Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For sale by owner

For Sale: 9,500-circulation daily newspaper with an attractive center-city location in downtown Saratoga Springs. Recalcitrant 50-something managing editor included with the building! Lease-buy back options available, inquire within.

Recent murmurs of The Saratogian going on the market may sound just a bit too good to be true. Many city residents have clamored for such news ever since the miserly Journal Register Company’s cash siphon plunged into the side of the paper’s Lake Avenue offices more than a decade ago.

Of course, such rumors are a dime a dozen considering that just about everything in corporate America is for sale, meaning the real questions are for how much and is there a buyer. These are two questions the company simply won’t answer while their holdings continue to devalue and the paper’s reputation among the city populace dwindles to an all-time low.

However, such news seems to gain a good deal credence considering recent trends at the JRC corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania. Less than a year after posting a whopping 18 percent decline in stock valueThe company liquidated a good portion of its New England holdings. First to go was a string of three Rhode Island dailies, which were sold to Rhode Island Suburban Newspapers for $8.3 million. Then, the company pawned off a pair of Massachusetts dailies to GateHouse Media, netting them $70 million in cash and roughly $2 million in working capital.

At first blush, the move seemed to suggest JRC was trying to bandage its bleeding wound of waning circulation. On closer analysis, however, the sale seems to suggest a fundamental shift in the company’s media interests. JRC’s daily publications sold in 2007 recorded an average circulation of about 10,250.Circulation sizes ranged from the miniscule with Kent County Daily Times, to the mid-sized with 20,600 at The Herald News of Fall Rivers. The two deals also had the effect of reducing the number of JRC daily newspapers by more than 18 percent.

Given this data, it’s easy to deduce JRC is looking to save some cash by shedding some of its less-profitable lower circulation daily newspapers while retaining its larger markets for thier push for online classified revenues. At the same time, the company increased its register of weeklies by nearly 6 percent. As many in the industry could attest, weekly newspapers usually have smaller far less overhead and are cheaper to hold, even when circulation dips.

All this seems to suggest The Saratogian with its dwindling 9,500 subscribers won’t remain in the clutches of JRC for much longer. The Saratogian’s daily circulation has plummeted by more than 2,200 since becoming a JRC holding in 1998. It represented the first time the paper dipped below the 10,000 watermark in modern history. During this same time period, The Saratogian’s Sunday sales dropped by more than 3,200 and now remain 600 papers away from joining the weekday publication below the proverbial journalistic Mendoza line.

Previously, the JRC brass easily wrote off the paper’s pronounced dip in circulation to market factors such as the online media explosion. Yet this excuse becomes increasingly hackneyed as other regional print competitors successfully retool and remarket themselves. The Saratogain, on the other hand, has doggedly fought to keep its place behind the times in both form and content.

As some former Saratogian staffers have lamented, this lack of progress is largely a factor of JRC short changing, which keeps the newsroom on a shoestring budget. Fiscal problems have only been exacerbated by an utter dearth of leadership in the newsroom, thanks to the stoic recalcitrance of Barbara Lombardo, so-called managing editor who apparently gave up managing anything many years ago.

Massive errors in content and copy have made their way into the circulation, while the overall footprint of the paper’s coverage continues to shrink. While it’s easy to give Lombardo a pass because of her miserly corporate overload, it’s a bit more difficult to ignore the fact that she’s been the only consistent one who has literally presided over the rag-to-ridiculous story that is today’s Saratogian.

Ideally, a group of local investors from the Capital Region would purchase the paper before JRC’s meddling finally sounds its death knell. Lombardo and anyone of her ilk could be replaced by those enthusiastic enough to make a go at reclaiming the city coverage so brutally usurped by its competitors from Albany, Glens Falls and Schenectady of all places. But alas, this is a pipe dream, as is the day this city will awake to a day without the likes of either Lombardo or JRC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word is that a couple of local residents -- with some sort of snmei-publishing backgrounds -- are in talks to buy the rag.

And no: I'm not talking about i-Saratoga and disUtopia!

