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Plumbing leaks

Henry Smith has accomplished a lot at the young age of 30. He’s the black subject of a successful racial discrimination ruling against New York’s whitest city. He had his entire unremarkable personnel file leaked to the press. And now, he’s the latest lynchpin the Keehniacs are using to support their mudslinging campaign against Public Works fixture Tom McTygue.

Through all of this, Smith has kept his mouth shut, likely under the advice of his attorney. It’s equally likely he wants nothing to do playing the role of the rope in a vicious game of political tug-of-war as next week’s election nears.

The crux of Smith’s 2006 complaint to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is simple: he was a black, part-time day laborer who saw white co-workers getting a leg up into full-time positions over him. The result of this complaint was equally simple: the commission would have investigated the case in strict confidentiality and made a ruling on their findings.

But then the case gets muddy; real muddy. At some point, a governmental higher-up wielding a stamp, a white envelope and a penchant for royally screwing the city decided to mail Smith’s complaint and personnel file to the Post Star. This, folks, was a big no-no. In fact, the act of disclosing Smith’s records period would have probably been enough to sway the commission in his favor, as employment records are highly guarded under law.

Needless to say, the September ruling found the city had unlawfully withheld a full-time position from Smith and had also moved to retaliate against him for filing the case by releasing his records to the media. The ruling was conveniently buried until last week, when the Times Union printed a story about it two weeks before the election and more than a month after it was first handed down, as one blogger wryly pointed out.

In the days that have followed, McTygue has since been very vocal about the ruling and its implications. More importantly, he’s questioned how these confidential items keep ending up in the media.

“This is confidential information, and to leak it to the press is a criminal act,” he told The Spotlight News Tuesday.

The only thing clear behind the motives of mailing Smith’s records is that someone wanted to throw some egg; more specifically, several gallons of egg. Thus Smith, himself is probably not the source of the mailer. The obvious finger points to the brothers McTygue, as has been insinuated in the press and by their detractors. The complaint was filed, so one of the brothers shipped off the records in hope of publically embarrassing Smith or detracting from his claim.

Now, before going any further along this line of thinking, take into consideration the publicity Smith has already generated in the city. It’s not exactly endearing. He was busted for steeling and forging a $43 dollar check at the former Mama Gorilla’s restaurant in 1997. Last summer, he landed himself in the clink on a warrant after failing to answer and assault charge.

True, these charges don’t make him a career criminal; it’s entirely possible both charges were dropped on contemplation of dismissal. What they do suggest about Smith is that he wouldn’t necessarily feel embarrassed or even threatened by his quite abbreviated record as a part-time short-term city worker were leaked to a news agency.

McTygue has publically indicated his department wasn’t the source of the records being mailed. Even though the EEOC ruled otherwise, it’s a claim that is believable seeing as though it was the release of the records that lead to the story making the press in the first place. So who might have had access to the documents and would have either sent them to the Post Star or given them to someone prone to do such a thing?

Well, once the case is destined for litigation, the city was forced to hire an outside attorney. Because it was a personnel matter –and one the EEOC clearly would have kept private –the litigation would have been discussed only among the full council in executive session. Excluding McTygue for the aformentioned reason, this leaves sparsely few suspects in the case of the leaked documents.

“I would bet money on it that it came out of the mayor’s office,” McTygue opined to the Post Star last year.

The Mayor’s office? Now, why would they leak document to the press that would not only sabotage the city’s litigation efforts but also paint the DPW commissioner as an overt racist? Could it have anything to do with the 2007 election?

All these suppositions would seem somewhat fantastic, were it not for the fact that the obstructionist Keehn administration has quite clearly directed the majority of its efforts at wresting power from McTygue and the other “good old boy” Democrats. Hence, why after nearly two years of Keehn in office, the city is no different than it was the day she won the election.

The other damning bit of evidence against Keehn and her cronies is that Keehn herself hasn’t made a single peep about investigating how personnel records were leaked to a news agency. Sad, how the people’s mayor isn’t very interested in finding out how the people’s records were illegally disclosed to the public.

What is even sadder is that all the newspapers reporting on this story have conveniently stuck to the discrimination case rather than how the whole issue came into the press to begin with. Regardless of whether the leak came from the DPW or the mayor’s office, if the faucet continues to drip personnel records into the press, the city will have to deal with a lot more than an EEOC ruling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The days that they got away with making unfounded allegations against McTygue and his family without facing the truth about Val are over

These are facts about the Keehn administration and her corruption

She went into great detail how she had spent much time coordinating the appointment of Adam Israel to the Special Assessment District with the "young man's" father, Robert Israel then SHE SECURED THE VOTE for ratification before the public meeting. Her admission of this in public (no less), is illegal.

