Monday, November 26, 2007

The last vitriolic sputters of a dying coup

For some of the Spa City’s vanquished Democrats, November has been a month of introspection; a time to reflect back upon their tenure and look forward to a life out of the public eye. For others, the waning moments in the public eye are a time to brutally castigate the rest of the world for the own shortcomings.

Such is the case with the soon-to-be banished Keehniacs. In a little more than a month, the Movementarians that powered a little-known special education teacher into one of the more influential seats in city government will be sent packing with little more than the tatters of the Democratic Party to show for their two years of usurping office.

Firing the first finger toward the sky was Hillary McLellan, the captain of ousted Mayor Valerie Keehn’s cheerleading squad. In a missive to county Democratic Chairman Larry Bullman and using prose oddly reminiscent of the anonymous postings left on area blogs before the election, McLellan all but blamed Keehn’s loss on Bullman because he didn’t support one Democrat over another.

Of course, she doesn’t seem to think anything about the bitter back biting between Keehn and disjointed Public Works fixture Tom McTygue. No, alienating a sizable contingent of the party didn’t seem to factor into the loss, in the world according to McLellan. Nor did the fact that main claim to fame for her “party” was stealing an election and then usurping city hall from the people qualified to run it.

“Don't expect to see much of me in next year's campaign, either at fund raisers or as a worker bee,” she stated in the E-mail, all but giving Bullman the finger. “If you have any integrity, any really commitment to leadership, you will help those who seek to rebuild the [Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee], not use it as a tool for trying to destroy true Democrats like Val.”

Keehn was the next to jump on the bandwagon of blasting the city Dems. In an interview with the Spotlight this month, the deposed mayor reaffirmed the notion that her supporters plan to take their ball and go home rather than make amends with party leaders. In a truly delusional moment, the mayor even seemed to think her supporters could “go it alone” during the next election cycle.

“I think we have the ability, the will and the desire, but if that’s the approach they’ll take, I don’t know,” she said.

The interesting thing to note here is Keehn’s insinuation that there is a “they” instead of “we” involved in the Democratic schism. This is to say that Keehn doesn’t see herself as the leader of the movement as much as a cog moving it forward. Let’s recall, it was this same contingent of Dems that saw an opportunity to hijack the city government in 2005.

The Republicans were facing all but chased from the council largely due to their dickering in the Dryer scandal and national election trends. The Keehniacs gained two seats of five seats and probably thought at least one of the other three could be easily swayed into backing charter reform. By pushing through charter reform at a time when city Republicans were week, the Keehniacs could literally amputate the McTygue from his post and then concentrate their firepower on getting a figurehead mayor into office, and voila, a gravy train for political appointments.

But it didn’t work out that way. And the only way the Keehniacs stood a chance in city government was to unseat McTygue, their arch rival and main proponent against charter reform. In chess terms, they sacrificed their queen to checkmate the king; the game goes on but without a clear opponent on the other side.

Already, the minions of this failed movement are plotting in the shadows to take another run at the jackpot. Oddly enough, all the mentions of Keehn in this posting have been deleted, which might suggest she’s been divorced by the movement she rode into power, or at least they realize her political future ends come New Year’s Day.


Anonymous BS Tracker said...

The best analysis of this shit that I have read is right here:

Now this took some balls. I hope this guy lays low until January 1.

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said:
once again you are so wrong about this it just stinks. basically there are two factions here, the Tmac , boyd side of the democratic party and the so called keehniacs. or as i like to call them, the majority of the party. i'm not sure how one could look at the numbers and suggest she's the demon on this one. the mctygue apologists will never accept the fact that that dummy shot himself in the foot on a daily basis. for having such a stellar reputation at being a great politician, he played everything wrong. every move he made just turned democratic voters off even more. like i said from the dems perspective we enjoyed her company a lot more then his apparently. even though she lost by about 500 votes she still had more then the Mcboyd twins combined. clearly the numbers back the fact that dems turned out for her and not the other two bygones.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Another interesting read. Took long enough. I've been suffering from a serious case of iSaratoga withdrawal.