If so, it would be a rarity. Very few papers are in the hands of independents any more. They are all owned by mutli-paper chains.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard the same thing on Broadway. Let's all hope its true. I remember when Lombardo started at the paper. She latched on to Dick Brooks and the promptly kicked him in the teeth when she moved up. That says a lot about her character. But in fairness Dick had his own problems.
But the last few years she as been sleepwalking through her job. Anybody who has had the misfortune to have had to deal with her can attest to this. One excuse after another sitting in her little dirty office.

I remember with astonishment when her and that little creep Judith White thought losing the Ballet was a good idea. That was when I cancelled my paper.

Then this election we couldn’t even get our letters in the paper while the Hawthorne family clan managed one a day. Hopefully with Val gone there find their way back to Allentown.

Everyday a new bogus headline against McTygue. I can’t wait to the first big snowstorm this winter and those lazy drunken fucks tell Skippy to go fuck off. Skippy, Skippy you have no idea what you’re gotten yourself into.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, who's interested in buying? I'd love to know that.

Honestly, JRC's gotta go eventually -- I mean, have you seen their stock price lately? Under $2.50, last I checked. One way or another, their time is short.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


As one of your loyal readers from Rhode Island, let me add to what you mentioned about the dailies here. JRC did sell a bunch of papers to Rhode Island Suburban Newspapers, but RISN is actually a creation of Hollinger International, a totally corrupt Illinois based company that sank the Chicago Sun Times and has already turned off the residents of southern Rhode Island. Joanne Colston used to be the thoroughbred ad sales person for five of the South County papers that RISN owns. Because these guys were such assholes, she has left and is now working with a bunch of lifestyle magazines (Providence Monthly, etc.). The newspapers are dying a quick death, and the best part is the wife of one of Hollinger's execs actually had to walk the streets to get some sales. And lets just say she was treated like a streetwalker, in the pejorative sense.

The Providence Journal used to be one of the most respected papers in the country. It was bought by the Texas based Belo corporation, and they have done nothing but eviscerate this once great paper. Two local writers in the alternative paper regularly refer to it as the Providence Urinal.

Word of advice to Saratoga: if the paper goes up for sale... please get some local buyers! Make pitches now! Otherwise you may go from bad to worse with a new penny pinching absentee owner like Hollinger. Type in Conrad Black in wikipedia and see what type of scum runs that operation.

Pissed in PVD

3:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, I too, had written several letters to the editor to the Scuzzytogian endorsing Mr. McTygue that where never placed in the paper. I wonder how much dick Mr. Hawthorne had to consume in order to get all of his extended family member's letters published time and time again.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Clark Stone said...

I'm seeing a lot of anonymous tough talk here, and a lot of bashing of The Saratoian, and B. Lombardo, who is a kind and good-hearted person.

Yes, even you Horatio. It's pathetic for all of you to level such attacks, and then to not even have the spine to identify yourselves. Why don't you all shut up until you're ready to be accountable for your words?

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Saratogain represents the worst of modern day corporate newspaper ownership.

Ms Lombardo represents the worst of modern day newspaper management: dull, unenlightened, ill-informed, anti-intelellectual, semi-literate.

A rando example of what garbage this rag is: on page three (the key news page) the other day, what do we have?

A large photo of a fire hydrant being drained be a work crew!


Tomorrow: we'll see a window washer on Broadway!

The sad thing is this: the Saratogaian isn't even the shittiest paper in town! That honor goes to Saratoga Today.

Of course, that's owned by a former Saratogian ad salesman.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Let’s keep it clean, dude. Again, I’ve got no desire to make this place Megaporno Palace. Then again, maybe that would make me some green.


Like the Internet, this blog is more or less free of constraints. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of the personal attacks, especially when they’re not verifiable in any conventional way. But anonymity is the blessed face of the masses. We’re all anonymous in some ways and for some reasons. Some take offense to this, some champion it; you’re free to make your own choices with this regard.

However, in Lombardo’s case, she’s the managing editor of a newspaper that is regrettably an influence on this community. She’s at the helm of a sinking ship and doing nothing to bail out the water. In fact, she’s drilling holes in the hull. She’s the only link between the Saratogian’s not-so-miserable past; it’s time under Gannett and this most recent unhappy chapter in its long history. The link is undeniable. It’s time for her to move on or retire and allow someone with gusto to take over. When she does, she’ll be as much of an afterthought here as a certain mayor preparing to sail into the sunset of anonymity. Until then, I’ll continue to lob shells over her deck.