Keehn appointed Rick Fenton to be Ethics Board chair. Rick Fenton and his wife were removed from the State Committee of the Independence Party of New York in June for "corruption in office" because they raised money for a committee controlled by Fulani. Fenton and his wife were removed from the State committee of the Independence part of NY for CORRUPTION IN OFFICE. And this mayor puts him in charge of the Saratoga Springs Ethics board unbelievable.

Keehn has run a coordinated smear campaign out of her office and has helped and abetted in making with her supporters help the most vitriolic and vile lies in the history of Saratoga politics .This has been proven by IP logs that computers in city hall that are constantly viewing and posting on numerous blogs. The fact that another computer in state DEC implicates her husband.

These three facts are proven

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice piece Horatio.

Regarding Henry Smith, you wrote:

"And now, he’s the latest lynchpin the Keehniacs are using to support their mudslinging campaign against Public Works fixture Tom McTygue."

Your statement that Saratoga Springs is the whitest city in NY is borne out by your choice to use the perhaps racially inflammatory spelling of "linchpin" above. Yikes!

And what is behind all the diminutive and familiar nicknames for our political figures?: "Tommy Boy", "Skippy", "Val", "Keehniacs". The local anonymous blogs are certainly starting to read a lot more like Dr. Seuss, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, and a lot less like Woodward & Bernstein.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smith's lawyer, not the mayor, has made the information about the EEOC case public. I suggest that you talk to some of the reporters for local news outlets to confirm this. It makes sense for the lawyer to be the source --- he's likely to sue the city on Smith's behalf. The EEOC did find McTygue guilty of racial discrimination in this case after all. Once again, McTygue's unprofessional behavior will cost taxpayers a lot of money. McTygue has certainly succeeded in turning off a lot of people all by himself; blaming other government officials is just the usual spin from a man whose misdeeds are starting to really catch up with him.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Your statement that Saratoga Springs is the whitest city in NY is borne out by your choice to use the perhaps racially inflammatory spelling of "linchpin" above. Yikes!"
This is truely funny when the mayor uses terms such as "to call a spade a spade"

She really knows how to turn a phase.

5:59 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Regarding the use of lynchpin versus linchpin...interesting…but a bit too deconstructionist. Both spellings are commonly used and even cross-referenced in the American Heritage Dictionary. I assure you there's no malice behind my penchant to use one spelling over the other.

I can’t speak for many of the pet names, but will address the “Keehniacs” moniker. Simply put, they’re quite literally a bastard off-shoot of the Deaniacs from the 2004 presidential race and the subsequent Democracy For America gang that is now running roughshod over the Democratic Party. There are many direct correlations between these two groups, but I'll save that association for a different day.

Regarding my own usage, I try to make a point with any of the slang or informal names used in my entries. For instance, some might have noticed Tom McTygue is usually referred to here as a fixture, not a commissioner. That’s because after 32 years in city politics, you might as well be connected to the pipe work in city hall.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

I agree with #3 posting
Tom McTygue does not talk about the charges, he just spews about others in attempts to cover his charges or guilt.
He is a master at disguising the issues. But I think his time has come and the majority of Saratogians believe that we have had enough. We have an alternative.
7 days to election day

And more importantly 62 days until the end of the Mctygue era!!!!!!

McTygue Fatigue is an epidemic sweeping Saratoga.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

“Smith's lawyer, not the mayor, has made the information about the EEOC case public…”

Smith’s lawyer had every right to make the case public AFTER the EEOC ruling. However, if you’re suggesting he mailed his clients records to the newspaper or had anything to do with how it first got to the press (ie. His client’s leaked personnel file), you are suggesting he should be disbarred. That is also a possibility I hadn’t considered. However there aren’t many attorneys out there that will stake their careers on publicizing a relatively minor case like this.

As it is, he’s lucky the EEOC decided the leaked paperwork did come from Public Works, despite McTygue’s assertions otherwise. I reckon it’s too difficult for them to fathom a city official outside the department might be hell-bent enough on selfish political gain to cost their own municipality a rich settlement. But frankly, I don’t think they had an inkling of the foul stream of excrement that runs down Lake Avenue –and I don’t mean from the Saratogian.

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to The American College Dictionary, which happens to be in my office, "linchpin" is a pin inserted through the end of an axeltree to keep the wheel on. It is not a racial reference nor is it related to "lynching."

7:10 AM  
Anonymous 'togian employee said...

ouch HO, ouch.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Smith's lawyer, not the mayor, has made the information about the EEOC case public…”

The lawyer made copies of the EEOC ruling available, but he did not release the personnel file --- that was the McTygues. The EEOC ruling confirmed that someone in the DPW released Smith's personnel information in a malicious effort at revenge.

