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Attention to detail

Petty nit-picking details; it’s strange how they just seem to get bled from stories when there’s a political ax to grind. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about Henry Smith. Or rather there’s been a lot of talk about the black former part-time Public Works laborer’s victory in a lawsuit against the department for their failure to promote him to full-time status.

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled in September the DPW had not only shown racial bias in not promoting Smith, but also tried to “intimidate” the worker by releasing his complaint and employment record to the Post Star. The story first hit the press in October 2006 and then came up again just three weeks ago as the brutally contested race for DPW commissioner reached its final days.

At first blush, the case seems to carry a fair amount of weight, given the supposed controversy surrounding Public Works fixture Tom McTygue. His abrasive personality coupled with rumors of a federal investigation seemed to suggest racism as a logical next step for the embattled commissioner. It was mentioned here that there might be other reasons McTygue or the DPW might not see fit to promote Smith, who appeared to have a small collection of low-level arrests.

That is, until one considers the record of Henry Lee Smith, a reputed former coke dealer who is the convicted “ring leader” behind a brutal assault and robbery on Broadway eight years ago. Donning a black ski mask, Smith helped two others duct tape a Skidmore student to a chair before ransacking his friend’s apartment in search of a safe they planned to rob.

Authorities eventually tracked down Smith because he was cashing checks stolen from the apartment at a local grocery store. He later pleaded guilty to third-degree robbery and two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument. He was handed a three- to six-year prison term in 2000 and was released from Mount McGregor in 2003. Oddly enough, this was around the same time he managed to get a job with the DPW.

Of course, these details weren’t important when the story broke. None of the papers who covered the case bothered to make mention of Smith’s record, which might have been one of the prime reasons he was never elevated in the department to begin with. Better yet, it might have been a continuance of the blistering stupidity he exhibited in 1999 –locally cashing a forged check stolen in a high-profile robbery –that truly kept him from advancing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out who drove Smith to Utica to file the case. The City Attorney was involved. Hmmm. Why did the Mayor get involved?????

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

Come on now this is bullshit.
lets talk...
Ask Tom McTygue about HIS gas theft from the city garage, or how we found the stain glass windows for the casino in the Mctygue family garage!!!!
Excuse after excuse seems to be the way these guys try to smoke screen us!!!

I have had enough of their bullshit

Bye Bye

57 days and 56 nights before these morons are gone.

Bill McTyge should resign after the shit he is pulling out at Weibel Ave

YES RESIGN or be fired!!!

90,000 dollars salary and his not telling the truth to DEC and most importantly...the public.
But that is in the DNA of the McTygues. Public not a priority.

Bye Bye Billy the Bullshitter

8:44 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

"Check out who drove Smith to Utica to file the case. The City Attorney was involved."

I caught that in another thread. It's unfortunate that the news agencies involved in this story didn't dig a bit deeper. Frankly, what I've learned about this dude in the last few days doesn't speak very highly of him or his complaint. He certainly wouldn't be one I'd hire for any sort of city job, much less a full-time one.

Frankly, I'm amazed the EEOC even heard this thing. Unless, of course, there was someone from the city basically siding with Smith.

What is more amazing is the fickle Keehniacs that hoist this guy up on a cross and liken McTygue to a guy in the running for grand wizard. I wonder if these are the same folks doing donuts on his children's lawn.

On a side note, I'm surprised Scirocco, Keehn and company haven't jumped on McTygue for his hiring practices. First he hires a convicted violent felon with a history of coke distibution and then he hires the inept son of a former DPW director who can't even follow basic directions. Sounds to me like that's the real story. These chumps eating up nice salaries and sullying the department's name.

And Joe, if you're going to sling mud here, that's your perogative and nine out of ten times I'll print it. Just back up your allegations with some ounce of fact. Incidentally, I'm still awaitng that break down on the other thread...

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was talking to a friend last night. He is an intelligent republican who is involved in many civic organizations and committees. He tells me many of these upper crust republicans are pissed at all this bullshit being directed at McTygue and that they plan on voting for him. They like what he has done for the city and recognize Skippy's shortcomings.

On a personal note, I have spoken to only one person who has in the past has voted for Tom and is not voting for him this time around. She is basing her vote strictly on the gender issue. She is mad at Tom because of the way he treated Keehn.

But if Tom hadn't publicly bitch-slapped her, we would be stuck with her again.
So, no matter what happens to Tom, we owe him a debt of gratitude for getting rid of her.