That said, I noticed from the hyperlink in your article that the gang at Citizens for Good Government has a new post.

Question. Do you or anyone else have a copy of all the beautiful writings of Rick Thompson from that blog, or more importantly, the "Republicans for Val" blog?

I want to make sure that we get the opportunity to serve him his words on a platter when he attempts to show the community what a rational, civic minded thinker he is.

You'll note that the Rep. for Val blog has gone away.. I hope one of us was smart enough to capture the writings it know, for posterity's sake.

A small "r" republican for fairness

7:27 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


“I’m not sure how one could look at the numbers and suggest she’s the demon on this one.”

Very simple: she’s the only one still fighting, when everyone else has gone home for the day. Regardless of how you view McTygue and his crowd, at least they acknowledged their loss and ducked out without shooting up the bird. The same can’t be said for Saratoga’s childishly delusional mayor and her last days in office.

Starting with her bull-shit concession speech – “it was all McTygue’s fault” –and ranging to her recent opining to the Spotlight, this woman is the text-book definition of a sore loser. Her supporters deluded her into believing she was a lock for re-election, when she’d really been losing ground since January 1, 2006.

And furthermore, the only reason Keehn received as many votes as she did was that there were still some Democratic-leaning voters that couldn’t stomach voting for a Republican. It’s hard to believe you’re foisting a rather significant defeat – four times more significant than her 2005 win –as a mandate for Keehniac brand of city Democrats. In fact, it’s laughable.

BS Tracker:

Definitely a good read. I suggest anyone who hasn’t taken a gander drop by his site. But lay low? Why? There isn’t a thing in that piece that isn’t true, verifiable or left unsaid among this populace. As far as the media is concerned, he’s the only one that managed an accurate portrayal of what went down. That’s something to be proud of.

“I've been suffering from a serious case of iSaratoga withdrawal.”

Yeah, the holiday was rough on the brain and double on the liver. I’ve detoxed sufficiently and should be back on track for the semi-daily diatribes. As for Thompson’s postings, they are available through Google cache images, but otherwise have been wiped from cyberspace.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A small "r" republican for fairness:

"Question. Do you or anyone else have a copy of all the beautiful writings of Rick Thompson from that blog, or more importantly, the "Republicans for Val" blog?"

I have the last article with 115 comments.
I think it is complete.

6:01 AM  
Anonymous The Infield Canoe said...

T'will be interesting to see who the Keehniacs grab from within their ranks and put up for a run at office. I don't really see any strong supsects in the bunch. Of course, that didn't stop them before; just look at Queen Kook herself.

Maybe that other blog's author is on to something, though...

Are we looking at the bongo player in front of Lilians as the next figurehead for the Keehn wing of the dem party?

If so, I think I donated 25 cents to his campaign last summer when I tossed a quarter into his hat.

Uh oh---does that make me one of them?

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are two quotes from the Spotlight interview

“when asked about the secession of Keehn’s FOLLOWERS from the city party.”

“When asked if she or any of her FOLLOWERS could go it alone in city politics, she said, “I think we have the ability, the will and the desire, but if that’s the approach they’ll take, I don’t know.”

What I find most interesting or perhaps more correctly chilling is the use of the word FOLLOWERS.
This is exactly what they are FOLLOWERS not supporters. It really was a cult of personality.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous BlueDog said...

This is exactly what they are FOLLOWERS not supporters. It really was a cult of personality.

What personality?

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who wants yo loan me a grand so I can sign up for Val's personal human development nurturing?

I will also need a new name once I join this cult. What's everyone think of Banger? Or does the name get assigned by Queen Val and Vanguard?

Please, people: join me in this spiritual enlghtenment. Go now to and sign up.

Besides, I get a commission if you do!

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is VANGUARD speaking...

Go, my followers, and take control of the democratic committee.

Then you shall elect my chosen follower to the chair.

The you shall begin a new Charter Change process. DO NOT fail this time, or there will be hell to pay.

Then, you will nominate a chosen slate of candidates -- my choice, of course -- for the '09 elections.