To repeat: The lawyer made copies of the EEOC ruling available, but he did not release the personnel file.

Why not make focus on the substance of the EEOC charges, instead of McTygue's efforts to deflect the blame onto other government officials?

McTygue should be retiring to his horse farm in January --- I can't wait.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

I’m not sure if you’re reading the same blog as I’m writing, but the whole point of this entry is that there is certainly some doubt as to WHO released the records, not the ruling. My assertion is that the press wouldn’t have known about the case in 2006 without the leak of the complaint AND records. So why would the McTygues release a case reporters would have had a tough time confirming without a mole or such documents? That’s the strange part, in my opinion, and the one that suggests there might be more at play than someone trying to discredit Smith.

Besides, if someone wanted to discredit Smith, it’s a lot easier to point to his criminal record instead of releasing his personnel records. Besides, I doubt the DPW were the only folks with a gander at those documents after the complaint was filed. In fact, I’d bet all the city council members got a good look at them when the case was served. After all, they needed to hire the private attorney.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well conjecture at its best. we see again ho. that you're not the politician hating guy you claim to be. sorry. i once had faith in you in this department, but it is now clear that you have an agenda. there is no proof linking the mayor to any of these links. hum, lets see what an outside, independent arbiter says about it. oh they said it was racial discrimination thats right. but wait, it can't be that, it must be another compex scheme by the mayor. the guy who can't believe any politician, trusts the one you can believe the least. well what's next "tommy's boy". are you going to blame the mayor for the grand jury investigations of the late 70's

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

smith is no more a criminal then fishy

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
again we are missing the point here. you continuously use other peoples bad behavior as an excuse for Tmac. even if the mayor leaked this info, or turned him in to the dec, it doesn't excuse the behavior. because bronner is a looses cannon does not make it right for tmac to be a loose cannon. it does not give him the right to go up and grab people. take the dpw garage and the leak. you couldn't believe that someone other then keehn leaked that info. you blamed her, skip , bronner and all the like. it turned out to be cliff staring. but even if you were right and she did leak that info, it still doesn't make it right for him to try and cover it up. whats worse, the environmental polluter or the person who turns them in? even if it is a political vendetta, it makes no sense.
Also, lets be honest about his "criminal record", you've done a great job trying to distract us from the issue. the issue is Mctygues deplorable behavior, from the way he treats his workers to the way we see him act at the city council meetings. the only constant we've gotten out of this guy for years is that,it's always someone elses fault.
And come on, do we really think this will be his last term. he's busted that quote out a few times now and he's trying to get everyone to feel sorry for him now. it's been so hard on me and my family that i don't think i can do this much longer. after 30 years he's just figuring that out.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

Any ideas where the personnel records for the DPW office reside? DPW Offices ONLY!!!!

They do NOT share the files with the City's Human Resources Administrator like the City Charter requires them to do.(2001)


Oh yeah there is another LAW of the people that The Brothers McTygue do not comply with.

I will go out on a limb here and say that no one has access to the DPW office other than The Brothers McTygue?

Do you think val Keehn crept in to the office after dark??? Come on!!!! Wake up

These McTygue boys released the personel files because they were the ONLY ones with them.....DUUUUHHHHH

Poor old Mama McTygue is looking down on her 3 Stooges called sons and I am sure she is embarrassed as hell.

Luckily we have just 62 days left of the McTygue era!!!

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will these Keehn fascists disappear after Election Day, or are we stuck with them forever?

It's a shame how this city has been invaded by these pathetic losers.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

demroc said:
finally, tmac and all his supporters are starting to run out of things to pat themselves on the back for so they've given up debating the issues and have fallen upon such opinion changing jewels as pathetic losers. I think the kids at the middle school just called, they would like to know where their sophomoric mentality went.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

59 days and 58 nights

Bye Bye Tommy

Bye Bye Gordo

Bye Bye Remiga

9:15 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

You left one out:

Bye Bye Valerie

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that it appears almost certain that Keehn bites the dust.
The only unknown in my mind is the gender vote. Are women really that stupid to elect one so unqualified strictly based on gender?

Mctyque is a different matter. After 30 years one would assume that he has made a fair amount of enemies. I also believe that he has a silent majority of supporters. I still believe he wins.