6:33 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


On that note, I’ve seen plenty of lawns boasting McTygue and Johnson signs, while relatively few with Scirocco and Johnson signs. In contrast, there are plenty of homes with Keehn and Scirocco signs and none with McTygue and Keehn signs. Now, I’ll temper all this by saying I’m not a firm believer in the ‘sign race’ so to speak. Hell, last year I spotted at least a dozen homes with Faso signs and I’m not even sure if he got that many votes.

The signage does say this to me: the deconstruction of the city Democrats is complete. Regardless of what happens in this election, the party will be in shambles by the next. The other interesting thing I’d garner these superficial displays is that the county Republicans aren’t nearly as concerned about Johnson’s race as they are Scirocco’s. I’m sure the thinking is that they kill the white whale this year –strike while the iron is hot –and afford the chance for Keehn to make joke out of the mayor’s seat. After all, two more years of her mismanagement and voters will be virtually begging her to leave office.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
so let me see if i get this right. shot in the mouth states that the upper republiccans are voting for tommy. well no duh, they know where there bread is buttered. that's where they make they're money. i've said it aLL ALONG THEY DIDN'T WANT HIM TO RUN BECAUSE TOMMY'S THE DEVELOPERS FRIEND. HO says skip is too connected with those people. well which is it fellas, like Mctygue himself you cant keep a staight story. and as far a journalism goes why not post a copy of the memo that billy said proved they were right. because you don't dig for anything. you makes accusations against joe and have omitted a very important document for the sake of tarnishing someone else. All lyers appreciate the absence of fact. so continue makeing ridiculous statements like, it's ok to racially discriminate against someone because of their past or who drives them to file a complaint AFTER the damage has been done. you won't post the memo because 1, you haven't seen it so you don't know what it says and therefore can't say for sure whether or not joe was following directions, 2, it proves tommy and billy were lying. and at no point will you ever go there. even despite the fact, that you claim to be against all politicians, because lying is in their nature.
once again, it's someone elses fault. the memo said to bring it there and dump it. if you have any questions or concerns call, but since this has been normal procedure, there was no need to call.
what i say is a coincidence is, the fact that a guy who supports their political opponent follows normal procedure and they are seeking retribution. it's embarrassing for the leadership and they're blaming the little guy.
shot in the mouth, you really need to get out more, it seems you've talked to about 5 people.bye bye tommy good ridance.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am not much of a sign man, however;

I think the county republicans already know that they have won the mayor's race. However, I don't think Johnson will be walking in lockstep with those assholes. He saw what happened to Lenz and if he wants to serve for any length of time he will have to be his own man, which I believe him to be.

I also am a believer in “what does not kill you will make you stronger”.
I think the Democratic Party becomes stronger after they get rid of Keehn.
I, as a live long democrat, no longer give to the party. I donate directly to the candidates.
I wonder what the Democratic Party’s checkbook balance looks like?

I think Johnson wins handily.

I still think McTygue narrowly wins.
Voters can be stupid --- voters can be astute.
I think he benefits from a backlash of the bullshit.

7:30 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

First off, let’s try to keep this blog rated “R” rather than some other rating involving three letters at the tail end of the alphabet. Most of you are fairly cognizant of this request, with only one major exception, a poster that seems to think this is Mega Porno Palace and not i-Saratoga. Save the smut for the locker room.

With that said, allow me to respond to a few of the fantastic thoughts profered by the aforementioned poster: Smith is a common crook, an unsavory character at the very least. Talk to anyone who knows him and they’ll tell you the same. The reason his grievance against the department even took hold was because the mayor’s office was all but accusing McTygue of blatant racism.

Secondly, I find it somewhat strange that the same crew of kool-aid drinkers has no problem attributing a fantastic dollar amount to what McTygue’s leadership has allegedly cost the city over two years, but falls noticeably silent when asked to clarify this amount. Even stranger is that these same people don’t find anything wrong with one city department literally supporting the case of a former and present-day criminal suing another department. These are the people who are supposed to DEFEND the city. I find it VERY troublesome the allegation that the city's very own attorney would find it ethically fit to give this guy a ride to FILE THE COMPLAINT. What else did he do? Type the complaint up for him? Look into the legal research? And let me remind you, this is not Martin Luther King Jr. we're talking about here.