This community deserves its own Post Star-sized daily with the resources, personnel and above all, the drive to make a difference. There are dozens of communities ignored by the Saratogian, which can barely handle its pitiful breadth of coverage in the city itself. Lombardo has done nothing to fix this and is thus deserving of the community’s scorn.

Not to mention, I’m frankly shocked such a small paper HAS a managing editor. Most papers that size have someone who is hands on and in the trenches. From what I understand, Barb floats in and “manages” when she feels fit.

Not to get on a ramble about this, but it’s always deeply bothered me that this community doesn’t have a vibrant publication. There is so much going on in this area, so many stories that don’t involve the politicians, builders or any of the other dregs that usurp the headlines. These are stories that would be part of a vibrant 20,000 circulation daily covering ALL of Saratoga County.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well well, Clark Stone (if that's your real name?). You certainly must be an upright walking, brave and courageous supporter of the pathetic excuse for an editor whose "Shout Out" column and editorials the rest of the community loves to loath. Her potential to have provided this City with a fair minded newsworthy paper instead of a sensational scandal sheet tabloid has been squandered. Unable to instill in her reporters the very investigative opportunities that exist in this profession have resulted in most people reading others newspapers and blogs.

Blombardo blew her opportunity with her biased support of political favorites and advertisers and her mediocre coverage of events. While the Washington Post’s Woodward and Bernstein may have originally inspired her, she languished in the sensational world of Star magazine and cheesy journalism.

Too bad.

Elvis Presley

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Post Star in my opinion does a pretty good job covering the area that it does. Of course there is as usual those who hate it.
As far as the Saratogian, it is in a class with the weekly bird cage liner, the Glens Falls Chronicle.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could be why McTygue had thoughts of air rights eminent domain over the old $50,000 parking lot ... before the property went public and jacked up its value. Tommy may have planned to save the City a lot of money in looking at this parcel for City Hall expansion as opposed to the expensive plans the two protagonists on the Council floated in front of the City.

I wonder if this sorry print paper is going to report on the Police Chief pay out this Friday? Do you think that would interest the taxpayers or that self-proclaimed citizen taxpayer watchdog that barked his support for the increase in taxes?

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said Horatio . All I can add is fuck Lombardo. This town owes her NOTHING. She as been a Pox upon this fair city for far to long.

The treatment of McTygue was despicable. The ill conceived and obviously planted stories to do the most damage to McTygue indefensible. Hit the road Barb. Keehn used you and you have no credibility not with Democrats or Republicans.
You will not be missed

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think we can all claim to have letters not printed this election. i've sent in many over the years and only twice have i been declined, both election letters, last two elections.
and maybe tommy shouldn't be hiring all those "shiftless and lazy people" to begin with. i guess it just shows how inept he really was/is.
somehow if the people tommy hired don't do there jobs, thats not skip's fault. i doubt they will and if they do they'll be the ones out of a job. the reason tommy hired all those people is that it's a lot easier saying someone with a record is wrong. it's more believable. i didn't discriminate against anyone, you can't be discriminatory against someone who has a record. if you're lucky you might get some misguided blogger to write about you. or if they tell the FBI about your dealings and they investigate you, you can just say,"look all these people are drunks." and if you run out of people to blame like shot in the dark has you can always fall back on the paper.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...2:51pm
Your words:

"somehow if the people tommy hired don't do there jobs, thats not skip's fault. i doubt they will and if they do they'll be the ones out of a job.

You are correct in as much that Skippy is not to blame for who McTygue has hired. He undoubtedly will fill any of these city jobs as soon as he can with his own people.

