the thing is, i didn't vote for her the first time as you assume. actually the charter reform propaganda about her trying to grab power was a joke. thats when i realized . because i myself had sighned a petition for the reform months before I knew the initiative was a grassroots effort. and the way boyd and tmac acted in the following months was shameful. at this point its a dead issue, the people i feel are responsible for splitting the party used that chance to start their power plow. they started a very negative campaigh and atmosphere in general. when it came time for the endorsement they went against a sitting democrat mayor and endorsed the husband of the party chair. that in itself didn't sit well for me. but fine, it seemed a majority of dems disareed with it then, so we had a primary to see who the dems would want to be their representative as mayor. well the clear choice was keehn. still not enough, sharon endorses her husband. how the hell does that sit well with any democrat. to simply shrug off the majority like that is very bush like and speaks volumes of a power grab on their part.
so while you're not the only angry one please respect the will of the majority in a democracy. it's AMERICA baby, i can vote for anyone i like and simply shrug off any claim otherwise.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the posret who said "why not just say that val wants to steal your kids."

OK; Val wants to steal your kids.

4:39 AM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

You seem to have forgotten that the primary vote is pretty much meaningless; compare it to a preseason game. If Keehn wins I will naturally have to live with it. Just like I've had to live with Bush/Cheney for the last horrible eight years. Supposedly the majority also spoke on those elections. However, as far as respect goes; I will respect Keehn just like I respect Bush/Cheney and all of the assholes that voted for them.

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Credit where credit is due-that was a damn fine rebuttal; other than the part about me eating dick; but I guess I had that one coming.

I disagree with you, but your defense of your viewpoints was excellent. I'll even go as far as to say you're not a pussy, as opposed to my last post.

One point to note-if your candidate wins a second term, I'll bet the farm that she dredges up the charter reform issue again, which would not be too smart, given how it worked out for her last time.

Hopefully we will all be able to afford to live here if she wins and gets her way with the big ticket items she is shopping for.

Signed, The Wretched

8:02 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Just to give an example of how popular a topic the public works fixture is, this post has garnered 50 comments, only five of which came from yours truly. Someone get this guy a marinara sauce. Or maybe his own brand of gourmet cooking oil: DPW’s Finest, don't spill it, it's costly. He’d sell millions.

On a related side note, I’m deeply humbled by the number of posts here. Keep up the good work, people.

12:23 PM  
Blogger shotinthedark said...

Congradulations, Horatio, on hitting the big five oh !!

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But it was number 1953 that made the record books. It was after all the Greatest Show on Earth that took the Academy Award, the year that both Abbot and Costello went to Mars and the War of the Worlds was released to the public. And lets not forget our first muscle car, the corvette with its blue straight six engine took its maiden drive on the Motorama tour. While this has little to do with posting number 53, it was a simpler time back then. Now, our greatest show on earth is the election news of human waste in the fertilizer, the experienced driver, a Public Works Veteran who is close to retiring and should have known better, who was obviously on another planet or very much a part of the war of worlds.

8:56 AM  

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