My question is why the hell was he hired by the city in the first place? He's a convicted felon, for christ sakes. I thought such convictions usually precluded you from getting hired by municipalities to begin with. So if you want to rag on McTygue, at least rag on him for that reason, not this bullshit case, which is just that: utter and complete bullshit. It smelled as much before I knew who this kid was and it smells even worse with his record exposed.

Next, onto these ridiculous concepts about the memo; look, if you have the memo, simply send me a .pdf of it and I’ll post it here. At the moment, no one has done so and I’m simply going off of what has been reported in the media. Now with that said, it seems pretty clear to me and anyone else with more than a GED that it says NOTHING about dumping RAW sewage at the composting site. Let’s go to the videotape, courtesy of this excerpt in The Saratogian:

“Please take immediate notice that any construction spoils or waste materials containing sanitary sewage (solid and/or liquid) must be disposed of in the designated area located adjacent to the composting facility. This includes material from dump trucks as well as vehicle No. 76 (Vacon).”

O'Neil operates the Vacon.The memo goes on to describe the mechanics of the process.

“These procedures should be strictly followed when disposing of any construction materials containing sanitary sewage or sanitary debris.”

What O’Neil mistakenly figured was that this memo meant ALL waste, when if you read further down, it’s quite clear that it’s just construction debris accidentally tainted by waste. Now, I don’t know WHY the DPW’s dirty laundry is being aired by Scirocco. Frankly, this seems like a departmental matter that was accidentally exposed by the DPW mole –had he known it was O’Neil I doubt there would have been that call –and then spun by the Volkswagen in an attempt to use it for political game.

BUT, and that’s a capital ‘but’ if you didn’t notice, what kind of fucking moron spews raw sewage all over the place without once asking his supervisor if it’s a good idea? Let me answer that for you: someone who has his eye on the director’s seat and is hell-bent on ousting McTygue to get it. Quid pro quo.

Were it not for the politics, there’s a good chance O’Neil would be on the outside looking in. That kind of stupidity is definitely worthy of termination –at least in the private sector it would be. But with the DPW union, it’s alright to royally fuck up. Just ask Al Madarassy. He simply didn’t bother to do his job, and like your patron saint Scirocco, decided he didn’t need to fill out time cards. And when the McTygues tried to punish him, his union went to bat him and overturned the punishment.

I guess you could say I’m sticking up for a guy who is being wrongfully maligned by his opposition. Between the nonsense spewed by the vitriolic Keehniacs and Scirocco’s band of jesters, someone needs to stick up for him. Is McTygue a saint? Far from it. But he’s a thousand times better than the alternative, a guy running a slash and burn campaign. This is perhaps the dirtiest I’ve seen politics in this city and the people involved in them should be drawn and quartered.

So, Demroc, put that in your pipe and smoke it; maybe it will fill your head with something other than these delusions you seem suffer from. Come back when you can bring an ounce of substance to your argument and not just your usually sophomoric name-calling.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
well what can i say. you've got it all covered. i'm not sure what name calling you're talking about but it seems disingenuous now to chastise me for name calling when i've been called a pussy etc. now i don't need anyone to stick up for me but it seems arbitrary to now complain to me about it now. but comes as little surprise because i disagree with you. so instead of saying how i'm wrong you claim that i'm being pornographic. now having handled that BS. lets get back on track.
the memo clearly states for the vacon truck, truck 76, to dump at the designated spot at the land fill. and if this memo clears the mctygues then why won't they post it. ask them for it. why won't they produce the document that so clearly absolves them from responsibility. simple it doesn't and that's the pornography happening here. it's certainly more reality then trying to insiduously tie the mayor into all of tommy's wrong doing.
and come up with your own lines. i already called shotinthe mouth sophomoric, because he keeps calling somone as dumb as a box of rocks and stupid. so maybe try to show a little thicker skin and address things in a fair way, don't attack me because we disagree and let other people do the things you're complaining about because you agree with them.;

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

memo said.
" please take immediate notice that any construction spoils OR waste materials containing sanitary sewage (solid and or liquid) must be disposed of in the designated area located adjacent to the composting facility. this includes material from dump trucks as well as vehicle #76 (vacon)
these spoils must be carefully dumped onto the filter fabric in a manner that avoids damage or tears to the fabric. all spoils should be fully contained on the fabric with no runoff or spills onto unprotected ground.
after placing the spoils on the fabric, the spoils must be covered with a tarp (anchored) to protect it from rain snow and wind.
These procedures should be strictly followed when disposing of any constrution material(s) containing sanitary sewage or sanitary debris. these procedures are designd to manage disposal in a safe and healthy manner.
be aware that this is a temporary arrangement until a permament disposal facility can be constructed in the near future.
if you have any questions, please contact me. likewise if you have any doubts about what you're disposing, please call before you dump."
signed billy mac
cc tom, brophy, a flick

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

News Flash!!!