But he will be unable to remove any of the inept lazy government workers that the public has been accustomed to dealing with. All government workers are given the right of lifetime employment. It is impossible to get rid of a government worker unless a very high level of malfeasance has occurred. Cops, teachers, postal workers, office people, firemen, janitors no matter how inept or lazy they are, we are stuck with them until they die. That is the sad inefficient corrupt broken system that we have.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 2:51 - You and so many never got it. Public Works was and still is in many respects -- "Public” works. Tom grew up in the system that provided so many with job opportunities. He made it his life. This system gave countless youths and young adults with seasonal job opportunities that would for some, become full-time employment. It wasn't about cronyism or charity, but some might argue that charity for some of those employed was indeed an expression of that virtue. For many, it was their first and only means of creating dependable employment skills and a work history. And all of this has less to do with employees being lazy or shiftless -- a criticism that can be levied at any worker in any department, but about sabotage and ruthless politics.

That management style may be gone now. No telling how Skip will govern, but most likely, his office will not be his life. Hopefully it won’t become as narcissistic as Public Safety whose whining over their unorganized messy rooms became more intolerable than actually trying to figure out how best to accommodate their massive department. Last night, their Commissioner realized publicly for the first time, that perhaps the taxpayers deserved some recognition as he backed away from the reduced McCabe spending plan. More likely however, it was just good politics, to let the other guys raise the taxes and/or suffer the consequences. The frustrated John Goldberg’s can get loud because they’re not running for anything.

4:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why today's front page City Budget story is not on today’s Saratogian's web page under Top Stories and instead, listed as written yesterday (on the 15th) thereby sending the unaware reader into the archives?

The story reports that the lame duck mayor stated, that pulling public safety would be "a slap in the face to 22 months of hard work" – although it would be a nod to the taxpayer people that she ignored for 22 months while she wasted 22 subversive months of Charter Change, engaged in 22 months of toxic, disloyal backstabbing, provided 22 months of moon walking through issues and displayed 22 months of not having provided a semblance of decorum both on and off the Council. Quack, Quack, Quack.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Clark Stone said...

You may hate Barbara as much as you like, but even you have to give her that she is responsible for everything the Saratogian prints. She alone takes accountability when things get fucked up, and doesn't hid behind an alias. That's more than I can say for you, or any of your cronies here.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


I beg to differ with you. Taking accountability is taking responsibility for something that is wrong AND correcting it; at the very least making a half-ass attempt at correcting it. Lombardo DOESN’T take responsibility for anything at that paper and simply passes the buck to her reporters, who are vastly underpaid, overworked and out-manned.
Allow me to clarify something as well. I don’t HATE Lombardy per se; I loathe her brand of journalism and what she’s done to that paper. I’d be perfectly content to share a martini and a manicure with Babs, were she to simply resign her position.

And while we’re on the subject, what accountability must I take here? Everything I write is easily verifiable. Allow me to also add a MAJOR difference between myself and your champion hack of an editor: she gets PAID for her shoddy efforts and half-truths. But being the generous sport that I am, I’ll make you a deal. You give me Lombardo’s salary and I’ll happily go on the record with everything you want to know about me and any of my so-called cronies –I’m still searching to understand what you mean by this. Until then, it’s a big ol’ moldy hunk of hard cheese for you, my friend.

What astonishes me is that you seem acknowledge the paper is a rag and think it’s perfectly fine for it to be that way. No offense, but people of your ilk make my stomach churn. Simply put, Lombardo is the commandant on a vessel that is the last somewhat-honest bastion of out failing democracy and is presently veering it towards the rocks because she’s too old and recalcitrant to correct it. She’s waiting with baited breath for retirement to sweep her off her feet and the rest of this city needs to suffer until then.

Lastly, as one of my “cronies” alluded, with a name like “Clark Stone,” you’re no less anonymous than anyone else here. So take your wine and slice of a hunk of that hard cheese and relax. Bring something good to the table and not this hackneyed, overplayed argument about anonymity.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If throwing your hands up in the air and responding “I don’t know I don’t know” Or refusing to return phone calls or being “unavailable for comment is taking responsibility then I guess she takes responsibility

PS Clark how long have you worked for the paper.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

“The story reports that the lame duck mayor stated, that pulling public safety would be ‘a slap in the face to 22 months of hard work’”

Strange indeed. Just like the story about McTygue defending his record never made it to the Web site and instead went straight to the archives. However, I have a feeling the problem has more to do with ineptitude than some other nefarious reason.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Clark Stone said...

Dear Anonymous,
I've worked at The Saratogian long enough to know that a question should be followed by a question mark. It looks like this: ?