You shall continue with your campaign of character assasinations against anyone that my new Queen Valerie signifies as being in our way.

In the meantime, you are all to sign up for Valerie's human growth indoctrination sessions.

Bring your checkbook.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Who wants yo loan me a grand so I can sign up for Val's"

Dial 584-5844 and ask for Charlie.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dialing 584-5844.....

"This is Adirondack Trust"

"Is Charlie there?"

"Hold please"

"This is Charles"

"Chuck, can I borrow $1000 so I can attend Val Keehn's human development coaching session?"

"Oh geez. Not another one of you idiots."

" But, it's Val! And Vanguard! And NXIVM! And the Executive Success Progam!"

"How can you repay me if you end up in some other galaxy or locked away in some bunker or if they tell you to drink some tasty Kool Aid and you die?"

"Ummm. What are you talking about?"

"Or worse yet; what if they get control of this city and shut down all of the dreaded capitatalist businesses in town--like me and my bank?"

"Umm, Charlie, you're confusing me. Stop it!"

"Tell ya what. I hear there are some NXIVM women in this town that might loan you the funds. Go ask them."

"Ohhh, those NXIVM babes I hear so much about? Mmmmmm! I'll do that-thanks Chuck!"

"Just use the code words: Film Maker"



8:13 AM  
Blogger A small "r" republican for fairness said...

ummm, that's pretty darn funny.....

7:16 PM  
Anonymous The Infield Canoe said...

Agreed:VERY funny

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

demroc said.

"starting with the concession speech" isn't this like starting at the end of the book.
I know, the tmac supporters are smarting from this one. still, instead of focusing on the real culprit, Tmac, the one really responsible for himself and the campaign, you've insisted it must be someone elses fault. somethings never change. it was always someone elses fault.
as far as mctygue handeling his defeat with dignity. i beg to differ. he never congratulated mr scirocco, he's not made an attempt to make the transition smooth by working with the new dpw chief, but the opposite, he's made no contact what so ever. he's hiring fulltime workers, hasn't purchased any salt for the roads and the list goes on. he's a spiteful bastard who's trying to make this tranistion as tough as possible. and you know what? almost 6thousand citizens gave that idiot the finger on the way out the door. not just val keehn
it's funny because he spent 2 years making life difficult, not just my opinion but the opinions of many other voters, but now you say it starts with her concession speech. at least she had one. i missed mctygues speech. a good loser would have one. maybe johnny wine knows where it is. maybe he stole it like the campaign sign.
bs detector:
she was able to get the democratic votes because she had more support in the party. bottom line. if the members of the party supported him like you all claim, then the numbers would be very differnt. they aren't. reality has just made a sales call to all your homes, but you refuse to answer.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


It’s good sportsmanship to shake hands at the end of the game. But when your opponent marches across the field in the waning seconds of the match and hawks a mouthful of phlegm in your face, it’s pretty safe to say sportsmanship is out the fucking window.

Throughout his campaign, Scirocco played on lies spun by the Keehniacs. All of his literature was bashing McTygue for one thing or another. In fact, I haven’t seen such dirt flow through the mail since Steve Towne’s campaign was gasping for life. And to add insult to injury, Scirocco decided to make a gigantic stink about signs on the day of the election. Do I blame McTygue for not shaking his hand? Hell no. Were I in a similar position, I probably would have marched over to Republican headquarters, slashed his tires and then pissed on his door handle. But I suppose that’s why I’m not in politics.

I’ll take a bit of issue on your later point. If in fact he is trying to foul up the department on his way out, he’s doing a large disservice to the city. I’m not going to dispute what you allege at this time, although I certainly wouldn’t take it as truth either. My guess is that he’s in cruise mode for his last month in office and isn’t doing anything to help or hamper the transition. Of course, after 32 years in office, not doing anything is in essence making the transition more difficult.

“[Keehn] was able to get the democratic votes because she had more support in the party.”