Republican College Student Lies!!

Skidmore College Young Republican Student Representative misrepresents Scott Johnson’s position about an endorsement in the race for Public Works.

Everyone who attended the student forum yesterday at Skidmore College heard the student representative for the College’s Young Republicans, Tom Qualtere read a prepared statement from Scott Johnson, Republican candidate for Mayor. Johnson was unable to attend the forum. At the very end of the prepared statement student Tom concluded with a sentence explaining Scott Johnson’s endorsement of Skippy Scirocco for Public Works.

Today Scott Johnson informed the McTygue campaign he did not write anything of the sort. Tom Qualtere, the Co-President of the College’s Young Republican Club in-fact embellished Scott Johnson’s official statement and added words of his own. In other words, the Republican student misrepresented Johnson’s position and provided a “lie” of his own making.

Tom Qualtere is a volunteer campaign worker for Skippy Scirocco and should be held accountable for his actions.

Pete McTygue

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome to your first city campaign

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shot in the dark! Johnson wins handily! Good Luck with that! He will need 60% of the Dem vote just to slide by! Won't happen! Keehn beats Johnson by 300 votes!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sign thing is showing that Keehn has over 250 signs that were stolen no matter what signs are with them. Keehn with McTygue signs have been stolen! Keehn with Scirocco stolen! Keehn with Ivens or Weihe Stolen! Keehn with any Repub or any Dem have come up stolen while those signs remain up. What's up with that? I suppose Keehn did that herself. Or is it that rat Dickie Bendon a McTygue scum for years or is it his drunk friend from the legion? Either way Dave Bronner is a saint compared to these two guys. Check out Bendon's track record working under McTygue. He wasn't in trouble because he is Tommy's hitman! He was caught red handed stealing Keehn signs!

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be Aware:

Keehn has finally admitted in an interview with the Times Union (10-29-07) that she will SUPPORT CHANGING OUR COMMISSIONER FORM OF GOVERNMENT, just like she did last year.

In the same article, Scott Johnson and Gordon Boyd argued that the commission form of government has helped make the city successful.

Based on this, we urge you to vote for Johnson for Mayor, since he seems more likely to win.

Other candidates who have been the most public supporting the Commissioner Form are: Tom McTygue, John Franck, Cheryl Keyrouze, and Jane Weihe.

We urge you to forward this to others who you believe also support our government, regardless of party affiliation, and ask them to forward this to their friends.

Make no mistake, every vote counts.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“My question is why the hell was he hired by the city in the first place? He's a convicted felon, for christ sakes. I thought such convictions usually precluded you from getting hired by municipalities to begin with.”


Henry Smith Senior is an acquaintance of mine.
Henry Sr. also worked at the DPW, having retired a few years back.
Henry Sr. got his job at the DPW like many other disadvantage people did during this time- frame in Saratoga History (1950-1980). A lot of these guys were put on the city payroll because Civic leaders figured it was better to have them working than collecting welfare. Keep in mind that these jobs back then we very low paying and benefits were cheap.

Firemen and teachers were considered part time positions at this time and the pay was only about six grand a year.

Remember when a judge would give some punk the choice between going to jail or going in the army? Those were the good old days.

Let’s get back to Henry Senior.
Henry Sr. is somewhat of a local icon in his own right. Saratoga has many icons.
Henry was a habitual drinker; he chased women, many women, sometime two at time.
He was also a heavy gambler, often losing all of his pay, week in week out.

Oh yes, he was also a longtime driver for MaryLou Whitney. (Whenever she felt like going to Manhattan he would be contacted and off he would go in her shiny limo.)

Occasionally I refer to Henry Sr. in the past tense only because I haven’t seen him in a while. (My drinking days are limited)

The good points that I like about Henry is the fact that he was always was fun to be around.
He told a good story.

In my drinking days I would run into Henry Sr. either at the Black Elks, The Burgess Inn, or the Golden Grill, Saratoga’s finest black establishments’. I would often drink at black bars because it was more fun, drinks were cheaper, and surprisingly because it was less threatening. Everyone once in a while I would bring a white relative or friend with me; it was fun to watch their apprehension about being the only white face in a sea of black ones.