Were I not an employee of said newspaper, I would happily identify myself. As it is, I feel no need to open myself to public criticism for my comments on this blog.

Dear Horatio,
By cronies I mean your ilk. The like-minded individuals who post here. You all seam to be of one mind, and thus the label is surely accurate. I'm surprised you weren't able to figure that one out on your own.

I'm done trying to reason with the lot of you because I frankly don't have enough time. It was a mistake to think that I would every be able to argue intelligently in such a low-brow medium and setting. I hope you all continue to enjoy your cock-sure superiority.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horatio Alger said..

"Bring something good to the table and not this hackneyed, overplayed argument about anonymity"

Anonymity on blogs such as this adds a totally new and exciting dimension to the everyday local theater of life.

What do some of the features of the Scuzzytogain give us in comparison? Sound off and their own political blog, The Sartogain City Beat, crafted by the esteemed Ted Reinert. The energetic Teddy has bestowed us with his keen political insight seven times since 21 Sep 07. These seven articles have generated a total of 3 comments.

Although, I have never actually timed how long it takes me to read “it”, I would conservatively say 5 or 6 minutes. I am not embarrassed to say that I can happily spend hours on sites such as this with my “wine and slice of a hunk of that hard cheese”.

The interaction, the insight, the intrigue of not knowing who you are talking with, the amazing stupid comments from Keehn supporters and the happiness one gets from verbally punching their faces in with a reply, the joy of putting pen to paper, all of these and more add a new literary experience that really points out how sad the Scuzzytogian has become.

It’s not the 50 cents or even the $1.75 on Sundays; it’s not the inconvenience of having to go the store.

It’s just the fact that you know you’re getting fucked.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Horatio, ineptitude is a kind way of saying that there exists a certain degree of innocence within the writing cubicles of the Saratogian offices that couldn’t be directed at the paper's managing editor. After all, she couldn’t possibly be reading all the news that’s fit to print (like today’s story on NYRA that addresses the racing ‘meat’). But with the following story and so many others that don’t find their way to the doorsteps or moore-appropriately, in the curb where the delivery is generally made from a moving vehicle, I like to think that the nefarious mind of a 'managing' editor is always at work.

And so it seems, that the Saratogian missed another reporting opportunity today, by not reporting on a matter that would interest City residents. Chief Moore’s lawsuit was discussed behind closed doors yesterday, and the Chief had to go away with his Christmas list intact but as yet, unfulfilled.

1. Big expensive Police Command Center with lights, sirens and a helicopter on the roof.
2. Half a million dollars to ease the pain of having been humiliated by a woman.
3. A whole new fleet of all black and white police cars like the ones in the Bourne Ultimatum.

Doesn’t seem a little weird that; Moore created his Identity, his Supremacy over the Department and its Commissioner and then suggests several Ultimatums – shut down the Police Department – lawsuits by public safety officers. I think it’s time for a popcorn break.

3:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa, before someone pisses in my cornflakes I am taking a poll, do we like Erin Dreyers new hairstyle or was she better as a blond?

5:36 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

“You all seam[sic] to be of one mind, and thus the label is surely accurate.”

Hey Clark:

Hopefully you don’t work in the editorial department. But let’s take a look at this widely inaccurate statement. “Cronies,” as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary, implies someone who is “a longtime close friend or companion.” Well, given your previous beef with the anonymity of this site, close friendship or companionship is all but impossible. Even if there is a gang of such folk here –yes-men even –it’s hard to deny the fact that a good contingent of people don’t agree with my posts; some even vehemently disagree. Take a look back at the responses by “Father Joe” and “Dem Roc;” often we disagree, which is a good thing and something that makes this site a more enjoyable read. As I’ve said time and time again, discourse and discussion is the blood of a vibrant democracy.

But let’s cut to the bottom line, which is that you’re a fucking hypocrite. This is where the conversation ends. You can’t slander anyone here for their anonymity without breaking your own. Your reasons don’t trump those of anyone else here.