Put down the hallucinogenics, friend. Keehn had hardly any support among the Democratic committee. In fact, the bulk of her support came from people largely divorced from the political process altogether; the elderly, the fringe-leftist progressives, the fringe-rightwing anarchists and every other fanatic that could pull a lever; the freak power vote. You seem to rely on the same shortsightedness that sank Keehn’s ship last month. Please do keep using this logic. These are dangerous people that should never be allowed back in office.

Both McTygue and Keehn got a fair amount of their votes from incumbent power. Voters unaffiliated with local politics –as many residents here are –rely on pulling the handle for the candidate they feel is safe. That accounts for a couple thousand from the get-go. Primaries are the only real barometer for determining how much support a candidate has in his or her party. In this case, McTygue hasn’t faces a primary vote in decades from what I can tell and Keehn only managed to pull less than a fifth of registered Democrats; hardly a mandate.

But to reiterate some of the campaign rhetoric, this wasn’t a McTygue-Keehn popularity contest, no matter how much Keehn’s supporters tried to make it out that way. This was Keehn running a suicide mission to unseat McTygue, suiting her own selfish desires and fulfilling a Republican goal more than three-decades old. Only time will tell how much, if any damage was done by this witch.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great rebuttal. I concur.
You can talk til you're blue in the face; you're not going to change dem roc's narrow mind.
He hates Tom. And hate is a powerful force. He says he supported him up til 2003. I wonder what flipped him out?
It doesn’t really matter. What dem roc will not believe that most of us are not bitter. We have moved on.
Hey dem roc, my wife can't go with me to Tommy's roast at the Casino at the end of the month. Would you like to go with me instead? Maybe you could get up and say a few words.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

demroc said:
well now its very obvious. i've touched a special nerve, i had no idea that you guys know tommy on a personal level. all this talk and i thought you were just unbiased observers. but now its so plainly clear.
now having mocked you for your blatant partisanship (or friendship) of tommy lets move on to why you're wrong.
firstly sportmanship was out the door the minute tmac spent 2 years yelling at the mayor. it's a hard sell to expect something different. now if you think that for 2 years it was her yelling at him and shitting all over him then thats your right to be wrong. but respect is earned, it's not freely given away on a platter. and it's safe to say that not a lot of people respect tommy. she didn't spit in his face by showing class and going over to congratulate johnson. he spent 2 years spitting in her face, but that's mctygue arrogance. he expects to be treated like a king, cause all kings treat their help like shit. it must have some relief to see the idiot who spent 2 years yelling at you lose. mctygue hasn't even contacted skip nor has he congratulated anyone. SORE LOSER.
and you'll have to enlighten us about all the lies skip was spreading in his literature. just give me one example. you can't, but it does sound convincing to make the statement. Now i'd given more then one example about mctygues literature as being false.
once again wrong about the signs. it was skip who decided to not press charges, it was skip who decided to let it go. what did mctygue decide to do that day. he decided to go out and steal campaign signs. nobody forced or coerced him, nobody forced him to lie about it to the public. he had said that day that skip was making this all up, that he didn't touch any signs. guess what the police said? they said he did. they said skip could press charges against him.but skip didn't, but again the theme stays consistent, it was someone elses fault. he tried to play the old card one too many times. my political enemies are making this up. well the police said that tmac was the lyer, and guess what, his friends were unable to believe that.
get off your high horse because you've spread your fair share of misinformation, now you're going to call out other people for making stuff up. like fabrication of a story where o'niel and val got togehter to get rid of tommy for the benfit of the union. or there's the one about skips timecards, the list of socalled things that might happen but never will, go on.
i didn't say she had the committees backing, the committee is made up of a few old dino's most namely sharon "conflict of interest" boyd. did you really expect her to do the right thing and support the mayor agaisnt her husband. of course not.
thats the crux of this argument to begin with. i don't hate mctygue/ nor do i love val keehn. this is the first year that the repubs finally put up someone who could take out tmac. (sorry no dave bronner this year) so i must say i haven't had many opprotunities to vote against him. but the hijacking of the democratic party is what pissed me off to begin with. the inability of those 20 people to step up and do whats right, what the majority of the party wanted. (or plurality) of the party.
it was clear they were going to ignore everyone and force a candidate for mayor down everyones throat. thats why its clear she got more votes then the other two combined.
and frankly it's so insulting, (eventhough i know you do it best)to say all the people who voted for her were fringe voters. denial. i get the fact that you don't like her. we get it, but my opinion is not shaped by the like or dislike of these individuals. its shaped by observing. thats why i voted for her now but not 2 yrs ago. and you bring up the committee, didn't they have to call people in to get the vote done. if they disliked her so much why did they have to get on the phones and find people to vote against her, seems by your logic they would have been falling all over themselves to get that done. and i guess boyd didn't look at the primary as gauging his support, if he did he would've seen he had very little. whatever you want to say about the primary to downplay the number of votes she got also downplays the number of votes he got. if she got only a fifth, what did boyd get? and from a dems perspective, it was boyds kamikaze run which really cost the dems. they appeared to be a factured bunch unable to get along and voters sent sent a message. so i guess this will be the same old sameold. rationalizing his poor behavior. it's ok he didn't congratulate skip, because skip put a spell on tommy that day and made hime steal signs. oh he lost cause it was val keehns fault, so that makes the last 2 years of his deplorable behavior ok. i guess bush would call that logic a preemptive strike.
lastly Mctygue got his ass kicked so bad that all your other comments just don't make sense. he got destroyed and she lost by a small amount of votes. it just doesn't make sense.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm starting to believe that shot in the dark is horatio in disguise.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...