Henry Sr. had another fault; he was a bad father. He was indifferent about parenthood.
He told me his kid was no good.

I think it’s plain and simple fact that Tom McTygue tried to help Henry Senior out by giving the kid a job.

The same is true with Joe O’Neil Senior; Tom was just doing Joe Sr. a favor by giving the kid a job.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

“I’m not sure what name calling you're talking about but it seems disingenuous now to chastise me for name calling when I've been called a pussy etc.”

Well, let me put it to you this way. Why don’t you try going up to the person you see on the street and ask them if they’d like a “shot in the mouth.” Mind you, I’m not advocating for folks to call you or anyone else a “pussy” or any derogatory term. In fact, I’d appreciate it if we kept a modicum of barroom decorum here. And in most bars that I frequent, calling another patron a “pussy” is a good way to start an argument; calling someone “shot in the mouth” is a good way to start a fight. And if you don’t subscribe to that mantra, then perhaps you can buy into this: two wrongs don’t make a right. You want to use sophomoric names? Fine. But don’t expect anyone to take you or anything you write seriously. It’s your choice, dude.

Now onto your ludicrous postulations: In every job I’ve worked at, it’s a good idea to ask the boss what to do if you’re even remotely unsure. In this case, the memo that has been posted here states in plain English, ASK IF YOU ARE UNSURE. O’Neil is quite candid about the fact that he DIDN’T ask and is therefore at fault. He didn’t call McTygue, he didn’t call Brophy and he sure as shit didn’t call his supervisor, pun intended. So I’m having trouble seeing how you’re blaming this on anyone but the guy draining raw sewage onto the ground.

Frankly, as has been mentioned here by the very poster you belittle, this is a very minoa 600 gallon load of arsenic in Loughberry Lake. It’s at a composting site that isn’t leaching into the groundwater and isn’t likely to do much of anything other than sit there in a rather innocuous manner. Hell, if you dug into the ground across the street, you’d find items three times as vile as the used tampons the singing Staring so eloquently described; hell, they’re powering the city ice rink right now.

The thing that makes this an issue is Joe O’Neil and the mole Staring, who are quite deliberately trying to use this issue to paint the McTygues as some sort of megalomaniacs out to destroy the earth or at least build over it with giant towers of shit. Your logic is ill-thought, tiresome and stinks worse than the raw sewage O’Neil saw fit to discharge at the composting facility.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

However well read this and other blogging sites are, I do believe that most readers by now have come to recognize the tiresome tactics of those misfits whose political mission is to simply pitch crap.

The level of undercover skullduggery that is involved in exposing these ‘crimes’ palls by comparison to the real crimes foisted upon a city by those elected officials who have done so very little for our community, except to promote their idea of Que Sera, Sera (What will be will be). The hapless individuals involved in this latest dump intrigue like the magnified oil spill earlier this year should be exposed for the useless contribution they make to society and to the Department of Public Works which has done right by this City for a very long time.

The larger culprits are those that legally work behind the scenes increasing your living unaffordability, so that while we are all paying attention to some little shits in the ground ranks of the DPW, the real long lasting issues are being ignored.

3:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
get your mind out of the gutter jerk. shot in the mouth refers to me "punching" that "asswipe" with facts in the mouth so to speak. kinda like that guy from south florida when he lit that guy up and took off his helmet. now your defense would mean something if it didn't come after a month of irraTIONAL BULLSHIT FROM YOU TO CLOWNS. YOu pretty much implicated almost everyone in politics in some kind of crime or another. the other guy calls people names for fun and now you guys come back all sensitive. lets keep it clean. bite me.
now on to the memo. Firstly this dumping has been going on for years. what don't you understand about standard behavior. after doing the same job for 5 years you're all of a sudden going to call your supervisor. hey i'm not sure if i'm doing the job i've been doing for 5 years right. absolutely absurd.
the memo clearly states to take it to the area adjacent to the composting facility. which is exactly where he took it . the same for 5 years now.
the memo state to< all truck containing sewage should be dumped there. period. it also says later to takes contaminated construction materials there as well. see as well. that didn't mean that just construction material went there as you so wrongly implied earlier. "all trucks containing sewage". including # 76.
now i'm not sure what arsenic in loughberry lake has to do with anything. two wrongs don't make a right.
so he wasn't unsure of the practice it,s been going on for years wake up and smell the sewage those guys directed their employees to dump all over saratoga

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

Demroc is right on this.