Go ahead and pay your shillings for the daily disappointment. Work for them for the pennies they push your way and then ten years from now, you can look at your laundry list of un-accomplishments and smile about how nice of a person Barbara Lombardo is. Maybe you can even make a plaque to her honor to hang over your bed: Here lie the tattered ruins of my career, ended with a newspaper that lost more circulation than the Titanic lost passengers because of the shear ineptitude of my good friend Barbara Lombardo, who is now happily retired with her rich husband and JRC pension somewhere in Trinidad.

So do run along and if you have a salient point to be made with myself and my cronies, please do come back and pull up a chair. Otherwise, it’s been a rare privilege to derail all your hapless arguments.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, here's a novel idea! If you don't like the paper don't buy it! McTygue manipulated the paper for years. Lombardo's husband was his financial advisor for his campaigns. Get it straight! You can always move to Glens Falls if the Post Star does it for you! Bye! I am sure no one will miss you seeing you are anonymous on all these blogs. Just remember who started the Convention Hall Fire! You know Who! Where did that insurance money disappear to?

8:01 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


I’ve always thought of the Post Star as the best paper north of the Mohawk. They had some tough times when Lee took over a while back, but appear to be making a pretty good go at rebounding. Their Saratoga coverage has improved ten-fold now that they’ve got two competent reporters on the beat. However, I’m still not sold on their Web site and often find myself going several days without checking it. Still, with what amounts to a very limited budget, they do an ample job.

And the Dreyer do. Where did you see this? I checked WNYT and found no footage. Surely such an image must grace the annals of iSaratoga. As a self-professed Dreyer-style aficionado, I’m dying to get a look at her new curls. If you've got a snap shot, do send.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Stupid Anonymous 8:01am,
"If you don't like the paper don't buy it!"

We are caught between a rock and a hard place. One needs a can in order to play kick the can. "

You can always move to Glens Falls if the Post Star does it for you!"

Ya , Ya I've been through this bullshit back in 1967---America love it or leave it. Fuck you I live where I want to and I damn well say what I want to.

" Just remember who started the Convention Hall Fire!"

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, It took the same knuckleheads 3 attempts to burn down the Iceland Hotel off of Seward Street where Birch Run now stands before they finally succeeded.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Just remember who started the Convention Hall Fire!”

The last I new the Convention Hall Fire was started by three kids in the vacant hotel across the street next to St Peter’s High School. The flames spread across Broadway and consumed Convention Hall

So what the fuck are you taking about?

OH! Let me guess McTygue was behind that too? I guess he was twelve at the time.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, no photo, but since you asked:

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
mctygue has enough scandals of his own. the last was the most embarassing. i think tmac took some "wine" and cheese when he made off with campaign signs. a very honorable act by a very honorable man.
and just a samll note about the printing of the mctygue scandals in the saratogian. you can't blame just the saratogian for doing so. every other newspaper did so as well.
the saratogian is, what it is. unless you are looking for your kids sports headline or seeing if anyone you know is in the, "for the record section", the paper is lame. (sorry horatio to agree with you here, after you pointed out how we disagree. )
one can't use the saratogians ineptitude, for printing stuff about mctygue when it appeared in every other local periodocal.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom McTygue wasn't twelve at the time but you were! The insurance money that was not for spending unless decided by public referendum was taken by you know who! Maybe to buy a farm perhaps! Maybe Barb Lombardo is to blame! Maybe Barb Lombardo burned down the Iceland Hotel on the back side of the golf course also! Her husband I checked was indeed McTygue's finance manager. I guess you are running out of people to blame.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

Dem roc:

I guess my issues reside with their placement and sensationalizing of the McTygue articles, not the articles themselves. Take a look at the way the Daily Gazette and Times Union featured the so-called McTygue scandals and then look at The Saratogian. Above-the-fold 72 point font headlines, like some sort of tabloid. Tell the news, don’t sensationalize.

It reminds me a bit of two other cheerful chapters in recent Saratogian lore; the first being the weeks leading up to the war in Iraq. Lombardo all but printed the lyrics to “Over There” on the front fucking page. Then there was the Wal-Mart issue in Ballston Spa, when former City Editor Connie Jenkins was all but building the damn thing for the company. The bottom line is that when Lombardo decides she supports something –or rather when she doesn’t support something in McTygue’s case –you can quite clearly see it on the front page. I don’t get that sense from any of the other local papers really.