I'm starting to believe I have some really "challenged" posters here. But hey, that's good.

Like I've said at infinitum, discourse is the spice that flavors a vibrant democracy. And what would such a democracy be if there weren't the people that...well...think outside the bubble. Way outside the bubble.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


I frankly don’t know why I endeavor to argue with you over a race that is now more than a month over. Tom McTygue and Valerie Keehn are gone. The puss-filled gash THEY left on the city Democrats will leave a pungent stink with the party that isn’t likely to blow over until the Republicans decide fuck up in a way that even John Sweeney couldn’t envision at this point.

Now, answer me this question: who chaired all those meetings when the Public Works fixture was running roughshod across Keehn? Hmm…Let me answer that for you: Her initials are V.K. and she is the chairwoman of these meetings. Now, I’m not sure if you know, understand or are capable of grasping Roberts Rules of Order, but they’re used to keep uncivil parties civil. I’ve seen belligerent politicians hamstrung by these rules plenty of times because the chairman/woman was assertive and knew the fucking rules.

Keehn –who I DID vote for in 2005 –came into office without bothering for one minute to learn the ins and outs of government, parliamentary procedure or ANYTHING she needed to run the office. Had she know the first thing about running a meeting under these rules, she could have muzzled “tmac” as you call him. Well, the bimbo decided to sit there and play the role of the beaten wife. And when there’s fresh blood, the beasts do come.

Then, as if to aggravate the somewhat tense situation between her and the longest serving council member, she booted Bill McTygue off the planning board. At this point, let me remind you, this is politics. And in politics, you bide your time and choose your battles. Keehn chose unwisely, whether you care to admit this or not.

And onto Scirocco. Lies? You ask about lies? Well, riddle me this o-wise one: Where the fuck is this “federal investigation” going these days? What happened to “Tommy is going out in handcuffs” and all the other bullshit spread by the Keehniacs? Where are the results of the DEC investigation? Hmm…pretty quite on all those fronts, huh? Are you saying that all these things just “disappeared” when McTygue was voted out of office?

Well, Scirocco certainly didn’t miss an opportunity to cash in on the cheap shots landed by the fringe Keehniacs. His best was the flyer (and television ad) with all the negative headlines McTygue had generated in 32 years in office; some dating back more than a DECADE.

McTygue, on the other hand, didn’t bother to make light of timecardgate (on a side note, which Democrat leaked that one to the press? Wasn’t his name Benton or something?). There were plenty of newspaper editorials railing out against the Skipper for that one. McTygue didn’t bother to dredge up that unhappy chapter and I don’t blame him: it was bullshit politics aimed at smearing Scirocco. The press –or rather the Saratogain –picked it up and ran with it. But with the fickle voting public, all you need is ONE clip that says “SKIP SCIROCCO THE FOCUS OF GRAND JURY PROBE” and you’ve got yourself an election.