The city has NOT been dumping this stuff in Mechanicville like it is supposed to.
The DEC will come down hard on us for this.
This issue will not be decided by Tuesday, but we stand to get a big fine for this.
There will be much more in the coming days.
Thank you for the forum. You do a great job?

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A mayor who arranges transportation for litigants to file claims against the city is, per se, not qualified to hold the position. She certainly can have an opinion about the claim and she can withhold her support of the DPW, but to actually have the city attorney drive an employee to the courthouse to sue the very city of which she is mayor is a slap in the face of her constituents who would have to foot the bill for any adverse ruling and attorneys fees. I am sure the city's insurance carrier would be furious and could even disclaim coverage. The insurance could even be canceled. The city could end up paying double or triple for liability coverage. This could happen even if McTighe is cleared of all charges. This seems to be her pattern. Apparently she also supports the police chief's lawsuit against the city. Why would any person who pays taxes in this city vote for this person. It's a mystery to me. Thanks Mayor Keene.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This election morning, I received a circulated email that was originally authored by an obviously enthusiastic Amejo Amyot promoting "The Truth" suggesting that it be sent to 10 other people. I naturally thought of you. Without unnecessarily dicing up the entire letter, it is important to provide more than the half-truths and clear misinterpretations that its author provided.

[“The flood gates of development will open again” …] ... apparently if the Mayor is not re-elected yet is this not the same platform from two years ago, except that our Mayor now is supportive of resident tax increases to pay for questionable capital expenses with revenues from … (no) development? Huh? She shares the belief that City residents pay too little in taxes along with her entourage .

[Commissioner McTygue was fiercely in favor of the Exit 14 rezoning from 22 homes to 300 homes.] But it was a unanimous Council decision and Commissioner McTygue acknowledged the Public's support of the issue.

Read online Print Version.

The Saratogian - 02/02/2005
City Council rezones land; Andersons promise a fight
ALICIA RUDDY , The Saratogian

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- The City Council ***voted unanimously Tuesday night to change the zoning of 124 acres between Gilbert Road and Lake Avenue to low density, and the owner of the bulk of that area declared he'll sue the city as a result.
The City Council's decision to rezone the land from high-density Southern Weibel Avenue District to Rural Residential kills the Anderson Group Inc.'s proposed 300-home development on 44 acres off Gilbert Road. Greg Anderson said he will sue the city for exclusionary zoning, violating the Housing and Urban Development requirements and the State Environmental Quality Review Act.

'Preserving open space ... is critically important for maintaining our quality of life,' Mayor Michael Lenz said. 'Not rezoning this parcel would open the door to overdevelopment.'

About 80 people, mainly open space advocates, attended the meeting.

***'The reason it will be 5-0 is because of you,' Public Works Commissioner Thomas McTygue told the crowd.

The property will now be RR-1, for low-density residential and agriculture uses, to preserve open space and rural character. One unit per every two acres is permitted.

The council needed a super majority, four of five votes, to rezone it, because the Anderson Group filed a protest against the rezoning, and the Saratoga County Planning Board advised against it.'

[“Ivins thinks green”] Is that City green money or County Green money?”

[“Commissioner Ron Kim … Like Val Keehn, there is no party boss, or special interest that he is serving.” ] Except that this self admitted non-manager serves his Chiefs, not the people who elected him.

[“TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT.”] She must mean, from the Tax and Spend Maniacs!

It will be an interesting outcome.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Father Joe said...

A News Flash

THIS MORNING 11/06/2007

TWO (2) Saratoga Springs Police Officers witnessed Commissioner Thomas McTygue and an off duty DPW worker John Wine while they removing Skip Scirocco signs along a roadway in Saratoga Springs.

Only Skip Scirocco signs were being removed.

The 2 police officers witnessed John Wine exiting the McTygue vehicle then removing the Siroccos and throwing the signs in the woods.

All other candidates signs remained in place.

Reports indicated that the commissioner was in his own vehicle.

There is an ongoing investigation by the Saratoga Springs Police. will have some coverage later today.

As you guessed Tom McTygue is denying all allegations.

I bet the mayor made him do it!

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said: not bad 5 for six. on the predictions. looks like i was off 3% on skips 60/40. it was 63%. bye bye tmommy. trip to bermuda

10:37 PM  

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