I think Kim could be the big upset loser. His antics of pouting about not getting his way and storming out of a council meeting (acting like a little sissy) and more importantly of trying to stick the homeowners with a new police palace has pissed alot of people off.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
well we'll see. i think in a weeks time we should revisit these predictions to see how we did. kinda like an office pool.
skip wins hands down, that may be 60-40. the dec is digging up the dump as i write, and might be digging tommy's political grave.
sorry to say val wins, the electorate loves the party bucker. just like the first time curley wasn't endorsed by the republicans. the whole thing with johnson donating money is this. he should do it win or loose. (2 year salary) he just spent $36,000 to try to get elected, it would seem a bit of an insult to say the people over at the terrace don't need the money after he looses. if he does loose, people will say he spent $36,000 of his own money to be mayor, but couldn't give us any money.
Ron kim wins, don't ask me why but i understand he's the front runner of this whole election. if not oh well, i could live with being wrong there.
wee-wee wins i think
and frank looses. even though unopposed, he looses best buddy mctygue. and faces the reality of reassessments in the future

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

I think that Shot in the dark is really in the dark, but is totally free to express his picks.

My picks (minus commentary)

Val Keehn
Skip Scirocco
John Frank (unopposed)
Ken Ivens
Ron Kim

Matt Veitch
Joanne Yepson

Are you taking any bets?

PS I drove by Scott Johnson's house and saw only HIS signs up.
I guess there is no TEAM in JOHNSON.

Maybe he does not need to be a team player.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whether characterized as a clueless Alice in Wonderland or a Pollyannic Mary Poppins, the Qheen Mayor is done. If the GOP just votes with their feet, her spoiled Child Commissioner will follow her entourage out of City Hall. Who would have guessed that an elected official whose only mission was of lawyerly represent his department would become vulnerable? It’s Wirth a change to have Johnson represent All the People.

WWW. FINANCE (Weihe Will Win)

The upset will be the Commissioner of Public Works. After all the efforts that the Mayor has spawned for two years (someone tell her that she’s not running against McTygue - no, don't bother, she wouldn't listen anyway) and the image and the comfort level of a car salesmen that Skippy has presented (It’s gonna be HUGE and My Daddy’s number one), Tom McTygue WILL have his closet WIN ever, and that, will be his swan song. He deserves no less -- he's earned it.

Cheryl Keyrouze has been our only dedicated full-time Supervisor. No mixed messages. No veiled missions. Take one Cheryl to both her opponents any day – especially next Tuesday.

Yes, John Franck is unopposed because he has the respect of the community and has tried all along to do the right thing for the City and the taxpayer. Good Work Commissioner.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

Great news about the sewage out at Weibel Ave. And guess what the McTygue's responsewas ... is Skip Scirocco's doing. YEAH RIGHT....
That is a common practice by The McTygue DPW.

No wonder Tommy lives out of town, he has completly polluted Saratoga Springs.

Yet another "incident" where "Someone Else" is behind it.

He must believe we are all nuts or stupid, that we belive that he is NEVER to blame.

Tommy has been saying "one more term since 99"
Go look at The Saratogian's rndorsement in 2003 "One more term" was promised then.
Too bad "Knucklehead" you stayed to long... Way to long

Now drag your ass back to the TOWN of Saratoga and do not ever come back.

Please take your little buddy Gordo "The Mental Midget" with you.

I predict that McTygue will get crucified by the voters on Tuesday.

Scirocco in a landslide!!!!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Stay tuned there, Father. There's plenty more to come on this story.

Regretably, I find myself writing a rare Saturday morning blog. This shit is really starting to cut into my drinking time...

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

This has been fun.

What is your line up of winners on Tuesday?


10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
ican't believe i said weihe would win. ivens wins there. vietch and yepsen i think.
both supervisors have done nothing, but yepsens a lot better on the eye.
and i've seen "skippy and the pistons", skip plays a lot better guitar then tom park. even winston churchill was voted out of office, i think his resume beats tmac's.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Father Joe:

Could you be any dumber? It's rare that I am amazed by someone's ignorance, but congratulations-you have pulled it off. Mental Midget Boyd? You're kidding right? He shits more brain cells than you have in your whole body.

By the by, keep being led by the nose regarding McTygue's alleged misdeeds.

Maybe in the closing days of her administration Madame Mayor will tell all her froth at the mouth supporters to march into Saratoga Lake (looking for misdeeds from the Commish, no doubt) and rid us of "citizens" like you.

Oh, and my predictions are thus:

Johnson, Ivins, Frank, MCTYGUE, Wirth, Keyrouze, and Yepsen

A Small "r" republican for fairness

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

Small r
Are you related to Gordo?

Have you ever seen him in action?

He is the most caustic candidate I have ever met.
He should be the poster child for Dale Carnegie
Please remember, like you, I have an OPINION.
Believe it or not, I agree with you on Ivins, Franck, and Yepsen. We disagree on the others though.
Good luck on Tuesday

1:05 PM  

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