Frankly, I think it’s time for the people to take back the press that purportedly speaks for them. For this reason, I’m not an advocate for giving The Saratogian any sort of free pass, whether it be for ineptitude, lack of resources, or any other excuse its supporters occasionally belch out. Saratoga County is a gold mine for journalism. There’s a lot going on here, the readers are educated for the most part and there are great changes afoot for the area.

As I’ve said before, it deserves a paper of the Post-Star’s quality as its premier publication. The fact that the SCHENECTADY Daily Gazette, a paper based more than 25 miles away, provides the best local coverage for the county is just ridiculous. Meanwhile, The Saratogian continues to languish as an insult to the intelligence to anyone unfortunate enough to pick up a copy. It’s an embarrassment to the community we live in.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

“I guess you are running out of people to blame.”

I’m not sure which comment this missive is directed toward, so allow me to go on the record by saying McTygue is an afterthought; I could care less about what he did or did not do anymore. He’s done and there are no apologies necessary. Barring some sort of verifiable arrest or censure, I’m perfectly content to allow the dude to fade into obscurity. Frankly, I feel the same way about Valerie Keehn and her malcontents. Regrettably, I foresee at least one more blog about this futile movement, simply because they’re the ones still crying in the sandbox after everyone went home for the day; Keehn’s reprehensible comments to various media sources, Lew Benton’s whining at the budget meeting, McLellan’s letter to the county chairman. Other than that, I’d rather let these two politicians vanish from this scribe. It’s time to heal.

As for Lombardo, she’ll maintain a dogged presence on iSaratoga. She’s a contributing reason for why this blog exists in the first place.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, i know, the saratogian is a rag. it's hard to make an argument against it. but you brought up a great point about lombardo's favoritism. for years lombardo kissed mctygue's ass. for years they shortchanged us about what that idiot was doing without a shred of journalistic integrity. he had a free ride this whole time until the questions just wouldn't go away. thank god he will. the only thing worse is having to listen to his apologists defend the stupidity.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all you stupid fucking arm chair historians I will set the record straight. The convention hall fire was Nov 14 1965, James b Gaffney was Commissioner of Public Works .The fire started in the Columbian Hotel. John T Roohan was Commissioner of Public Safety. Tom McTygue was not involved in any city politics at that time. He was in the Navy. He his only veteran on the city council. I was not twelve I was seven .To whoever said Tom McTygue was somehow involved in this fire. You are a complete fucking idiot. To fire was rumored to have been started by students of St Peters they still live in Saratoga Today. You know who you are

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were the fire starter back then ! The big problem was your whole life was destroyed because of it! THis fire messed up your family and this is why you are so bitter! I would say more but I am not that low! Your life was ruined but doesn't give Johnny the right to bitch!

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gerard you were much more amusing when your favorite hobby as a very troubled young man was throwing rocks at hapless Hasidic Jews that had the misfortune to cross your path.
I hope your family got there money back for all the therapy you received back then for it didn’t seem to help. You have simply graduated to pushing around the old, infirm and single mothers of Jefferson Terrace. Bullies never change Gerard but Val can’t protect you for much longer and Scotts got a bull’s eye on your back. Those foot steps you hear are HUD Gerard and there getting closer every day

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only good thing about that rag the Saratogian is the sports section. They do a nice job on the local high schools and colleges even if that fucking idiot lombardo makes sure her kids' names get in the paper with all that youth basketball shit they run that nobody gives a turd about.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous kitty florey said...

I'm just trying -- desperately -- to get in touch with Ted Reinert, whose name appears in your blog. For a book I'm writing (to be published in Nov. 2008, so I'm working under a deadline here), I want to license a photo Ted took when he was at Bowdoin. His old prof gave me his name, and someone at the Saratogian told me he's in Maryland, gone back to school. Can you put me in touch with him? You can't imagine how grateful I'd be.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


Like most Saratogian reporter, Ted Reinert vanished into the woodwork without leaving as much as a forwarding address. I've got no idea where he is. I know from talking to a few former city reporters, few of them choose to recall their time at this miserable excuse for a paper. My guess is Ted's probably in that boat.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Marisa said...

You write very well.

6:04 AM  

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