“…I don't hate McTygue/ nor do I love Val Keehn…”

Right. And I don’t drink bourbon. But while we’re on the subject, I don’t like McTygue and I don’t like Keehn. I don’t like politicians in general and when there’s one I do like, they tend to prove me wrong. But when blathering toolboxes like you find it right to absolve one politician’s dirty tricks while castigating another, I feel the need to balance things out.

Now, onto the “sign flap.” You’re dead wrong on this one, buddy. The cops found no reason to charge McTygue with anything; it’s not like he smashed a dead horse head through the guy’s window. He removed A SIGN, as in singular. Aggregate price: $1. Top charge: Petit larceny. You act like there would have been some sort of “federal” probe. Bull shit. You know it too, as did Scirocco, who IS a savvy politician. He understood the flap was enough he could gain some quick political milage in the morning, took the opportunity and called the whole thing off before the cops could say “Skip, dude. You’re off your rocker with these ‘charges.’”

“...he got destroyed and she lost by a small amount of votes. It just doesn't make sense…”

So how much closer is Keehn to beating McTygue for the Public Works seat? Or McTygue in losing the mayor’s seat? Apples and oranges. Next point: Five hundred votes when the last election was decided by just over a hundred IS getting destroyed. Sorry, you’re making no sense there either.

Lastly, I’ll remind you one more time: if you –or anyone for that matter –can’t argue civilly, you won’t argue at all. I operate this blog with my free time and it really doesn’t make sense for me to propagate your profane thoughts or Shot in the Dark’s vitriol. Frankly, you people sometimes make me feel like I’m moderating a goddamn Bill O’Reilly show, which is clearly not the purpose of this blog. Clean it up or take it somewhere else. I don’t need this shit.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horatio Alger said... 7:39 PM

“I'm starting to believe I have some really "challenged" posters here. But hey, that's good.”

Horatio Alger said... 8:27 PM

“I don’t need this shit.”

I think you need a vacation or maybe you should get your meds adjusted.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Horatio Alger said...


There are three things that piss me off from the outset: The region’s first blast of winter weather, the media circus that follows it and arguments that seem like they belong on the syndicated broadcasts of television’s self-proclaimed “Culture Warrior.” It seems like there’s been a confluence of all three of these things lately.

But you’re right. Frankly, I don’t think I’ve recovered from the recent election. I could use a banana boat-ride to Jamaica, where I can properly marinate my thoughts in rum and the island’s other pleasures. Anyone have five Franklins I could borrow for the next century or so? The pay-pal link is forthcomming...

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dem roc said :
well have you recovered yet? val keehn was running the meetings. why are you to suggest that it was her fault tommy acted likke a jerk for two years. she just wasn't able to control him i guess.
The literature was clippings from tommies past. News paper headlines for god's sake. "jesus don't tell people what they can read in the newspapers. all of which were true. embarrassing for your guy, but truthful none the less. maybe if tommy payed a little attention about rogers rules, he might be there. But i'll point out that you're rationalizing for the guy again. this would mark about the 7th time or so. you blame his actions on someone else. he acted like a jerk at the council meeting, so it must be her fault for not controlling him, he grabbed krauss and poked him, well thats because krauss deserves it, it was skippy fault that tmac had to endure the embarrassment of stealing signs. (plural there were 2 of them) . it was witnessed by 4 cops and guess what, it is criminal and it's even more of an embarassment.
the guy got his ass kicked because people don't trust him period. it was his legacy and it makes me laugh that you guys constanly blame other people. here's one more for the, it's not a crime but severely embarrassing, remember how he made a big deal of paying for the trip out to wisco for the in bloom thing. he got up on stage at the highschool and patted himself on the back and told everyone how he paid for it out of his own pocket, nope, came out of his campaign contributions, but that's just the kind of politician you go to the wall for. only problem is 7-10 voters disagree.

4:39 PM  

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